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#Peru: Brutal eviction of the indigenous community of Ccapacmarca, in #Cusco, by National Police. The community was blocking the passage of vehicles from the mining company #LasBambas, which is controlled by Chinese miner MMG Ltd.
Video via El Reportero Chumbivilcas Cusco
#Peru: According to a three-month-long environmental assessment carried out by OEFA and community members, #LasBambas’ trucks are contravening environmental regulations when it comes to air, noise, land and water pollution.…
#Peru: More than five people injured by National Police in Capacmarca. #LasBambas #Mining #HumanRights…
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1/3 #Mine #remediation: Something most avoid, but there are viable economic solutions. This is something VERY close to my ❤️. If you want to make a difference, please look at $CDPR who are actively addressing one of Peru's biggest social & #environmental #liabilities.
2/3 Here is part 1 of a 2-part vid. showing the 400yr-old #mining #environmental #disaster area that is Cerro de Pasco & what the possible cleanup solutions could be. One of them is employing new hydro-metallurgical technology in retreating waste.
3/3 2nd vid: Rather than conventional closure, Cerro de Pasco Resources is bringing in this tech. to clean up the area, working with Gov. & Communities in creating jobs & rebuilding.
Full disclosure: I am fin. invested in & involved with $CDPR
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AND THIS, MY FRIENDS, IS WHY ( @realDonaldTrump ) #PresidentTrump IS INTERESTED IN PURCHASING #GREENLAND. *** #URANIUM *** BRILLIANT!! BUSINESS MAN, BAR NONE. ==> Greenland closer to building world’s fifth-largest uranium mine #MINING.COM
@realDonaldTrump (2) THIS ARTICLE BREAKS DOWN and EXPLAINS the U.S.'s POTENTIAL INCOME by PURCHASING #GreenlandPurchase #Greenland. ==>…
@realDonaldTrump Uranium's atomic number is 92. It has 92 proton's, 92 electrons and 6 valence electrons.

#QAnon's what's that add up to? That's right, "17".

Coincidence? I think, not.
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1. The #mining industry’s (and their advocates’) arguments against #miningreform proposed by @NRDems & @SenatorTomUdall are built on untruths.
@NRDems @SenatorTomUdall 2. @NationalMining, and @CatoInstitute in @thehill, claim that onerous U.S. oversight obstructs #mining investment, never mind real #miningreform.…
@NRDems @SenatorTomUdall @NationalMining @CatoInstitute @thehill 3. They are wrong. Don’t take @earthworks word for it if you don’t want to. But you should believe mining industry executives: they report, year after year, the U.S. has the most attractive #mining investment jurisdictions in the world.
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#Mining #Executive #Gold
All that Glitters is GOLD:
GProduction set to set new Global Production records in 2019

1/ The 2019 global gold production is set to set a new record of 109.6 million ounces, an increase of 2.3 Million ounces from 2018 production according to a global
2/ research group S&P Global. There has been more than a decade of consistent growth in the gold industry with investor confidence seeing massive takeovers in mergers and acquisitions in the last 2 years. Significant numbers in green field projects have been seen with a lot of
3/ brownfield projects previously on care and maintenance being revamped for full scale production. In Australia which accounts for more than 17% of the world gold production, Gold accounted for close to 50% (about $689 Million) of all the Australian mining exploration spend
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Never a Dulles moment studying the Symington family until now…
* CJ #Symington
* #Dulles
* #Firestone
* #CIA

Keep digging, #TeamW @GeorgWebb
* National Planning Association
* ----> That means Rexford #Tugwell
* Liberia #Mining Company
* #Goodrich
* Initial references to petroleum in Venezuela (Franklin Tugwell wrote the book on Venezuela's oil reserves, released in 1974)
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Attracted by infamous #ViolentUpside of past #Uranium Bull Markets? 🚀🌜 #Investment choices are limited in this tiny niche sector with only ~60 companies left standing of over 500 #U3O8 related #stocks a decade ago. In this thread I will try to lay out some #investor options..🗂️
For lowest risk #investment in #uranium best option is a traded Fund that holds Physical #U3O8. ⚛️ In North America that's Uranium Participation (#TSX: $U OTC: $URPTF) & in #UK that's Yellow Cake PLC (#AIM: $YCA). A 3rd choice, Uranium Trading Corp $UTC, is set to IPO in US. ✍🏼
If you prefer to #invest in baskets of #uranium #stocks through ETF's for 1-trade in & out #U3O8 sector exposure, only 2 real choices. In North America, Global X Uranium ETF $URA on #NYSE, Indexed by Market Cap📊 In UK, Geiger Counter Ltd Fund on LSE: $GCL cherry-picked by PM's🍒
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RT this [THREAD] of articles if you'd like to ask Twitter's most popular UK political commentators - the vast majority of whom seldom or never mention the Ecological Emergency - for analysis of the politics of catastrophic #ClimateBreakdown, #MassExtinction & #EcologicalCollapse.
Dear @jonsnowC4 @peston @bbclaurak @bbcnickrobinson @afneil

'we could be looking at an epic extinction event, caused by ourselves, which could include exterminating our own species, or at least what we call “civilization,” in as little as nine years.'…
Hi @OwenJones84 & @paulmasonnews

'We are already facing mass extinction. There is no removing the heat we have introduced into the oceans, nor the 40bn tons of CO2 we pump into the atmosphere every single year. There may be no changing what is happening'…
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Breakeven for a professional Chinese bitcoin miner:
- if depreciating equipment in one year: $7350
- excluding personnel & building costs: $6900
- operational breakeven: $5980

Equipment price dropped $160 since the article => all-in BE at $7190

No wonder $5750-$6000 has been defended so fiercely.
Amazing how article did not even have one clap on Medium. Let's give the author some appreciation.
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1/ At current prices, top 5 PoW coins (BTC, ETH, ZEC, BCH, LTC) are creating about USD 22 million in coins every day, USD 8 billion a year. BTC represents 56% of that total, while ETH represents 30%. Given current depressed prices, can be assumed ALL are being sold. #mining
2/ Miners, together with exchanges and ICOs, need to sell their coins to fund their operations. These market participants represent natural sellers. Combine that with the relative absence of new crypto investors, and you have the reason for prices crashing. #DemandAndSupply
3/ Given the dearth of new retail investors, crypto has been looking towards the infamous influx of institutional investors to save the day, the institutional investors that are not coming. Hence the importance of an ETF & its likely upcoming rejection.…
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After getting a good rap on the knuckles by editors for being a lazy lurker on social media, here's course correction. I am now doing a thread of all my reportage in 2018. (@sree and @prempanicker had encouraged me to do this many years ago 🙈) Please read and share.
While urbanisation is a global trend, villagers around #Ahmedabad don't want to live in cities. Since 2012, #Gujarat government has encouraged 12 cities to swallow up some 800 villages. And now, most of them are resisting. A take on the 'Gujarat Model'.…
The two main problems for the new state of #Telangana are exemplified in
Vemulaghat, a village off #Hyderabad. I went there to understand their conflict over land and #water for irrigation. CC: @Landesa_Global @LandConflicts…
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- Tu sais comment on fait pour protéger une maison menacée par les inondations ?

- Ben...on la soulève.

À Hensies, les maisons de la cité des Sartis ont été relevée de 1m50 à 2m pour les préserver des inondations causées par les affaissements miniers en 1934. #envhist #mining
Les maisons soulevées dans les années 1930, ça avait l'air de vous intriguer, alors pourquoi qu'on fait et comment qu'on fait ?
La pratique de relever des bâtiments et des monuments est "commune" depuis la seconde moitié du 19e siècle. On relève, on abaisse des rues, des églises et des maisons selon les besoins.

Ici, un extrait d'un prospectus publicitaire des années 1930 de l'entreprise Lecharlier
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