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Odisha Tragedy: Rule Out Sabotage

Sabotage can be ruled out as a cause of this accident. Officials say that only two persons have access to the signal relay room.

The Station Manager has one set of keys and the Signal Maintainer the second.

#OdishaTrainAccident Image
The signal room can only be opened when both the locks are opened together.
The room is a secure, heavily guarded room with no scope for outsiders to enter. And the relay can only be set from inside this room.

#FarmersProtest Image
Besides, only someone with knowledge of the signalling system can make a change to the switch.
So sabotage is extremely difficult. And if an attempt is made to tamper with the wiring from the outside, the signal will turn red.
A signal isn’t a fish plate that can be removed. Image
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For once, stop singing praises, posting selfies, counting followers please!
For once, scream on top of your voice to get justice for #PakHinduRefugees who belong nowhere,neither Bharat nor pakistan!
For once, try to know where they slept last night after their homes were raized!
This is how their women & children slept last night, no food, no shelter for around 80 homes! 🥲
What a shame, shame on us!!

Kisko tag karoon jo sune?? ImageImageImageImage
जिन दुष्ट पापियों ने इनके घर तोड़े,
उन्हें कैसे नींद आई, कैसे ख़ाना हज़म हुआ?

What is the immediate solution & the permanent solution & WHO will address it @PMOIndia @narendramodi @HMOIndia @ashokgehlot51 ⁉️ ImageImageImageImage
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𝐅𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐃𝐮𝐛𝐚𝐢'𝐬 𝐃𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐨 𝐀𝐣𝐧𝐚𝐥𝐚'𝐬 𝐀𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐭

It surely must have been a busy weekend for the advocates of 'Sikhi' sitting outside India with all the noise surrounding #AmritpalSingh
With internet shutdown in #Punjab, the Western allies undertook the responsibility to be their voice. Major advocates includes those from the US & #Canada
Fair enough! Since the #Farmersprotest it's only now when they have got a chance to put forth their concern for India's 'dying democracy'

With less time in hand, they immediately got into the business of accounts creation & a whooping 822 accounts were created on March 17th
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Thread: Protest by Indian Farmers and G20 Meeting

Despite the Punjab government stating that no protests are allowed ahead of the #G20Summit in the state, farmers' unions held a protest to oppose global event in #Amritsar. The farmers' unions claimed that the #G20..,
..the @WorldBank and @IMFNews were "promoting imperialism". The protest march was launched by Bharatiya Kisan Union (Ekta Ugrahan) and Punjab Lok Morcha. The protest was held in Daburji area, 12 kilometres from the #G20Summit meeting venue. #Modi #Farmersprotest
#Farmers from Punjab gathered at Jantar Mantar to protest against the Centre and press for their demands, including equal distribution of water and implementation of the Minimum Support Price scheme. The protest, spearheaded by #AllIndiaKisanSabha (AIKS), has a 17-point...
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Long Thread

2 years ago, today farmers started towards Delhi !

The complete Story behind #FarmersProtest, from 25 Feb 2020 to 11 January 2022 !

Did you know #FarmersProtest was going to start on 20’th March, which got delayed to 25/26’th Nov !

What happened in #FarmersProtest
In it's, 2020 report CACP recommended restricting MSP procurement from #Punjab & #Haryana. This was taken seriously by many; Balbir Singh Rajewal was amongst them; in Feb 2020, we invited MLA's from all Punjab political parties to Kisan Bhawan in Chandigarh, & shared our concerns Image
.@sunilkjakhar, then president of Congress; @Sandhwan, current Punjab Assembly Speaker, & many MLA's of Congress, AAP & SAD assured us that they are with the farmers, & will fight tooth & nail against any move by the Center Govt, to curtail MSP procurement from Punjab & Haryana ! Image
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Farmers protest in Netherlands 🇳🇱 is not about the climate change. It’s not about saving the environment. It’s about bankrupting the farmers so they can grab their lands.

These fertilizer bans effectively bankrupt the farmers so they end up selling lands

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Thread: Hindutva & Nazism: A Revised Perspective

Purpose of this thread is to analyze the recent statement by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in which he claimed that the political wing of RSS known as BJP is following the ideology of Adolf Hitler/Nazism. Intro: 1/3 Image
Thread will revisit the historical context of the statement in both theory & practice of RSS. It is a basically an old-school research based on existing historical evidence which proves that current regime of India is following the ideology of fascism till date. Intro: 2/3 Image
All the well published evidences are furnished with references in the end of this thread. The later part will cover visual evidence including footages & interviews. So, I will only be sharing published work here nothing from my own. Intro: 3/3 Image
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ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌లో స్వచ్ఛందంగా "క్రాప్ హాలిడే నిరసన ఉద్యమం"లో భాగంగా రైతులు తమ సొంత భూమిని ఎందుకు బీడుగా ఉంచారు?
మనలో చాలా మందికి, సెలవుదినం అనగా సంతోషకరమైన క్షణాలను కలిగిస్తుంది,అయితే రైతులకు 'క్రాప్ హాలిడే' ప్రకటన వారిలోని సహనం చివరి దశకు చేరాక వస్తుంది.
➡️ గోదావరి డెల్టా, రాయలసీమలోని 7 జిల్లాలకు చెందిన రైతులు ఈ మేరకు నిర్ణయం తీసుకున్నారు.
వరి, వేరుశెనగ & పసుపు ఇక్కడి ప్రాంతపు సానుకూల పంటలు.
కడప కెనాల్ (కెసి), ఇది 90,000 ఎకరాల అధికారిక ఆయకట్టును కలిగి ఉంది.
#JanaSenaRythuDeeksha ImageImageImage
సాధారణంగా, జులై నాటికి 50,000 ఎకరాల్లో రెండో పంటకు సిద్ధం అవ్వాలి, అయితే ఇప్పుడు అది అసాధ్యమనిపిస్తోంది. వారి సమస్యలను పరిష్కరించడంలో ప్రభుత్వం ఘోరంగా విఫలమైంది.
➡️అధిక ఇన్‌పుట్ ధర. (పెట్టుబడి)
➡️ లాభసాటి ధర లేకపోవడం వల్ల చాలా ఆయుకట్ ప్రాంతాలలో విస్తీర్ణం తగ్గుతుంది
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12.07.22 #Freiheit manifestação contra ditadura sanitária e em prol da liberdade.. Castrop-Rauxel Alemanha
12.07.22 #Freiheit manifestação contra ditadura sanitária e em prol da liberdade.. Hallein Áustria
12.07.22 La Espiga Panamá .. cidadãos continuam a se manifestar contra o aumento dos preços dos alimentos, combustível, gás, eletricidade, inflação alta, corrupção política , baixos salários... bloqueio da estrada interamericana
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To all the crypto family out there, prepare for total chaos. Sudden death will be new talk of the town this fall, early 2023. Energy prices will reach unimaginable levels in coming months as inflation heats up and central banks throw all their cards just to realize they can’t…
control it. Food will get scarce, biblical famines will hit 3rd world countries, spilling over to western world. EU energy rationing policies will cause wave of deaths this winter. CBDCs will roll out globally following China example. Universal basic income ( UBI ) …
Social credit score, food rationing with monthly allowance to buy essentials will be new norm and marketed as only fitted solution to global chaos. Every industry will experience bankruptcies shocks globally. Travel will become unaffordable to average middle class family…
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Dutch government has been trying to regulate emissions. Their emissions targets haven’t been met since 2019 by reducing their farmers livestock etc. Hence they’ve not been given permits for new homes & roads since then.


A thread 🧵 for awareness 👇 Image
By following their governments orders, $100 billion dutch food export industry will be greatly impacted.

#DutchFarmers have responded similar to Canadian truckers by coming out massively in protests blocking roads, throwing manure on government building etc. Image
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Something remarkable is going on in the Netherlands. While the Dutch farmers' party @BoerBurgerB is now polled as 3rd largest political party (& increasing), some 77% of the population in the Netherlands seems to be in support of the #FarmersProtest.…
Here's the poll: 77% agrees (vs. 22% disagreeing).…
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29.06.22 #Freiheit manifestação contra ditadura sanitária e em prol da liberdade.. Lorsch Alemanha
29.06.22 #Freiheit manifestação contra ditadura sanitária e em prol da liberdade.. Munique Alemanha
29.06.22 #Freiheit manifestação contra ditadura sanitária e em prol da liberdade.. Munique Alemanha
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There is a pattern to this violence & rioting that we have come to recognise.

It has little to do w/a democratic right to register protest against a Reform, Bill or scheme but more to do w/people who have lost power & are willing to burn the country w/their mercenary sidekicks.
Some pieces of the jigsaw:

#FarmersProtest that held the Capital & NCR region to ransom for a year
A motley crowd of goons, rented protestors & worse found favour with our Opposition parties, Rihanna,Mia,Greta,YoYa of coordinated gamcha fame, Khalistanis & their Canadian PM.
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Do you know? What is main reason of stopping recruitment in army? It was due to #FarmersProtest . Surprised? Yes. Reports of many young soldiers and youths aspiring to join army from farming communities supporting #FarmersProtest made certain lobbies nervous. recruitment stopped
#TourofDuty is brain child of such nervous lobbies to dismantle such regimental pride of army.. This scheme plans to take away your pride, your self respect, your history and your political stakes. It will hit Mahar, Maratha, Rajputs, Gurjars, Ahirs, Sikh, Jat pride badly.....
Idea is to dismantle these social group based regiments with all India Class and that too hiring soldiers on contract so that they don't develop any pride. I am all for development of idea of India. I support inclusiveness and doctrine of equal opportunities but ..
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National spokesperson of Bharatiya Kisan Union (@OfficialBKU) @RakeshTikaitBKU face was smashed with mike & smeared with black ink by youth at Gandhi Bhavan. where Tikait was attending the Press Conference organised by Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha on Monday in #Bengaluru. 1/2
“This ink attack has been done in collusion with the government,” #Tikait claimed that no security was provided to him by the @BJP4Karnataka govt.

Amidst, a Press conference on a sting operation in which a Karnataka farmers’ leader was allegedly caught asking for money. 2/2
#BharathShetty Modi follower & who was seen with several #BJP leaders on many occasions attacked #RakeshTikait in Bangalore chanting "Modi Modi" calling Tikait as Fake Farmers activist during #FarmersProtest in Delhi. +
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Now CAs are making so much hue & cry about losing the autonomy of ICAI (and formation of IIA's)
(after the possibility of losing Statutory Audits of Small Companies through NFRA consultation Paper, after losing GST Audits & Reduction of Tax Audits, very recently)
Read Thread 🧵
CAs are looking to do Dharnas & petitions for the same
My Humble request to all of you:- Don't resort to all this else you will be called:- AndolanJeevis by our PM
You'll be called Khalistani/Pakistani by IT cell trolls
You'll called Anti-national by IT cell impacted people
Karma' seems to be hitting hard on us because we were the same people who supported Govt when Farmers were called AndolanJeevis #FarmersProtest
We supported when Liberals & Muslims were called Anti National #citizenshipamendmentact #caa
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Main Reasons @INCIndia lost in Punjab-

1. Internal fight within the party
2. Cong leaders winning in party’s name and jumping to BJP camp
3. Lack of Leadership
4. Outspoken Sidhu caught on camera many times
5. Selection of Dalit (Channi) leader only at the last moment (people
took it as a fooling tool)
6. Anger for @Akali_Dal_ on sacrilege and farm laws support (people knew party was still with the bjp and may go with the bjp after elections)
7. Wanted to give a chance to @AamAadmiParty
8. Media never showed but @BhagwantMann team was very active in
Rural areas.
9. People thought being cheated shuttling between Cong & SAD
10. Capt had a soft corner for SAD/BJP
11. Believe me voting is not the result of any freebies though aap may have included in manifesto.
12. Aap this time gave tickets to own workforce and not to
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According to the students, with each passing day, things are getting worse. In the first few days, they could hear only gunshots.…
One of Modi’s fiercest critics, West Bengal CM #MamataBanerjee extended her ‘unconditional support’ to the PM while keeping aside ‘domestic disagreements’ in this period of crisis.
"The main assurance for the safety of Indian students in Ukraine can only be given by Putin,” #Ukraine’s Ambassador to New Delhi Igor Polikha said.…
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I have the privilege of knowing a wonderful human,a gentleman who has documented the #FarmersProtest from Day 1.His creativity wit & humour never ceases to amaze me .
Compiling a thread of his work
Caustic without being unsavoury.
Master of Fancy Dress⬇️
Of course he is a king of Fancy Dress ( with no clothes and brain of his own) he needs help with prompting ? @narendramodi
And has nightmares about his speeches too !!
He loves giving sermons about being “ Atamnirbhar” of course the mushroom eating cowards is so scared , he imagines threats where there are none ?
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1. Indian PM Modi was to address a rally at Ferozepur on Jan 5
2. It was his first visit to poll bound Punjab after withdrawal of 3 Farm laws in wake of year long #FarmersProtest
3. Many Farmers Unions had announced to stage protests at District headquarters
4. Protesting unions said they would protest to give a message that they are not satisfied with Modi as many of their demands are not fulfilled by his govt despite having given them written assurance.
5. On Jan 5, it was raining and cold wave.
6. Indian PM was to fly to Ferozepur in a helicopter.
7. As per media reports, he waited for some time at Bathinda and then it was decided that he will reach at rally spot by road.
8. Meanwhile a group of farmers of BKU (Krantikari) was heading towards Ferozepur DC office.
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2021 s’achève bientôt… et c’est l’heure du bilan pour ma part...
Une année marquée par le travail pour @Observateurs @France24_fr et @InfoIntoxF24 dont je vais tenter de résumer les moments fort dans ce thread ⤵️
D’abord sur le volet #intox et lutte contre la désinformation dont j’ai l’honneur d’avoir la responsabilités pour @Observateurs via @InfoIntoxF24, nous avons rédigé 191 articles de #vérification, soit environ une quarantaine de + qu’en 2020…
L’année a été très dense en matière de #desinformation#Covid19, #ElectionsUS avec l’arrivée de #Biden, manifestations des fermiers en #Inde, mort de Idriss #Deby au #Tchad, arrivée des #Taliban en #Afghanistan et intox visant l’armée FR au #Mali ou pro-#Russie...
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एक दवा जो लगातार सोशल मीडिया पर किया जा रहा है:

नरेंद्र मोदी ने माफ़ी मांग कर किसान आन्दोलन ख़त्म कराया और कांग्रेस ने किसानो पर गोलिया चलवा कर.

चलिए इन दावो की हकीकत चर्चा कर लेते है. #FarmersProtest 1/n
सर्वप्रथम, क्या किसान आन्दोलन ख़त्म हो गया? बिलकुल भी नहीं, उलटा किसान आन्दोलन और तेज हो गया, उन्हें प्रधानमंत्री की विश्वसनीयता पर ही संदेह है, 29 नवम्बर को किसान संसद तक ट्रेक्टर रैली निकालेंगे. #FarmersProtest 2/n
अब बात करते है इनके दावे के दुसरे हिस्से की, जो तस्वीर ये किसानो की बता रहे है वो है 2007 में पुलिस फायरिंग में मारे गए CPI(M) कार्यकर्ताओ की, स्थान है मुदिगोड़ा गाँव खम्मम जिला आंध्र प्रदेश की. #FarmersProtest 3/n
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