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Week 1 - Crypto Project breakdown in 15 tweets or less

Feature: @Aleph__Zero | $AZERO

Value Proposition: Aleph Zero is a L1 DAG protocol set on solving existing, real-world challenges currently being faced by enterprises through security, scalability, cost, speed, & privacy.
The Team (Main bios pic attached)

Others: A few Ph.Ds, advisors with years of experience in the blockchain space, and business experience at IBM, ABB, Stellar, Codewise, Capgemini, ING Bank, Admind Agency, TIBCO Software, and Riverbed Technology. ImageImage

Distributed Ledger Technologies are immune to attacks as a result of decentralization. But they don't provide theoretical security guarantees, making them less practical for long-term use. Aleph Zero provides both practical and theoretical security guarantees.
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Wenn wir euch in unseren Reihen "Apps gecheckt" und "Frisch getestet" Apps empfehlen oder vor ihnen warnen, geben wir auch den App-Anbietern Bescheid. Vor kurzem haben wir euch hier vor der #McDonalds-App gewarnt - und können jetzt Entwarnung geben. 1/6 @UlrichKelber @KastropC
Die #McDonalds-App hatte in unserem Test die eindeutige Router-Adresse (#BSSID) an Dritte weitergegeben. Mit der kann man hinter eurem Rücken euren Standort ermitteln. Anders als die zustimmungspflichtigen #GPS-Standorte sollte eure BSSID deshalb absolut niemand bekommen. 2/6
#McDonalds reagierte prompt. Man bedankte sich für unsere Meldung und leitete sie an die entsprechende Fachabteilung weiter. Die teilte uns dann letzte Woche mit, dass man unseren Hinweis sehr ernst genommen und umgehend geprüft habe. 3/6
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Što je #centralizirani #VPN?
VPN je bitan alat za Internet privatnost.
VPN je posrednik između #internet korisnika i #weba. Korištenjem VPNa internetski se podaci s vašeg uređaja kriptiraju i anonimno šalju putem VPN poslužitelja prije nego što stignu na odredište.
Ista pravila primjenjuju se kada podaci dolaze s web stranice: podaci moraju proći kroz #centralizirani VPN poslužitelj prije nego što vam se vrate.
Centralizirane VPNove kontroliraju i njima upravljaju centralizirani subjekti (obično privatne tvrtke).
Te tvrtke svojim korisnicima omogućuju pristup skupu privatnih poslužitelja putem kojih se upravlja njihovim VPNom.
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What is #centralized #VPN?
VPN is an essential tool for Internet #privacy.
VPN is an intermediary between #internet users and the #web. By using a VPN, Internet data from your device is encrypted and sent anonymously through the VPN's server prior to reaching its destination.
Same rules are applied when data is coming from a website: data has to pass through the #centralized VPN servers before coming back to you.
Centralized VPNs are controlled and operated by centralized entities (usually private companies).
These companies provide their users with access to a set of private servers through which their VPN is operated
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Vlasti u #Rusiji nastoje kontrolirati internetski promet i cenzurirati sve što je protiv vodeće stranke. Aleksandr Litreev, popularni softver programer, sada gradi #decentralizirani #VPN za ruske građane i druge potlačene ljude širom svijeta, u borbi za demokraciju.
Najnoviji projekt Litreeva je @solarlabs_team, decentralizirani VPN temeljen na #blockchain i potaknut kriptovalutama. Platforma Solar Labs omogućit će ljudima diljem svijeta da ugoste vlastite VPN poslužitelje, za što će im biti plaćeno tokenima kriptovalute Solar Labs.
Ako dovoljno ljudi iz različitih zemalja ugosti vlastite VPN poslužitelje, bit će nemoguće ukloniti sve poslužitelje odjednom.
"Čak i ako će vlada učiniti sve što je potrebno da blokira našu uslugu, neće uspjeti ako jednostavno ne zatvore cijeli internet za cijelu zemlju".
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The authorities in #Russia seek to control the internet traffic and censor whatever is going against the leading party.
Aleksandr Litreev, a popular software developer is now building a #decentralized #VPN for Russian citizens and other oppressed people around the world, in the fight for democracy.
Litreev's latest project is @solarlabs_team, a decentralized VPN that's based on #blockchain and incentivized with #cryptocurrency.
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I've decided to come out the closet officially..
It really hit me hard when the exploit happened with @HavenXHV $XHV
I've been very patient & observing what is happening.
After todays announcement, it really shows, that $XHV is here to stay & taken righteous steps forward.
There is still a lot to prove, a lot on their shoulders, a lot on the shoulders of all the community that has supported them in the face of such a black hole of adversity.
Although, if it matters to anyone, I am more confident then ever in the project.
This isn't about anyone who currently holds $XHV or $xUSD, this is about the world. This is a real war with the #CBDC & realizing this protocol & handful of others, could be the only things left standing one day, due to #privacy.....
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You remember that shock?

That jarring feeling when someone lies to put you or others in the frame for their wrongdoing

That shock is a survival instinct

It is recognising a break in the social contract
It is realising that no place is now safe, unless your supporters are more influential than theirs

It is needing effective checks and balances to backfill for that lack of integrity

It is hoping, depending on how vulnerable you are, that the liar isn’t a sadist
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😎 Cool, not only an unverified 📸 with shady claims can go viral, but so can a step-by-step #verification of the same 📸.😎

Big 🙏 for all the nice compliments I received.

This thread is a 🎁 for my new followers. Welcome!
🤜🤛 [1/19]

In this 🧵 much MORE step-by-step #OSINT tips and tricks and the explanation WHY I write my #FactChecks as if you would do the research yourself. 👇👇👇 [2/19]
On this page 👇 you can read 100+ of my #FactChecks for 🇧🇪 magazine @Knack.

They are all 🆓 (not behind paywall). [3/19]…
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The thinly veiled costs of age verification.

Guilt until innocence proven

Universal dependence on supplier security, data protection, downstream supplier due diligence

Ability to resist state data demands

Ethics of master ID store, verification tools, monitoring provider
With the constant cloud of this at the far end of the threat assessment, with all of the stops between here and that extreme
We are at this point on the trust and totalitarian control continuum.

Not the ideal backdrop for a conversation about finger, eye, face, palm, DNA printing kids

And the rest of us, to make sure we are not too young to surf porn, research something too ‘woke’, or plan a protest
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new thread to cover, “Governance, Risk, & Compliance”

@awscloud #reinforce
Anil starts things off with compliance landscape…

@awscloud #reinforce
lots of different legislation out there around data protection and #privacy. combined with a push to the cloud, lots of change in a traditionally slow area of GRC

@awscloud #reinforce
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up now at @awscloud #reinforce, “Data Protection & Privacy” with @JKenBeer, @jennybrinkley, & @clean_freak

☁️ #cloud #devops
. @StephenSchmidt introduces the session, which is a “fireside chat”

@awscloud #reinforce
Jenny is co-ordinating the chat. Anne is the director of Alexa Trust. Ken is the GM of AWS KMS

@awscloud #reinforce
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My first foray into shuffle #privacy, spearheaded by my impressive winter research intern Hongyi Lyu (maths undergrad @UniMelb), who managed to learn about DP+shuffle DP+distribution testing, all this in ~6 weeks!

Comments welcome! 📝
This was part of the "Winter/Summer Research Internship" program at @Eng_IT_Sydney @Sydney_Uni:…

Our (short) paper builds on|simplifies an algo of Balcer, Cheu, @mgtjoseph, & Mao. One key component of our analysis? This fact!

We also use the recent amplification theorem of @vitalyFM, McMillan, and @_kunal_talwar_ (local privacy to shuffle privacy) to provide an alternative algo:

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This month marks a decade since I completed medical #internship. I thought then that I had achieved my goal, that I would find joy in my work. Little did I know where life would lead me. My #reminisces & #reflections - too long for a tweet & too short for a blog - hence, a 🧵
As the first & only #medical student in the extended family, I was in #unfamiliar waters. Moving to uncle's house in another city was a not-too-comfortable but not-wholly-unpleasant change. I'm privileged to be part of a family who did all they could to keep me happy
The pedagogy was #authoritative & #oppressive; seemed to be designed to #humiliate, not teach. I couldn't learn by rote, didn't know of any better ways (pre- ubiquitous smartphone era) Expected to address #seniors using honorifics, I felt they were as unapproachable as teachers
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#Learn 📚 #Linux🐧:

A thread

Some useful Linux terminal keyboard shortcuts you should know to increase productivity. 👇

#CodeNewbie #coder #computer #code #java #100DaysOfCode #golang #privacy #css #javascript #html #linuxfan #linuxwindows #linuxmint #linuxubuntu #linuxtips
1) Working With Processes📈
Use the following shortcuts⌨️ to manage running🏃 processes.
#linuxfan #linuxwindows #linuxmint #linuxubuntu #linuxtips #linux #programming #hacking #coding #python #cybersecurity #hacker #kalilinux #programmer #technology #coder #100DaysOfCode
2) Controlling the Screen💻
The following shortcuts⌨️ allow you to control what appears on the screen.

#linuxfan #linuxwindows #linuxmint #linuxubuntu #linuxtips #programming #hacking #coding #python #cybersecurity #hacker #kalilinux #programmer #technology #100DaysOfCode
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1. With the Taliban gaining control of Afghanistan, it could be very possible that existing encrypted messaging apps could be shutdown. Here's how to get around this using XMPP/OTR to communicate securely with people inside. #Afghanistan #AfghanistanBurning #AfghanistanCrisis
2. Download Pidgin IM on Windows/Linux, and install the OTR plugin for pidgin here:
Download Adium on MacOS
Download Chatsecure on IOS/Android.
3. Sign up for an XMPP account here:

Open your chat client (Pidgin, Adium, Chatsecure etc.) and log in to your account created on

Use the add buddy/contact feature on your client to add them to your contact list.
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Why is #Apple getting so much heat over its new Child Protection Mesures?

They are well-intentioned, present no risk to anyone who doesn't store child abuse material on their devices, and, frankly, there's nothing new here

#CSAM #Privacy @WiserIn10…
Collectively known as #CSAM (child sexual abuse material), #Apple are not the first in #BigTech to use #technology to surveil its users for this
#Facebook has been using #algorithms to detect child abuse images since at least 2018 (which the CEO of Facebook-owned #WhatsApp seemed to have forgotten when he launched an outraged #Twitter tirade at Apple's new measures last week)
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A report to the Network speech (clip below):

Corporations cease to exist without the resources provided by the human in your equation. We provide the driving force of Corporations with our individual innovation, drive, will, sweat, flesh and blood.…
When you fat cats & your enablers mess with We The People in an affront to@your own ends, YOU mess with the primal forces of nature.

And YOU will atone.

We are your workers and we are your consumers.

We are more than the sum of what we consume.

Desire is not an occupation.
Who’ll fix your machines when they malfunction during a ‘Climate Change’ catastrophe? Who’ll listen to your symptoms, diagnose your ailments & cure you—an autonomous Google bot?

The Fifth Element(1997) - Choking On A Cherry/The Remote Controlled Cockroach
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1/ What is Fully Homomorphic Encryption (#FHE), and what does it mean for #privacy? A thread
2/ Back in the 1990s, when we accessed websites via HTTP, nothing was encrypted. Anyone could intercept your data just by listening to traffic coming in and out of your computer.
3/ Today, 90% of websites use HTTPS (the padlock in your address bar), where data is encrypted while being transmitted, meaning nobody can intercept it. Only the user and the website they accessed had the data.
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What can companies learn about you by analyzing how you hold and move your mobile devices (e.g., smartphone/-watch)? In this thread, I summarize our study on the astounding privacy implications of accelerometer sensors #privacy #dataprotection #machinelearning #AI #IoT 1/n
Link to paper (open access):…. In it, we provide a structured overview of personal information that can be inferred from accelerometer data by using machine learning techniques. 2/n
While this may sound like a topic for tech nerds, the paper is digestible for laypeople and relevant for anyone curious about the information we unknowingly reveal to companies through embedded sensors. 3/n
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#McAfee #Afterlife Telegram drop #176 on July 26 displays a 16-second video. The media implies that McAfee is alive and has arrived at a protected location. Or is this an older video from some previous event in McAfee's life?
👆 Do the five numbers in this #McAfee #Afterlife drop refer to the five agents who are guarding #McAfee in this "arrival" video?
#WHACKD $WHACKD #DMS #Ingersoll… Image
#McAfee #Afterlife telegram drop 191 purports to include McAfee's laugh and voice in this recent video. Previous telegrams have stated that "Rusty Shackleford" is an alias for McAfee:
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