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Ravens get away with a clear forward lateral on their touchdown drive and the refs are already clearly trying to steal the Super Bowl away from the Cleveland Browns.
LOL the Browns are terrible
The Browns are disappointing me again. Nature is healing. We are the virus.
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So after that nervous introduction, the finale to this awesome #MEGA #THREADFEST falls upon my shoulders & it’s a big task judging by the quality of the preceding threads by a host of genuinely talented writers.
@EdgarKruize & I wish to thank from the bottom of our 💜💜’s the following 4 their participation.

1st of many 🧵’s 2 Come [& yes the next one will move away from 80’s]:


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actual thread image of “slave” woman in #nfl #SuperBowl halftime show by @shakira to Arab music

Empowering (Muslim) women = microfinance to female entrepreneurs

not here to defend religion
however, Muslim women have ALWAYS had the right to own wealth/property & run businesses
If you fund women
AND stop funding warlords (increase safety)
AND invest in education and infrastructure

we can actually save our own darn selves, thank you very much…
My dad may not be a Nobel prize laureate like Muhammad Yunus who pioneered microfinance

like @Yunus_Centre my dad grew up in the village

walked 6 miles to school (boat in monsoon season)

Now, I’m a Harvard grad @HarvardChanSPH and @AKUGlobal grad

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🏟 Se haría en la cancha de Guaraní porque queda en Little Sarah Village y desde un drone se ve re fachero el estadio y de fondo el agua marrón del Paraná.
🎇 Arranca con fuegos artificiales, niños que corren tirandose chasquibum y revoleando virulana prendida fuego en un alambre
🎆🐩 El espectaculo incluye caniches hediondos del barrio con orejeras que les compró el presidente del club que declaró zona liberada para cohetes.

👼Arranca el espectáculo con el Gringo Barreto bajando de una grúa de EMSA cantando Misionerita y de las esquinas se lanzan plumas
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Thread: Countdown to “0”

Today is day 0 & #SOTU. Let the fun begin!

🎅🏻’s following count dropped to “0.” WH posted an update with the header “0+0=0”
WH Photos tweeted 19 “0’s” (19=S for 🎅🏻)

1/29 🎅🏻 said looks like a countdown
@bigredwavenow #Q #QAnon
1/29 at 9:11 pm ET (6:11 pm PT)Santa @bigredwavenow tweeted that it almost looks like a countdown. {123456789}

9:11 pm=2111 military ⏰
6:11 pm=1811

Also 9:11 for 9/11;
9+11= 20 for T for Trump

6:11 PT = 17 for Q
#Q2111 #Q1811
What a wonderful day
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1) Virtue has disappeared in mainstream American Culture. Honesty. Discretion. Trust. Diligence. Fortitude. Civility. Tolerance. Courage, Temperance, Prudence Faith, Hope, Charity. #SuperBowlLIV #SuperBowl #SuperBowlHalftimeShow2020 #SuperBowlHalftimeShow
2) These virtues were the moral glue that gave the community meaning and stability and individuals a sense of responsibility and direction. #SuperBowlLIV #SuperBowl #SuperBowlHalftimeShow2020 #SuperBowlHalftimeShow
3) But today’s “progressive” leaders have rejected and ridiculed these core virtues, and replaced them with countless individual “rights,” social equality, and fuzzy values like “compassion” and “social justice.” #SuperBowlLIV #SuperBowl #JenniferLopez #SuperBowlHalftimeShow
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The most disgusting #SuperBowl halftime show ever. Symbolism everywhere.

“Symbolism will be their downfall. These people are sick.” Q

“Choose this day whom you will serve.” Joshua 24:15

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One of the most disgusting #SuperBowl halftimes I have ever seen.

Millions of people watching this pornographic Luciferian halftime show.
[They] are getting desperate. When you are “awake” you can see these things. A well put together video explaining all the ritual stuff they did during the performance.
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Donald Trump's night so far:

- Congratulates the wrong state after Kansas City Chiefs win #SuperBowl, then deletes it
- Airs Super Bowl ad aimed at black voters that pisses off black voters
- He has no clue about 2020 election
- Trump is going to prison
- It's still only 12:30am
Donald Trump posts stunningly idiotic tweet about Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory, deletes it…
Donald Trump crashes and burns during the Super Bowl…
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1) What if the REAL #SuperBowl2020 is the .....



#QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #POTUS #SuperBowl #KAG #KansasCity #KansasCityChiefs #ImpeachmentTrial
2) I considered the #ImpeachmentTrial would be used for an INJECTION of Deep State crimes.

However it is possible this was just a catalyst to build attention for the most appropriate venue to expose these Deep State crimes.

A priming as you will.
3) Perahps it was always all about using the constitutionally most suitable format/mechanism which is The United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

This is otherwise known as the Senate Judiciary Committee.
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Trump deleted his tweet congratulating the “State of Kansas” after the Kansas City Chiefs, who are based out of Missouri, won the Super Bowl. SAD!!!!
I guarantee Trump couldn’t find Kansas or Missouri on a map!
BREAKING: The Trump White House releases a revised map of Kansas #SuperBowl Image
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Porquito tarde pero si están viendo el #SuperBowl ... no pasa nada. Arrancamos con el #Tweetmarillion de hoy, y espero que puedan acompañarme, hoy, mañana o más al rato, con la @STolkiendiliMex . Hoy comentaremos un poco la historia de Gandalf, el mago. ^^
@STolkiendiliMex Mis tweets no están preparados, pero traigo notas. Voy a estar tuiteando en vivo, pero podemos seguir la plática en la semana si gustan ustedes. Cualquier pregunta, comentario o aportación, que mucho agradeceré, por favor pónganmelo en un reply con el HT #Tweetmarillion . ^^
@STolkiendiliMex Estuve dudando un poquito sobre este tema; después de todo, Gandalf es uno de los personajes que mejor conocemos, ya sea a través de los libros o de sus adaptaciones. Espero no repetirme con eso, y aportar algunas cosillas extra. ^^'
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Bueno amigos, saben cómo amo la música y este tipo de shows son como que una feria para mi sobretodo con dos artistas que me definieron toda la adolescencia y como gay, pues nada, tengo muchos comentarios acerca del #SuperBowl de #Shakira y #JLo así que [Abro hilo]
Inicié un poco molesto, desde que @Madonna hizo el statement de que sí, la entrada de la presentación del half time show era realmente importante y necesario, en adelante nadie dudó en meterle las balas a ello: Katy con el león, Beyonce con los fuegos, Gaga con el salto del techo
@Madonna Por ende creo que el inicio de Shak (y del show en general) pudo haber sido mucho mejor o al menos no tan "Hola Miami", pero bueno, los highlights vienen por otro lado, el maquillaje natural impecable, me brindó carita de comercial de Revlon, fabulosa a sus 43.
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If your kids were in the room for the #PepsiHalftime show... How did you feel about it and how did they feel about it?

I felt like we’re eliminating all forms of pure family entertainment. It was basically a super inappropriate striptease.

How’s this a family show? #SuperBowl
It was honestly just gross. I’m not a prude. I’ve directed rap videos for Gucci Mane, Snoop Dogg, Ty Dolla Sign etc. but they basically just had a strip show followed by kids on stage and then focused on Shakira & JLo’s butts in front of kids on stage. #PepsiHalftime #SuperBowl
Why can’t some things just be family friendly? If adults want to watch Shakira & JLo gyrating, dancing on stripper poles and shaking their butts then they can go to a show for it. Why must everything be sexualized? What message does it send to kids? #PepsiHalftime #SuperBowl
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We’re ready for this!

Let’s go Chiefs!🏈

#SuperBowl #KCvsSF #ChiefsKingdom Image

#SuperBowl #ChiefsKingdom
Breeland be like ... 😎

And #ChiefsKingdom is...
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“im just here for the chicken wings” -me every #SuperBowl
me watching me when the
super bowl vs chicken wings
footie ball come out
this one is for you @BriHoney1987
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#Notyourmascot Because just seeing that messy tomahawk chop (amazingly) isn’t enough: studies suggesting you might not want to watch the #SuperBowl tonight if you are Native, have Native kids, or just respect Native people in general: a thread. 1/n
When exposed to stereotypical Native imagery, Native students generated positive word associations with images, but reported depressed self-esteem and community worth, and fewer positive future possibilities for themselves after exposure. 2/n
Native students reported higher levels of distress (than non-Ntvs) when viewing images of Native mascots. Years in college correlated with emotional distress, suggesting experiences of discrimination related to the mascot increases distress over time. 3/n
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Here's the kickoff. My family is PUMPED for #KittenBowl! Go kitties, go! 🐾🏈🐾 Image
Yes, those are framed pics of my kitties — Catsby on the left, Fitzy on the right. 🐾🏈🐾
#KittenBowlVII Image
TOUCHDOWN!!!! Good job, Bengals!!! Da Vinci is a monster on the field. 🐾🏈🐾#KittenBowl Image
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HILO | Hoy es el #SuperBowl2020 donde muchas marcas pautan a un costo de 10 millones de dólares los 60 segundos. Empiezo exponiendo algunos de esos. Este es de Walmart y su servicio de delivery en la tienda
Por primera vez en su historia, Facebook pauta en el #SuperBowl2020 con un aviso donde destaca la diversidad de grupos que existen en la plataforma. La parte de Rocky es la mejor, a mi gusto
La nueva APP @Quibi de contenidos de menos de 10 minutos, anuncia su lanzamiento en el SuperBowl.
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The Narativ podcast can fill your mind with #SuperBowl Sunday anti-matter. You can watch episodes here or on any iOS podcast app. @narativlive.…
Or you can listen to the @NarativLive podcast (without video) on any podcast app while #DonaldTrump is being interviewed by #Hannity during the #SuperBowl2020. @NarativLive
Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcasts and share them. And if you’re inclined join our patron community at Enjoy the game!
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Travis "speaks" edition. Well, Travis won't talk to the press about anything pension related. But he did send a letter to a teacher that had some crazy stuff in it. #ABLeg #ABEd #handsoffmypension
Remember that both Travis and Kevin have a strategy of keeping their yaps shut and hoping this pension anger dies down. My opinion is they don't understand this well enough to know how bad they have screwed up or what they need to do to fix it. #oops
A loyal reader of this tweet stream is an example to us all. He was persistent with his MLA demanding answers to his questions until fobbed off. Then, he was persistent in demanding answers from Travis. What do you know, he got a response! #Hallelujah
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