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🧵Compilation of 20+ viral #mining #exploration posts.

Please retweet to help other investors learn and make the industry better 💪 Image
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Over the last years, we have actively speculated in #exploration sector.

Our approach has changed over time.
One of our strategies is to participate early on in discoveries.

🧵👇Tips on how to do it below.
Step #1: Stay up to date with exploration results announcements EVERY day.

For us #ASX and #TSX takes 10-20 min per day.
Success here comes down to:
• Know what you look for e.g. 20m @ 3% Cu
• Do not get distracted by noise
• You get faster over time
• Automate 😍
Step #1 cont.: Why EVERY day?

We missed the good announcements before. Most of the days nothing happens, but you do not want to miss the 200% move.

How to read announcements faster:…
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🧵The #nickel #exploration success rates by #ASX companies are better in 2022 than the commonly cited 1/1000.

We counted 53 exploration campaigns that focused on new exploration targets. No appraisal, resource drilling.

Of these, 70% were maiden exploration. Image
30% of the companies drilled historical discoveries/mines. Not suprisingly these yielded no significant results.

Maiden exploration: 15 found no mineralisation, 13 only occurence, but we also had 1 discovery. Yet to be confirmed as significant. Image
From the 53 projects only 5 drilled in the favourable tectonic setting and had quality geochemical/geophysical anomaly support.

These are the targets we should be drilling more! Results are still pending from #S2R and $ADD in this group. Image
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What can we learn from $HUR $PANR $RECO. Geologists musings and personal opinions.

Best read with a glass of new years eve drink of your choice.
#oil #exploration
2/24 CHAPTER 1: "Story of geologists greed for discovery."

I first heard about $HUR fractured basement prospect as a student at Aberdeen Univ. I went to an evening lecture where geologist, Rob Trice HUR CEO was laughed by industry for his idea of oil in the basement rocks.
3/24 He proved them wrong several years later by making Bln+ recoverable oil discovery.
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A lot of investors that is starting in #exploration stocks asks: "What is the bare minimum that I need to know about #geology to understand #mining exploration?"

"Faults", "folds" and "fractures" are must to know!

Why? 🧐🧵 Image
1⃣ They form important trapping sites for mineralised fluids and also hydrocarbons. Image
2⃣ They form important pathway for fluids to travel through surrounding hard rocks and tend to focus flow.

Below: "faults and fractures" forming in the middle of the "fold" due to bend of the rocks. Image
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"#Imitation vs #Innovation: Large #Language and Image Models as Cultural #Technologies"

Today's Seminar by SFI External Prof @AlisonGopnik (@UCBerkeley)

Streaming now:

Follow our 🧵 for live coverage.
"Today you hear people talking about 'AN #AI' or 'THE AI.' Even 15 years ago we would not have heard this; we just heard 'AI.'"
@AlisonGopnik on the history of thought on the #intelligence (or lack thereof) of #simulacra, linked to the convincing foolery of "double-talk artists":
"We should think about these large #AI models as cultural technologies: tools that allow one generation of humans to learn from another & do this repeatedly over a long period of time. What are some examples?"

@AlisonGopnik suggests a continuity between #GPT3 & language itself:
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1/ Snowline Gold $SGD $SGD.V a short thread. I spent sometime this Labour day weekend going through SGD's Valley deposit & attempting to understand what the potential may be. I didn’t consider Gracie or any of their other prospects. Just Valley. #Mintwit #Gold #Exploration
2/ Full Disclaimer: I am a shareholder & have been since the fall of 2021. I recently bought more shares in the high $2’s & as high as $3.50. If I hadn’t been a shareholder previously I would be now. I truly believe SGD is on to something Tier 1.
3/ I hope these posts open your eyes to the potential I see and if not at least open the floor to constructive discussion. I really enjoy doing this type of work and would love to do it full time (If you know anybody let me know!)
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Africa should take full advantage of current elevated prices to cash in on mineral wealth: The African continent is home to substantial reserves of #copper and #cobalt (in the Democratic Republic of the Congo—DRC—Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe), #diamonds (in Botswana and…
Angola), #platinum (in South Africa and Zimbabwe), #uranium (in Namibia, Niger and South Africa), #gold (in Ghana, South Africa and Sudan), #iron (in South Africa), #manganese (in South Africa, Gabon and Ghana), bauxite (in Guinea), #lithium (in Zimbabwe), #coal (in South Africa
and Mozambique), #naturalgas (in Algeria, Egypt and Nigeria) and #petroleum (in Nigeria, Angola, Algeria and Libya).
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100x lower discovery rates in #mining than #oil & gas exploration 🤯

Mining #exploration success rates: 0.3%
Oil exploration success rates: 30%

Thread on why this happens and what can be improved ⁉️
So are mineral deposits more rare than oil deposits?

Oil fields and mineral deposits are widely distributed across different continents and occur in variety of geological settings.

It's difficult to explain success rate with distribution.
Cost of drilling:

25 MUSD for 2-3km deep oil well in shallow water


0.25 MUSD for 500 m deep mining drill hole

Interestingly oil well is 100x more expensive.
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Très heureuse d’annoncer la soutenance de ma #thèse "La fabrique du Kilimandjaro" à @ENS_ULM le 10 décembre !
Direction l'Afrique de l'Est, pour parler #exploration et #alpinisme, représentations et imaginaires géographiques, #impérialisme et #colonisation aux 19-20e siècles 🌍🏔️
Un très grand merci à @IHMCUMR8066, @gipciera, @IFRANairobi, @DAAD_Germany, @MFOxford, l'Erich-Maria-Remarque-Institute de la @nyuniversity et l'ED540 pour leur soutien à la réalisation de ce travail, ainsi qu’à Hélène Blais, ma directrice de thèse.
Si vous voulez vous inscrire en dernière minute, toutes les informations sont ici :…
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#MoonDay 2021: 52 years of 1969 #Lunar #moon landing; History & Significance:
Millions of people around watched live telecast #mission. Success of mission, #NASA @NASA @NASAMoon described landing "single greatest technological achievement of all time.”
#Thread #technology #tech Image
Day when man first walked on moon. #Apollo11 #spaceflight carried Commander #NeilArmstrong and lunar module #Pilot, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. National Moon Day proclaimed in 1971 by then #US #USA #President Richard Nixon to honor #Anniversary of man's first moon landing.
Not only celebrates #historical human landing on moon but also opened opportunities for #future #Missions.
“That one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong’s first words from moon heard all over Earth on this day in 1969.
While Alridn and Armstrong made
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Today $SRHI completed its move to the TSX.V and I thought I’d share some exploration and production thoughts I’ve had as I’ve gone through the technical reports and discussed the asset with my mining contacts and why I think it’s the cheapest #copper producer and explorer around
From the technical report there is in excess of 100 occurances appear similar on their land holdings #copper #exploration #10bagger
Vale was responsible for nearly all the historical drilling and it as totally concentrated on the two deposits that were quickly discovered in the very early days of Vale’s exploration of Tres Valles. #copper #buymore
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.@allanbreports I'm looking at the "GUNSIGHT" silver mine in Arizona. It's in the TOHONO O'ODHAM NATION property. Respect. The patented mining claims and patented mill site (with water) bring certain rights within the US legal system. I need special advisor @allanbreports ?
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/31/2020…
Nothing Will Fundamentally Change: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix…

#totalitarianism #politics #empires #propaganda #SystemChange
Facebook’s new Oversight Board is a wild new experiment in platform governance…

#governance #facebook #platforms
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@IconicICM /
#BonnieClaire sedimentary #Li project, #Nevada
inferred resource of 28.5 million tons of LCE
avg. grade 963ppm @ 400ppm cutoff
100% owned NI 43-101 RE @StGeorgesPlat Phase 1 LiC R&D report The Bonnie Claire Lithium P...Image
@StGeorgesPlat @Steeltown12345 /
patent pending method of mineral recovery using a mixture of nitric and citric acid. leaching of #li from spodumene, slims, clay etc. without pressure, sonification or high temperatures. - PCT/CA2020/050057
@StGeorgesPlat #ecomining #greentech /
recently contracted a newly-built pilot plant facility owned and operated by CIMMS ( to further tweak the #li recovery process and the demonstration of commerical scalability.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/23/2020…
A radical theory says major crises remake America every 80 years…

#future #cycle #america
A three-agent robotic system for Mars exploration…

#mars #robotic #exploration
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Intended start dates:
18.08. Core 1
22.08. Core 2
25.08. RC 1
28.08. RC 2
31.08. RC 3
@IconicICM #exploration #nevada #lithium #bonnieclaire
Locations of the previous drill holes in white (BC1601, BC1602, BC1701, BC1801) and locations of current drill program in red (BC2001C, BC2002C, BC2003, BC2004, BC2005) @IconicICM #exploration #nevada #lithium #bonnieclaire Image
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1) Imagine if Neil and @TheRealBuzz had walked on the Moon wearing the BIS Lunar Spacesuit. Designed by the British Interplanetary Society in 1949 by a team that included Arthur C. Clarke, it was the first real attempt to design a spacesuit for the Moon and even included a cape! Image
2) The BIS suit had ingenious systems to cope with the harsh environment of the Moon. Pipes supplied oxygen and took away carbon dioxide. A ‘highly-silvered’ outer layer helped reflect sunlight, whilst a refrigeration system and a silver cape helped to regulate the temperature. ImageImage
3) The spacesuit was particularly bulky, almost resembling a suit of medieval armour. It even housed a personal airlock system in the chest, the idea was that the astronaut could retract their arms from the sleeves to open the inner door of the airlock, allowing them to.. ImageImage
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Q) What is #KnowledgeGraph #Exploration?

A) a machine-assisted process of analysis of a KG to: (1) understand its structure (2) identify whether it can satisfy the current information need and (3) locate the portion of the KG pertinent to the current need

In this work we divide techniques in:
a) Summarization/Profiling
b) Exploratory Analytics
c) Exploratory Search

These 3 are mapped on a spectrum from no interaction and no requirement to domain knowledge, to high interaction and higher requirement of domain knowledge.

2/4 Taxonomy of KG Exploration techniques and their positioning
Less interactive methods require less domain knowledge, the system is doing all the work given some general definition of "interestingness". Yet, they also produce less detailed answers.
More interactive approaches require more domain knowledge, but can provide more details.

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#Demystifying #EIANotification Process (Cont)
Today we cover d final bit of d #Process namely
#SCHEDULE which lists d #projects/activities for which #Prior #EC is mandatory.

#EIA1994 carried a list of 32 projects / activities that required environmental clearance (EC) from+
d Central government. An exception was made in case of few kinds of Thermal power projects (eg captive power projects) which could seek EC from d respective State governments.

In #EIA2006 Thirty nine (39) projects or processes were listed in d #Schedule to d Notification.
These were categorized into following 8 different categories. Each was further sub divided into several others. A note on “#General” Conditions was appended to d #Schedule.
1.Mining, extraction of natural resources & power generation
2.Primary Processing
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#Demystifying #EIANotification Part II
Part I was abt #Evolution. This is abt #Purpose.
Purpose of #EIANotification is to properly assess in #advance d likely environmental impacts of planned developmental ‘#projects’ so that informed decisions cud be made well in time +
& then a #competent #authority (CA) could either accord or decline an EC (#EnvironmentClearance) to a project proponent (PP).
Presumption of course is that d CA is bound by its constitutional duty under Article 48A & d preamble of EPA1986 to ‘protect’ & ‘improve’ d environment.
#project’ has been defined as “expansion or modernization of any activity (if pollution load is to exceed the existing one) or new project listed in Schedule I to d notification.”
#Competent #Authority (CA)
In #EIA1994Notification d CA was d Central Government +
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@USAmbIceland @usembreykjavik In #deathtotals this impostor leads.
At 100000 our nation bleeds.
As before: THERE’S NO PLAN.
Just this #ElCrappyTan
whose ineptness no one supersedes.

#CadetBoneSpurs 🏌🏻
@ArcticCouncil @landlaeknir @Landspitali @svasva @HouseForeign @SpeakerPelosi
@USAmbIceland @usembreykjavik @ArcticCouncil @landlaeknir @Landspitali @svasva @HouseForeign @SpeakerPelosi #Iceland’s strategy?
Try using SCIENCE.
Trump’s malfeasance?
It’s his failed appliance.
Donald flubbed the #pandemic. Response was anemic!
Upon Trump there exists no reliance.

@megtirrell @jonatlib @RUVfrettir
@KariStefans 👏🏻 @katrinjak 👏🏻 @VidirReynisson
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In a quiet corner of Buckinghamshire, a dusty memorial hangs on a church wall. Underneath its gothic marble arch, the faded inscription recounts a story of youth, bravery, adventure, hope and pain.

It’s the story of Robert Shedden, his daring and death.

#thread Image
Robert Shedden built his own schooner yacht. He called it 'Nancy Dawson' – after the 18th-century entertainer. The vessel, captained by Shedden, was the first yacht to circumnavigate the globe.

2/7 Image
In 1849, he volunteered to go in search of Sir John Franklin’s expedition which had set out to find the Northwest Passage – the Canadian Arctic waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. But by 1847, no-one had seen or heard from the ships in two years.

3/7 Image
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Nice find by the team today! Titanites sp., a giant ammonite fossil from south eastern British Columbia! This site is known, just crazy awesome to see it for real!

#geology #consulting #exploration #minerals #BritishColumbia #gold #silver #teamwork
It crazy how popular this image is!! Not suprised tho, it's super cool!!! This is part of a geological heritage project we are doing, so follow us on Instagram @below_bc or the website for more rocks, fossils and minerals!
Also going to thank @GeoscienceBC and @AME_BC for the funding for the heritage work this year! 1000+ likes on a geology tweet is something I never thought we'd get! Fossils rule am I right?!
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