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Sen. Lee: I don't share the enthusiasm to use #antitrust to address inequality/discrimination issues presented by the tech platforms. Antitrust shouldn't be used as a swiss-army knife. Congress has other policy tools.


Sen. Klobuchar: Competition problem bigger than tech. GOP author of Sherman Act. Adam Smith talked about fear of monopoly. Teddy Roosevelt was a GOPer. This isn't partisan issue. Courts have made enforcing antitrust laws more difficult. Kavanaugh, Gorsuch will further this trend.
Reich: Pharma, agricultural, and tech present biggest problems. Less innovation, less productivity. Reduced level of business formation. Wages suppressed by monopsony power of dominant local buyers. Portion of economy going to wages dropping.

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THREAD on #monopsony and #antitrust implications

1. Intellectual foundations back to work of Joan Robinson (1933) – eminent woman economist btw, too often neglected. She became full professor only in 1965 – 6 years before retiring
2. Here’s the theory :
-In a competitive labour market, each worker receives her/his marginal product
-Labour supply is upward sloping: need to pay more to attract more workers
-If a single firm buys inputs, will try to BUY LESS in order to drive WAGES DOWN
3. More and more evidence I cannot review here, coming from terrific work of @joseazar @mioana @Econ_Marshall @glenweyl @Alan_Krueger @arindube et al. Most comes from US data, but also Europe e.g. Silvana Tenreyro et al.
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This will be my THREAD on [TRUST] the Plan. This will be part 2 of the #Payseur Thread. Are you READY?

Let's Go!

Who is [P] Thread here:
@WarDrummer1 Preso:

Q uses the word TRUST and trust many many times. Got me thinking... TRUSTS?

When #Q started Patriots Fight they dropped this image.

@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #TRUST #PatriotsUnited
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BREAKING: @CommonsCMS @DamianCollins just released previously sealed #Six4Three @Facebook documents:…
Some random interesting tidbits:

1) Zuck approves shutting down platform API access for Twitter's when Vine is released #competition
2) Facebook engineered ways to access user's call history w/o alerting users:

Team considered access to call history considered 'high PR risk' but 'growth team will charge ahead'. @Facebook created upgrade path to access data w/o subjecting users to Android permissions dialogue.
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I have requested that Europe’s Competition Commissioner @vestager examine the online “behavioural” advertising market to prevent anticompetitive practices that disadvantage publishers, restrict innovation, and limit consumer choice.… #antitrust
Bloomberg's @Aoifewhite101 has the story here…
Here are some of the questions we ask the @EU_Competition to consider. Do online platforms leverage dominant positions in one line of business by cross-using user data accumulated in that line of business to dominate other lines of business too, rather than compete on the merits?
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The settlement requires the parties to continue to cooperate in an ONGOING investigation. 🤓 @ninaandtito
Lol, Trumpkin Sam Zell owns Tribune Media, another party to the settlement. 😁
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@YossiGestetner @WiredSources @AviFollman @TwitterSupport @Twitter @jack @NickPacilio I’ve been saying for a few years now that HARD CENSORSHIP would inevitably come into play. A handful of billionaires have spent immense fortunes in order to control the flow of information, social media was making their consolidation MEANINGLESS.
@YossiGestetner @WiredSources @AviFollman @TwitterSupport @Twitter @jack @NickPacilio The power of propaganda was being diluted by free and open dialogue, our would be masters are pissed about that so they are using economic pressure to cause ALL social media platforms to implement hard censorship. Even with their untold billions, they can’t compete on the level.
@YossiGestetner @WiredSources @AviFollman @TwitterSupport @Twitter @jack @NickPacilio Hard censorship is here, and it was going to come no matter what. It’s time for criminal and civil actions to be utilized to right the ship. #Antitrust
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1. #Antitrust Sherman Act
Antitrust Clayton Act
Antitrust Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914.

#Google , #Twitter and #Facebook violate all 3 Laws.
they must be broken-up and shattered.

remember United States vs. Rockefeller's Standard Oil - 1911
2. "United States Antitrust Law is a collection of Federal and State Government Laws that regulates the conduct and organization of business corporations to promote fair competition."
3. "The Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice, State governments and private parties may bring actions in the Courts to enforce the #Antitrust Laws."
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Morning campers! I’ll be live-tweeting from the European Court of Justice today about @Google’s “Right to be Forgotten” hearing.

What’s the main point? Should Europe (or France’s #privacy regulator) be able to apply its rules over the internet worldwide.

A recap:
La Vanguardia, a Spanish newspaper, published records in the late 1990s detailing the debt delinquencies of Mario Costeja.

About a decade later, Costeja sued, saying that the publication breached his right to privacy.
After a lengthy legal dispute, the case was referred to the ECJ which, in 2014, ruled that individuals had the right to ask that search engines like @Google remove links (but not the underlying webpages) from search results
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1) I know most researchers saw this last year. It's a good time for second look.
@BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @ECEverett1…
2) Secured access to Facebook raw data?…
3) Lawfare and clogging the FOIA requests…
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The @FTC is accepting public comments on topics for the Hearings on Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century through 8/20/18. Submit your comments today:…
Topics available for public comment include:

The state of #antitrust and consumer protection law and enforcement, and their development, since the Pitofsky hearings:…
#Competition and consumer protection issues in communication, information, and media technology networks:…
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The bank deregulation bill that President Trump signed last week could not have come at a better time for Warren Buffet’s mobile home empire 👉 Berkshire Hathaway manufactures 52% all mobile homes in 🇺🇸, up from 13% in 2003 when he purchased the company. #antitrust
An illusion of choice exists in mobile home showrooms 👉 Schult Homes, Karsten Homes, Golden West Home, Cavalier Homes, Buccaneer Homes, Giles Homes, Norris Homes, SEhomes, Marlette Homes, Crest Homes are all owned by Buffet under the Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary Clayton Homes.
Not only does Clayton Homes dominate the manufacturing of mobile 🏠, it is also vertically integrated. It sells, finances, leases and insurers many of the 🏠. Paint and carpet in many of the homes also come from other Buffett owned entities: Benjamin Moore and Shaw Industries
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1/ #FlipkartWalmartDeal is a bit unfortunate for an Indian the #startup (and the #founder) who had chance to be India's Alibaba (and Jack Ma ).
2/ Yes, an awesome deal for #founder & #investors.

400x for Accel Partners & Tiger Global's initial investment.

Softbank wld get 1.5x for $2.5bn within a year.
3/ Could they have become $200 B business on their own, with the original team?

Would Indian market alone have supported the kind of growth Alibaba experienced/ing?
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The first @AntitrustCaucus briefing will focus on the impact of economic concentration on racial and gender inequality:
The briefing panelists include @Sally_Hubbard, @NellAbernathy, Seema Nanda of @civilrightsorg, Prof. Marcellus Andrews of @BucknellU, and @DiBartz of @Rueters, who will moderate the panel.
Over the past several decades, waves of mergers coupled with lax antitrust enforcement have led to excessive concentration and market power across the economy.…
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