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@vtdigger @tomkearneyvt @MarcoPolo501c3 @TruNorthReports @TrueNorthMikeB @guympageIII @paulheintz In comments section, TNR reader Jay Eshelman publishes correspondence from #TomKearney
exposing #VTDigger #JournalisticMalpractice in burying #HunterBidenLaptop story and lying to readers "nothing on the laptop implicates President Biden."

#EnemyOfThePeople #FakeNews #VTpoli ImageImage
@vtdigger @tomkearneyvt @MarcoPolo501c3 @TruNorthReports @TrueNorthMikeB @guympageIII @paulheintz #VTDigger senior editor #TomKearney covers for Biden incest, pedophilia, child abuse & human trafficking by lying to readers "nothing on the laptop implicates President Biden."

EVERYTHING on #HunterBidenLaptop implicates the #BigGuy #PedoPete


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Chapter 15

of *Psychology of Apocalypse: Ecopsychology, Activism, & the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*

by Michael Adzema, is titled,

“Prenatal Oxygen Hunger Become Bigotry & Racism, PME 2:”

READ THREAD or CLICK a link for free BOOK…… #womb

PA 15/1
Chapter 15 is subtitled:

“Prenatal Matrix of Human Evil 2...

“Deprivation Become Jealousy, Anti-Semitism, Xenophobia, Blood Libel, Anti-Immigration, Vampire Symbolism, Capitalism...

““Please, Mother, Might I Have Some More?””

THREAD… #psyche

PA 15/2
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “…in ‘evolved’ economic systems, we make certain we will not feel relief from the threat of lack (oxygen starvation/ fetal malnutrition): For we insist on a ‘dog eat dog’ competitive system like capitalism,..” []


PA 15/3
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I've gotten pneumonia, flu, and colds from flying many times. It is what it is. Airlines have new and improved vent. systems now. And chances are good you got it from a jabbed and boosted passenger. It's the price you pay for traveling with other human beings...
Unless a person has spent the last few decades wearing a mask on flights, they've no reason to complain. You've been risking your life to various
illness for years. It's only since the media convinced you this was a death sentence that anyone got annoyed.
Our bodies have been fighting off disease since the day we were born. We're great at it. It's the idiots who chose to suppress that by wearing masks for 2+ years that need worry. And even they have a 99% chance of survival. (sigh) Life is funny that way...
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Never forget!
#Sheriff's stood by like pu$$ie$ for the last 7 years of #riots and #DomesticTerrorism.
The #blue never backed you.
They helped shut down businesses.
They helped governors kill the young and old.
They helped kidnap and extort you for not wearing a mask.
The #DomesticTerrorists would actually be completely powerless, if "#LawEnforcement" wasn't aiding and abetting, hindering prosecution, and failing and refusing to do their duties as the law dictates.
Interesting to think about... who's the real #EnemyOfThePeople here? 🤔
I wouldn't be facing false charges or be maliciously prosecuted to attempt to hide their embarrassing criminal conduct(already exposed for all to see), if #LawEnforcement did their duty.
I wouldn't have even been able to expose the widespread corruption, had they done their job.
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This is damning.
He tweeted this 4 days before the election. #TheRealBigLie
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I finished @ScottWAtlas MUST READ book on the plane this weekend. My first thought after was to just post "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" repeatedly, or REDRUM. Instead, here's the impression you get about key people after reading it:…
Birx is a loony quack who loses her poop at the first sign of resistance. But she also had the Trump WH, particularly the VP, wrapped around her bedazzled fingers. She should face a Nuremberg-like trial.
Fauci is exactly what you think he is. Either a simp for the Spirit of the Age or something even more directly malevolent. And that's when he's not being a media whore, but I repeat myself. He should face a Nuremberg-like trial.
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Now that JHU has censored its own scientists, I'm attaching here the cached report it published earlier. Shame on the political class that censors the scientists. The leftists and the #MSM are the #EnemyOfThePeople
Contd. Here's the end of the article. We need to fight against this mad censorship.
Here is the info on the author of this study at JHU. She is a PhD and on the faculty of the Univ. and holds the position of the Assistant Director and Senior Lecturer.
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The concern over this 'system' has been ongoing for years.
No wonder folks are taking this seriously;

'we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.'
This is from the @AP

@SidneyPowell1 @LLinWood @GenFlynn @RealJamesWoods @RealRLimbaugh

"... the CEOs of the three biggest U.S. voting equipment manufacturers who all say voting machines are not 100 percent secure."

Here's another from @AP

Listen to some of the points she makes.

"States buy new voting systems running old software"

It's quite an eye-opener. Of course, all is forgotten when Biden leads. #TrumpWon

(read the recent comments on the video)
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Hey @CLewandowski_
Thread by @_RichardHall: What in the actual... Is Donald Trump convening the world's press at a small landscaping company on the outskirts of Philadelphia? I called the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia to check a...……
Clearly @realDonaldTrump is just losing it.
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We have what we say and believe in our hearts - Mark 11:23-24.

We know the #enemyofthepeople want to steal this election so they can continue to destroy America. But we also know Yahweh is not done with this nation nor is it time for the #nwo according to His
2. Divine Timeline.

As the #Ekklesia, #Jesus' Governing Body on Earth we have authority and the final say as long as we agree with The LORD.

Governing Body, think about that. We're Jesus' hands to do good works and show strength, to uncover corruption and deliver justice.
3. We're His Feet to go into the halls of governments, schools, businesses, the media, nations and invite His Presence and Mind and Will to come. We are #essentialworkers like no others.

We love to say His Kingdom come and Will be done, but we have to believe that it will, that
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A$$holes in #FakeNews are reporting that @realDonaldTrump only paid $750 in 2016 and 2017. That’s just a line item relating what he still owed after paying $1,000,000 and $4,200,000 respectively when he filed for extensions. The #FakeNews are nothing but disingenuous pricks🤬👇
☝️I don’t know how the #FakeNews can live with themselves! They’re hateful disgusting liars and truly the #EnemyOfThePeople!
@threadreaderapp please unroll
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The Trump/Barr goon gestapo in Portland is blatantly fascist on multiple levels but it also seems like the majority of analysis on this topic still VASTLY underestimates the degree to which it’s targeted GOP retribution against Portland’s penchant for *White liberalism/anarchy*. Image
In other words, this is yet another link in the chain of White on White crime for the purpose of maintaining White supremacy. It’s Kent State-esque and it’s meant to terrify White liberals, and more importantly, moderates away from becoming reliable allies to marginalized people.
Admittedly I find the whole thing ironic b/c over the yrs as I’ve discussed my POV on America’s endemic racism as a Black woman in TX, Portland (and OR in general) is invariably the location folk offer up as a prototype for liberal utopia, despite its history of White supremacy.
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In a sane universe, we'd be having serious, painful discussions about #COVID19 safety, vs pedagogical concerns over kids learning virtually, vs employment disruptions if kids are at home, vs how we fund things to make schools safe(r) to attend or work at. 1/
Instead, Donald has managed to politicize the whole discussion by simply issuing a diktat that schools will open or else he'll cut off their money. And, no, the feds won't be doing anything to actually support it, except force the CDC to further water down their "guidelines." 2/
The "back to school" debate should be a serious one. There are no good, easy, failsafe answers. Under any administration this would be tough.

Donald's disengagement, his sociopathy, his obsession with winning in November, make it significantly worse. 3/3 #EnemyOfThePeople
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#AntifaTerrorists will be dealt with. #TimesUp You get what you deserve
The #QAnon Drops in order #2645
#QAnon drop #839
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‘I Don’t Want Justice’: Martin Tolchin, a co-founder of @Politico and @thehill and former member of the @nytimes’ Washington bureau, Wants a President @JoeBiden Even If He’s A Sexual Predator #EnemyOfThePeople #EnemyOfJustice #EnemyOfTruth #FakeNewsMedia…
“... I don’t want an investigation. I want a coronation of Joe Biden,” Tolchin wrote according to the NYT. “I don’t want justice, whatever that may be. I want a win, the removal of Donald Trump from office, and Mr. Biden is our best chance.”
Tolchin was particularly concerned about the investigation because of the possibility that it would reveal information that would hurt Biden in the upcoming 2020 election. Tolchin appeared determined to beat Trump at all costs.
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Good Lord.

Caught the tail end of presser while running errands. @POTUS is lit today.

As he's walking out, one of the #FakeNewsMedia yells out that Rick Bright is going to file a whistleblower complaint.

Total hoax. They're playing the same GD games.
This is hilarious. So @POTUS said at the very beginning that we'd be ok by summer, because viruses don't do well in heat & sunlight.

The #FakeNews attacked him incessantly for it.

And science proved what he knew, via common sense (and as a germaphobe) today.

Per my count, -
every single claim he's ever made that the media attacked him for being stupid, or careless, or "not following the science" has been proven correct.

Every. Single. Time.

The media just showing that, not only do they have zero common sense, but they're the #EnemyofThePeople
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Will today be mild-mannered & common sense questions, or WHCA-approved CCP Presstitutes & Jihadi Journalists being rude & acting like children?

Find out on today's episode of " @POTUS don't play dat"

I can already see that Redfield & Mini-Kavorkian are in the house today.

My blood pressure is already rising.

Expletives on deck.
Number of new positive cases continue to decline nationwide, recent hotspots stabilizing.

Cases in Boston declining, CHI flattened & Detroit has passed the peak.
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1. Mainstream media is losing credibility with the public. Trump has masterfully used the Covid-19 pandemic against the media and the deep state.
However, @CBSNews May Already Be Under Patriot Control
Here's why...
#QAnon #Hoaxed @Potus
2. Catherine Herridge was a staple at #FoxNews for years always bringing the latest developments with the Trump Russia Hoaxes. Her journalism is unrivaled, earning her the Congressional Medal of Honor “Tex” McCrary Award for excellence in journalism.
#QAnon @Potus @CBS_Herridge
3. Herridge shocked viewers with her departure from Fox moving to #CBSNews who previously hired Fox reporter Major Garrett as well.…
@CBS_Herridge #QAnon #EnemyOfThePeople @Potus
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Class in session.

Professor @POTUS , TA @VP and a room full of petulant, ill-mannered children.

And Kansas (@SecPompeo ) is in the house today.

Hopefully he has authority for corporal punishment

Members of the Coronavirus TF Hold a Press Briefing
Before @POTUS comes out, Kansas & smiling like he’s in on an inside joke.

Expecting a bit of fire today.
1st few mins @POTUS talks about faith, his call w/ faith leaders & many future Easters together.

I bet the cultural Marxist media in attendance souls of darkness are smoking as he says that.

Also says Boris Johnson is doing better 🙏
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Aight...time for our daily dose of wisdom & encouragement from @POTUS & @VP followed by the parade of dipshits:

Trump joins Coronavirus Task Force at White House press briefing | 4/7/20
This clip doesn’t have @POTUS until 54:50 in bc apparently Fox can’t afford video editors like the @WhiteHouse YT channel can
Army Corps of Engineers is building facilities to provide 15k hospital beds.


Between that & the VA system can we pls file criminal charges against the "HEALTHCARE SYSTEM WILL BE OVERRUN!!!" fear mongering crowd?
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Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing via @YouTube
1st fake news question of the day says that an Inspector General released a report today saying that 300 hospitals were complaining they don’t have enough testing supplies.

A few red flags:
1. Inspector General - nuff’ said

2. We’ve aready seen 1 batch of nurses w/ propaganda wearing garbage bags, claiming they didn’t have PPE. But as @tracybeanz reported they were actually wearing PPE under the garbage bags, and posting pics for scare tactic propaganda

3. “Nurse’s” video posted by @CBSNews yesterday has already been proven fake - that
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La crise du #coronavirus isole la doctrine politique de #Trump dans sa pureté: le bon sens populaire à privilégier sur la science. Raison centrale de son succès et du pourquoi il pourrait ressortir vainqueur de la crise: il est le tribun contre les normes bureaucratiques.
2) La pratique de #Trump relève à la fois d'1 démocratie radicale à la façon d'un Cléon à Athènes en 428- absolument tout ne dépend que de la souveraineté d'1 majorité, sans contre-pouvoir ni "gouvernement"- au sens de guidage- par des élites représentatives ou intellectuelles.
3) Et #Trump gouvernant entretient aussi 1 relation circulaire avec ce "peuple" souverain: il est celui qui lui donne voix dans l'espace public, en promouvant son bon sens. Mais on ne fait partie de ce peuple qu'en reconnaissant #Trump comme chef, sinon… #enemyofthepeople .
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Let's explore the motivation and goal of the media's obsession with promoting diversity while demonizing white people.
White people have been earmarked for replacement.

Of course, we're not allowed to say that.

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