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Putin-watchers says the Russian tyrant isn’t an indiscriminate thief—he takes things that people really value, like a #SuperBowl ring or … 1/4 #Ukraine Image
The oil company of an idealistic owner, or the life of a KGB whistle-blower (pictured after his poisoning) who wanted a better, less-corrupt Russia … 2/4 Image
Why #Ukraine? Under the theory, Putin wanted to take away their freedom. 3/4 Image
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Hoy vamos a explicar uno de los temas que más confunden a los fans de la #NFL: el SALARY CAP o espacio salarial.

¡Bienvenidos sus retweets y follows para llegar a más aficionados!

Abrimos hilo. 1/? Image
Así se ve el salary cap o espacio salarial por equipo al 22 de febrero del 2022.

Estas cifras cambiarán MUCHO conforme nos acerquemos a agencia libre el 16 de marzo. 2/?

Pero, ¿qué es el salary cap?

Es el espacio o cantidad de dinero que los equipos pueden gastar en jugadores cada temporada, un techo que (en teoría) ningún equipo puede exceder al pagar a sus jugadores. 3/? Image
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Long before the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals took the field at SoFi Stadium on #SuperBowl Sunday, the #FBI began working to ensure the event would be a safe one. An FBI Los Angeles employee stands across the street from So
.@FBILosAngeles trained with federal, state, and local partners for more than a year to gear up for any security challenges that might arise around the #SuperBowl, and stood up a 24/7 Intelligence Operation Center at its field office. A camera crew captures footage of people working at FBI Los
And on top of its in-house intelligence, cyber, and investigative capabilities, @FBILosAngeles had tactical and specialty teams deployed with their counterparts or on standby in case backup was needed. An FBI Los Angeles employee, a law enforcement K-9, and its
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Domingo (13), testemunhamos um dos momentos mais marcantes da história do #SuperBowl e do hip-hop. Porém, apesar de uma performance lendária entregue por um dos elencos mais pesados que já subiram nesse palco, o 1° show de rap do Super Bowl foi cercado de críticas e polêmicas. 🧶
1°: o rap nunca foi plenamente aceito no evento.

Apesar de rappers já terem aparecido, o show nunca teve o gênero como atração principal. Isso se deve ao fato do SB ser a maior audiência de TV dos EUA, sendo especialmente popular na 'América Branca', religiosa e conservadora.
Para evitar polêmicas com seu maior produto, a NFL costuma convidar atrações 'seguras' de gêneros abrangentes, como forma de agradar sua imensa e diversificada audiência.
Por sempre flutuar entre o pop e o rock, era esperado que um SB dedicado ao hip-hop causaria 'problemas'.
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☀️Daily gm (1/n)

Now that this #ValentinesDay nonsense is behind us, we can get back to what truly matters.

Tweeting about things that are well beyond our comprehension.

- NFT sales on Ethereum down ~35% WoW
- Markets shaky as US closes Kyiv embassy
- Crypto wins #superbowl
(2/n) What's happening in Canada should absolutely have your attention.

People are saying it's bullish for #crypto

But it's also unsettling, and likely just the beginning.
To what extent will leaders demonize dissent?
(3/n) @LooksRareNFT team is receiving criticism for cashing out in $ETH & using @TornadoCash to anonymize the withdraws.

Most people are simply complaining that the team didn't pump the price enough 🤷

The best rebuttal I've seen is below 👇
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☀️Daily Gm

"Cryptocurrencies appear to be near a hyper-adoption phase, similar to that of the internet during the mid-to-late 1990s." - @WellsFargo chart via @Blockworks_ (1/n) Source: Blockworks
Stonks via @bgilliam1982's newsletter:

- Inflation is likely transitory as we move beyond what happened in 2020, but investors remain cautious.

Consumer confidence is still low. (2/n)
Controlling inflation is a top priority on the political agenda.
Rising inflation is damaging Biden's approval rating. (3/n)
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The #SuperBowl half-time show is the biggest gig on earth: Kendrick Lamar performed Alright, heard at #BlackLivesMatter protests across the USA, now performed at the centerpiece event of a league that told athletes they shouldn't protest against #racism.…
Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige and 50 Cent delivered a Super Bowl halftime performance heavy on nostalgia and California pride.

Eminem knelt and held his head as he finished "Lose Yourself."

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1/ #SuperBowl commercials that mentioned #crypto, #NFTs, and the #metaverse, a quick thread🧵

@nounsdao makes history by being the 1st NFT to appear in a Super Bowl commercial for @budlight


@cryptocom features @KingJames in Super Bowl commercial #FFTB

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And cue the #SherAndLil instructional videos marathon for all you #NFL fans who want to follow another great sport - #rugbyleague - on your offseason!

Follow this thread!


#NFL #SuperBowl #RugbyLeague

Fullback: most complete player, last line of defence, first to making break in attack, safest hands on team.

They are responsible for catching the opposition's high & testing kicks in attack.

#NFL #SuperBowl #RugbyLeague

Hookers makes more contact with the ball than any other player.

They act as dummy half after a play the ball, swinging passes out or breaking down the opposition's defence.

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9 year old daughter came pretty close on her super bowl prediction. Final score 23-20 versus her 24-18 prediction. I might have her start doing my stock data analysis from now on 😂

It gets worse 😂. It’s official, im having her bet with real money next year
Part 3/4
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Am supporting Cincinnati as it is named for one of the greatest Romans, as I explained a fortnight ago. #SPQR #SuperBowl
Hopefully the coach of Cincinnati, like Fabius Maximus, brought the team in at half time, as after Cannae, and gave clear orders for attritional warfare against a Los Angeles that has all of the pagan debauchery of Carthage and none of its redeeming features
#SPQR #SuperBowl
The Cincinnati hit back, like Scipio at Zama, against this squalid and immoral Los Angeles team .... Realistically, this Los Angeles coach looks like the sort of fellow who would be a back up dancer in the half time show.
#SPQR #SuperBowl
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But also….

I’m ready for this halftime show.
Me RN:
Ok but this is really good. #SuperBowl
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That play! WHOA. #SuperBowl
Holy shit.
What the fuck is up with all these Crypto ads?
(GM ad is the best so far) #SuperBowlLVI
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The #SuperBowl half-time show is just around the corner.

Get ready for Snoop, Kendrick and more.

Half-time is here, get ready for the entertainment.

Follow the action from the #SuperBowl half-time show here.…
The dream team are here.

Follow the #SuperBowl half-time show with Dre, Snoop, Kendrick, Em and MJB live.…
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Y’all are missing these American #SuperBowl commercials 🌚🌚

Quite a catch. Was that Chase? #SuperBowl
Why is Chris Collingsworth in my ears? Like he’s okay. But #SuperBowl?
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🚨 #Ahora | ¡Todo listo en #LosÁngeles! 🏈

Los Bengals ganaron el volado; los #Rams tienen ya la primera ofensiva del #SuperBowlLVI

#Ahora | “¡El #SuperBowl está de regreso en Los Ángeles!”, gritó Dwayne Johnson #TheRock al presentar a los equipos que disputan el encuentro

🏈 #Ahora | ¡Touchdown!

Odell Beckham Jr. puso los primeros 6 puntos en el marcador; los #Rams se ponen arriba 7-0

¿Responderán los #Bengals?

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Two years ago, @DannyHarris_TA came up to @jessiesingernyc’s and my pod at @TransAlt HQ and proposed we do something to make fun of ridiculous Super Bowl car ads. A few hours later, #CarAdBingo was born. So excited to play along again this year! #SuperBowl
Oscar-nominated actor @salmahayek! #CarAdBingo Image
If that @PolestarCars ad doesn’t count as “Treating electric cars like they weren’t invented in the 1870s,” then surely the Sopranos Silverado one does, right? #CarAdBingo
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Kick-off in #SuperBowl LVI is just over an hour away from Los Angeles.

Follow all the action here.…
The Rams are entering the field ahead of kick-off #SuperBowl

Kick-off between the Rams and the Bengals is imminent.

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Tonight I'll be tweeting about the #SuperBowl a lot, using the hashtag #BT403 for the benefit of my students. There will be a LOT of tweets even by my standards lol. Feel free to follow along, participate, or of course, mute if you aren't interested in this very Murcan thing.
There's going to be a lot of crypto related tweets cos, well, check out this 🧵. I'm a skeptic of this ad buy strategy and also of crypto in general. If you're one of those almost religiously into crypto, mute me and avoid getting senti lol.

All my #SuperBowl tweets tonight, including the #BT403 related ad tweets will be in this thread. So you can bookmark or mute the thread it as you please.

My students have a 10% weightage assignment analyzing tonight's ads that they will make presentations about in 2 weeks.
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Les traemos un HILO que estuvimos trabajando hace mucho tiempo


Creemos que con el #SuperBowl es el momento adecuado para acercar a la gente a este deporte tan espectacular

¡Bienvenidos y espero que les guste!

Para empezar, hay que saber que es un juego muy táctico, mental y estratégico

Puede llevar tiempo agarrarle el “gustito” al juego pero una vez que se lo tomaste, vas a querer más y más #NFL

Sin dudas, es un deporte que muestra mucho más de lo que se ve en la TV
Empezamos con las mediciones del campo de juego, aka EL EMPARRILLADO

• Mide 120 Yardas (100 de campo y 10 cada zona de anotación)

• Mientras que el ancho es de 53.30 yardas

La duración neta del partido es de 1 hora y está dividido en 4 cuartos de 15 minutos cada uno
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Ahora, otro #SuperHilo IMPERDIBLE del #SuperBowl con datos para el partido, información deportiva sobre la NFL y números de los rivales: Los Angeles Rams y Cincinnati Bengals jugarán desde las 20:30 🇦🇷
Bengals ganó su división (AFC norte) dejando atrás a Steelers, Ravens y Browns, superando todas las expectativas, ya que muchos consideraban que los otros equipos eran mejores que Cincinnati. En tanto, Rams hizo lo propio en la NFC oeste, por encima de Cardinals, 49ers y Seahawks
Playoff: en los duelos de comodines Bengals derrotó con altura a Raiders, mientras que Rams superó cómodamente a Cardinals. No hubo ninguna sorpresa. En la siguiente etapa, Bengals se transformó en revelación de la ronda divisional al vencer al mejor clasificado de la AFC, Titans
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Ahora, otro #SuperHilo IMPEDRIBLE del #SuperBowl con datos, curiosidades e información importante para ver el duelo entre Los Angeles Rams y Cincinnati Bengals. Va por 📺ESPN, donde estará el colega argentino @SebastianMCESPN y el horario de inicio está pautado para las 20:30 🇦🇷
El SoFi Stadium donde se jugará el partido alberga a Rams (y a Chargers). Sin embargo, la designación de sedes se hace años antes, independientemente de quienes jugarán el encuentro. Además, la localía de cada Super Bowl se sortea y este año Rams será visitante... y Bengals local
Este estadio posee una inmensa pantalla curva 4K de 80 millones de pixeles y sus paredes y techos son traslúcidos. Se inauguró en 2020, tiene 260 suites de lujo y allí también juegan los Chargers. Tiene capacidad para 70 mil espectadores (ampliable) y costó 5.000 millones de u$s
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Happy #SuperbOwl Sunday! I spent a decade studying #owls for my masters and Ph.D. In that time, I've accumulated a lot of interesting facts about our favourite feathered friends. I thought I might take this opportunity to share some. 🧵1/ *all images mine unless otherwise noted.
There are 243 species in the order Strigiformes (owls and barn-owls) divided into 2 families. Here in Manitoba, we have ten species (all in family Strigidae), though burrowing owls are starting to get a foothold again (which is mess up my poster 😉) 2/ #SuperbOwl
The great gray owl (Strix nebulosa) is the largest owl in North America by size. They have a wingspan of about five feet, but they're not the heaviest (they only weigh about 1 kg - 2.2 lbs). Snowy owls can weigh up to 4 lbs. In most species females are larger. #SuperbOwl 3/
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Ahora voy con un #SuperHilo IMPERDIBLE del #SuperBowl para explicar brevemente conceptos básicos del football americano. Así, podrás mirar el partido de Rams - Bengals atendiendo un poco más al juego que al show...
1) un partido dura 60 minutos de juego neto, deteniéndose el reloj en jugadas muertas, más los pedidos de tiempo o las revisiones y anotaciones. Esto hace que todo el encuentro dure 3:30 horas promedio. En el caso del Super Bowl, se extiende hasta casi 4 horas y media por el show
2) esos 60 minutos corresponden a la suma de 4 cuartos de 15 minutos en que se divide un partido. Tras los dos primeros cuartos se llega al entretiempo (halftime), donde los equipos van rumbo a los vestuarios a descansar. Ahí es el Show, donde estarán varios artistas
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