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🇺🇳🏳️‍⚧️🚩❌✝️— Jordan Peterson planeja consórcio para rivalizar com o Fórum Econômico Mundial e o “Grande Reset” de Klaus Schwab. @jordanbpeterson

#WEF #KlausSchwab Image
Dr. Jordan Peterson planeja convidar 2.000 para um consórcio econômico destinado a rivalizar com a “visão apocalíptica” impulsionada pela controversa organização globalista por trás de “The Great Reset”, o Fórum Econômico Mundial (WEF).
Peterson expôs os planos para o consórcio, que pretende realizar no final de outubro ou início de novembro deste ano, em uma extensa entrevista de Joe Rogan publicada no sábado.
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At the beginning of February 2022, #Biden warned that "if #Russia invades #Ukraine with tanks and troops, then there will be no more #NordStream2"
#ItsDone #NordStream: Fourth leak found as Russia and West trade blame over alleged sabotage of gas pipeline | Sep 29
- #EU and #US have stopped to directly accusing Russia, a #Kremlin official was rebuked after hinting that #Washington was #responsible.
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#WEF Social Credit Score.

#ESG-scores vergelijkbaar met het Chinese systeem van sociale rating.…
#WEF #GreatReset Social Credit Score.

#ESG-scores vergelijkbaar met het Chinese systeem van sociale rating.
#WEF #GreatReset Social Credit Score.

#ESG-scores vergelijkbaar met het Chinese systeem van sociale rating.
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Haben Sie schon von #15minutecities, der 15-Minuten-Stadt gehört?

Die #15MinutenStadt ist ein grandioser #WEF Plan wonach jede Nachbarschaft so erschlossen wird, dass alles in 15 Minuten ohne Auto erreichbar ist.

Wer sein Auto nutzt wird bestraft...

1/ Image
Der #15MinutenStadt Idee schwebt vor, dass Menschen künftig ihr Leben zu Fuss, Rad oder ÖPNV in ihren Nachbarschaften verbringen.

Wer ein #Auto besitzt, darf es nur in Ausnahmefällen nutzen.

#Kritiker sprechen von einem dauerhaften #Lockdown im #Ghetto.…
In #Paris, #London, #Oxford, #Edmonton überall im Westen arbeitet man plötzlich an der #15minutecity.

Die Städte werden in #Zonen aufgeteilt, Straßen für Autos gesperrt, Einwohner erhalten ein Kontingent zur Nutzung ihres #PKW.

Autos sollen weg.…
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In September 2022, Nina Jankowicz announced the launch of The Hypatia Project, which she conducts at the UK-based Center for Information Resilience (CIR)…
?? 🤔🍿🍿…
Prior to her Fulbright grant in Ukraine, Jankowicz managed democracy assistance programs to Russia & Belarus at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs. She sits on the advisory boards of the CIR & Zinc Network's Open Info Partnership
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BEËINDIG DE VN!!! Ongekozen Dictatoriale Beauracraten!

[Ze] willen alleen nog horen wat in hun fascist #GreatReset #Agenda2030 past.

De VN hebben een initiatief gelanceerd om "het gebruik van informatie- en communicatie technologieën" tegen te gaan.
De Verenigde Naties zijn een Luciferiaanse sekte, gecontroleerd door de Ridders van Malta, Jezuïeten, Rothschilds en Rockefellers.
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#WEF #GreatReset #TriStateCity onteigening.…

Tristate City = Intensieve Mensenhouderij
#WEF #GreatReset #TriStateCity onteigening.

Tristate City = Intensieve Mensenhouderij
#WEF #GreatReset #TriStateCity onteigening.

Tristate City = Intensieve Mensenhouderij
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🇪🇺⚡️The International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed (IPIFF) has paid over 1 million euros to the European Commission (EC) for lobbying to accept regulations allowing the consumption of insects and adding them to food and feed.
#food #insect #ipiff #schwab
The French company SAS Ÿnsect, which is a member of IPIFF, requested that the European Commission adopt Regulation 2023/58, which allows the market for frozen, dried, and powdery forms of Alphitobius diaperinus (small darkling beetle) as a new food.
#beetle #davos #wef
The beetle will be added to bread, chocolate desserts, meat products, pasta & more. The news has caused a wave of dissatisfaction, and it was later revealed that the EC has also adopted other regulations allowing for the addition of yellow mealworm, locust & crickets to food.
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What's this now?

Police search Boston Consulting Group offices in Angolan corruption probe against Isabel dos Santos..

Let's break it down..
"The investigation also revealed how U.S. and European consulting companies, including BCG and PwC, advised dos Santos for years despite widespread reports of corruption by dos Santos"…

Why I know some of these faces
Pausing at the entrance to a star-studded bash at the Cannes Film Festival, ’90s icon Sharon Stone flashed her one-of-a-kind cuff bracelet. It was a wraparound hippo with rubies for eyes, sapphire nostrils and white diamond teeth. ..
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Revisited: #Finland's prime minister has a #Nightfever.
PM caught clubbing after #COVID19 exposure | Dec 8, 2021
- the former store cashier later claimed that she didn't have a work #phone with her, even though it was on her wrist all the time.
#Nightfever: Miss #Marin pictured Oct 24, 2021.
- 'We have spent my free time with my #husband (Dec 8, 2021)... in #Helsinki on Independence Day weekend.
- I did not have a government phone with me on Saturday night...
#Mediapooli #Finnish Statemedia #PlayingPossum.
-was never freed from the #trauma of the #censorship created by the ideal state of the #Bolshevik's (sc. jews) #SovietUnion. They still voluntarily #Finlandize themselves, living on the govt's #Corona subsidy…
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A 🧵 about #WEF2023, conspiracy theories and #Ukraine️.

I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories regarding the World Economic Forum -- the general view that they somehow control or strongly influence governments to undertake #BuildBackBetter and #GreatReset related policies...[1/n]
...against the interests of the people. Of course I understand the attraction: #Davos, the WEF's annual backslapping exercise, is attended by many powerful and influential people who often *do* enact policies against the interests of their people, and Klaus Schwab looks...[2/n]
...more like a supervillain than the characters in Marvel films. But, as Thomas Fazi @battleforeurope wrote in an excellent article for @unherd, the WEF has always been quite open about its goals and ideology. Founded in 1971 by Mr Schwab, the...[3/n]…
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🇩🇪 De Duitse groene #WEF minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Annalena Baerbock 'verklaart Rusland de oorlog'. 😂😂…

De #WEF EU is verliefd op de Snuiflenky-nazi.…
De #WEF EU is verliefd op de Snuiflenky-nazi.…
De #WEF EU is verliefd op de Snuiflenky-nazi.…
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🧵Στη χώρα μας, ένα συνεχώς αυξανόμενο μέρος των συμπολιτών μας υφίσταται την απόλυτη #εξαθλίωση λόγω της εξοντωτικής διαχείρισης από μια #κυβέρνηση μαριονέτα του #WEF που στηρίζεται ειδικά σε μια κατάπτυστη συμπολιτευόμενη #αντιπολίτευση
& γενικότερα στο καθεστωτικό ενιαίο μέτωπο της κομματοκρατίας.

🛑Ένα μέτωπο "πολύχρωμων" ιδεολογημάτων & μονόχρωμης νεοφιλελεύθερης πράξης παρά τις όποιες εσωτερικές ψευδοαντιθέσεις του.

🛑Πυρήνας της πολιτικής του, αντί τον ξεχασμένο στόχο
της πλήρους απασχόλησης & της συλλογικής ευημερίας, είναι η προώθηση ή ή έμπρακτη ανοχή της ασυδοσίας των αγορών σε μια #Ελλάδα αποικιοποιημένη & η προκάλυψη με κάποια ψίχουλα κοινωνικής ελεημοσύνης

🛑Ενώ πρωτίστως, με ενέργειες & παραλήψεις, πολιτεύεται για την εκμηδένιση
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Al Gore delivered a powerful impromptu speech at WEF, fueled by passion and a sense of urgency on climate change, highlighting the importance of systems-based thinking. #WEF /1
However, in today's age of soundbites, his message is being lost as it gets distilled into singular talking points, disconnected from the inter-relations of these various systems. /2
Without systems-level thinking & perspective, each talking point is intentionally spun into an echo chamber of outrage and, further distancing the singular point from the overall system.

Spurring debate and false narratives around the point in isolation from the whole system /3
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Chloroquine is één van de slimste medicijnen in onze geschiedenis. 👍…
Maart 2020: RIVM heeft chloroquine gekocht tegen coronavirus.…
Maart 2021: Arts die chloroquine voorschrijft kan een boete krijgen.

Een duivelse #WEF #GreatReset oplicht overheid.……
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WHO preparing for endless pandemics:
The WHO has changed its description of “pandemic” to one which would encompass any annual seasonal influenza. On that basis there could be perpetual “pandemics”.
[March 2022]…
WHO and G20 governments are rolling out the infrastructure for forced injections + vaccine passports that will deny the non-compliant access to travel, jobs, society.

Point 23:…
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Il "mondo frammentato" è sonnambulo verso la terza guerra mondiale.

Le autoproclamate "élite" di Davos hanno paura.
Ciò che Davos ha saputo fare questa settimana è inondare l'opinione pubblica di nuovi mantra. C'è il "nuovo sistema" che, visto il triste fallimento del tanto decantato Great Reset, ora sembra un frettoloso aggiornamento dell'attuale, malconcio sistema operativo.

Davos ha bisogno di nuovo hardware, nuove capacità di programmazione, persino un nuovo virus. Tuttavia, per ora, tutto ciò che è disponibile è una "policrisi" o, nel gergo di Davos, un "insieme di rischi globali interconnessi i cui effetti si stanno aggravando".

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#QRcode #DigitalID #SocialCredit
Prime Minister #Marin to visit #NewZealand and #Australia | 23.11.2022
- The delegation will have representatives from #CSC-IT Center for Science, #Kone, #Neste, #Nokia and #WithSecure (ex. #FSecure).…
- #AUSTRALIA intro⬇️
cc: @ UltraDane
#AUSTRALIA - #SocialCredit introduced to access the #internet, via your #digitalID.
Citizens need 100 points of #identification to use #socialmedia & the #police will have access to your #accounts including private #messaging.
'#Charagma - Digital Personal ID - IT'S COMING!
- Everyone certainly remembers the #CoronaPassport
- Politicians and the media used it to "force" especially young #mRNA to take the injections.'… credit: InjektioPiikki @IPiikki
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Vor #Davos kam noch schnell der #GlobalRiskReport des #WEF raus.…

Die größten Risiken der Erde sind darin wie folgt benannt.

Schon in 10 Jahren steht die Völkerwanderung auf Platz 5.

Ich hoffe das ist allen klar, die sich noch gegen Ausländer sträuben. Image
Tausendmal besser wäre es, jetzt sofort 2023 in Afrika Elektriker anzuwerben. (Warum Afrika? Weil dort oft nach VDE-Regelwerk gearbeitet wird.)

Für die Energiewende brauchen wir Elektriker.
Und alle, die wir nicht mehr für die Herstellung von Verbrennern brauchen, sollen bitte sofort in neue PV-Modul-Fabriken gehen.

Das bedeutet: Wir brauchen PV-Modul-Fabriken von @meyerburger oder anderen in Sindelfingen, Böblingen, Wolfsburg, denn dort sind die Arbeitskräfte.
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1. The most 'important' world leaders were in #Davos this week for #WEF23 so I put on a LIVE #WEF23RoyalRumble did you miss it??
here's a highlight thread🧵👇…
2. "I think this is the beginning of the end" @ShellenbergerMD #WEF23
3. "If you analyse a lot of the public-private partnerships that the #WEF produces, they're very alarming" #Davos @_whitneywebb
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BREAKING: #BNNPakistan Reports.

Speaking to a panel at the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Friday, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto @BBhuttoZardari stated that Pakistan has been dealing with the effects of climate change and that
...the economies of Third World nations are experiencing extreme economic burden. #WEF #Pakistan #BilawalBhutto
He claimed that after the Russia and Ukraine war, gas prices surged and caused financial difficulties for developing economies while speaking at the session on the geopolitical environment and security coordination.
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"I cittadini hanno rinunciato volontariamente a parte della loro sovranità - e della loro privacy - a stati più paternalistici in cambio di maggiore sicurezza e stabilità"

- Scenario ipotetico di pandemia della Rockefeller Foundation, 2010
" E' giunto il momento per l'Internet dei corpi. Ciò significa raccogliere i nostri dati fisici tramite dispositivi che possono essere impiantati, ingeriti o semplicemente indossati, generando enormi quantità di informazioni relative alla salute. "

— Agenda #WEF, 2020
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