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#framing #politiekepartijen die wel de #NWO , #TheGreatReset, #WEF
onder de aandacht brengen in het bellang van IEDEREEN!
Een draadje van onze fijne kritische
@EdWres, altijd in om ff de andere kant vh verhaal te belichten:

👇🎯… ImageImage
Nog even onderstreept door een democraat, Rosa Koire, auteur behind the Green Mask,
Click on it to get all the info included
En voor diegene die geen vertrekpunt hebben voor eigen research
Click on this collection
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Is WEF's #GreatReset really just a conspiracy "theory", or is it an *actual* conspiracy, if WEF's founder wrote a book about how to co-opt the pandemic to transition the world into NWO technocracy? #WEF #Davos
WEF's founder and the rest of the Club of Rome have been thought-experimenting with this stuff for decades, but they were never taken seriously. They were long known to be a bunch of bored, egomaniacal richfuks who obsess over fringe lunatic zero-population-growth theories...
The founder pretty much kept his association with the Club of Rome under wraps for decades, but the Club of Rome's ideology started to seep through around the time people started freaking out about climate crisis.
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"Everybody's talking about the weather, but no one is doing anything about it."

"He who controls the weather controls the world." - LBJ 1964

" starve America (& every nation in the world) into submission."…
"Senator, if you think 87 tornadoes in America's breadbasket is an act of nature, you've got a lot to learn." --circa 1984

See Kentucky for how far they've come.
See… for info on kem-trails, bunker fuel ops & jet stream manipulation.
And poison rain/snow.
China has no droughts.…
but the US has regular, extended droughts.
See the Vietnam War's #OperationPopeye wiki page.
See #HEW for fire starters.
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The 4th Industrial
R  e  v   o  l  u  t  i  o  n
#Need2Know #TheGreatReset
#NWOAgenda Explained: #COVID19
#DigitalIdentity #4IR #Transhumanism #Agenda21 #China 2.0 #Dictature #technocracy #eugenics
#satanism #KlausSchwab #WEF
👀👇 this collection Image
What Researchers find about
👇👀 click collection
👇👀 click collection

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Pierre Trudeau(Justin’s dad)
Klaus Schwab
Stan Johnson(Boris’s dad)
David Rockefeller
Maurice Strong
WEF Al Gore
Ted Turner
Bill Gates
Mikhail Gorbachev

Very high correlation between👆🏼Epsteins, Maxwells,🇨🇳,🇺🇳, Club of Rome

🇺🇳&WEF is CoR being put into action.
Isn’t it interesting that Club of Rome’s Gorbachev & Robert Maxwell set up a $100 million “Global Research Institute” to address things for all humanity, such as **global warming**

Robert Maxwell’s CoR ties, w/Isabel at WEF, Ghislaine at UN, Mark Epstein HDI, & Jeffrey science🔥
“Man can create a society in which he can live indefinitely on earth if he imposes limits on himself and his production of material goods to achieve a state of global equilibrium with population and production in carefully selected balance.”

Schwab’s 3 books
Gates formula
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Pretty much every biological & chemical weapons project in the US milieu (USAMRID & UIAID) can be easily traced back to an #OperationPaperclip scientist.

True but a bit harder to trace, all cancers & most modern diseases can as well.

CV deaths in 2020.…
Where have we seen this kinds of mass death before?

Von Braun's Wiki pages says they brought-in 16,000 German rocket men.

No one knows how many bio & chem & med experimenters were brought-in. Or Gestapo/SS.

Wake-up. Do some non-TV/non-Twitter/non-US history book research. Image
If you've put the pieces of the puzzle together & understand what is going on, start sending-out the meme below to those who are pushing the genocide.

They all think they'll not be sacrificed.
Make them question that.

Only a handful of people on here can see my posts.
RTs>Likes Image
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World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2022 Deferred —
“The deferral of the meeting will not prevent progress through continued digital convening of leaders from business, government and civil society”

— Democracies should not participate in the #WEF

The reasons are simple:

1. Democracies operate on the basis of certain fundamental principles and human rights.

2. These include: equality of every citizen, nobody is granted privileges, equality of arms, equal rights to participate in public affairs.

3. #WEF grants privileged access to democratic leaders, politicians, and ministers.

4. Access can be bought or otherwise secured by only very few selected leaders from “business” and “civil society”.

5. Uncivil society is totally excluded from #WEF.

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Que se passe-t-il vraiment dans le monde ? Pourquoi cette soudaine folie covidiste et totalitaire ?
Ces non-sens apparents en Absurdie ?
En évitant les projections d’intentions complotistes sur l’éradication planétaire 😰, voici mon point de vue à jour, le + factuel possible…
1/ #world #CrisisCore : La finance mondiale repose sur le financement des intérêts d'une dette tj croissante par la croissance. Celle ci est si énorme /PNB qu'elle n'est plus remboursée, les états payant juste des intérêts pour dynamiser les marchés...
2/ #Crise de la dette au Monde d'après:
Depuis leur décorrélation avec les réserves d'or, les monnaies d'Etats sont librement "imprimables".
Cet argent est donc de la dette, a rembourser par 1 croissance à venir, excédent de l'activité future /l'actuelle, moins l'inflation...
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I have a question.

“Can you tell me why TF you hadn’t warned your viewers where things were heading?”

...just wondering.
Don’t mind me...just perusing your tweets, to see if I can find if you mentioned anything about some pretty important topics the free world should know about...
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“I never told my viewers about the Great Reset...but here’s a great shot of me at Davos”

“I’m @MariaBartiromo, and I don’t report to my viewers about 4thIndustrailRevolution, Klaus Schwab, WEF, Great Reset...

...but I’m credible...listen to me”
Reporting news important to A̵m̵e̵r̵i̵c̵a̵n̵s̵ globalists
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#Presidentielle2022 & Gaspard_Koenig 🚨:
J'apprend ce jour qu'un nouveau candidat de 39 ans brigue le poste suprême 🇫🇷
Intéressé, je vous partage donc mes découvertes de 15' de travail :
1/ Pour LCI ⏩ 1 vrai philosophe nomade, proche du peuple 😻…
#Presidentielle2022 & Gaspard_Koenig 🚨:
2/ d'après Wikimonde, c'est un ex-étudiant brillant, à la pensée libérale TRES affirmée, investi dans ses réseaux et déjà fort engagé dans les réseaux politiques en région comme au national :… Image
#Presidentielle2022 & Gaspard_Koenig 🚨:
3/ Petites lignes vérifiées, il est membre de la très transatlantiste French-American-Foundation, passage obligé des jeunes pousses pour être adoubées par les etats unis en tant que libéraux :… Image
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Chairman of the Governing Board of the World Jewish Congress - David René de Rothschild…

cousin Eric De Rothschild

Arielle's husband BERNARD HENRI-LEVY is also the on-off boyfriend of Daphne Guinness

> Guinness at a Feilding family wedding

> Rock Feilding-Mellen was one of the Kensington councillors at the heart of the Grenfell Tower tragedy

"Epstein's girlfriend Shelley Lewis—who is apparent pals & business partners with Lynn Forester's stepson (& Evelyn's biological son) David de Rothschild "

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Is the #HIV, @RobertKennedyJr & @drscottjensen spliced into CV19 now in the DNA of all infected?

The Decade of Vaccines will be not injections or vaccines but a series of coronas w/ mRNAs to re-engineer humanity.

This 2002 patent explains. #PuzzleSolved
This is why despite injections raising the odds of infection 7x or greater that they still insist on injecting 8 billion of us.

It took me 24/7 for 2 years to #PuzzleSolved

In lieu of a Nobel, if you want to buy me breakfast, my PayPal is in my profile. I've got <$2 to my name.
For links to sources supporting #PuzzleSolved search @wildmanabides + keyword you are curious a/b. It's been a long hard dig & studying solid work done by others.

A Nobel'd pay $350k but a hot breakfast'd be fine w/ me. My PayPal link is in my profile.
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Weinig mensen hebben zich in het #WEF verdiept. Hoog opgeleiden die nooit op de website zijn geweest. Zij denken - net als @gertjansegers - dat het alleen een praatclubje uit Davos is. Dat ze geen agenda’s hebben. Of dat ze alleen maar een denktank zijn.

Draadje 👇🏻

De missie van het WEF kun je vinden op website:

- Samenbrengen van de belangrijkste leiders politiek, business, overheden en universiteiten
- Creëren van globale, lokale en industriële agenda’s.

👉🏻 Afgestemde agenda’s met de belangrijkste leiders.

Het geloof:

“We believe that progress happens by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change.”

👉🏻 Prachtige context van vooruitgang. Let wel op: vooruitgang zoals de vooraanstaande leiders denken. One way

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Modifying Humanity's DNA via #ViralVectoring #WEF
(The only way the pandemic makes sense).

2002 patent "for a novel corona to spread an (#mRNA) #HIV vaccine (covertly & w/o consent):

Ralph Baric (Ft. Detrick, UNC, EcoHealth, Wuhan).
1/4 @joerogan
Rx makers admit they never tried to make a "vaccine" that prevented infection & they still are not trying to.

Why is that?

Raw data from 5-7 honest nations now indicates triple-jabbed are getting sick at 7+x higher rates.

They still want to jab every human on earth.

If Baric can spread an #mRNA to prevent #AIDS in a corona cold, they can transmit ANYTHING via mRNA spliced into a virus.

They can't jab 8 billion of us but they can infect billions w/ modified mRNA corona viruses & variants.

"Changing what it is to be human." Klaus Schwab

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#School closures sweeping N. America are nothing to do w/ protecting health.

Underway is the #4IR "digital transformation of #education" led by 200+ corps & global institutions including #Microsoft, Google, #McKinsey, #Facebook, Salesforce. #Privatization

Learning thread👇
Chakroun "called on Coalition members & member states to "continue working together to unleash the full potential of the unique partnership that we have through the Global #Education Coalition [for which] the digital transformation remains the main focus."

Nov 15 2021: Alexa Joyce [] at #Microsoft, said that the insights & experience of the Coalition’s partners from both the public & #private sector can support ministries of #education around the world in driving deeper #DigitalTransformation."

Implementation of #4IR architecture
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So, I didn't know who this particular puppet master was, until today.

Francis Kalifat - president-elect of the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France, the umbrella organization for Jewish organisations in France…
"The Governing Board of the WJC..held an unprecedented gathering at UNESCO in Paris in November 2018 .. under the leadership of WJC President Ronald S. Lauder

> Governing Board Chairman David de Rothschild…

So, #Epstein acquaintance Alan Dershowitz who was brought on by the #BBC to comment on the #GhislaineMaxwell trial, is on the same board as Ronald Lauder ..

Lifestyles Magazine.. Gabriel Erem - founder

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It’s not a/b money: They can print more money.

It’s not a/b depopulation: They could do that in months.

It’s a/b genetic research & the most valuable commodity are humans that you don’t care a/b killing.

#HIV #AIDS #SARS1 #MERS #SAR2 et. al.
All were a/b DNA & genetics.

You can engineer/alter DNA 3 ways: Naked, mRNA or Viral Vectoring

Lab-made coronas will be the new injections.
They can’t jab 8 billion of us.

Transhumanism is w/I grasp.

A modified CV can make us allergic to meat.
Or destroy our fertility.
Or trigger genetic predispositions.
Like how the mRNA v@x reactivates latent viruses.

It’s a brilliant research model & profit model both.

2002 patent of a novel CV to be used to spread an mRNA #HIV v@x w/ a common cold:

Using mRNA to change your DNA to suit their needs & desires. #WEF Image
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.@SigridKaag geïntimideerd voor haar huis. Vreselijk natuurlijk. En dit weekend: geüniformeerde antifa’s die verfbommen gooien tegen het #FVD kantoor. Ook onacceptabel (al heb ik daar vrijwel geen verontwaardiging in de media over gezien). Maar het politieke klimaat verhardt 1/7
en ik maak me oprecht zorgen. Zeggen dat dit komt door onze partij of onze standpunten is absurd. De maatschappelijke spanningen lopen op doordat het debat over de krankzinnige coronasituatie al bijna twee jaar niet op inhoud wordt gevoerd. Journalistiek en kartel hebben 2/7
een cordon gecreëerd waarin geen kritische stemmen meer doordringen. Nooit zie je aan debattafels of in kranten een ander geluid. Wij, de “wappies” worden ontzettend gedemoniseerd, waardoor de haat jegens ons (en de veiligheidsdreiging) enorm toeneemt. Omgekeerd hebben 3/7
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Tony Blair , PetroSaudi and the 1MDB scandal .. no wonder he's pushing Digital IDs... let's take a look..

"Blair courted .. influential Chinese political leaders in 2010 and then introduced them to the Saudi-owned company he worked with, PetroSaudi "…
At the time he was also UN Middle East Quartet Representative and Member of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum #WEF Image
CEO of PetroSaudi Tarek Obaid was caught up in the 1MDB scandal…

Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio were also involved

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@RealGeorgeWebb1 @PantsdeF @tobeycakes @ReachEchoVoice @JeanRees10 @realConnieBevan @HousatonicLive @Kevin_McKernan @ktimmer76 Yes, #DrRobertMalone is the new #QAnon
Pushed to #1 by AI Tylerbots.…
Fauci inserted him long ago to spy & steal patents.

# of sources from TLAV used =
he had to study for @joerogan's show.

Bob's dumb as dirt.
I can hear #KariMullis drag him in my head.
@RealGeorgeWebb1 @PantsdeF @tobeycakes @ReachEchoVoice @JeanRees10 @realConnieBevan @HousatonicLive @Kevin_McKernan @ktimmer76 @joerogan The horse breeding is kind of a tell, huh?
"The Laundromat of Kings"

Senior researchers at Salk raped Bob Malone repeatedly, his poor wife claims.

Getting caught trying to steal a patent gave him PTSD like Nam, but the grift still paid-off well for him. @joerogan @jimmy_dore
@RealGeorgeWebb1 @PantsdeF @tobeycakes @ReachEchoVoice @JeanRees10 @realConnieBevan @HousatonicLive @Kevin_McKernan @ktimmer76 @joerogan I'm the little kid w/ the last piece of the puzzle boss & know & respect pretty much every digger on this list so here goes a short version:

Clean data now shows rates as high as 7x for fully v@xxed; yet they still push it.

Red Cross said it destroys antibodies mid-2020.
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1. Thread on Nadhim Zahawi who has said that secondary school children must wear masks... #NadhimZahawi #Masks #NoMasksInClass Image
2. NO science, NO evidence, NO risk analysis, NO cost benefit analysis, just dogma from a very sinister man. #NadhimZahawi #NoMasksInClass #nomasksinschool
3. I have asked for evidence in an FOI to Department for Education. Ask your questions if you want to know...… #FOI #NoMasksInClass #NoMasksinSchool
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1 #burgerlijkeongehoorzaamheid is niet eens nodig als iedereen de #WEFpapers BLIJFT delen en vooral wat ze BEWIJZEN!!!
Alles STOPT als mensen doordrongen worden met de bewijzen die de #WEFpapers tonen!
- Hoe ons land heimelijk bestuurd wordt door het #WEF
- Waarom dit geheim is gehouden
- Dat men deze machtsgreep al aan het uitvoeren was lang VOOR 'covid'
- Hoe Rutte & co een leidersrol naar NL haalde en er trots op zijn: 'onze' leiders = grootste verraders!!!
3 - De #WEFpapers bewijzen de netwerken die op alle fronten ALLES kapot maken
- Bewijzen de geplande revolutie ZONDER onze instemming
- Bewijzen een vijandige machtsovername DOOR en VIA onze 'eigen' mensen!!!
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