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From Britney Spears to political rivals, #JoelGreenberg searched the names on confidential database
from @Jason_Garcia & @martinecomas

Article provides a great opportunity for a crash course on the Greenberg/Gaetz #OrlandoMafia. /1
Original Indictment:
While I don't know that I'd go as far as to say all these were nefarious, there are some that these journalist name here that suggest at times Greenberg certainly used his access to the database to advance his or his ally's positions. /2
“I am stunned that he did that,” said Seminole Commissioner Bob Dallari after learning that Greenberg in April 2018 looked up info of his 91yo father, Albert Dallari & his mother, who died >10y ago. “I don’t get why he would do that." #RiverCross /3
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Gurugram-based Ambience Mall owner Raj Singh Gehlot argues through Sr Adv @vikaspahwasradv, who opposes Enforcement directorate custody in a bank fraud case. Gehlot was arrested earlier today.
. @vikaspahwasradv: There are no proceeds of crime as mandated in a money laundering case.
Judge Dharmender Rana: The allegation is of conspiring to procure the amount.
. @vikaspahwasradv: I have cooperated with the agency. Assisted the ED with the best of my ability, unless they say he is possession of some information and we will take him into custody, custody can't be granted. #bankfraud
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#DelhiHighCourt to hear plea by @PayPal challenging the Rs 96 lakh penalty imposed on it for the alleged violation of money laundering law.

The matter is listed before the single judge bench of Justice Rekha Palli

#DelhiHighCourt #moneylaundering
Sr Adv Mukul Rohatgi appearing for Paypal says RBI’s counter has not been filed.

Adv Ramesh Babu appearing for RBI says that he is appearing for the first time and seeks time to file counter affidavit.

@PayPal #DelhiHighCourt
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Not surprised at all that another Florida Republican uses a position of power to advance their own personal desires.

Also, his face kind of speaks for itself.

Hope the staffer gets a fair investigation. Gruters & Steube cheered the insurrection & stayed silent about Greenberg.
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka @retheauditors 1/ The curious case of the ChoopaCabre (sic). In 2015 the NYTimes carried out an ‘old school’ expose on the shadowy world of the payment processor facilitators of notorious reported illegal offshore gambling ops allegedly targeting …
2/ USA punters. Many of these payment processor facilitators are ‘old hands’ from the shadowy world of facilitating notorious affiliate online pornography +/or unlawful (in many countries) Pharma dispensary(eg Viagra)/scam ops. We’ve seen already the likes of the notorious …
3/ #Electracash USA Cheque payment processor () + it’s alleged links to the notorious UK ‘Consett formation factory’ as allegedly also with Mindgeek (aka PornHub, Redtube etc) (). In the NYTimes piece, notorious offshore gambling …
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka. 1/ The Times’s @RobertEJWatts writes ‘Companies House under fire as fake firms get seal of ‘approval’ for just £12. Bogus crypto business highlights the failings of Companies House.’ Fraud & #MoneyLaundering are endemic in the UK Financial system, …
2/ the ‘5 figure apparatchiki’ at @theFCA(FSA) has turned a blind eye for decades + UK fraud/racketeering laws are so weak + unenforceable that the ‘5 figure apparatchiki’ at the #NECC/#NCA, #SFO & @CPSUK have seemingly given up criminally prosecuting fraudsters (with …
3/ spiffy QC’s). The solution is straightforward but unpalatable for the ‘5 figure apparatchiki’ & their chums that benefit from the current ‘situation’: 1. Implement USA style Wirefraud/RICO laws & hard sentences as a REAL deterrent. 2. Require all UBO’s to be people & have …
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San Francisco has six "safe sleeping villages", spending $18.2m for 260 tents for the homeless. The city's homelessness dept. is now asking for $15m a year for a similar # of tents ($57,000 per tent per year) - twice the median cost of a 1 BR apartment.
San Francisco at is best was a great city, beautiful, and full of smart, creative, interesting people.
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With the GirlsDoPorn connected guy recently sentenced to 20 years in prison, a co-owner awaiting sentencing, and another co-owner from New Zealand a fugitive,

Is the 1,000 lb gorilla of porn, Pornhub, next in line for justice?…
Not according to

But maybe US Attorneys are still gathering a humongous amount of evidence?
36 plaintiffs just sued Pornhub and its many parent orgs, financiers, and affiliates

Now we're making progress...this is long overdue!

Pornhub profits from rape, child pornography and sex trafficking, dozens of women allege in lawsuit
By Marisa Iati…
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A GOP freshman Congresswoman, #CA48 Michelle Steel, has cashed nearly $14k in checks from... The DEAD wife of one of her most GENEROUS donors! ⚰️💀

#CA48 #moneylaundering #LieCheatSteel
During the 2020 campaign, Mr Myung K Hong of Loma Linda funneled $50k (2/10/20) into the secret dark money Atlas PAC to fund attacks on Congressman @HarleyRouda for the benefit of then #CA48 candidate Michelle Steel.
Myung K & Lorrie Y Hong are among #CA48 Michelle Steel's most generous donors. In all, they've reported $88,200 to committees supporting Mrs Steel…
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🔥The FBI took control of an encrypted communications app called '#Anom' and turned it into a honeypot for crooks, netting more than 20 million messages from over 11,800 devices used by suspected criminals.

Massive arrests are ensuing.😎…
The FBI, #Australian Federal Police & a confidential human source built #Anom so that a master key is silently attached to each message, enabling "law enforcement to decrypt & store the message as it’s transmitted.

"A user of Anom is unaware of this capability.”😂

Operation #TrojanShield captured >20 million messages since October 2019, including OVERT DISCUSSION of drug smuggling, #corruption, and other high-level organized criminal activities.

The idiots even sent photos of their drugs.😂
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ The curious case of “doin’ it + doin’ it + doin’ it … ”. ‘Lithuanian #fintech under scrutiny over potential role in #Wirecard fraud. UAB #FinolitaUnio processed tens of millions of euros that went to now fugitive executive.’ Finolita Unio was, …
2/ it’s reported allegedly no stranger to the notorious blacklisted binary option/crypto/FX/CFD ops scene (eg #WoodstockOU scam network…) + the ‘offshore #gambling’ scene - collectively with pornography known as “High Risk Payments”.
3/ Unsurprisingly it’s parent company #SenjoGroup & a purported honcho Yoshio Tomiie were no strangers to @theFCA’s notorious #emoney scene (a cesspit of #MoneyLaundering & fraud facilitation). It’s reported #SenjoGroup controlled FCA authorised #emoney op …
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London is the Center of Global Credit CREATION…
The Role of #BitCoin ?

#BitCoin is pitched as an Alternative to EM Currencies which Lose their Purchasing Power

#BitCoin functions as a Flow Channel to enable Exodus of Capital from EMs including: China (and Hong Kong) + Turkey + South-East Asia

Spikes = Acute Flows
Q: Which companies have Large #BitCoin Holdings on the Balance Sheet? And how are these assets treated during Collateral Reviews?
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Priti Patel's Home Office have refused to disclose the legal identity of the company the #PritiPatelsEyebrows scandal eyebrow broke over. Responding to my FOI request they DENIED us Company or VAT Numbers of suppliers WE paid £77,000!
#PritiPatel #ToryCorruption #ToryDictatorship PritPatelsEyebrows
In a detailed investigation I identified that the beauty company listed as having sold the Home Office 'PPE' on the Procurement Credit Card was listed 'Dissolved'. I made a request for invoices to confirm the Company + VAT numbers used.
In response, Priti Patel's department claimed that telling us who they bought from would "harm the supplier's commercial interests" and concluded that the Home Office would be "withholding information". Are you for real, Home Secretary?
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Well done #Brexiteers you did it! We are World Leading.. in #MoneyLaundering 🇬🇧

Glad we didn't let any honest foreign people in who wanted to work and earn a living.. and saved room for all the dodgy Hedge Funds guys to short £GBP in the City of London Corp 👍

Happy #Brexit! 🤦‍♂️ Money Laundering UK
There is no way we could have done it without these guys! 🙏
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Buckle up! The @CullenInquiryBC is about to begin with Former Premier Christy Clark testifying on her government's response to concerns that criminal cash was being funneled into BC casinos. Both @scoopercooper & I will be keeping a close eye on the evidence. @GlobalBC @CKNW @BC1
Here we go! Former Premier Christy Clark begins her @CullenInquiryBC testimony by explaining she was in constant contact with members of her cabinet/caucus but not direct reporting situation. The public inquiry into BC #moneylaundering is looking at government response. @GlobalBC
Christy Clark tells the @CullenInquiryBC that her government was more concerned about controlling costs than creating revenue. Reminder: massive increase in betting limits were introduced at BC casinos during her tenure. @GlobalBC
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ The Telegraph’s @Will_Kirkman writes of yet another of @theFCA’s made men in the infamous #PremierFX scandal(). PremierFX operated in the FCA’s notorious #Emoney/#API cesspit of #MoneyLaundering & fraud facilitation, but ...
2/ scratch the surface + as if #Wirecard’s fingerprints were not enough it’s the same familiar tale we saw in the #LCF scandal (+ many more) of the FCA not just asleep at the wheel, but actively turning a blind eye to multiple red flags. In the case of #PremierFX, ...
3/ the FCA astonishingly ignored #PremierFX itself reporting to the FCA that it had been fined by the Bank of Portugal for operating illegally. In yet another parallel to the damning Dame Gloster #LCF report lashing the FCA, we also saw in the PremierFX scandal the ...
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Beautiful Brows, the company @pritipatel maintains did *not* do her eyebrows for £77K..

..were dissolved in July 2018!

So how did she use the @ukhomeoffice credit card to buy £77,269.40 of "PPE" from them in *March 2020*?


#MoneyLaundering #Investigation #PPEContracts Beautiful Brows Dissolved i...
And why not order more from them when you gave the £30,000 #PPEContracts the next week in April, 3 days after @ukhomeoffice closed?

Maybe you weren't satisfied?

I'm not saying you're #ToryCriminals but.

I only ask because you used a different company name at the *same address* £107,269.40 to the same add...
See, this is what confuses me @pritipatel.. why use the name of a company dissolved in 2018 and not the *real* name?🤷‍♂️

Even Beautiful Brows used 'Global Beauty Products' on their website in 2018!

#MoneyLaundering #Investigation #ToryCriminals #PPEcontracts #PritiPatelsEyebrows Website Capture from 18th N...
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Henning Schwarzkopf, head of international law firm pleads guilty to #MoneyLaundering that was an FBI sting against pump & dump stock market manipulation!
With a guilty plea, it is likely that he is cooperating.
One of his specialties? Asian super yachts...
His guilty plea exposes him to a 20 year sentence & $250k in fines. I suspect he has a lot of assets & receipts to provide too!
His guilty plea likely breaks attorney client privilege to his super rich global clientele he enabled crimes for!
I can't wait to find out what lead the FBI to introduce their undercover agent to Henning Schwarzkopf!
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ While @thefca slumbered, their FCA made men/women wet their beaks in the notorious dark world of “entrepreneurial” aka “Golden Visa’s”. In 2018 the UK suspended “Golden Visa’s over endemic #MoneyLaundering concerns… AND ...
2/…. The FCA’s made men/women aren’t fussy, their target demographic at the top end usually Chinese “big crocs” & FSU “mini-me oligarchs”. This week @TheFCA woke up from its slumber + stopped #DolfinFinancial (UK) Ltd from carrying out regulated ...
3/ activities(… AND…) citing “serious concerns over the way Dolfin operated it’s business, including Tier1 Visa ops & financial crime controls”. The FCA was very quiet though about the seemingly all consuming Russian #CryptoCrap ..
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The spouse of the governor of Malaysia’s central bank is now under investigation for his role in the $4.5B heist from #1MDB! #ButNothingsHappening
Looks like he transferred funds from #1MDB to off shore accounts in Singapore...

Now they are looking for the #receipts!
Seems the central bank was warned about the #MoneyLaundering in 2015 & 2016 but they didn’t do anything about it.
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ @TheFCA yet again in a short space of days released y/day yet another of its “saved up” press releases allowing it to waft its “extra special tickling stick”, censuring the notorious #PremierFX Ltd…. In contrast to the ... Image
2/ hyperbole of the FCA, @SkyNews reported on the Premier Fx scandal in 2019 - a damning indictment of the FCA, asleep at the wheel while yet another of its nefarious made men/women from its #emoney/#API cesspit (notorious for fraud + #MoneyLaundering) operated unfettered + ... Image
3/ without fear. Premier FX had opened the “regulatory catflap” + appointed 2 A.R.’s - an online payment gateway “Alacrity Payments Ltd” & “Securus Escrow Ltd”(which did who knows what - controlled by an insurance consultant). The FCA hasn’t the first clue who it’s A.R’s are .. ImageImage
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This is the biggest story in World #Sport at the moment

The way the narrative is starting to play out is so reminiscent of the #Trump election - It's a scary template!

Regulated media V's Unregulated Media competing to tell the story 🤯#Boxing #Tribal…
For any #boxing / #sport fan with no previous knowledge of these characters, we should be sceptical of simplistic caricatures that are served up by Online Fans OR stenographers masquerading as journalists!

There's a lot of sh*t out there! 🤳💻

Research & Critical thinking! 🤔
If we accept the @panorama programme #boxingandthemob then we have a situation whereby #OrganisedCrime has not only infiltrated BUT is dominating a Global/Professional Sport!

If that's the case, what's to stop these forces taking over #Football OR other major Sport next?

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EXKLUZIVNĚ: V Dejvicích stojí honosná vila. Jedním z jejích majitelů je třiatřicetiletý Sergej Toni, záhadný muž, který skrz lucemburské firmy vlastní luxusní nemovitosti po celé Evropě, byť není známo, čím se živí. @ZuzanaSotova /1…
Naopak zaměstnání jeho otce tajemstvím nenÍ. Oleg Toni je zástupce šéfa státního dopravního monopolu Ruské dráhy. Ani z ředitelského platu by si však nemohl dovolit všechno to, co vlastní jeho syn Sergej. /2
Sergej Toni vlastní například novogotický palác z 19. století poblíž Paříže, apartmán nedaleko Louvru, dvě vily na Francouzské riviéře, tři domy a tři byty na pobřeží Španělska a hotel ve Švýcarsku. /3
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@CollectiveShout provided evidence re #CrownCasino, money laundering, trafficking & the sex industry in a submission to the Senate Legal & Constitutional Affairs Committee
Inquiry into anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019
@CollectiveShout Oddly, though what we documented already existed on the public record - primarily drawn from investigatory reports published in @theage @smh & @60Minutes by Nick McKenzie @Ageinvestigates, Grace Tobin & @NickToscano1, a significant swathe was re-dacted.
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