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#TIME is owned by Marc Benioff, founder/CEO of #Salesforce. Benioff, member of #WorldEconomicForum Board of Trustees, is the Inaugural Chair of WEF's Forum Center for the #FourthIndustrialRevolution. He is co-founder of Breakthrough Energy w/ Gates et al. (#Nuclear, CCS, etc.).

Important thread.

Q: What does #Imperial College, the World Economic Forum (#WEF), #Salesforce, #Sinovation Ventures (Chinese technology venture capital), #ABB (#automation technology), global artificial intelligence (#AI), all have in common?

Not enough minerals/ rare Earth metals remain on Earth's terrain, to supply depraved #4IR architecture designed/sought by Benioff, Schwab et al.

Thus, they intend to mine the #oceans under guise of watchdog. Holistic linguistics. #Safe #Responsible

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@MarijnissenL @ADnl #horeca RIP #horecadicht

while #HCQworks
@MarijnissenL @ADnl April @ #lockdown-1. I wrote countless times to Dutch Royals @koninklijkhuis begging #Koningin to step in, distance herself from the #Bilderberg agenda (they founded Bilderberg). Asked #Koning to ORDER @HugodeJonge to LIFT BAN ON #HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE thousands died @PolitieUtrecht
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From #Lockdowns to "#TheGreatReset". Lockdown in the wake of #coronavirus pandemic accelerated implementation of long-held plans to estb. so-called NWO. Under auspices of #WEF, global policymakers are advocating a “Great Reset” with intent of creating a global technocracy
It is not by coincidence that on 18 Oct 2019, in NYC the WEF “Event 201” at “high-level” pandemic exercise organized by John Hopkins Center for Health Security. This coming technocracy involves close cooperation between the heads of the digital industry and of governments
With programs such as guaranteed min income & healthcare for all, new kind of governance combines strict societal control with the promise of comprehensive social justice. The truth, however, this NWO of digital tyranny comes with a comprehensive social credit system
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Sky News Australia contributor & former Aus Senator Cory Bernardi, tore open the debate on COVID calling out a globalist agenda which few in mainstream media have dared to mention
1/n #GreenFeudalism
Since lockdowns began in March 2020, few have challenged the govt rationale for voluntarily imploding their economies, destroying communities & societies – based on a guess that coronavirus might kill tens of millions of citizens…
2/n #GreenFeudalism
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#Davos & the #WorldEconomicForum #WEF is Conducting their #TheGreatReset. How do you like it? This IS it. #Lockdowns, your life, business& futures & children's futures completely destroyed forever, zero freedom, zero #Freespeech, forced Toxic injections, LIES, NAZI Tactics, Like?
2/ What "GREAT" "Features" are coming from "The Great Reset" of the NAZI RACIST Elites like "Black Extermination Project" Gates, the Scientific Totalitarianist Depopulation Rockefellers? From the German Nazi Eugenics Hitleresque wannabes like Klaus Schwab?
What else?:
-EXACTLY what the JEWS of NAZI Germany had:
-"Health passports" for Sterilization & "Immunizations" testing all kinds of things on you whatever they want with no testing of any of them for contamination even available of course
-Limited travel
-Frauded Statistics
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Poll: Do you think these Foaming at mouth Vax pushers like #GERMAN govt, #KLAUSSCHWAB of #WEF #MattHancock #BorisJohnson #BillGates are doing it because they are completely Racist Bastards? What about you #BLM #BlackLivesMatter folks? all these White German Nazi types want VaxU
2/ Keep in mind how they are all Pushing for Depopulation like Chanting Sickophantic Acolytes especially Charles Schwab of WEF, who is 100% Against Breakthrough CleanEnergy & it's innovators & Sounds EXACTLY like Hitler in merely a toned down speech of such, not sure you noticed.
3/ Keep in mind that their "OneWorld" campaign is Campaigning for ONLY ONE CHILD among the Developing countries. Imagine, some foreign Nazi Dictators trying to order you to only have one child like as if they have anything to do with your country a continent away & Invest nothing
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
The #Rothschild's #Centralbanks are going after The Greatest Concentration of power in world history, an Orwellian Dystopia of Total Control in a Totalitarian Dictatorship to turn off your ability to buy & sell, & their microchips are ready, UBI to comply
2/ #Bitcoin people. You thought #Centralbanks would fight back against #Decentralization? You had NO IDEA. #BillGates & The #WEF #Rockerfeller #Lockstep #Covid19 666 Microchip plan w' UBI injected with Revelations as the literal playbook is their fight back answer. TOTAL CONTROL.
3/ I was sponsored by #WEF to their event. As soon as they found out that we are BREAKTHROUGH ENERGY, not just solar, they went & got all the security & threatened us & threw us out. Now you tell me, when they are TALKing #SDG, why throw out the world's #1 CleanEnergy innovator?
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Ahead, as part of the #GreatReset, is the finacialization of nature. "#Ecosystem services" & #biodiversity will be bought, sold & traded on #WallStreet. This will be the largest transformation of the global economic system in modern history.
It must be stopped. @nodealfornature
Assigning monetary value to nature ("#NaturalCapital") will replace #GDP. The very corporations & institutions that have destroyed the natural world, will then own what remains - what they have not yet destroyed.

Nature's contribution (theft) to the global economy is est. at 125 trillion $ annually, while world's annual #GDP is est. at 85.9 trillion dollars (2018). "Natural Capital" accounting will replace #GDP.

The financialization of #SocialCapital will follow.

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#Breaking #BreakingNews for #Education
The CORRUPT #UN #WHO #WEF #Scamdemic has Decimated the #Educations of poorer children around the world, causing them loss of already nearly a year of schooling & they want them to lose MORE. Poorer kids DISADVANTAGED…
In the #WEF's CRIMINAL "The Great Reset" Which has ALREADY Murdered MILLIONS of people, Multiple Times that of the FRAUDED 20x "#Covid19 Deaths" figure as admitted by #CDC & #WHO, Poor nations OF COURSE won't have access to high level Education 4.0 THEY DONT HAVE ELECTRICITY
3/ The nations outside of the UBER-RICH ENTITLED G-7 G30, in the OTHER 210 nations, they dont have the MONEY for a high quality Digital education. Over 4 BILLION PEOPLE DONT HAVE TOILETS TO GO IN! They don't have CLEAN DRINKING WATER, they DONT HAVE INTERNET nor Reliable POWER!!!
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I have written thousands of articles down the years, but this is the most important. The UK govt is not ‘incompetent’. It is following a very clear & very destructive agenda under the guise of ‘fighting a virus’. #TheGreatReset #WEF… #
As Boris Johnson announces Britain’s ‘great reset’, were the Covid ‘conspiracy theorists’ right all along?
Neil Clark
is a journalist, writer, broadcaster blogger. His award winning blog can be found at He tweets on politics and world affairs @NeilClark66
The UK Prime Minister’s remote speech to his party conference saw him dismiss the idea of returning to normality. Is he using Covid-19 to follow the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ agenda, as many have warned?
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Sept 18, 2020, WWF Too Big To Fail:

"#Ecosystems are assets. We are talking about an asset mgt. problem."

No. Ecosystems are biological COMMUNITIES that exist for their own purposes. Not ours.

Depraved #WEF, #WWF et al. after decades of plunder, plan to seize what remains.
"As we navigate our way through the biggest #economic #crisis since the 2nd world war, we are still facing the existential threat of biodiversity loss & climate change."

They do not give a fuck about biodiversity. They trashed it for profits. They do not care about the climate.
What they do care about. Protecting & expanding current power structures. Protecting the ruling class to which they belong. Profit$.

Markets are not the solution to the accelerating biodiversity crisis & ecological breakdown. They are the cause.

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1)Do you want clarity? Do you want to understand the world you live in right now? Do you want upside down, back to right side up? You only have to understand one thing, one agenda, globalism. Understand globalism, the sustainable development agenda, & the great reset...
2)are one in the same. Understand that,you’ll understand global governance & why Canada,among many other western nations,as referred to by our PM as a post nation state,is taking orders from the WHO. You’ll understand why Klaus Schwab wrote a book called Covid19:the great reset.
3)You understand why the UN says vaccines relate to 14 of the 17 SDG’s. You’ll understand why they gave the latest SDG’s the subheading, transforming our world. You’ll then understand why you now fear the state instead of simply respecting the state.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/17/2020…
The Great Reset | World Economic Forum

#WEF #reset
Five new giant radio galaxies discovered…

#astronomy #radio
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I have gotten a few messages assuming that I was part of the @officialNESG team that developed the 15-paragraph publication on the matters that require urgent attention.

While I fully endorse ALL the points raised in that publication, I am not a member of NESG.
Apparently because of my comments on social media and in 3 online events during the week, some of my friends believed that I was too sympathetic to the @officialNESG publication and that I must have been part of it.

Technically, they have classified me as a #Wailing Nigerians🤣
I love NESG’s objectives and I have
made three UNSUCCESSFUL attempts in the past to join @officialNESG but they have other priorities.

MAYBE they prefer people with titles like MD/GCEO as prospective members.🤣🤣🤣.
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The Great Reset...... 🧐

Ongoing info thread

The most used statement from Govs in 2020 is:

“Build Back Better”

Excellent thread of examples used across the WORLD 👏🏼
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The ruling class has weaponized the power of both #fear & #conformity against us. That #Covid19 is the catalyst to usher in a new global architecture, that is, the #4IR, is not conjecture, not "conspiracy theory", but a fact. Full compliance & social license are required.
The ruling class has conspired to usher in a new global governance w/ #Covid19 as the pretext. WEF-UN-World Bank; a global consolidation of power, well underway. It is understood that the transition will cause unprecedented suffering. The only thing they fear is revolt. #SDGs
Children as human capital #data to be commodified on #blockchain linking behaviour to benefits.

The human population to be controlled "via #digitalidentity systems tied to cashless benefit payments within the context of a militarized #5G, #IoT, & an AR environment. @Philly852
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Bloomberg, Aug 25 2020: "[the] director of global macro strategy at brokerage StoneX Group, said 2020 has been the 'bear market for humans.' The problem, it turns out, is people"

#greatreset - the consolidation of global power/wealth - happening in real time. #CovidAsCatalyst
"The cluster with small numbers of employees relative to company value has returned 18% this year. The group with the highest #labor intensiveness has seen a 19% loss."

#WEF #4IR #Automation #greatreset…
& billionaires are backing/pushing #UBI - as it is preferable to pay a pittance to the citizenry than to risk losing the social license that allows for the continued rape & pillage of the Earth; the continued exploitation of those most oppressed & vulnerable.

#WEF #greatreset
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The “Global Reset”

Let’s talk about this a bit:…
On surface, it would appear to be a good thing, no? Women’s rights, climate change, yada-yada, etc...all the usual stuff the party of Davos uses to manipulate you into giving them more power. We’ll start with Amir Dossar, of the UN. Seems like a great guy👍🏼: ImageImage
Wait, why’s he in this photo with the infamous #GhislaineMaxwell? Gosh, it’s also strange that he’d be one of five members of her “TerraMar project” know, save the ocean, and stuff: ImageImage
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#GlobalDealForNature, #NatureNeedsHalf, #VoiceForThePlanet, #30x30, #CampaignForNature (#Wyss, National Geographic),

- all marketing serves elite sought financialization of nature; the corporate capture of the commons.

#WEF #WWF #GDP #NaturalCapital #PES #Privatization
#VoiceForThePlanet is the sister marketing campaign of the #NewDealForNature. At helm of both campaigns are #WWF (atrocities against #Indigenous) working in #lockstep w/ World Economic Forum founded/headed by Klaus Schwab. Founding partners include UN - partnered w/ WEF in 2019.
The National Geographic Society markets the Global Deal for Nature, New Deal For Nature, & the Campaign for Nature w/ the #Wyss Foundation (billionaire Hansjörg Wyss). The Society operates via National Geographic Partners - a joint venture w/ #Disney.

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WEF's Klaus Schwab: "In all likelihood, unless the #pandemic evolves in an unforeseen way, the consequences of COVID-19 in terms of health & mortality will be mild..."

New week-end thread w/ @spencerlatu

#Covid19 as catalyst for #WEF #greatreset
Written by Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret, Geneva, July 2020.

"Until 2011, Mr. Malleret was a senior partner at the Geneva-based IJ (Informed Judgment) Partners, an investment boutique for ultra-high-net-worth individuals."

#WEF #GlobalRiskNetwork…
"Malleret is the co-founder & principal author of the Monthly Barometer, an analytical and predictive newsletter on macro issues for high-level decisionmakers." - "Relevant to all; read by the influential"
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“The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots. The future belongs to sovereign, and independent nations, who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors, and honor the differences that make each country unique.”

Trump gave the middle-finger to the United Nations. Shortly after, a virus, which very much appears to have been lab-studied, if not, lab-altered, (from US+CCP combined scientists) was unleashed onto the world.
Since then, requests for UN to intervene in US riots coincide with efforts to dismantle police departments. The party of Davos, UN, and the World Economic Forum brazenly discuss their global socialism plans:…
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Super Thread: #NewNormal Part 1:


Using behavioural science, society will be nudged towards routine DNA testing.

To Get Back to the Things we Love. Let’s Get Tested. Image
The Behavioural Insights Team - also known as the Nudge Unit - is now a social purpose company.

It is partly owned by the Cabinet Office, employees and Nesta.…
The BI Team applies behavioural insights to inform policy, improve public services and deliver positive results for people and communities.…
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"We're failing the world's #oceans. Businesses can help save them"

#WWF & Marc Benioff (Salesforce founder/CEO, #WEF trustee, Chair of WEF's Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, owner of TIME) - team up to "save" oceans w/ a #4IR tech & #NewDealForNature.
"The Friends of #Ocean Action is convened by the World Economic Forum & the World Resources Institute."

World Resources Institute is a founding partner of #VoiceForThePlanet, sister campaign of #NewDealForNature

#FinancializationofNature #WEF #GreatReset
"Some economists say the ocean economy is set to double in value by 2030."

#Nature4Sale #Privatization #NewDealForNature

#Nature / #biodiversity will be bought, sold & traded on Wall Street.

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