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@ChuckGrassley asking a bunch of questions about Halper's contracts for the DOD's Office of Net Assessment. He is revealing some interesting information.

How deeply involved in the 2016 election rigging were people at the Dept. of Defense?

Attempting to address Col. James Baker's efforts to obstruct Congress by not providing documents requested by Senator Grassley as Chair of the Finance Committee.

By going over Baker's head, some documents have been shaken loose that reveal much!
Seems in 2012, reviewers noted that Halper was incapable of doing the work contracted, did shoddy work in the past (shoddy has long been a military procurement issue), & liked to subcontract work to people.
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Investment fund CEO sentenced to 7 years for having sex with a 15 year old girl. But there is much more behind this story... Municipal bonds, private investing, SEC issues...
This is Stephen Bradley Mell's 3rd guilty plea in the last 6 months. Child porn in Dec. 2018, sex crimes in May & state child endangerment charges in June. The girl's mother allegedly approached Mell to ask him to give the girl flying lessons only to have him target her daughter.
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Looks like McCabe wasn't the only person trying to set up Comey as their fall guy in case the coup plot blew up in their faces.
Brennan & Clapper both swear Comey wanted the dossier in the ICA. But there appear to be FBI emails saying the opposite.…
Or there is the possibility that CIA wanted to put the material from the dossier in the ICA but didn't want to put the actual dossier in the report to expose it to fact checking. The worst thing that happened to the coup (so far) was Comey giving Buzzfeed a hook to print it!
We know that Strzok & others involved DID use the #DodgyDossier to write the ICA report, but tried to hide that fact because they know the dossier is nothing but false information. Wanted to use the claims without verifying them, just like the FISA application!
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John Schindler (former NSA) is running away from the #DodgyDossier! His piece is unintentionally hilarious!

As I have said, Comey briefing Trump provided the excuse to publish the dossier & expose it as a fraud. Disguised as an anti-Trump move to trick the media. Let us all see it was a joke, not some piece of high quality intelligence work by an allied spymaster!
Gee, he can't figure out why anyone still believes let along talks about the #DodgyDossier or other works of fan fiction!
All written for the purpose of being impossible to disprove, safely hidden behind FBI walls where no one but bought off reporters could fact check it!
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Very interesting letter from @carterwpage framing the attacks on him by the Clinton campaign, Senator Reid & others as a human rights violation. Before the 2016 election. Pres. Trump has been very active designating human rights abusers & corruption, hmmm.…
I don't know how I missed @Missy_American in doing my research on Page's role in catching the Russian spies in NYC. But she has assembled some great research that supports the conclusion that the effort to frame Trump was well understood before the election.
It is amazing that only days after the illegal FISA application against Page, he is notifying EU human rights officials about the false Hillary For America funded attacks against him. Framing them also as a violation of human rights by corruptly influencing an election.
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