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🚨BREAKING: Paul Erickson, convicted #Russian🇷🇺agent Maria Butina's boyfriend, pleaded GUILTY to wire fraud and #MoneyLaundering. admitting that he conned “DG” into wiring him $100,000 for a fake "real estate investment," then wired $1,000 to “MB.”…
Paul Erickson, Maria Butina's "boyfriend" who pleaded GUILTY to wire #fraud and #MoneyLaundering, raised money for the NRA. Shortly before the NRA’s 2016 convention, he emailed Rick Dearborn about meeting btwn Putin & Trump.

Subject: “Kremlin Connection”

Maria Butina's #indictment alleged that “Person 1” (Paul Erickson) formed a SECRET BACKCHANNEL between the Kremlin and **key @GOP leaders**.

Butina cooperated with prosecutors AGAINST Erickson, who now is a convicted #felon.

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Professor Bruce Bagley, who’s also a CNN pundit& has also served as an “expert” for the UN, US Gov, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia Panama & Mexico, was charged in an international $2 Million #MoneyLaundering scheme. Funds were stolen from people of #Venezuela.
Here’s his profile at UK’s Swansea University…
He also wrote a book about drug trafficking, LOL.

Wonder if he was laundering money or getting paid off to support drug traffickers. Sounds like he was also helping to hide bribery money and money stolen from Venezuela. The overseas bank acct was owned by a Colombian.
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A lot of commotion in Iran this morning.
Hassan Rouhani exploding on my feed.

Ready to get ousted?
or strings cut?

Either way ... something seems to have shifted.
Watch IRAN.
Something incredible is about to happen.
[Hassan Rouhani]
The Good People of IRAN have the POWER.
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Global accounting firm EY (Ernst & Young) accused of covering up #moneylaundering by drug cartels using 3.6 tonnes of gold through a refinery in Dubai!
If you follow me, you have seen that the Swamps are being drained on a global basis over the past 5 years by attacking the banking & accounting networks that enable trillions of dollars of #MoneyLaundering for crooks, organized crime & politicians around the world.
This case arose from a 2017 case against 27 members of the drug cartel money laundering operation in France. But once you get the #receipts they tend to lead to many interesting places!
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New Thread on #USNationalSecurity & #FreedomOfFreePress and all the Distractions being caused by the #Elites to Take Down #America & the Free People. #NWO #Agenda21 #NATO #un
Real Current Events happening Now #MSM & Dems doing Distractions to be Able to get hands on Assange and perm kill him off #FreeAssange #FreeJulianAsange #FreedomOfSpeech
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U.S. and Korean authorities say they broke up one of the world’s largest markets for #ChildPornography, a crime that is proliferating at a furious pace with the rise of #cryptocurrency and #encrypted online content.…
Since agents shuttered the site in March 2018, authorities have arrested 337 site users in 11 countries including the U.K., Germany, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and in more than two dozen U.S. states.
The site, encouraged users to upload videos, included 100s of 1,000s of illicit images not previously seen by authorities. 23 minor victims in the U.S., U.K. and Spain were rescued. They were being actively abused by users of the site, which operated from June 2015-March 2018.
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1. #QAnon Feb 26 2019
All-out assault against the duly elected President of the United States.
We have never experienced anything like this in our history.
Treason & sedition at the highest levels of office throughout many depts...
2. Frmr CIA Analyst Fred Fleitz has extensive knowledge of #whistleblower process. His sources find #Ukraine call #WhistleblowerComplaint was from Congress members writing it. Adam #Schiff was talking about the complaint almost a month before it was filed.
3. Fleitz was told by 2 working on the House Intelligence Committee, a staffer, and a member, that they believe that Intel Committee members helped the #Whistleblower write the intricate, convoluted, self-contradictory, footnoted #WhistleblowerComplaint.
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👉🏻#Ukraine👈🏻 in This Thread, I will Attempt to explain how #Migration & #WorkVisa’s are used by Globalists to enslave “Women & Children” into “Organized” International #SexTrafficking Rings #Biden #Burisma #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani
2/ This Study on #Ukraine’s #SexTrafficking issue is one of the most accurate breakdowns I have ever read... I will be using this report as a guideline... I highly recommend reading it, in full...
h/t @FederalistNo78 #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
3/ For Organized International #HumanTrafficking Rings to remain Fully operational, Corrupt Officials are used to help orchestrate ways that enable & cover-up these horrendous “Crimes Against Humanity”. Before we take a look at #Ukraine, let us first look at a similar scenario...
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3 deaths in Pittsburgh 32, 32, 38 & 26th street lead map ordinates to Cyprus Island #ExxonMobil Found more gas places off the shores of Island #Turkey #Erdohan #Greece #Israel @realDonaldTrump @madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q
little thread read research…
Gov of PA Tom Wolf
reductions in property taxes and the corporate tax, and a new severance tax on natural gas
Cyprus Island and USA connections
Cyprus–United States relations are bilateral relations between the Republic of Cyprus and the United States of America.…
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Proposed EU Justice Commissioner facing corruption allegations in Belgium. Bribes in Congo, illegal arms deals to Libya, 40M Euro corruption in building a police HQ.
Sounds like the kind of guy a Swamp would want in charge of "Justice"
In addition to his nomination for EU Justice, Didier Reynders is the Belgian foreign minister, deputy prime minister and defence minister. Seems like a busy guy...
His right hand man Fontinoy seems very busy too, serving in his cabinet, running the Belgian state run railway, & allegedly had free time to handle bribery & corruption negotiations.
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#TheLaundromat movie, based on the true story of the #PanamaPapers, premiered in Venice yesterday. We're looking forward to seeing it! 🍿🎞️ Steven Soderbergh quote: The kind of corruption that we are discussing is a defining issue of this moment. [...] And I think transparency is the only solutiotn.
It tells a story of hidden wealth, #moneylaundering and #corruption - one that could not be told without the courageous work of whistleblowers and investigative journalists around the world.
Read more about the #PanamaPapers investigation that revealed a network of over 200,000 shell companies and helped recover over US$ 1 billion in taxes. #25corruptionscandals… 25 corruption cases cover image: The Panama Papers
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Practical Ideas to fight DARK MONEY
AMERICAN SWAMP Marathon tonight on MSNBC
#AmericanSwamp @KatyTurNBC @jacobsoboroff
#DarkMoney #KochDarkMoney #DavidKoch #MoscowMitch
Legalized Bribery
A nonprofit group #CitizensUnited
Supreme Court ruled that Corporations had the same rights as individuals and political spending was a form of free speech
Citizens United lead to SUPER PAC which can accept ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY FROM ANYONE!
TWO Restrictions
● Donors must be disclosed see OPENSECRETS.ORG
● not allowed to work for a Candidate directly
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Whew, here's a YUUUUUGE #MoneyLaundering and Fraud bust 👇👇

252 indictments were unsealed against 80 people, most of whom are Nigerian nationals.

14 were arrested this morning in a big sweep with 11 in Los Angeles. A few were already previously arrested.
The defendants used a variety of online schemes to defraud people, such as business email compromise, romance scams, and targeting the elderly in the US and other countries.

They convinced victims to send them money under false pretenses.
Looks like the DOJ had a press conference about it, too, but there's no link here.

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Moving from the bank to the banker, next up, the customers... #ButNothingsHappening…
Timeline on HSBC issue:
2008 Whistleblower took files to French authorities, nothing happened.
2014: Whistleblower gives files to investigative journalists
2015: ICIJ publishes Swiss Leaks based upon the files
2017: HSBC accepts fault
2019: Banker guilty…
The customers are a major cross section of the world's scum: arms dealers, drug dealers, mobsters, celebrities, dictators, & the family that profited off of pushing Oxycontin by lying to doctors about it's addictive properties.
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ada yang salah dengan #attitude tampaknya. Berdoa saja Salah, Pohon Sengon saja dianggap Salah, melayat Orang Meninggal juga salah, diterima masuk Akmil juga salah sementara yang benar-benar salah dianggap benar dan bahkan selalu dipuja dan dipuji seperti layaknya Dewa #hening
Coba perhatikan Kasus yang baru saja terpublish, penetapan tersangka 3 tahun yang lalu baru ditahan sekarang dan kabarnya akan mengajukan Praperadilansementara yang lain justru bebas berkeliaran sampai di Luar Negeri (bukan kasus ecek-ecek) #MoneyLaundering #hening
Belum lagi #Perilaku yang sudah melewati batas sementara orang awam seperti saya tidak paham mengapa Anak Bangsa ini selalu dipenuhi oleh rasa Dendam Kesumat kepada orang yang berbeda dalam segala hal. Saya pernah menulis “ Mengapa kalian Membenci Prabowo “ #hening
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Why does this story give me such joy?

The two PACs being probed, Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats, were both set up by Chakrabarti to support progressive candidates across the country.…
they funneled more than $1 million in political donations into two private companies that Chakrabarti also incorporated and controlled, according to Federal Election Commission filings and a complaint filed in March with the regulatory agency.…
In 2016 and 2017, the PACs raised about $3.3 million, mostly from small donors. A third of the cash was transferred to two private companies whose names are similar to one of the PACs — Brand New Congress LLC and Brand New Campaign LLC

While PACs must follow stringent federal
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‼️Another Epstein/Trump thread‼️

For the better part of two decades starting in the late 1980s, Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump swam in the same social pool. They were neighbors in Florida. They jetted from LaGuardia to Palm Beach together.…
They partied at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club and dined at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion

And then in 2004 they were suddenly rivals each angling to snag a choice Palm Beach property

(Personally I don't buy this reason, I buy the Epstein story of trying to procur children at Mar a Lago)
In the wake of Epstein’s arrest last month on sex trafficking charges, many who socialized with him — including Trump — are eager to have it known that they never much liked the man, or weren’t really friends, or barely even knew him.

But you know there's lots of proof they were
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Draining the Swamp in Puerto Rico!

Wait until they figure out most of the cases go back to an FBI undercover operation using Trump as an informant & a Swampy golf course & resort deal...
Fraudulent loans to Trump's 'partners' or targets of the investigation as his FBI handlers would call them, lead to a bank collapse that was covered up until recently with the conviction of a global pharma fraudster.
Before targeting PR officials, the investigations rolled up corrupt politicians from the San Juan city government.
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How do you drain the Swamp? By putting out bait to lure them into traps, honey traps need to have the best bait. The greatest bait you've ever seen. Just like you have to provide bait to make the MSM cover the draining of the Swamp! #ButNothingsHappening!
There is nothing Swampier than a Presidential transition & inauguration. Especially to a President where the Swamp creatures don't have a preexisting relationship. Makes them easy prey as they try to buy access to the new President!
Elliot Broidy is one of the biggest Swamp figures in the Republican Party but he paid bribes to the Democratic side too. Got busted bribing NY state officials on a state employees union pension deal. All about the #MoneyLaundering potential of the deal.…
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THREAD-How Britain can help you get away with stealing (b)illions: a five-step guide… #MoneyLaundering
"Howard Wilkinson blew the whistle on perhaps the largest money-laundering scheme in history, the movement of €200bn of suspect funds through the Estonian branch of Denmark’s biggest bank between 2007 and 2015, most of it earned in the dodgier corners of the former Soviet Union,
... ***some perhaps belonging to Vladimir Putin himself."
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As I have been saying, the old way to investigate #moneylaundering was to slap the bank on the wrist & recommend reforms. Now they are demanding the receipts & going after the customers doing the money laundering! #ButNothingsHappening…
Now it is leaking that police are planning raids on wealthy customers who Deutsche Bank helped establish off-shore companies & evade taxes.
900 wealthy clients are in the cross hairs at this point for using DBs Regula service to evade taxes.
Records go back many years (decades) but accounted for $339M in just 2016.
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Canadian #MoneyLaundering network operating since 1994 is taken down by the DOJ. Picked up checks/cash in the UK & Netherlands, opened envelopes & processed the money in Ireland. Mail scams targeting US citizens. #ButNothingsHappening…
4 Executive are charged, we will see how widely the issue spreads after this. They were only the processors, which gives DOJ/FBI the #receipts to go after their clients.
Scam must have been huge, 2 of the defendants each earned $15M over just 2 years of the scam.
Operation ran from 1994 until September 2016.
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This is from 2016, but it shows how long the efforts to reel in white collar criminals take. As you have to slowly identify crimes 1 by 1 & get regulator authority, lawful predicates, & whistle blowers to let you inside the corruption.…
This chart shows a long trail of actions against auditor Deloitte from 2005-2016 as corruption was exposed. Each of these cases comes with cooperation agreements, that lets the investigators gather more evidence. #ButNothingsHappening
It also ties into insider trading & even a loan of casino chips from a casino that was being audited!
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Investment fund CEO sentenced to 7 years for having sex with a 15 year old girl. But there is much more behind this story... Municipal bonds, private investing, SEC issues...
This is Stephen Bradley Mell's 3rd guilty plea in the last 6 months. Child porn in Dec. 2018, sex crimes in May & state child endangerment charges in June. The girl's mother allegedly approached Mell to ask him to give the girl flying lessons only to have him target her daughter.
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