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If you're a supporter of #WomenInTech you'll (inc me) be a better supporter if you read this open letter shared by @Brii_toe_knee & others 👇
Don't have time to read it all now? Listen to this from @KimCrayton1
White woman like me? There's this from @amlyhamm
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Hey @alexisohanian, you *likely* won't remember this, but we met at a Super Bowl party in Harlem in 2011. Random? YES. I asked for your help wiping spilled beer off my back. You obliged, and we chatted for a minute. I was a flight attendant then, but now I'm in tech. 1/10
Meeting you,@alexisohanian, and @hueypriest at that party was one part of the catalyst that got me into the tech industry. I met REAL people who built an awesome thing that people LOVED. You brought tech into a reality for me in a way that my non-famous nerd friends did not. 2/10
I quit being a flight attendant to attend a full-stack bootcamp a few years after that Super Bowl party, and am now doing what I love as a woman in #tech. @alexisohanian, you helped inspire me, and I am hoping you're willing to inspire more #womenintech 3/10
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I met so many amazing women in the quality field at @AgileTD! 👩🏾‍💻👩🏻‍💻👩🏼‍💻 Here's some Twitters you should all follow (an #AgileTD meets #FF-even-though-it's-not-a-Friday thread):
Let's start with @cswesepieces, who has the craziest stories about conservative Ohio colliding with very Indian India and about living on the Polish/Mexican border in Chicago. She instantly made me feel welcome at speakers' dinner! 🥰 #AgileTD #womenintech
There's the awesome @FaizaYousuf, who gave a keynote on the serious topic of cross-cultural Agile transformations going not-so-smooth, but kept us laughing (and learning) throughout. 🤩 Super smart, super balanced, an Agile superhero & skilled listener! #AgileTD #womenintech
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#LIVENow in a few minutes--Fixing hacking sabotage--what else is new! @karen_kams56
As a friendly reminder to all those who are working hard ILLEGALLY, ILLEGITAMATELY, and UNLAWFULLY to DETAIN, TARGET, TRACK, TEST, & NEUROMODIFY innocent American & other citizens:… @realDonaldTrump @RandPaul @RonWyden @DevinNunes
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I was born & raised in #Medellin Colombia, an amazing & vibrant city in the middle of the mountains.

Please do not mention #Narcos or #Escobar when you hear Medellin!

Medellin is much more than that #eternalspring #innovation #Entrepreneurship #mountains #coffee #greatpeople
I was born & raised in #Medellin Colombia, an amazing & vibrant city in the middle of the mountains.

Please do not mention #Narcos or #Escobar when you hear Medellin!

Medellin is much more than that #eternalspring #innovation #Entrepreneurship #mountains #coffee #greatpeople
Went to a great school in #medellin & at 17 started #medicine not because I wanted to be a clinician but because I liked the #science & my family and #mentors told me #medicine was broader and could open more doors for me #VoicesIWS #Thread☝️@IWS_Network
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Hi guys, some of you need to dissent/ decline wrt the #manels youve been put on, at the @skochgroup event
- @SkochSameer pls check.
- Guys on manels include @nitin_gadkari @ManishTewari @ashwani_mahajan @iam_anandv @prasanna_s @prasanto @nixxin @AnupamSaraph @pavanduggal + others
2. Does this reflect lack of #merit or prevalence of #sexism that @skochgroup has found only 4 women of worth, out of 46 speakers?

- The 4 women: @ShamikaRavi @rachnakhaira @navikakumar, Yamini Aiyar

- How are the 42 men feeling?
cc @SkochSameer @SreenivasanJain @ManishTewari
3. Today began with @skochgroup declaring that only 4 women were found #meritorious, to speak on tech.
But 42 men were worthy.
They celebrated this #inequality, with a full page ad in Indian Express.
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I've had my 2nd coffee and it's time for another #infosec rant. This one is aimed, with love, at my white male colleagues in this biz. I love that many of us are helping our brothers and sisters build their careers in infosec. But PLEASE be careful with the advice you give out.
Before we white dudes give career advice to others, we have to consider that the tech industry (including #infosec) still has HUGE double standards when it comes to race and gender. Thus, what worked for ME might actually be harmful advice for a woman or for a black man.
One obvious example is: "You don't need a college degree." I'm a college dropout myself - I did 2 yrs of a CS degree before deciding that school wasn't for me. By the time my class graduated, I'd already co-founded @rapid7. Great!
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Do @realStuartReges’s opinions affect his teaching? See 2:20-3:30 of this lecture to of hundreds of students. The “news, or whatever” that he’s reacting to is @susanthesquark ’s Uber blog post published 3 days prior.… 1/8
Imagine you’re a woman in this class. You expect toxic behavior to be denounced. Instead, your instructor disdainfully sighs that this behavior has revived “the big push these days” to get more #diversity in tech. You wonder whether he is glad you're here. 2/8
Imagine you’re a man in this class. You believe the stories of the #womenintech around you. You think @womentechmakers is neat. You’d like to help. Your instructor just showed you that he disagrees. You decide it’s safer to stay quiet. 3/8
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Marie-Francoise Roy opens the annual workshop on the progress of the Gender Gap project in Paris.

#genderequity #WomenInScience #womeninSTEM #womenintech
Mei-Hung Chiu reports on the regional workshop for Asia held in Taipei in Nov 2017. 36 participants from 12 countries met to develop strategies for the project's success.…
Igle Gledhill summarizes the work done at regional workshop held at AIMS in Cape Town in December 2017.…
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First panel session is titled "Tech Girls Rising" #WomenIntech #Techfest2018 #Sparkyourcuriosity
"It is important for more women to come into technology because we need females to find solutions that other women have" #Techfest2018 #sparkyourcuriosity
"One of the biggest problems women have is a lack of mentoring" #Techfest2018 #sparkyourcuriosity
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I went to @MicroConf this week and it was amazing. I learned so much. Here are a few highlights! This thread will be useful to you if you are bootstrapping a business or you want to build a business on your own one day. #MicroConf 1/18
Everyone I met was great. They shared their ups & downs without hesitation. We didn’t talk about just business. We talked about work-life balance, breastfeeding, sleep training, traveling w/ kids and how loving your kids unconditionally goes a long way. #MicroConf 2/18
I always felt welcome to join an ongoing group conversation or to strike up a new one. People would open their circle immediately. #MicroConf 3/18
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Thread of resources! A friend just asked me to give him some links on articles on why women are underrepresented in tech which are written for a popular audience. Here's a roundup of articles I sent him. #womenintech #womeninSTEM (1/n)
First off, one should know that CS was once female dominated in the West:… (2/n)
One should also know that CS is female dominated in some countries today, like Malaysia and Qatar, and that many non-Western countries have near-parity in their CS majors.… (3/n)
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I love that on #InternationalWomensDay we take the time to celebrate women, it's brilliant. What would be even more brilliant is if we did this every day. For the next 365 days, I am going to add a Tweet a day in celebration of women from around the world 🌍 Let's get started 👇
Day 1: @drpriaero is an Aerospace Engineer / Senior Research Associate at @UniofOxford's Department of Engineering Science, researching fluid dynamics & thermodynamics of jet engines 🚀 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
Day 2: @monicasarbu created @packetbeat, an open source data shipper, before joining forces with @elastic to lead the Beats team. She's a mum while at it too 💪 #IWD2018 #IWDEveryDay
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