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1. We have come out with our grand report titled :

"The BRI Status: A Grand Report" on Its Present and Future.

Here is a thread on the same.
#BRI #China


@ShawnG927 @jenny_kjacobs @tiffanymeier_ @NoCCPGenocide @UMM1776 The status of the Belt and ...
2. "The #BRI Status: A Grand Report on Its Present and Future" sheds light on numerous challenges faced by BRI like:
cost overruns,
environmental damage,
funding issues,
repeated delays,
lack of progress,
and poor quality of development.
@Santos4Congress Image
3. According to our investigation, 62.8% of the countries that have joined the #BRI are #developing countries, while around 17% are #developed countries.

This suggests that the BRI is primarily focused on developing countries.
@GundamNorthrop @Byron_Wan Image
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Super emocionante
#Atapuerca2022 @FATAPUERCA @iphes #EIA
De fondo #SimadelElefante y en mis manos...
algo que iba a la rueda de prensa...
La emoción escuchando a los directores @eudaldcarbonell @JuanLuisArsuaga #JMBermudezdeCastro @RosaHuguetP
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@Irek_K Saw what you said regarding the Canada Disability Benefit today. Why are the Liberals being so tight-lipped regarding this benefit? You speak about its urgency, but you've yet to reveal details regarding eligibility, amounts, or even a timeline.
Disabled Canadians & Families of those with #pwd cannot afford to wait 3 years for the "consultation" you wanted to do in the 2021 Budget. Has that study even fully started, by the way? You brought up the DIAP again, is that part of the study or a separate thing?
In addition, you mention how this will help "hundreds of thousands". When you have around 40% of 6 MILLION Canadians living with a disability in poverty, hearing that this might go to so few scares me as a Disabled Canadian, despite the fact I'm currently "able" enough to work.
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#EIA #oil data: #crude -1.9 mln bbls; at 411.6 mln; -13% v 5-yr avg for period
#gasoline -1.4 mln bbls; +1% v 5-yr avg
#distillate -5.2 mln bbls; -18% v 5-yr avg
#propane -1.6 bbls; -21% v 5-yr avg
Total commercial stocks -8.1 mln bbls
#OOTT #OPEC #diesel #shipping #energy
#EIA #oil #data: U.S. #crude oil #refinery inputs averaged 15.4 mln bpd week to March 4, 2022, -21,000 bpd vs previous week; #refineries operated at 89.3% capacity; #gasoline output rose to 9.6 mln bpd, #distillate output fell to 4.6 mln bpd.
#OOTT #diesel #energy #refining
#EIA: #oil data: U.S. crude oil imports averaged 6.3 mln bpd last week, +0.6 million bpd vs previous week; last 4 weeks #crude oil imports averaged 6.2 mln bpd, +10.1% vs year-ago period
#OOTT #OPEC #diesel #shipping #inventory #energy #data #exports #crudeoil #tankers #imports
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#OOTT | #EIA weekly data
#Crude stocks +3.290M
#Gasoline stocks -1.488M
#Distillate stocks +2.160M
#Cushing stocks -0.916M
#OOTT | #EIA: US East Coast crude oil imports rise 40%.
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1/ U.S. #energy policy is in serious need of a rethink. Energy policy is not just climate policy, it's #economic policy and it's #foreignpolicy. Our European allies' dependence on #Russian gas supplies is geopolitical malfeasance.…
2/ For decades, the U.S. was reliant on energy supplies from the Middle East, which dictated our foreign policy decisions in the region. The #shale revolution provided a brief, decade-long reprieve from the mercy of #OPEC.
3/ But rather than use our energy abundance as a geopolitical and national/economic security tool, we are ceding power back to those whose national interests are not aligned with those of the U.S.
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#OOTT | #EIA weekly data
#Crude stocks -4.089M
#Gasoline stocks -2.253M
#Distillate stocks -3.088M
#Cushing stocks -1.268M
#OOTT | #EIA: US crude inventory falls by most in west coast.
#OOTT | #EIA: US strategic petroleum reserve steady at 621.3 mln.
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I’ve been thinking about a recent change to the Environmental Impact Assessment Regs and wondering why there has not been much publicity around the fact that Minister @BarbaraCreecy_ of @environmentza has quietly given communities a #RightToSayNo to mining on their land.
Before the amendment, mining companies had only to *consult* landowners on environmental impacts of planned mining on their land (no *consent* was required). Here is what Reg 39 of the #EIA Regulations used to look like:
Last month, changes were made to these Regs and the exception for prospecting, exploration & extraction was removed! That means landowners and people in control of land (like the #Xolobeni community) would now have to give consent for any applications for enviro authorisation!
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- Over the past few years, the #government has proposed to #amend several #environmental #laws and create entirely #new ones.
- The government has also proposed very large #industrial and #developmental projects which would effectively ruin the environment of the areas. [1/10]
#KenBetwa #River Linking #Project
This project would drown almost the entirety of the #PannaNationalPark, a richly biodiverse national park, hosting tigers, leopards, and even critically-endangered #vultures.
Read more about the project at 'The Vanishing' by @prernabindra [2/10]
2018-19: #Holistic Development of #Islands
- The #NITIAayog published a series of documents, laying out a plan to 'develop' the Indian Islands into tourist hubs.
- These documents ignored the #people and #ecology of the islands completely.
Read more: [3/10]
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#API crude oil storage data will be released 5 minutes later. #OOTT
#Crude +7.356M VS Est.-1.850M
#Cushing +0.732M
#Gasoline -9.933M VS Est.-2.125M
#Distillate -9.053M VS Est.-2.900M
The stock of #gasoline and #distillate are facing the biggest weekly drop in the last 5 years, the #API data implied
#OOTT #OIL $CL_F #EIA ImageImage
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"Why the Indian government is mad at Rihanna?"
This episode offers an insightful window into a complete breakdown of the rule of law and means of public accountability in India. #FarmersProtests #FarmersStandingFirm #Thread 1/n… @jarielarvin via @voxdotcom
On Thursday, Delhi Police registered a criminal case against Greta Thunberg to probe international conspiracy to defame India & promote enmity among groups". They cited her tweets as an evidence in the case! No Kidding! #RightToProtest #FarmersProtest 2/n…
Unfortunately @GretaThunberg is not the first climate activist to face the wrath of Delhi Police. In July 2020, they blocked the website of @FFFIndia, describing the contents of the website as “objectionable” & depicting an “unlawful or terrorist act”. 3/n…
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For each #Province and #Territory in #Canada, here is the help that was offered to those living with #disabilities. This will include the #Federal help offered as well as any hoops #PWDs may have needed to jump through to get it and whether CERB was clawed back or not.
This is based on my own research, and if anyone sees anything I missed or may have gotten wrong please let me know.
Let's start with #Yukon
According to several articles, eligible families on #disability supports we're to get up to $400 to help with costs until August. Unknown what eligibility was.
#CERB was exempt from clawbacks.
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சூழலியல் தாக்க மதிப்பீடு (Environment Impact Assessment)
2020ம் ஆண்டு தொடங்கியது முதலே கொரோனாவைத் தவிர வேறெந்த பிரச்சினையும் கண்ணுக்குத் தெரியவில்லை. இந்நிலையில், நாம் கவனிக்காமல் விட்ட ஆபத்துகளில் ஒன்றாக சூழலியல் தாக்க மதிப்பீட்டு வரைவு 2020 இருக்கிறது 1/1

கொரோனா ஊரடங்கால் உலகத்தின் சூழலியல் வெகுவாக சீரடைந்து வந்த நிலையில், இந்தியாவின் சூழலியலைக் கண்டுகொள்ளாமல், முதலீட்டை முன்னிலைப்படுத்தும் விதமான சூழலியல் தாக்க மதிப்பீட்டு வரைவு வெளியாகியுள்ளது என்ற விவகாரம் பரவலாகி வருகிறது 1/2
#EIA என்றால் என்ன?

சுரங்கம், தொழிற்சாலைகள், அணை போன்ற தொழில் வளர்ச்சித் திட்டங்களால், ஒரு நாட்டின் சூழலியல் வளங்கள் பலியாகிவிடக் கூடாது என்ற நோக்கத்தில் உருவாக்கப்படும் முன்னெச்சரிக்கை வழிகாட்டுதல் சூழலியல் தாக்க மதிப்பீடு (Environment Impact Assessment) ஆகும் 1/3
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#Demystifying #EIANotification Process (Cont)
Today we cover d final bit of d #Process namely
#SCHEDULE which lists d #projects/activities for which #Prior #EC is mandatory.

#EIA1994 carried a list of 32 projects / activities that required environmental clearance (EC) from+
d Central government. An exception was made in case of few kinds of Thermal power projects (eg captive power projects) which could seek EC from d respective State governments.

In #EIA2006 Thirty nine (39) projects or processes were listed in d #Schedule to d Notification.
These were categorized into following 8 different categories. Each was further sub divided into several others. A note on “#General” Conditions was appended to d #Schedule.
1.Mining, extraction of natural resources & power generation
2.Primary Processing
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#Demystifying #EIANotification Part III (Cont)
Today we tk up #Public #Consultation.

There was a time when development of an area meant setting up of a 'factory'. But not anymore. PPl hv experienced that a 'factory' may not mean good jobs 4 locals. It often means diversion of
local resources like land, water, forests etc; diversion or damming of streams; mining of hills and forests; pollution of air, lands and water; Cases of new or increase in diseases; growth of mafias and crime etc.

It is also known that d State does not own nature or+
natural resources, but holds it in #trust on behalf of #Public.
Also any project/activity planned by State or Pvt entity must primarily b in Public Interest. Even a privately planned project cannot be against #Public #Interest.

The env impact of a project/activity may not+
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#Demystefying #EIANotification
Today we consider the very 'soul' of d legal instrument called #EIANotification namely d #EIA #Report
An EIA Report is meant to be a thorough scientific document that a professional agency prepares after detailed investigations+
of d likely environmental impacts that d planned project / activity is anticipated to hv at d #site in #question.

Its (#EIA #report) quality wud depend on:
a) Competence of d agency involved
b) Independence of d agency
c) Transparency & inclusive nature of d exercise
The reality of an #EIA #report is that:

Right from #EIA1994Notification to #EIA2006 & now #DraftEIA2020 d #notification provides that it is d #ProjectProponent (PP) that shall #select & #commission the #EIAconsultant at its own cost & terms.

This provision alone+
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#DemystifyingEIA #Notification Part III
Part I and II dealt with #Evolution & #Purpose. Henceforth it shall be d #Process in a series of separate threads. Today we take up #Site #Clearance.
#EIA1994Notification provided for
"The project authorities will intimate+
+ Location of d following project site to d Central Government in d #MoEF while initiating any investigation & surveys:
a. mining;
b. pit-head thermal power stations;
c. hydro-power, major irrigation projects and/or their combination including flood control; +
d. ports and harbours (excluding minor ports);
e. prospecting & exploration of major minerals in areas above 500 hectares;
f. greenfield airports, petrochemical complexes & refineries
The Central Government in d #MoEF will convey a decision regarding suitability +
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#Demystifying #EIANotification Part II
Part I was abt #Evolution. This is abt #Purpose.
Purpose of #EIANotification is to properly assess in #advance d likely environmental impacts of planned developmental ‘#projects’ so that informed decisions cud be made well in time +
& then a #competent #authority (CA) could either accord or decline an EC (#EnvironmentClearance) to a project proponent (PP).
Presumption of course is that d CA is bound by its constitutional duty under Article 48A & d preamble of EPA1986 to ‘protect’ & ‘improve’ d environment.
#project’ has been defined as “expansion or modernization of any activity (if pollution load is to exceed the existing one) or new project listed in Schedule I to d notification.”
#Competent #Authority (CA)
In #EIA1994Notification d CA was d Central Government +
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Abro hilo. Hace un año, 1718 funcionarios entregamos un Ministerio de Ambiente reposicionado en la agenda de sostenibilidad nacional e internacional. Agradezco a las actuales autoridades por darle seguimiento a:
1. La Alianza por el Millón.
2. El CONAGUA. Image
3. Las nuevas 3.24 millones de hectáreas establecidas como áreas protegidas.
4. El Sistema de Evaluación de Impacto Ambiental online.
5. El Fideicomiso de Agua, Áreas Protegidas y V. Silvestre (
6. La Restructuración del Fideicomiso Ecológico (FIDECO). ImageImageImageImage
7. Los Proyectos del Programa de Pequeñas Donaciones @PNUDPanama @theGEF
8. La creación del Centro Internacional ICIREDD para la implementación del Acuerdo de Paris
9. La sede regional del Centro Internacional de Ingeniería Genética y Biotecnología @CiudaddelSaber @senacyt ImageImageImageImage
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For fast environment clearances (EC), India’s environment ministry issued (Jan 2019) standard EC conditions for non-coal mining projects. Now @prakashjavadekar has asked an expert panel to make them practically implementable, monitorable & feasible & minimise number of conditions
Now, on @PrakashJavdekar direction, an expert panel of environment ministry on June 12 discussed a report of QCI (Quality Council of India)/ National Accreditation Board for Education & Training (NABET) that analysed the standard EC conditions.
The panel said that EC conditions shall be reduced to extent possible & shall be monitorable & quantifiable for effective compliance. It noted that wherever forest or wildlife issue is involved, forest & wildlife clearance "shall be in place" before project is appraised for EC.
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#EIA2020: Environment protection & development can go hand in hand - if we work together

The first step: send this sample letter by @CPR_India:…

@iep_india @nehaa_sinha @SandeepAnirudha #WithdrawEIA2020
We're sharing information and articles by environmentalists, organisations and citizen groups that might help you understand Draft #EIA2020 better and take action.

Follow this thread! 👇 #WithdrawEIA2020
Here's a study by @guptadebayan1 @kushtanvani @SampadaNayak2 @VdyaViswanathan on the proposed changes in #DraftEIA2020 & their possible implications on environment via @CPR_India…
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Nugget from 2019 @StateDept Country Reports on Terror re #Afghanistan & enemy-initiated attacks

"The enemy-initiated attack trend in 2019 defied its usual seasonal pattern; while in most years, such attacks decrease in cold-weather months, they remained consistently high..."
Earlier this year, @SIGARHQ criticized US Forces-#Afghanistan and @ResoluteSupport for refusing to provide update data on #EIA (enemy-initiated attacks)…
At the time, @ResoluteSupport officials defended their decision, calling data on enemy-initiated attacks “now a critical part of deliberative inter-agency discussions regarding ongoing political negotiations between the US & the Taliban”
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Thread on #EIA2020 talks

Catch Sharad Lele, @leofsaldanha, Rohit Prajapati, @alokshuklacg, @debadityo, @meenaxshikapoor, @NityJayaraman, @Soumyadutta_del speak of problems, old and new with EIA, & dilutions in #DraftEIA2020

@CAGChennai @EnvtSupportGrp
@kanchikohli on how fundamentals of EIA are changing & the holes getting bigger, @ShripadManthan on need for sectoral EIAs, quality of EIA reports, including affected people & Zaman Ali on unscientific principles & dilutions in #DraftEIA…

@journomayank @hridayeshjoshi on the major changes to env regulation under the NDA government. On #CRZ amendments, public hearing exemptions on coal mine expansions, post-facto approvals, #DraftEIA2020 & more

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We have shared in our piece how OIL received exemption from conducting a public hearing in #DibruSaikhowa more than once. But online availability of information on this environmental clearance of OIL deserves a special mention. So here is a thread on it.
A simple search on the website of Parivesh for EC to exploration in #DibruSaikhowa by OIL produces the below row. When we clicked on the ToR folder it was dated Feb 28, 2008. Since a ToR expires in 3 (max 4) years, it left us perplexed. How come this ToR was valid till recently?
We went through the ToR. There are several projects of OIL which have been granted clearance between 2008 and now. We couldn’t figure out for the longest of time, which project this ToR belonged to. It definitely was not for the drilling clearance granted in May 2020!
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