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I’m sick of this #BullSchiff...

• the Dossier was shit
• Schiff is shit
• Kyle Griffin buttoning his shirt like a damn Nazi is shit

... and so was the ‘hack’ narrative. This is a new/short thread on how I know you people are ALL #FullOfSchiff
On October 24, 2016 @esquire published an article that quoted Dimitri Alperovitch as FIRST LEARNING of the hack on the morning of May 6th, 2016.

The article also states that it is by custom that the person who ID’s it gets to name it.

They named it Fancy Bear.

That maybe important... BECAUSE
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QDrops 3/22/19

322 = 3/22
322 = 💀 & 🦴
+22 = How many months for the Mueller Investigation
666 Let that sink in.






QDrop #3161 March 22, 2019



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Short thread - Speculation on @realDonaldTrump
1) @AdamSchiffCA calls out '4 horsemen of this apocalypse' on CNN Gowdy Nunes Meadows and Jordan.
2) @realDonaldTrump in Churchill's chair.

It mean something 4 fingers on right knee - deliberate - legs crossed which he never does.

Also he's nearly always smiling.

Here he looks serious but relaxed.

I pity the receiver of this message. #FULLOFSCHIFF
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1)Listen to deep state try to shut down the awakening, not happening unlucky for you..This one was my favourite #FULLOFSCHIFF line
“squashing freedom of the press” 🤣
2)Do you mean squashing or paying?? 🧐 cos it was the #DNC @HillaryClinton That “invested” in media.. The @wikileaks shows all the people that make up #Propaganda against @POTUS or anything not beneficial for your friends the Deep states global agenda..
3) The #FakeNewsMedia @CNN @nytimes @AP @NewYorker That continue to only publish hit pieces for your Queen @BarackObama..Wait, which one is the Queen?
🧐mmm @HillaryClinton hard to tell doesn’t matter not the point. You know all about squishing the press. #LiberalHypocrisy
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Do @AdamSchiffCA and @SenWarren care to comment about their buddy #SamanthaBee calling a woman, mother and public servant a “feckless c**t” and telling her to dress like a hooker? The same woman who’s currently working on #PrisonReform cc: @TBSNetwork @TheDemocrats
Is that your office #AdamSchiff as your constituent please answer why this is okay? Though it’s something you probably wish you could say yourself that’s why I’m voting for @Johnny_Congress #FullOfSchiff #TakeBackCalifornia
Dear @BarackObama and @madeleine do you condone calling women “feckless c**ts” and telling them to dress like hookers? #AskingForAFriend
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Hey @TwitterSupport @twitter
There's something very wrong.

i don't wanna make this all about me. really.

BUT..i just wanna show you, how your SERVICE is apparently being ABUSED by 'highly respected people' while I am using it to engage in discussions and to spread information.
Underneath my last tweet you saw my audit score from
Soo..You saw, I have a 99% real following.
Only 8 bots or fraudulent users or non posters or porn babes aka eagle spreaders..

can't do anything about that..But have a look underneath THIS VERY Tweet.
1,404,804 Real Followers while he has 2,655,322 Fake Followers.

I know, it's not his Senator's account but he hast still this BLUE VERIFICATION MARK..
That means to me that you have VERIFIED him. 34% REAL FOLLOWERS AND


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1) Well here we are, the first prosecution of something that's actually related to Russian interference with the election. Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Rosie O'Donnell, and the Resistance promised the end of Trump to us aaaaannnnd... whelp
2) Honestly, this is about as big a nothingburger as one could imagine. After tens of millions of dollars and claims that he flipped Papasnufalufagus, Flynn, and Page, this is what Mueller comes up with? Sad. Trump knows that he's vidicated
3) Let me explain. A gang of Russians came into the US and began posing as political groups and created fake facebook/twitter profiles. They moved to attack Trump opponents prior to the election and attack Trump after - essentially the same mind as the Joker from the Dark Knight
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