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5 membri del parlamento brasiliano hanno fatto IRRUZIONE dentro un ospedale COVID


nei commenti quello che ho potuto tradurre dall'inglese
5 membri del parlamento del #Brasile sono entrati in questo ospedale, incoraggiati da #Bolsonaro, che vuole controllare il reale numero di pazienti ricoverati e di quelli morti. Questo ospedale è ANCORA IN FASE DI ULTIMAZIONE, ma ha dichiarato 5000 positivi e 200 MORTI!
I funzionari sono entrati per controllarlo e hanno scoperto che l'ospedale è un casino assoluto, non finito e senza NESSUN PAZIENTE RICOVERATO! Il governatore federale, che rappresenta lo stato, la nazione e i contribuenti, STA MENTENDO PER MANTENERE ALTI I NUMERI DEL COVID!
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WOW!!! 😮
#Breaking #BreakingNews
Members of Parliament of #Brazil break into hospital that claimed to have 5,000 infected & 200 deaths from #COVID19 & CAUGHT THEM RED HANDED NOT ONE PERSON, they have FRAUDED THE WORLD!! #Italy #Spain #ArrestBillGates
Brazilians Translated:
5 Members of #Brazil parliament went to hospitals under encouragement by #Bolsonaro to break into hospitals & check to see the number of patients there. This hospital late to be finished but claiming 5000 ppl with COVID19 and 200 dead, so need this hospital
Officials broke in to check it & found the hospital is an absolute mess, not finished, and no patients. The governor is frauding the state and nation and taxpayers & LYING about the numbers to pad the numbers. Embezzlement scheme & to help bring down the country &push #vaccine
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#Conspiracy Theories are the religion of the Internet. Prophets, priests, congratulations, churches sacred texts & divine truths all play their part in the spread of these contemporary theologies. Now more than ever. #Thread 1/
#Covid19 has accelerated the distribution & acceptance of these ideas, further undermining societal trust in institutions and systems. This thread provides an overview of the conspiracies proliferating during the #Coronavirus pandemic 2/
“Virus Nagationism”. Professional conspiracy theorists David Icke and Alex Jones deny Covid-19 exists, insisting that it is a ploy by the “globalist elite” to take away freedoms.… 3/
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ok... estoy mas que seguro que no les gustara lo que verán a continuación, lo que esta bien, tambien asumo que mas de alguien dira algun garabato... pero la pregunta es... porque esta gente se arriesga a decir lo que dice?...

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Let’s break down this entire COVID19 “pandemic” shall we…

Panic inducing headlines full of fear mongering & scare tactics…
Interesting encouragement from politicians & leaders…
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1. Mainstream media is losing credibility with the public. Trump has masterfully used the Covid-19 pandemic against the media and the deep state.
However, @CBSNews May Already Be Under Patriot Control
Here's why...
#QAnon #Hoaxed @Potus
2. Catherine Herridge was a staple at #FoxNews for years always bringing the latest developments with the Trump Russia Hoaxes. Her journalism is unrivaled, earning her the Congressional Medal of Honor “Tex” McCrary Award for excellence in journalism.
#QAnon @Potus @CBS_Herridge
3. Herridge shocked viewers with her departure from Fox moving to #CBSNews who previously hired Fox reporter Major Garrett as well.…
@CBS_Herridge #QAnon #EnemyOfThePeople @Potus
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1) A NOM deu um tiro no pé. Criou uma comoção popular e achou que a comoção ia soprar na vela do seu projeto mundial. Com isso escancarou seus intentos através da OMS e das propostas esdrúxulas de constituição mundial.

Só que não perceberam que aqui embaixo a maré mudou.
2) Cada dia que passa, ganha força entre a população a rejeição à China, à OMS e a propostas de controle social global "para o nosso bem".
3) As tags #FilmYourHospital, #FilmeSeuHospital e tantas outras ganharam força nos últimos dias e agora até vendedor de coco na praia esculacha jornalista hipócrita.
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Why do so many researchers believe its possible that trafficked children/adults are currently being rescued during this #COVID lockdown? If this is a military operation, of course there's not going to be direct evidence, so lets examine some facts that point to such an idea...
This was signed December 31, 2019
Proclamation on National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, 2020… Image
This was signed March 31, 2020
Proclamation on National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, 2020… Image
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Starting to wonder if this Coronavirus bullshit is the DS last push for their RFID vaccine during a high flu season, because unlike Wuhan, Italy, Ecuador, Spain, and other European countries USA didn’t let Huawei complete their installations of cancer causing frequency emitters..
It’s worthwhile to note Russia has only reported 438 cases total (146 million people) as of the 25th.
Daily beast “muh Russia” piece:…

All of our “crowded” hospitals and “biblical” ER rooms are showing up empty thanks to the #FilmYourHospital hashtag..
I’m not a doctor so correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it impossible to “spread” a virus? I thought virus’s came from toxin/ releases/discharges within the cells of your own body? Viruses can’t be communicable unless injected, so is it possible previous flu shots have a play..
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I refuse to take a vaccine -loaded with a biomarker- for an illness that is treatable with medication.

Bill Gates is not a Doctor.
He creates pandemic simulations like #Event201.
They lay out their plan.
Trade, Travel, Finance, Communications.
It's all there
Segment 1 Medical Countermeasures
Segment 2 Trade and Travel
Segment 3 Finance
Segment 4 Communications

Sure sounds like a well planned and orchestrated operation to me, starting off with #1 - Medical Countermeasures
The Players:
-Center for Health Security
-World Economic Forum
-Bill & Melinda Gates foundation

Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft 3/13/20
Markets tank thereafter
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In short, Democrats want people to die and to blame it on Trump.…
[For the past few weeks, my website has been under constant DDoS attack, so it keeps getting knocked out.

It was just down for 8 hours overnight. It does eventually come back up again, so if the site’s down, please try again later.

I’m looking into using Cloudflare.]
Amazing Polly has done an amazing dig that strongly indicates Democrat leaders, working with their communications strategists, crisis actors and Mainstream Media outlets produced the hysterical melodrama that we saw last week about a lack of ventilators...
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THREAD: #TheStormIsUponUs (as of 4/1/20)
1. For those of you who have been trying to keep track of all of what may be going on amidst the #COVID19Pandemic, I want to try to compile all available information and piece together a clearer picture.
2. There's a plethora of info out right now, and some things we cannot not verify, so let's start with the solid facts. I will do my best to give you primary sources so you yourself can verify and come to your own conclusion.
3. First, I’m not going to suggest that COVID-19 is a hoax or exaggerated, because there’s just not enough evidence to make a strong claim for that at the moment. Instead, my attempt here is to shed light on other parts of the story that the #FakeNewsMedia is ignoring.
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Guayaquil, Ecuador.

People die on the streets, their bodies left where they fell.

Some are burning the corpses in the streets.

#COVIDー19 #Ecuador #CCPVirus #CCP_is_terrorist #coronavirus

The burning of corpses in the streets of Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Dead body abandoned on the streets
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This was the third month of 2020.

It sure looks like we’re reaching a crescendo with the #coronavirusoutbreak, #travelban, the whole world in #quarantine and multiple countries in #lockdown.

Can we say March Madness was in full swing or what?

The Entire World Is Watching 🐸🍿
The month started with an escalation of the #Immigration crisis in #Greece and #GreeceUnderAttack.

#FakeNews still trying to control the narrative with the “refugee” story.

This video clearly shows we are not dealing with warm-hearted #refugees with the best intentions.
#Refugees don’t hold children over smoke to make them cry. #FakeNews uses these images to get to your feeling and trigger emotions and a reaction.

They are not economic #migrants. #Refugeecrisis is engineered, with endless wars, open borders and open society brainwashing BS.
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#FilmYourHospital Would any of you asshats like to come stand by our side and watch us intubate people who are still awake and talking? Would any of you filming our hospital have the guts to enter our COVID unit without proper protection? Let me explain why hospital census is low
Our elective surgeries like TKA, TSA, or hip replacements have all stopped. We have no ski accidents coming in. We have 1/12th of the car accidents coming in. Traumas are at an all time low and the people that ARE here are extraordinarily sick. So yeah, it might look a bit empty.
Our ED is empty aside from the people coming in who are having trouble breathing. People are afraid of the hospital right now and rightfully so. Pretty much all our staff have been exposed to the virus. Our OR’s are virtually empty. We are preparing for the onslaught of COVID.
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Europe: The land of Ancient Rome

Check out Defender Europe 2.0

What was the first country on lockdown? Italy

How many Vatican priests have "tested positive" for the CV?

The city of Rome = Babylon ImageImageImage

Thule is the farthest north location mentioned in ancient Greek and Roman literature. Image


aka "Qaanaaq"

Doe the name "QAANAAQ" remind you of something?

#QANON maybe?

Guess what's in Qaanaaq? ImageImage
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Since everyone's talking about how they cant #FilmYourHospital because of the HIPPA Act & because so many including @DilleyShow decided to just merely asked for proof of MSM "war zone" claim I decided to do a little digging on if your in violation of said act
I worked as a CNA back in the early 00's before tech like this was on the scene so I did simple Google searches to see what's what & heres what I got.....

I first typed in ~ if you blur out a patient's face are you in accordance with the HIPPA Act~ I ....l
I left it long knowing how some people Google

The 2nd result down is the following...1 page from a link from Stanford Med
We see here that as long as theres no identifying markers are gone its allowed, HOWEVER I knew this wouldn't be good enough for people
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#Covid19: Ghost Town NYC – Are New York Times Lies Fueling Pandemic Panic with #FakeNews?

Listen to #JasonGoodman ask an employee of #ElmhurstHospitalCenter if they know whether #DrColleenSmith, is a "simulation expert."

The answer is "YES"


Listen & share
Ghost Town NYC – Are New York Times Lies Fueling Pandemic Panic with #FakeNews?

listen to the full episode:

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1. What does @POTUS mean when he says “The world is at war with a HIDDEN ENEMY?”

2. What does he mean when he says “We will defeat an INVISIBLE ENEMY?”

3. What did he mean when he said we're “going to MARS very soon?”

Are they related?

I say yes!

I DON'T think he is referring to the #CoronaVirus

I think ... get ready for this ... he's telling us that we're going to War with the Roman Empire which has been hiding in...



I guarantee this will be the best thread you read all day!
3. You're probably thinking "How in the actual the f@ck did you come up with that crazy a$$ theory?"

I know it sounds crazy

I swear I'm not crazy

I promise


Follow me down a DEEEEP rabbit hole

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