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Louisiana Target of Attempted Ransomware Hack, Governor Says... just AS THE ELECTION CANVASSING process is being done! #Coincidence?…
2/ heard on my local radio station news (I don’t live close to LA) that a govt employee opened a suspicious email w/ransomware. $ was demanded & refused, as GOVT I.T. Crews shut down every server &computer. Cleaned and re-Loaded data. The election website and DMV still down.
3/ Guys, this has WHITE HAT OP written all over it.

LA Is one of 11 [marker] states w/NO PAPER TRAIL of ballots that can be audited?

ONLY a forensic IT analysis can be done?

Governor election results are already statistically suspect as R’s won other races statewide?
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1/ Pretty clear #comms that harm was intended this weekend for POTUS.

3rd = 3 and (18r + 4d) = 322 skull and bones
"hit job"

also Matthew Dowd initials = MD (doctor)
present and past = 2 P's x 16 = 32 skull and bones again.
2/ the 9:09 EDT timestamp?

LOOK at Q drop 909
has a PP !!
links to "P-resent or P-ast in this tweet",

plus the ongoing "Congressional Investigation"

3/ Remarks at the Louisiana Rally hinted this?

"duck hunting" as in "DONALD DUCK?"
They almost got me (repeated 3 times)

reference to Saturday (#doublemeaning of LA election)

"eyes of History" is a JFK Ass@ssination reference

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1/New Q!

Focus back on SC/JS Sara Carter and John Solomon

RECALL their account to @marklevinshow of their mysterious midnight visit with 2 unidentified intell operatives?

Cluing them into the illegal spying?
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1/ musings on the KY election:

the Kentucky Derby tweets from POTUS were odd... so was the unprecedented RECALL of the initial WINNER...

will #FutureProvePast?
2/ Let's examine the KY Gov LIBERTARIAN turnout @3Days3Nights highlights:
The Libertarian turnout should be more stable from 2015 to 2019
3.7% of 1.44 million votes or 53K votes instead of the 28K actually reported...

w/just a 5K difference between R and D now?

@3Days3Nights 3/ In 2016, @3Days3Nights theorizes white hats UNRIGGED the election in 5 swing states, giving Trump the deserved Victory. The UNRIGGING of black hat cheating gave 3rd party candidates their TRUE VOTES, rather than siphoning their votes to the Dems.
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1/ #doublemeanings

What if the ARRESTS we're all awaiting for, don't necessarily mean Arrests by visible LEO's?

ARREST also means 'to stop the progress of' 'to hinder block check...'
'bring to a standstill'
2/ Q drops 1 & 2 are the most 'famous' of the ARREST drops...

We DO KNOW that HRC and the Cabal's Plans HAVE BEEN significantly ARRESTED, that is, brought to a standstill, since POTUS's Inauguration Jan, 2017.

Drop 2 does tell us there's an ongoing PROCESS & PLAN in place
3/ Don't get me wrong...I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing the baddies in Orange, and I DO believe ARRESTS are upcoming, in the #lockThemAllUp sense we're awaiting...
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1/ what if Q's prompt to WATCH THE WATER means to use the Navy's phonetic alphabet and related meanings to Decode?

ya know ...
Alpha Bravo Zulu?

We're familiar with the fun ones:
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Bravo Zulu = Good Job!
2/Here's some more uses...

we've been stymied on 5:5 Loud and Clear but haven't moved on much...
3/ Reagan's farewell letter to GHWB (it was brutal, btw) had a "BRAVO, etc." which I used this phonetic alphabet for a possible decode?
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1/ @Interior is indeed making a DRAMATIQ STATEMENT with this glorious pic...

I see Cue...
and there seems to be more....
@Interior 2/ A STORM Coming for those in Purple among us?

Those counting on the DEVIL for power?
Timestamp EST 8:05 sums to 13
@Interior 3/ #YellowBrickRoad trending in Q circles this week, and amongst the cabal?

was @interior pointing it out too?
"gold sky" and "treasure"?
SAMantha BUGLER photo?
Sam=Uncle Sam
Bugler🎺=announcing news?🎺

of a Beautiful Brave New World
Gold , Fed Reserve Re-set?
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@htlong @stormypatriot21 1/Yes Members of Congress cannot be arrested while in Session, Except for Treason.

House is OUT of session July 27.
Senate Aug 3.

27th date? Watch Marker perhaps?
@htlong @stormypatriot21 2/ Think #doublemeanings...SESSIONS (not Jeff) is missing the apostrophe. Punctuation and misspellings matter. Could this Q drop be a clue that indictments are imminent when Congress makes their DEPARTURE after their respective SESSIONS [end]??
@htlong @stormypatriot21 3/ WHOA!!! There's more.
[RR] deposition week
[RR] Departure thereafter

IMO this is NOT Rosenstein, it's Ricardo Rosello…
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Time to re-examine Q's 31 Wonderland References?
Who else is Alice?
Wonderland = SA? or the Broader internet itself?
are we at last at final Chapter 12? ALICE'S EVIDENCE?
2/ AIW Symbolism 1st revealed in Wikileaks drops, where HRC calls herself ALICE Emails MH MAD HATTER.
Q has 31 mysterious WONDERLAND references. It appears the PLAN has been moving thru the 12 chapters of Lewis Carroll's book. was Ch 11 the TRIAL of the KNAVE--DJT? Thread at 3/
see posts here til end
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1/ Welcome to Decoding 101
Patriots ask how it's done?
Q instructs us to:

Look for MARKERS
CONNECT the dots
WATCH the water
WATCH the wives
Follow the PEN
1/ Welcome to Decoding 101

Patriots ask how it's done?
Q instructs us to:

Look for MARKERS
CONNECT the dots
WATCH the water
WATCH the wives
Follow the PEN
2/ Whew that's a LOT to cover in the Syllabus...
Different Patriots are better at different skills

we NEED to work together UNITED not DIVIDED to be able to PAINT THE FULL PICTURE as Q says
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1/ Trump and Trudeau
NOT a bromance
Trump talks Iran and drone plane shot down while Trudeau quietly looks on
Between them? a model of AF1... Significance? Let's Dig ⛏️
2/ another angle shot... LOOK how Trudeau's getting the stare down from? Bolton, Pompeo AND Sarah. Is George W. even giving JT the side eye? Ha!
Just TRY to get your hands in a similar position as Justin's.
JT's doing all he can to avoid looking at that plane?
Why the Drama?
Trudeau was 'in the know' last June 12, 2018, when the cabal, his group of baddies, tried to off potus ON AF1 , just after taking off from Canada, en route to the North Korea summit meeting. Remember the missile?
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#doublemeanings YELLOW BRICK ROAD"
one meaning =Wizards/Warlocks protecting our Nation. Trained/ selected at FBI Q-uantico (thread 2/)

Their POS opponents?
Also appear to use Yellow Brick Road imagery...
Think Y family
Think Yellow Bricks = GOLD (thread at 3/)
Alice? see 4/
2/ thread of white hat wizards and warlocks
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@WellHellsBells_ @CariSassy @QbunnyT @realDonaldTrump 1/

P Q R hmmm

SPQR is an ancient Roman slogan. Senātus Populusque Rōmānus,


S P Q R is Cabal code and Q SUPER TROLLED them by taking over the Q portion!??
@WellHellsBells_ @CariSassy @QbunnyT @realDonaldTrump 2/ Let's Dig ⛏️

SPQR (Latin: Senātus Populusque Rōmānus, "The Roman Senate and People"

Is this Cabal Code for THEM?

The Elites who consider themselves the eternal Ruling 'Romans' over Us, the common People/Peasant class?
@WellHellsBells_ @CariSassy @QbunnyT @realDonaldTrump 3/ what's the QUE part mean in Latin?

Senātus PopulusQUE Rōmānus,

Latin, QUE means 'THAT'
Daughter language Spanish, QUE means 'WHAT?'

it's literally IN the English word QUEstion!!!


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1/ My Analysis , to DEEP STATE ears, of what @potus is REALLY saying to THEM, in this 15 minute @IngrahamAngle interview...

Read on and chuckle at how every phrase from Trump must be striking abject fear trepidation and terror into their very souls..
2/ #doubleMeanings
video :35 They've seen DAYS like nobody else
1:00 today was supposed to be a STORM - delayed it a worked out ok
1:14 We're giving out MEDALS certain families

as in METALS? Ankle bracelets for Rothschilds+ more?

3/ Is this a HINT my hunch of giving "METALS" (i.e. ANKLE BRACELETS/monitors) to certain families was spot on? The ROTHS as in Lyn de Rothschild LDR ?
q drop code of D7 = June 7?
11/11 MARKER
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1/ Appears the ELITES' adrenochrome supply has run out. Here's a play by play on how to survive the physical stress, starting w/ a CAULDRON spell? Warned/Threaten not to break from the TEAM? NOTE reference to pituitary, adrenaline? shout out to 322 cabal (six plus 1=7=322)
2/ i've marked numerous #doublemeanings on how to endure adrenochrome withdrawal and not be targeted by the cabal alpha power structure. the club members are reminded they are the elite, the CHOSEN, and must stay loyal and strong under stress.
3/ Deep reservoir? just for the GREAT ONES? is drowning a perceived way out? watch the water, or, are the elites digging deeper to pool resources to get more adrenochrome? lower members? don't get thinking you/re a 'big shot'. the cabal has ARCHIVES of your compromised actions.
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1/Here's a WILD theory....
Q hints that No Name did, and Pelosi may 'FAKE' illness to avoid prosecution.
In the Bible, King David, when captured by enemies, FAKED insanity and was set free?
What if....Reagan, knowing his 2 terms were up, FAKED Alzheimers?
Why do this?
2/ King David's version....circa 1000 BC
When David was caught, he PANICked, and pretended to go crazy, drooling in his beard.
3/ WAS THIS an EPIC TROLL of the cabal, giving Rod Rosenstein a FAKE BEARD as a going away gift after his ROLE at Justice??
Read 72 tweets… 1/ This is ghastly. Rejuvenating an older mouse by fusing it's bloodstream with a juvenile. It works for a small, non-important mammal? Why not on the most important woman in the world right now--RBG?
2/ RBG SIDE BY SIDE? This is unthinkable, but Q said SIDE BY SIDE graphic was important. See the 2 mice in the .gov GRAPHIC. Q stated RBG had a BIG problem (think--she's basically fused to another person??) &couldn't have pics taken. SCOTUS used 'audio only' of her this session.
3/ what's at STAKE?
Think #doublemeanings. If heterochronic parabiosis is being used to sustain RBG, she's effectively like a legendary 'vampire' living off another person's blood. What, per legend, needed to be used to terminate a Vampire? yea, a STAKE!
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