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Thread explaining FLEDGE (formerly TURTLEDOVE).
Online advertising generates value for publishers, advertisers, & users. Now, Google & others are proposing alternatives that preserve this value while better protecting user privacy under the "Privacy Sandbox" proposals. 1/12
The public discussion of #PrivacySandbox is dominated by #FLoC, but many tech solutions are required to satisfy advertising use cases while protecting privacy. In particular, #FLEDGE propose more fundamental & interesting changes to the status quo. 2/
The key to FLEDGE is to move user targeting information onto the *browser*, rather than broadcasting a cookie ID to the adtech ecosystem so advertisers can bid on ad opportunities based on what they know about that cookie ID. The prototypical FLEDGE use-case is retargeting. 3/
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Google has announced a step to kill the third-party cookie, a source of enormous and pernicious privacy violations. This would be great news, except for the fact that Google is replacing it with #FLoC, a way for Google (and Google alone) to track you around the web.

Predictably, privacy advocates are pissed off about this and crying foul, because Google's FLoC, while billed as a privacy-preserving technology, is just another way to violate your privacy.

Likewise predictably, the ad-tech industry is in a fury about this, claiming (correctly) that it is wildly anti-competitive.

Taken together, these two criticisms can make it seem like you can't be both pro-competition and pro-privacy, but that's not true.

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The European Commission presents an interesting proposal to regulate high risk AI systems. Hey, we’re on our way to become a global standard setter and to align AI with democratic European values. Or aren’t we? Here are some of my preliminary observations:
#AI #womenintech
AI systems that manipulate human behavior “to the detriment” of the persons using the systems shall be banned. That is a great idea. But the devil is in the detail. What does “detriment” exactly mean and how can those persons know and prove they have been manipulated?
AI systems used for “indiscriminate surveillance” shall also be banned – if applied “in a generalized manner to all natural persons without differentiation”. Does that qualify as a ban of targeted (surveillance) advertising? Asking for a #DSA shadow rapporteur.
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Another "Big Tech" hearing today (noon ET) with G, TW & FB CEOs

Dems will complain that tech companies don't moderate enough content and Republicans will say they're being "censored"

Both sides will attack 230, but the real issue is the First Amendment…
Websites have the same First Amendment rights as parade organizers, newspapers or other media to exclude speech they find objectionable, however "unfair" their decisions may be

It's just not the government's job to second-guess those content moderation decisions
Republicans used to understand this. They spent 80 years attacking Fairness Doctrine mandates for broadcasting, yet are now demanding a Fairness Doctrine of their own

Here's Rep @CathyMcMorris Rodgers firmly rejecting such nonsense in late 2019
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This whole conversation between Justin and Robin is incredibly frustrating to read, and reinforces my lack of trust in Google/Chrome around #privacy issues, particularly in relation to their #PrivacySandbox proposals.
A little bit of context first - this isn't just some argument between random dudes on the internet.

Justin was "Engineering Director on Chrome Security & Privacy" for the last 11+ years, retiring just under a month ago. Screenshot of Justin's Link...
Justin's original assertion is that Chrome's privacy label on the Apple app store shows so much data being collected because the *sites* you visit via Chrome can collect that data, and all other browsers should be listing the same labels. Screenshot of a tweet from ...
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Apariciones de #Tintin, o de personajes y cosas de #Tintín en otros cómics. Una pequeña recopilación, no pretendo ser ni sistematico ni exhaustivo porque esto es inabarcable, pero la comparto con vosotros. Si alguien tiene más que no sean éstas, se agradecen las aportaciones.
Para empezar, los dibujados o firmados al menos por el mismo #Hergé. En estas dos portadas de Quique y Flupi, personajes también de Hergé, aparecen Tintín y #Milú, la cara que ponen en el cuadro en el de la izquierda es impagable :D ImageImage
Otro Tintín dibujado por Hergé, en Los Cuatro Ases y la Vaca Sagrada de #GeorgesChaulet y #FrançoisCraenhals. Se publicaban en la Revista Tintín y el mismo Hergé dibujó a su personaje para esta aparición. Image
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