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Yet another thread of mine that sanghis are trying to "ratio" but failing spectacularly. 😂😂😂

The more they hate-QT it, the more likes and retweets it gets! 🤓
Heh, seems like sanghi cell has taken note of this thread. Already I have more impressions than followers.

Off to the woods for the day but leaving this here to compare numbers against throughout the day.

Another data point on diffusion efficiency of #QTbait. What Nupur did.🤷🏽‍♂️
Damn, in less than an hour, impressions almost double!

Do you see what I mean about why these sanghi influencers intentionally make provocative #factcheckbait #QTbait? And how you help them by taking that bait?

And I'm a random dude who doesn't need followers to make a living.
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Dad: What's petrol price here?

Me: $5/gallon so ₹105/liter

Dad: Hmm, someone on Whatsapp was saying that even in US it is above ₹100

Me: Dad, you know what US poverty line is in rupees?

Dad: What?

Me: ₹22 lakh. That's the US poverty line.

Dad: 😳😳
Haha lot of bhakt stalkers randomly taking #FactCheckBait that wasn't even there.
₹22 lakh is US minimum wage for a family of 4. For a single person, it's still about ₹10 lakh.

Point is, ₹100/L in India is a WAYYYYY bigger hit on middle class families than in the US.
The average American drives about 40 miles or 65 km per day. Avg fuel econ is 25 mi/g so about 10 kmpl. So at the rate of $5/gn, that's $8/day. That's less than an hour's minimum wage in most states.
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Chellaney is ironically displaying his own cognitive decline. This "strategic thinker" gets taken in by tiny clips edited by maga trolls instead of looking up the full clip. Or even just the transcript.

Or maybe inclusiveness and unifying ideals are incoherent to Chellaney?
Maga maggots keep randomly editing clips & fixating on a fumbled word because they have little else to attack Biden on. And they're partisan.

Why desi "nationalist" Twitter is randomly inserting itself into this, no idea. Especially when it was a very sweet inspiring bit.
Fun fact that's a bit "inside baseball" re US politics. The whole "I traveled 17,000 miles with Xi" thing is one of President Biden's frequent #FactCheckBait. And he throws it out often. Maga Twitter goes obsessing over it & crying 25th amendment. And Biden likely giggles.
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Many folks messaged asking, "was this #FactCheckBait to spread the main message?"

Heh, no. Honest mistake. Mixing up Amma canteen started in TN with midday meals, also started in TN.

And the first reply that pointed it out, I immediately acknowledged & corrected.

However it is a serendipitous illustration how #FactCheckBait & #QTbait work by making your broader ideological point more visible.

That dopamine rush of correcting someone often makes people forget that they are amplifying something they don't actually want to amplify. Image
Looking at the stats for that thread, a lot of its spread beyond my usual Twitter circle is because of people wanting to either politely point out to me or QT/SS/taunt me that it was not JJ who pioneered midday meals. Were around from the 1950s, in fact even 1920s Tamil Nadu.
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Exactly. This is what I keep trying to say everyday with my #factcheckbait #QTbait threads.
The way to fight fascist disinformation, be it Putin or sanghi, is not to reflexively denounce their bait.
It is to keep them busy with our own bait. Not lie like them. But be smart.
Something simple you can do. Tweet regularly something like "Did you know that father of Hindutva Vinya Savarkar said Hindus should eat beef?"

Factually true. And enrages sanghis. They'll show up demanding source, cite etc.

Hide their replies, block. 😂

Repeat in a few days.
The way to defeat misinformation agents is not to QT them, but bait them into QTing you. Keep them in rebuttal mode always.

Every single day, there should be a coordinated new QT bait thrown at fascists. Exhaust them. Waste their time. Give them hypertension.
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In which our favorite Doctor demonstrates how you can call out #factcheckbait without contributing to engagement numbers.

The person posting knew it was a factually wrong post and was counting on QTs to build their engagement numbers.

Juney doesn't help the obvious troll.
Most sanghi Twitter influencers have built their following by posting something that is
1. Hateful about some minority
2. Has some obvious factual error (like posting a pic of Indira eating corn but calling it seafood)

Even QTs correcting their error make them money.
Even when you're QTing someone to call them out as wrong or bigoted, you're still giving them a wider audience. In that, they reach more people on the sidelines whom they can try to convince.

Really, please, stop QTing fascists. Screenshot them if you must call them out.
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Wow, California is doing a 100 million plus lottery for vaccination. As in if you're vaccinated, you're automatically entered in a lottery to get thousands in cash!

In India, getting a vaccine itself is like a lottery.

Yet right wing bay area bros act like they're in hell.
If you're still a "minimal gormint", "privatize Medicare and social security" bro in 2021, after seeing the VERY blatant difference in pandemic management between liberal and conservative governments and millions of lives lost... nothing will convince you.
This week and the next, you're going to see a lot of #factcheckbait from sanghis over vaccines, because it is now a simple objective fact that for under $40 billion, the Modi govt can get everyone vaccinated in 6 months with the crazy effective mRNA vaccines. No cold chain etc.
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R3volver Rani putting out some really desperate #factcheckbait today. She knows oxygen production won't affect the environment. She is counting on your ridicule and fact check to draw fire away from leaders. Resist. It's blatant baiting counting on your need to call her dumb.
She only stays relevant because of the QTs and screenshots. Cut off that oxygen to her twitter account and see her fade away.
Chances are she is setting it up for an "lol obviously I was kidding...U libs have no sense of humor" type punchline. She's done that before. Just block her.
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The most gratifying aspect of blocking a sanghi is thinking of the likelihood that they are using *my* block screenshot as a badge of honor. 😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣
People often mute trolls instead of blocking thinking "i dont want to give them the satisfaction". Why not? They live such petty lives. Let them gloat about it for a minute. Then they will have to create alts or open an incognito tab to check your twitter. They lazily quit.
Many times, I am sent screenshots of sanghis saying "sabnis has blocked me! I never even interacted with him!"
Protip- Every few days, I go to the profiles of @Shehla_Rashid @saliltripathi @imsabbah @iamrana @BabaGlocal and prophylactically mass block anyone abusing them.
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Fadvya has become total mandir ka ghanta, getting bajaoed by everyone. 🤣🤣🤣 Fadvya also seems a glutton for punishment ugich doing bhaitaad stunts every week. Go star in your marginally better half's music videos instead.
Some people are asking for the original marathi statement by Sanjay Gaikwad for full effect.

"Malaa jar he corona che jantu saapadle tar tya Devendra Fadnavis chya tondaat kombin, itka tiraskar aala aahe hya lokaancha!"

Full video

For me the more notable statement in that passionate rant

"Ha Fadnavis jar mukhyamantri asta aani corona aala asta, tar hya bhaDvyaane kaay kela asta?"

(If corona had come when Fadnavis was CM, what would this PIMP have done?)

He called Fadvya a Bhadvya. How disrespectful. 😏
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Btw this really made me happy because it means my #FactCheckBait awareness campaign isn't just me screaming at clouds. It directly hits how their targets are counted and how they are paid.

Long way to go. Even now mutuals RTing sanghi bait. But it's a start.
So yes, I'm going to keep trying to politely and firmly keep reminding people that you can ridicule and infuriate fascists and also hurt them by not RTing. Like ok, we all want to ridicule Haggi. Do you really have to QT tweets praising him and help them get paid?
How NOT to ridicule Haggi? QT this tweet and add your ridicule. Or screenshot in ways that the handle or hashtags are visible. That's how they get paid.

How to ridicule Haggi? Crop this and say "Haggi public mein hag raha hai kya? 🤣🤣🤣"
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"y'all will stan cos picking a side is what everyone does by default"

I've just found the opening quote for our working paper on using conflict narratives as effective social media marketing strategies by brands. T-Mobile & Verizon did it at the Superbowl. Now them.
This prehistoric tribal instinct of picking sides is skillfully utilized by fascists to build their own profiles and get some lucrative benefits by throwing #factcheckbait. They test what works.

Look at these tweets. Fairly neutral. Average of 49 RTs. Not bad. But also see... ImageImageImageImage
Now look at these 4 tweets from the same bhakt account at about the same time. Tone switches to full on bigoted fascist and RTs are literally in the thousands. Because this person is amplified with QTs etc by many of y'all gullible liberals taking #factcheckbait.


STOP! ImageImageImageImage
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Waiting for India to fully wake up and hear about the #FarmersProtest ad aired during the #SuperBowl broadcast. Bhakt first instinct is to claim paid paid paid. Yeah, you have to pay almost 6 million dollars for 30 seconds.
I was saying it's a big tactical mistake to take this panga with American celebs of color going into the #SuperBowl weekend. That farmers ad was seen by THE biggest US audience that pays extra attention to ads. Every ad later gets discussed.

In no other sports event, from FIFA to NBA to even IPL, are the ads during the event reviewed and scrutinized in detail. It's a pretty big assignment in my marketing strategy course too. So tomorrow, this #FarmersProtest ad will get another lease of life.
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So much #FactCheckBait being put out by IT Cell today and so many people biting.
What is #FactCheckBait? Fascists putting out tweets or messages with very obvious rebuttal properties. So non-fascists are distracted by rebutting or fact checking them. And the fascists get more name recognition. What have the top sanghi twitter accounts done other than provoke?
Why are so many sanghi bigot handles famous & well followed on Twitter despite having no notable quality other than getting called out by liberals? Cos that's all it takes. If they can fool liberals into QTing or even screenshot-ing them, they become heroes and then are like
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He gets headlines. That's how Trump & Cruz went 1-2 in the 2016 GOP primaries despite being non factors in 2012. Get attention through easily demonstrable hypocrisy and easily debunkable lies. Name recognition is the biggest hurdle for a a politician with national ambitions.
It's the global right wing playbook. Social media and 24 hr news have made it more effective than ever before. It was easier to bash Trump's outright fascist bigotry than Scott Walker's old school conservative policies that gutted Wisconsin. Who even remembers Walker?
Even now, CNN etc are regularly having on random insurrectionist members of congress and the anchors grill them looking very indignant and then people indignantly make clips of it viral. Like Trump and birtherism. Win win for them. Lose lose for us and the country.
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