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1/ What might AG #BillBarr say at tomorrow's DOJ workshop on “#Section230—Nurturing Innovation or Fostering Unaccountability?"

Expect him to call for banning strong #encryption, as he did last July—but this time, via amending 230 and focused on "protecting the children"
2/ The whole point of the half-day workshop appears to be for Barr to make the case for a bill DOJ has no doubt helped @LindseyGrahamSC & @SenBlumenthal draft—that would empower a commission (stacked with DOJ allies) to effectively ban encryption

My take:…
3/ Last July, Barr gave a LONG speech denouncing encryption…
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Citizen Protection against Online Harms Rules are a blatant violation of Article 19 of the Constitution. They exceed the boundaries of permissible restrictions within the meaning of Article 19 & lack the necessary attributes of reasonableness.…
The additional powers of the Rules go beyond the scope of the parent Acts, i.e. Pakistan Telecommunication Act 1996 & PECA 2016. PTA can’t delegate powers to another authority such as the National Coordinator beyond the powers that were vested in it through the parent legislation
These Rules further weaken the state of #privacy in the country, however, given current law PECA 2016, there is still a legal process through which data on private users can be requested. The Rules presented by the Ministry of IT completely negate the current process.
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(Thread) Reflecting today after an incredible few days in Washington DC at #HDpalooza & #NHPC20 which gave attendees the best of both health data & health policy innovation worlds.
@RasuShrestha @ePatientDave @BeLikeLight @vishnu_saxena @DrSimpsonHSR @HealthPrivacy @coffeemommy @KBDeSalvo @fredtrotter @DCPatient 2) How can I express how grateful I am to have attended as a patient scholar?! What an amazing, enriching experience! Thank you @AcademyHealth for continuing to prioritize & model #PatientsIncluded! Clearly it can be done. Conference organizers, take note. #HDPalooza #NailedIt
@RasuShrestha @ePatientDave @BeLikeLight @vishnu_saxena @DrSimpsonHSR @HealthPrivacy @coffeemommy @KBDeSalvo @fredtrotter @DCPatient 3) The takeaways are clear:

👉Patients have a RIGHT to their health data & the boundaries of access, control, #privacy, & choice have never been questioned, contemplated, & examined more or pushed farther than ever before.

#HDPalooza #NHPC20 #PatientsIncluded #UnblockHealth
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(Thread) A couple of weeks ago, the #clearviewai reporting by @kashhill shook the world. Now we show how easy it is to download bulk-scale data from Instagram – and how advanced open source #facerec technology already is
@kashhill We downloaded 200k Instagram pictures within a couple of days, from one computer, without an account. We then searched these pictures for candidates for the Swiss federal elections and found a couple of interesting "matches".
@kashhill We used the open source Dlib library for facial recognition (…). It was able to recognizes faces that are partially hidden, in the dark, etc. I would argue the AI behind it is not very different from the one that big players like Amazon use.
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Petit thread #privacy sur l'annonce de la fermeture de #Fidzup, attribuée par son CEO à la mise en demeure de la @CNIL dans son article Medium :… #GDPR #EuDataP
Dans sa lettre, O. Magnan-Saurin indique 2 fois qu'il ne remet pas en cause le fond de la procédure. Mais de petits indices laissent penser qu'il n'a pas forcément saisi ce fond : il indique que les données collectées par Fidzup sont des données "non nominatives et anonymes".
Si c'était bien le cas, la loi Informatique et Libertés (seule applicable à la procédure de 2017 contre Fidzup) n'aurait pas trouvé à s'appliquer. Les données collectées sont bel et bien des données personnelles : c'est bien sûr tout leur intérêt pour les clients de Fidzup !
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Hello! I'm @busydot and I am part of @povmumbai, a feminist non-profit in #Mumbai. We work at the intersection of gender sexuality and digital technology, and today I'm going to tweet about data through a feminist lens.
@busydot @povmumbai So much to say, so little time. :) I'm going to dive deep into looking at how women's bodies have become part and parcel of digital data collection and processing. Think menstrual apps, period trackers, fertility apps, pregnancy apps.
@busydot @povmumbai In her @deepdives essay, Data Bleeding Everywhere, @nuqsh explores period trackers from the perspectives of women and girls using them. It's a fascinating exploration and here's what she finds.…
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This was published 129 years and 50 days ago: "Enterprise have invaded the sacred precincts of private and domestic life; and numerous mechanical devices threaten to make good the prediction that "what is whispered in the closet shall be proclaimed from the house-tops"." #privacy
Reading this, one may wonder how common law deals with predictive analytics: "The common law secures to each individual the right of determining, ordinarily, to what extent his thoughts, sentiments, and emotions shall be communicated to others." #privacy #ArtificialIntelligence
"The existence of this right does not depend upon the particular method of expression adopted. It is immaterial whether it be by word or by signs, in painting, by sculpture, or in music." 129 years later, we should add "or by algorithm". #privacy #ArtificialIntelligence
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A few thoughts on the leaked EU Commission's White Paper on a European Approach towards #AI
(thanks to @F_Kaltheuner for pointing it my way)

The white paper references the Commission's ongoing activities on #AI. But the main thrust is the analysis of different regulatory options to make good on @vonderleyen pledge to present legislation on #AI within the first 100 days in office.
The big story in the media such as this @POLITICOEurope piece (where you can find a link to the leaked draft) has been the consideration of a temporary ban of facial recognition in public spaces.…
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This is incredible. My first instinct was to share. My second: what data did they have to give away to get this?

Sad right? Absolutely, so instead of bleating about stuff you can’t change I’ve scribbled a bit about what you can 1/14
First a plea to worth spare a thought for #DataProtection #InfoSec #Privacy and all other related crews, who work to keep these folk accountable for protecting the data you share to access the necessary, fascinating, or fun stuff you do online. /2
Worrying about this stuff is exhausting and we all compromise privacy for access because the machine is designed to win that way. It is a war of attrition. But you can do small things and change a few habits to keep you and yours safer while we tackle the gnarlier stuff /3
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1. [thread] We are filing legal complaints against six companies based on our research, revealing systematic breaches to privacy, by shadowy #OutOfControl #adtech companies gathering & sharing heaps of personal data.… #privacy
2. We observed how ten apps transmitted user data to at least 135 different third parties involved in advertising and/or behavioural profiling, exposing (yet again) a vast network of companies monetizing user data and using it for their own purposes. Technical testing conducted by cyber security firm, mnemonic. Technical report available here:
3. Dating app @Grindr shared detailed user data with a large number of third parties. Data included the fact that you are using the app (clear indication of sexual orientation), IP address (personal data), Advertising ID, GPS location (very revealing), age, and gender. With help from mnemonic and Zach Edwards of Victory Medium, we analysed the data flow and the role of the various actors involved with data sharing from Grindr.
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Hey Privacy peeps! Are you lost on the #GDPR implementation? Here is a the State of play in the Member States: cc #EUdataP #privacy #RGPD. If you have comments or any update, let me know. @EU_EDPB is it possible to have an official list on your website?
AT: The law covering both the GDPR and the Law EnforcementDirective has been adopted by Parliament and enteredinto force on 25.5.2018. The text can be found under the following link:…
Moreover, AT has adopted two amendments to the new data protection law, which likewise enteredinto force on 25.5.2018. The texts can be found under the following…
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This is Leonardo da Vinci's design for a 'smart city' that was centuries ahead of its time
Leonardo wanted a comfortable and spacious city, with well-ordered streets and architecture. Today, his ideas actually suggest a way forward for urban planning.
A new study shows just how beneficial remote working can be
Companies that let their workers decide where and when to do their jobs increase employee productivity, reduce turnover, and lower organizational costs.
#futureofwork #Employment #Productivity
Where people work the longest – and shortest
People end up producing just as much, with higher quality and creativity, and they are also more loyal to the organizations that are willing to give them flexibility to care about their lives outside of work.
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The upshot is, Winston Smith is gaslit to hell and back. He spends the entire novel wondering exactly what the truth is. Is it even 1984? He isn't sure. Does Big Brother actually physically exist somewhere in Oceania, or is he just a symbol? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯…
Closing the Gap Between Physical and Cyber Security
Enterprises across the world are continuing to embrace digital services with the aim of becoming digitally adept. But, as these changes take place, security threats become increasingly prevalent.
Facial recognition technology will be rolled out at 20 major US airports by 2021
Every traveler, including US citizens, will have their faces scanned at the major airports, prompting fears among privacy advocates of an Orwellian program of surveillance
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#JunaidHafeez handed down death sentence in blasphemy case. Junaid Hafeez is a Pakistani university lecturer and accused of blasphemy under Pakistan's broad blasphemy laws. Hafeez was arrested in 2013 and held in solitary confinement since 2014. #JusticeForJunaidHafeez
Junaid’s first lawyer Mr. Rashid Rehman was shot to death on 8th May, 2014, in his office after armed men carrying automatic weapons broke into his office. His defense team was never provided a security deapite Mr Rehman publicly spoke about threats. #JusticeForJunaidHafeez
Junaid Hafeez’s case is particularly symptomatic of the situation that afflicts Pakistan’s society & its criminal justice system. A widely respected academic with a stellar academic record. Junaid was a member of a number of Facebook groups discussing Pakistani society & politics
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1/ The year in #Decred.

Markets ebb and flow, but Decred maintains a long-term approach to rebuilding the financial system in a fairer way. The year included software releases, community evolution and maturation, and a crystallization of how Decred will become a SoV, MoE & UoA.
2/ Software Releases
#Privacy using CoinShuffle++ and DiceMix enables opt-in for security of users and long-term network interests via @real_or_random. dcrppool ensures decentralization of PoW. Mobile wallets released for iOS & Android. dcrln launched #LightningNetwork on mainnet
3/ Evolving the Organism
#Decred formally approved and built towards a #DAO, which will provide security. It proved adaptable, as the Politeia platform matured and was updated. Decred upgraded software by changing consensus rules in a coordinated manner.
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Looking for a DNA Test bargain?

In advance of #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday I wanted to crowdsource #Privacy #Cybersecurity and other risks to consider before buying and doing a consumer DNA test kit.

Using tag #DNAdont a couple to kick us off:
If results show nasty surprises it can be hard to handle.

If data is compromised every close relation can be impacted.

The firm might respect and protect data, but who are their partners, will they one day work with govt or insurers, and what if they get bought out? #DNAdont
Would love Medical Twitter to offer views on consumer DNA test cost vs benefit with big player move to health focus from basic curiosity about genetic relations and roots?

Is quality / potential gain outweighing alternatives and risks? #DNAdont #DNATestKits
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Great Sunday read: @amnesty report by @TanyaOCarroll @JoeWestby on the human rights impact of @Google & @facebook business models.

In this thread,I present some thoughts for folks interested in the intersection of human rights advocacy and academia. (👋 @oiioxford students)1/16
I will try to weave together the report's 4 key topics:

1. #surveillancecapitalism
2. #privacy
3. #AI
4. #market #concentration

with the work of various academics working on the social justice implications of platforms. 2/16
1. Surveillance capitalism:
The report drives home its main point: "It's the economy stupid!"

or as they frame it:

"The technology behind the internet is not incompatible with our rights, but the business model Facebook and Google have chosen is."
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Federal Court this week underscored need for the bipartisan Leahy-Daines bill to protect Americans’ #privacy at the border. @SteveDaines…
Our bipartisan bill requires the govt to have reasonable suspicion or probable cause to search or seize Americans’ electronic devices at the border. @SteveDaines…
Just because an American drives to Canada for the day shouldn’t mean the government gets to search through their photos, emails, and browsing history. @SteveDaines
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This is an exceptionally important article about @google and health care data being provided by @Ascensionorg, without patient or doctor knowledge. So do we, as a society care – what protections are there? @ChrisMurphyCT @SenBlumenthal @rosadelauro… @WSJ
@Google @Ascensionorg @ChrisMurphyCT @SenBlumenthal @rosadelauro @WSJ Why was the project begun in secret? Especially given #privacy issues? 'Google began Project Nightingale in secret last year w/St. Louis-based Ascension, a Catholic chain of 2,600 hospitals, doctors’ offices and other facilities, w/data sharing accelerating since summer.’ @WSJ
@Google @Ascensionorg @ChrisMurphyCT @SenBlumenthal @rosadelauro @WSJ According to @WSJ: "Neither patients nor doctors have been notified. At least 150 Google employees already have access to much of the data on tens of millions of patients, according to person familiar w/the matter and the documents.” Do why not notify everyone before you start?
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Found a @facebook #security & #privacy issue. When the app is open it actively uses the camera. I found a bug in the app that lets you see the camera open behind your feed. Note that I had the camera pointed at the carpet.
@CNET @WIRED @TechCrunch @ABC7 @CNN Anyone seen this??
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Nel frattempo, qualcosa si è mosso.
La segreteria di ha appena risposto alla mia segnalazione.
Vediamo quanto impiegano a sistemare **almeno** la questione delle policy #Privacy e #Cookies [#GDPR]
Per nota: @ebobferraris
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A thread on some quotes from @gautambhatia88’s “The transformative constitution “In equality jurisprudence, the approach of focusing on the disproportionately exclusionary impact if politics rather than their formal character or motive is known as disparate impact”
“It is based on the premise that inequality and discrimination result not (only) from individual hostile acts, but from structures and institutions.” @gautambhatia88 Only in brackets important & added by me.
An test for entry may be “neutral” but yet exclude by aligning with exclusionary institutions; if an physical entrance test for firefighter includes activities not necessary for fulfilling duties and unintentionally poses #gender-barriers, deserves to be struck down. #NoteToSelf
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The @StanfordHAI (Human-centered #AI) Conference on #AiEthics, Policy, & Governance is getting started, live stream below. Speaker list is fantastic. Will be tweeting.

#machinelearning #data4good
@StanfordHAI "Silicon Valley, we have a problem" opens @erikbryn

Speaks to the 'great decoupling' - where productivity and GDP expand with technology, but don't take household incomes with them.

Part of the problem is lower-paid occupations have more automate-able tasks.
@StanfordHAI @erikbryn Both @Susan_Athey and @erikbryn speaking to ML adoption in private sector and the important distinction between labor replacing vs. labor augmenting #automation.

The "Suitability for Machine Learning" or SML scores from this
@MIT_IDE is useful here:… #ai
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TheTotalConnector#38: Adam Back (PhD) @adam3us -
The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole & The Lightning Conference 2019 in #Berlin.
@LNconf #TLC2019
During the Lightning Conference 2019 in Berlin, I had the pleasure to sit down with Adam Back (cyberpunk, cryptographer, PhD in computer science, CEO/Co-Founder of Blockstream etc.) for an interview.
Adam´s works (#Hashcash used in #Bitcoin #Mining) is cited in the White Paper of #SatoshiNakomoto.
Our fascinating talk deep down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole covers a spectrum of questions and topics:
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