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The Justice Department produced a 2-page memo from the Office of Professional Responsibility to undercut whistleblowers' allegations against Attorney General Barr.

Now that memo is a potential scandal in itself.

What 10 top experts told me:…
2. Most explosive thing about the memo: it says even if all the whistleblowers' allegations are true, the facts would not violate "any relevant laws, regulations, rules, policies, or guidelines”

The allegations are that Barr launched sham investigations out of personal animosity
3. Professor @CJSprigman who served in the Antitrust Division:

"I’m also ... a bit alarmed, by OPR’s conclusion. That conclusion is at odds with everything I know about how merger investigations, and, in particular, the Second Request process, is supposed to work."
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June 8, 2020 News ⌨️

Social Engineering Attack Coordinated With Soros’ NGOs & Fake “Anonymous” Accounts That Goes Beyond Antitrust Issues Into “Large Scale Covert Election Interference”

@POTUS @GenFlynn @WokeFakeNews
“Timeline: January 7-9, 2020
Social engineering attack on current situation in Iran/Iraq. A day after Trump killed Suleimani, videos started popping up of people burning Suleimani posters & celebrating in the streets. Then, after Iraqi parliament votes to remove American
troops from Iraq (Retrospective: Iraq never followed through with forcing troops out) the following hashtag started trending: #Iraqi_parliament_does_not_represent_us (huge opposition still going on currently)...
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The President/ CEO & VP of Pilgrim’s Pride and the President & VP of Claxton Poultry Farms were indicted for #PriceFixing broiler chicken prices.

Jayson Penn - Pres/CEO Pilgrims
Roger Austin - former VP Pilgrims
Mikell Fries - Pres Claxton
Scott Brady -VP Claxton

These are just the FIRST charges in an ongoing investigation into chicken price fixing.
Tyson Foods and Sanderson Farms also reportedly received grand jury subpoenaes in this investigation.
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Don’t forget that the DOJ opened #Antitrust and other probes into social media and Google in July of last year.

They’ve been watching and collecting info this whole time. 😉
Here’s more about those probes, or “reviews” as the DOJ actually called them.

Here is Trump's executive order regarding social media and censorship:

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This was indeed a fantastic and very insightful panel! Perhaps a summary of the main points can be useful. Thus, a long thread. 1/n
All panelists agree: Market power in #digital markets is worrisome. Fiona and Tommaso think that #mergers can worsen this situation and directly harm consumers by killing actual or potential competition, reducing #innovation (either killing the innovation of the target or .. 2/n
…the innovation of the acquiring incumbents) and quality (including #privacy). Mergers can also cause indirect harm (Tommaso) by increasing prices in the other side(s) of the market (e.g. #advertising). 3/n
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Leading cancer center, Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute LLC, was charged with and admitted to being involved in a criminal antitrust conspiracy with another Florida cancer center.
Both illegally agreed not to compete with each other in providing chemo and radiation treatments to patients between 1999 and 2016. Thats one long running #Antitrust scam!
Under a deferred prosecution agreement, FCS will pay a $100 Million fine and they have to cooperate with ongoing investigations.
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#BigPharma generic drug co Sandoz was charged & pleaded guilty for participating in 4 #Antitrust conspiracies. They'll have to pay a $195 MILLION penalty & per a deferred prosecution agreement, they'll turn over receipts in other criminal investigations.

Hector Armando Kellum, former Director of Contracts & Pricing at Sandoz, already pleaded guilty 2 weeks ago.

They pleaded guilty to conspiring with at least 4 other #BigPharma generic drug manufacturers.

One of them is likely Taro Pharmaceuticals (in my linked thread above). Here's a big list of other possibilities:…
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DOJ will livestream their Section 230 workshop at 9:00 AM eastern this morning. Link inside 👇

This is the section of the Communications Decency Act that gives immunity from liability to users & providers of internet services that publish other people’s info. Like social media.
Barr spoke about how much technology has changed since Section 230, the benefits of technology, but also how technology & Section 230 are used by tech companies, bad actors, and criminals.
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1/ What might AG #BillBarr say at tomorrow's DOJ workshop on “#Section230—Nurturing Innovation or Fostering Unaccountability?"

Expect him to call for banning strong #encryption, as he did last July—but this time, via amending 230 and focused on "protecting the children"
2/ The whole point of the half-day workshop appears to be for Barr to make the case for a bill DOJ has no doubt helped @LindseyGrahamSC & @SenBlumenthal draft—that would empower a commission (stacked with DOJ allies) to effectively ban encryption

My take:…
3/ Last July, Barr gave a LONG speech denouncing encryption…
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#Farmers are standing up for some basic needs, the #FarmersBillOfRights. We need these in order to survive as producers & caretakers of our shared land, water, soil, & communities. Join our fight!
Thanks to the original co-sponsors: @RepDebHaaland, @chelliepingree & @CoryBooker
@RepDebHaaland @chelliepingree @CoryBooker Learn more about the #FarmersBillOfRights by reading this quick synopsis:
@RepDebHaaland @chelliepingree @CoryBooker 1) RIGHT TO FAIR, OPEN MARKETS: We need #competitive marketplaces to buy seeds, supplies & goods, & sell the fruits of our labor. It's become nearly impossible for independent rural businesses to compete with multinational #monopolies. Farmers need strong #antitrust. #bustupbigag
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Ara Aprahamian, the former VP of Sales & Marketing at generic drug company
Taro Pharmaceuticals, was indicted for his role in conspiracies of #BidRigging, price fixing, and making a false statement to the feds.

#AntiTrust #ButNothingsHappening
Here's a previous write up about it.

Par Pharmaceutical Companies was also involved in the conspiracy of drug companies to inflate generic drug prices.…
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A thread on this interesting piece by Hagiu & Wright on the data advantage.… @theplatformguy #bigdata #antitrust 1/10
The piece makes 2 key points: (1) there is a data advantage only under some conditions & (2) the data-enabled network effect is less powerful than the standard network effect 2/10
My views: the first point is uncontroversial. The second point is not necessarily true in all circumstances, and anyway it doesn't necessarily matter when discussing the data-enabled network effect 3/10
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Trade groups representing #BigTech, who are currently being probed for #AntiTrust violations, want courts to bring back net neutrality. One of whom was already charged w/ antitrust.

Now think again about why Amazon, Google/Alphabet, Facebook & Microsoft want #NetNeutrality.
Now, look what happened in #NewJersey AFTER Obama’s #NetNeutrality rules were revoked.

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Whew! Hey @DawsonSField

Peter Volino, a former Vice President at Industrial and Commercial Bank of #China Financial Services LLC (ICBCFS), pleaded guilty to #BidRigging conspiracy in a an antitrust charge.

#ButNothingsHappening #AntiTrust
The ICBCFS is a is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC).
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DOJ announces Procurement Collusion Strike Force:
a Coordinated National Response to Combat #Antitrust Crimes and Related Schemes in Government Procurement, Grant and Program Funding
13 targeted districts
Official Procurement Collusion Strike Force website…
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Big drug players are driving independent pharmacies out of business. Many places are becoming “pharmacy deserts.”

I co-wrote this piece w/ @cthaxtonilsr about what’s happening — told through the story of an immigrant pharmacist in rural Maine. 1/…
@cthaxtonilsr Before Ben Okafor opened Family Pharmacy in Eastport – which is way up near the Canadian border -- there hadn’t been a pharmacy in the region for more than a decade.

Picking up a prescription meant a 40-minute drive, each way. 2/
@cthaxtonilsr What had happened to the pharmacies in Eastport? In the mid-2000s, there had been 2 local pharmacies. Then Rite Aid bought and closed both – banking on the fact that residents would drive to a Rite Aid in Bangor (2 hr) or Calais (40 min). 3/
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US Attorney for the Eastern District of #Michigan will be part of a DOJ announcement in DC tomorrow for the launch of the “Procurement Collusion Strike Force.”

Hold onto your butts!

👀 👇 👇 👇 👇
Here’s an update on the DOJ’s new “Procurement Collusion Strike Force.”

The force will be a partnership consisting of: Antitrust prosecutors, prosecutors from 13 US Atty offices (whew boy!), FBI, the DoD OIG, USPS OIG, and other OIGS! 🔥🔥

The task force will focus on the following types of crimes:

✔️ #Antitrust crimes

✔️ Bid rigging

✔️ Government procurement fraud

✔️ Grant fraud

✔️ Program funding fraud

✔️ Other related crimes

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1.) Is it just me or is everyone f’n brain washed into wanting a life devoid of freedom and happiness? Have people forgotten that WE make the world #economy work? We’re the consumers AND the work. The owners just facilitate between the groups & make a killing being middle men...
2.) If we ever broke free of our damn slumber & broke up these low competition industries there would be an entrepreneurial boom in the 2020s. Normal people will have opportunities to form businesses better than ever before without fear of reprisal from industry leaders...
3.) It’s absolutely imperative to expose these industry #Cartels who control every major revenue source in the world. There are 2,153 #Billionaires in the world who as a group, control more wealth & companies than the entire world population. They have boxed out small business.
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The dramatic collapse of public companies shown in this powerful chart is a one-two punch of--

1) gutted #antitrust enabling giant M&A deals that eliminate competition, and

2) #deregulation of capital markets enabling companies to raise $ in dark markets.

Together these forces drive:

- Concentration of economic power

- Abuses against working families & retirees

- Capture of govt

- Misallocation of capital & non-competitive capital markets, which harms economy & lowers retiree returns

And it gets worse. Right now the SEC — which is supposed to be the Investors Advocate — is driving multiple initiatives and proposals to concentrate economic power and eliminate transparency in capital markets even further. Let’s walk through several.
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This is a great thread about science and policy. #mssp668. Here are some thoughts as an economist who will be testifying in the House this Tuesday to advocate for stronger worker protection against anticompetitive behavior by employers. #antitrust… 1/n
Research findings by themselves never logically demand any particularly policy. Science is positive. Gap between what is and what ought to be cannot be bridged without some additional normative assumptions. 2/n
When we write economics papers and suggest some policy implications, these implications typically hold under the particular normative framework of standard economics, i.e. utilitarianism, cost-benefit, etc. @itaisher @bblockwood. 3/n
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In SF Superior Court this morning, waiting to find out if open statements will start in the @SutterHealth #antitrust trial. California AG Becerra sued Northern CA's largest healthcare provider last year, claiming it drives up costs for patients & insurers.…
@SutterHealth The judge just announced a settlement in principal in Sutter health antitrust case. there will be no jury trial, unless the class action settlement fails to get approval. Approval hearing expected in February or March 2020. @CourthouseNews
@SutterHealth @CourthouseNews On the eve of a months-long trial, Judge Anne-Christine Massullo announced a settlement in the California v. Sutter Health antitrust case. Trial was expected to last months. Details of the settlement remain confidential, but will eventually be revealed for judge's approval.
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Google Lobbying efforts in Bruxelles: 2011 - 2017 +500% ! the results? Very Bad for the European consumers ... For the 1st time in #Antitrust history in Europe, the culprit has to decide alone what will be his compliance Mechanism ... #Google #EU @Europarl_FR @Europarl_EN
For the 1st time in #Antitrust history, the victims of the abuse have to buy at the Culprit Shop!
7 millions alone in 2017 : we know now where this money goes: to prevent European consumers to have real unbiased price comparison services... Google has bought his way...… For the first time in Antitrust history, the victims have to pay the culprit … Google price comparison Case in EU: pouring big money works! @EU_Competition do you have extra salaries from Google Lobbyist?
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In light of the @BostonFed #HouseDivided2019 conference this weekend, here are a few tweets about my paper in the ANNALS of @TheAAPSS: Antitrust Enforcement as Federal Policy to Reduce Regional Economic Disparities…
@BostonFed @TheAAPSS This is part of a special issue on policy feedbacks, aimed at designing policies to meet current challenges while being politically durable and building momentum for further reform. Also featuring @awh @SamTrachtman @jonasmeckling @povertyscholar and more
@BostonFed @TheAAPSS @awh @SamTrachtman @jonasmeckling @povertyscholar My piece argues that regional economic inequality should be treated first and foremost as a national problem to be solved through federal policy, not just a matter for states and local governments
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"DoH" is an expression many associate with this guy 👇👇👇 rather than a web-based encryption technology at the center of political controversy.

DoH is a controversial technology that obfuscates which websites you look-up (and visit) by encrypting your DNS requests.

Its development recently drawing the ire of telcos, ISPs as well as UK and US regulators.

#doh #ietf #privacy 2/18
Now that I have had some time to recover from the fact that the opaque #IETF protocols I study are front-page news, here are some thoughts on DoH from an anthro who spends a lot of time w the companies that develop & implement it.

F R O N T P A G E… 3/
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