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5 Black #WomenInSTEM Who Changed The World

It's #BlackHistoryMonth, so let's celebrate five amazing black women who made history. #BHM

Read on #StemettesZine

#WomenInEngineering Gladys West, Katherine Johnson, Evelyn Granville, Annie Easl
#BHM Meet Dr Gladys West: the hidden figure of global positioning systems. West is one of the people whose work was instrumental in developing the maths behind GPS. #BlackHistoryMonth


#WomenInSTEM Dr Gladys West
#BHM Meet Katherine Johnson, the mathematician and aerospace pioneer who guided us to the moon. Her calculations were critical to early spaceflight. #BlackHistoryMonth


#WomenInSTEM Katherine Johnson
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1/ Sexual harassment on some bro companies is the norm in some cultures.

I can tell many stories. My currently employment DOES NOT do that to me. This is my experience. Follow the 🧵

#womenintech #empathyisyourfriend
2/ sorry to break this to you, but life taught me that if you have 1 problem and bring it to HR suddenly you have 2 problems
3/ that led me to never report formal sexist harassment behavior cause I didn't want to get in trouble. So what do you do?
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Episode 28: @olasitarska from @Onfido talks about integrating diversity and inclusion into recruitment for tech.

Full episode:…

Hosted by @FancyKarolina, powered by @codingsans!

#EngineeringManagement #DiversityandInclusion #womenintech #recruitment
Here are some key points she made in the interview:

1. Creating a diverse team is in your best interest. Teams with individuals coming from diverse backgrounds deliver better results.
2. Diversity and inclusion isn't just about race or gender, but it also includes different personality types or career paths.
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Watching #TheSocialDilemma on @netflix and again thinking why it features mostly white men to talk about what SO many #womenintech have said for YEARS!

And that, my friends, is the problem!
I do think that everyone should watch it, esp if you haven’t thought critically about tech #TheSocialDilemma
What of course is revealing is that tech boys knew it, have always known it, still know it and have consistently chosen to act unethically. As they are now.
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In good news, I'm delighted to share I'm part of @ClwstwrCreu #ClwstwrCohort 2020 doing R & D into titrating news for empowered engagement.

Read more about my research here:… & follow me here on Twitter on my R+D journey #FirstGen #TraumaToggle
I made my first #UnBoxing video of the welcome pack @ClwstwrCreu sent me to begin my R+D journey:

Feat. Doris, Peregrine, Linus cameos.

Yes, I held the camera the wrong way in my excitement.

No gifts were harmed by Doris during/after filming.
@ClwstwrCreu It's a Research Start Party! #WomenInTech #WomenInSTEM

@ClwstwrCreu sent me a lovely welcome pack. I had an R+D Start Party today with these goodies.

Thank you to @BlasusEmporium @flawsomedrinks for these gorgeous gifts. ImageImage
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@IEEEWIE puts in strenuous efforts in promoting women engineers and scientists, and inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests. With similar interests in mind, we've put together this opportunities thread for #WomenInTech #WomenInEngineering 👩‍🎓👩‍💻 1/
@Adobe India offers Women-in-Technology Scholarship, a step towards creating gender equality in science, technology and engineering domains by encouraging women to showcase their excellence in computing and technology and become future leaders and role models in the field. 👩‍💻 /2
@GoogleIndia 's STEP program is a developmental opportunity for first and second-year undergraduate students that identify as female with a passion for technology.💻🔆 /3
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Would you believe ResearcHers Code is 3 years old already?! 🙃

How did I start @ResearcHersCode?

I moved to London to start my PhD at @LabMoyes and found I was the only computational student in a biology lab! I was a bit lonely so started going to #womenintech meetups (1/n)
As I was programming in R at the time, I was engaging a lot with @RLadiesLondon. I met a few academics at these meetups who thought it would be a good idea to start a more academia/research specific meetup group.

R-Ladies London Students and Researchers Community was launched 🚀
It got a LOAD of interest but the main feedback was to make it accessible to researchers learning other programming languages.

Very late one evening, I went on some logo generating website to play around with some brand names and logos! 😂 (3/n)
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48 hours ago, I explained to my 200 person services organization what happened to me over the course of the last 2 years. I did it so that I could speak out and not take them by surprise. A lot of them follow me and they deserved to not be taken by surprise at the images they...
would be exposed to. I lead with a level of transparency most are confused by. I go to war for my team and I work right beside them because they are my family and I live to serve them above all else. I was scared. Terrified even that my team would see me as weak for being...
abused by someone and allowing it to go on so long. I was afraid they'd question my judgment and ultimately my leadership. With that being said, I trust them. All of them. I've never felt so close to a family of people in my life. So, I told them. What they returned was...
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Oh no! Just had the most unprofessional experience with @Outco_io career prep course (thread)

I've long wanted to get better at algorithms and since thing s are so uncertain w/ the economy thought, why not now? Just in case? So I applied

#womenintech #SoftwareEngineering
Almost immediately I get a term sheet back with an acceptance letter, great!

Except, this one page but legally binding document hinges repayment plans on getting what they call "Qualified Opportunities", but that term isn't defined anywhere in the document 🤨

So I write back
saying basically, "I'm not super comfortable signing this when the agreement for payment hinges on a term that isn't defined anywhere else in here, can you add an addendum defining what *qualifying opportunity* is?"

Almost immediately getting a callback. On the phone the rep
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I meet a lot of people interested in getting into #data. It’s really aspiring to see so many people wanting to understand more about data.

Here’s an updated #thread of FREE resources to help you upskill into a data analyst, scientist or engineer.

Remember data is everywhere!
#Facebook launched "Summer of Support" program that offers FREE training in digital marketing and data/insights.

6-week program of courses that offers free #Digital #Marketing participants advice, insights, information & support, especially for SMEs.
Analyttica is offering a FREE training on Data Analytics Fundamentals & another on Machine Learning.

Each training has virtual hands-on labs w/certificates for completing.…

#BlackTechTwitter #WomenWhoCode #100DaysOfCode #data #MachineLearning #analytics
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So much to unpack here

Thankfully I experienced the opposite in my own residency
BUT then I was unprepared for this after residency

When described this way by faculty, then can a woman really choose to describe herself similar to men without invoking backlash and social cost?
The word choices here are signaling values

difference in what valued by gender and it predicts this later

expected of women:
special favors
emotional labor
friendship behaviors
constant availability

can women hold others accountable?…
This extends to direct reports too. What if one stops bringing snacks, being maternal (the giving tree)?

Is it fair to make it a women’s job, already overburdened and underpaid, to support other women?

Or can there be accountability & standards?…
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Reached 800 Followers❤️
Thank you for the constant support💪

Time for some shout-outs:
This shout-out is dedicated to most underrated #womenintech .
Go ahead support them.
Mention your favourite most underrated & hardworking #womenwhocode below🔥👇
#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie
You inspire everyone🔥
Keep Hustling👩‍💻💯
#WomenWhoCode #womenintech
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It’s an interesting approach at @MITSloanFellows - placed into teams rather than allowed to select own team. The teams are formed so there is likely to be misalignment and conflict. And then we have to work together for grades. We cannot do usual bonding activities via Zoom
Teams are being coached & cautioned that it is easy to create “in” and “out” groups to exclude, marginalize, label some in group. Instead, keep open communication and pause prior to forming any conclusion.…
“Identify where on ladder you are.

Are you:
-Selecting your data or reality?
-Interpreting what it means?
-Making or testing assumptions?
-Forming or testing conclusions?
-Deciding what to do and why?”

Vet, verify, listen, consider

(This seems especially relevant for biases)
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First week of class at @MITSloan for @MITSloanFellows has been intense. Lots of learning on #mindst to move into or affirm #growthmindset - one of the videos we watched was on “Thinking Fast and Slow” or two systems in our brain.…
A few pictorial representations and some humor. In our fast-paced world it is easy to rely on mental models or trusted individuals instead of verifying facts or being thoughtful

Interestingly I found that some scientist can be living in system 1 based on trust in own expertise ImageImageImageImage
That seems particularly relevant now given how blindsided so many institutions were by the #pandemic, with healthcare excutives & policy makers

seeing familiar patterns

not staying aware of the expected but rare event

#COVID19 #coronavirus…
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Let’s talk #safetyculture


It’s a framework for a harm reduction towards all: patients & families as well as all staff

growth mindset
instead of
fixed mindset

to have needed uncomfortable conversations

#MedTwitter #AcademicTwitter #MedEd #NurseTwitter
This framework has been applied to reducing harm, mostly through medication error (though intended to achieve population health)

Then was expanded to patient experience

Also, cost of care

More recently we have added clinician wellbeing

=quadruple aim…
What has not been clearly stated in any of these #safety framework is disparities, structural inequity, or racism

The acute care side of the hospital - money maker - thinks of this as type of safety & #quality

but not #populationhealth

#Implicitbias elicits 🙄😡😴 response
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Much debate on #SciComm. Little formal guidance exists. Those on academic committees that oversee ethics & professionalism are unfamiliar with social media. And now we are in a crisis and #pandemic of many levels. #publichealth very different from industry (1st vs rest).
In #publichealth one, the 1st points are be first & be right

There is an inherent tension between these two

With disrupted public health coordination, like cutting off from WHO, changing guidance from CDC (masks only for clinicians, no everyone wear them) how to be accurate?
In comparison, industry guidance #SoMe guidance. Industry has a lot more experience with this and uses it for marketing, market share, customer outreach, customer brand recognition, brand management. The focus is prestige, optics, reputation - there are monetizable traits.
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If you are a woman who is not making others uncomfortable, if you are not pushing or disregarding boundaries, if you are waiting for permission, you are perpetuating status quo. Instead, be the change that is needed. Speak up. Be messy. @techreview…
"Battling workplace bias requires deliberate strategies, including learning to say no, getting comfortable talking about uncomfortable topics, and helping others behind you." @techreview @MITSloan #womeninSTEM #womeninleadership #WomeninBusiness #womenintech #womenentrepreneurs
This week I heard that some do not ask for "consent" prior to tweeting

Having worked in insurance, am curious, where do I submit this prior authorization form in order to tweet?

Who is the decision maker? What is standard used for permission granted?…
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Resources I like/ used to learn

These articles seem to be released monthly and are great to browse new R packages and stay updated. I like how they're separated into categories too!

#resources #helpfulinfo #stats
I used this way more in college to supplement my classes and it also helped get me started in ....Python.
You can pay for course credit, but can also audit all the courses for free!
3) Might be creepy.. but university professors will post lecture notes and or slides and they can be really helpful when you're stuck or want to get rolling on a new topic but don't know where to start.

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Join us 🚨 ce jeudi à 19h chez @adatechschool pour une table ronde passionnante en compagnie de filles inspirantes !…
@adatechschool Préjugés, peurs, complexe de l'imposteur, méconnaissance des débouchés ... Pleins de freins qui nous empêchent de nous lancer dans la Tech 🤔
@adatechschool Pour dépasser ces barrières, on vous propose une discussion sans tabous chez Ada ce jeudi avec trois développeuses qui l'ont fait 😊
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Hoy conocí a una chica de 18 años que migró con su familia de Venezuela. Se esforzó mucho para quedarse y poder terminar el colegio. Actualmente se dedica a arreglar uñas para ayudar en la casa. Quiere ser programadora y muchas ganas de estudiar. (Por favor sigan leyéndo)
Quiero que entre todos podamos apoyar a Sara. Busco que alguien le done un computador que esté en buen estado pero que ya no usen para que pueda empezar a estudiar mientras logra ingresar a la universidad.
Me ayudan a cumplirle ese sueño?

#womenintech #womenincode #geekgirl
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5 Opportunities for Women in Tech!

Are you a woman in the STEM field? Here are some currently open opportunities for you this season. Apply and share with other tech women you know.

#thread #womenintech #opportunities
1. TechWomen Program for Emerging Leaders 2020

TechWomen empowers, connects and supports the next generation of women leaders in STEM from Africa, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East.

Details: @TechWomen
2. C40 Women4Climate Tech Challenge 2020 (up to $40,000 in funding)

The Challenge will select women-led innovative tech solution for climate with a measurable impact to experiment them in C40 cities.

Details: @c40cities
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🚆It’s a Rail Thread Friday 🚆

I’m personally individually proud to help Claire Shooter @LDCMoiso team @RSSB_Rail in their search for imaginative, analytical minds to help bring cutting edge research and technology onto the UK railway.

Apply here ⬇️⬇️⬇️…
🚆Who are you ?🚆

An undergraduate or post graduate student in economics, sustainability, maths, physics, data science or engineering looking for a central London @RSSB_rail 13-month R&D role, competitive salary and excellent benefits

Apply here ⬇️⬇️⬇️…
🚆What will you do ?🚆

Search on technological and operational questions relevant to rail, scanning the horizon for new technologies and developments that could impact the sector, and facilitating research projects @RSSB_rail

Apply here ⬇️⬇️⬇️…
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We're live with Brittni Lundie of @Uber! Join us to learn about making diversity & inclusion a reality for your organization:
#iwil #TeVE #TeVirtualEvent
@Uber "Diversity is having people from all different backgrounds, schools, majors, ages, gender - a bit of everyone everywhere."
@Uber "Inclusion is making sure everyone is feeling like they're being their authentic selves."
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5am thoughts: One of the challenges for men in #leadership positions in #tech who want to increase #inclusion and #diversity in our orgs, is that first we need to first recognize our own #privilege before knowing what conscious actions to take in our orgs & company-wide... 1/14
First, credit to my colleague @bjohnso5y. Her post on how to be a better #ally for #womenintech emphasized the mechanism of #recognition (e.g. crediting women for their ideas in public spaces). The goal of better #allyship inspired this thread... 2/14…
In the sphere of political debate, you’ll often hear white people (especially men) arguing they don’t have privilege and don’t get special treatment. "Everything’s a meritocracy!" "Nobody 'gave' me anything!" - Nothing to see here, move along… 3/14
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