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TIL: Using `error_get_last()` in library code is almost always wrong 💥 #php #gotcha

See why this may or may not return a `Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null`? Image
We only call `error_get_last()` if we're sure an error occurred. However, while the error suppression operator `@` correctly hides errors, it still calls global error handlers set via `set_error_handler()` outside our control. In result, `error_get_last()` would return null! 💥
To be safe, correct error handling for functions that may report PHP warnings requires special care: Library code needs to account for any global error handlers by setting up a temporary error handler itself using `set_error_handler()` and `restore_error_handler()` ✅ #php Image
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Christmas Eve during a pandemic is that special time of year when papá has a Sazerac in front of the kiddo because she insists on watching Frozen for the quintillionth time Image
Santa wishes he'd been assigned the task of assembling a train set *before* having a Sazerac
Correction: a miniature treehouse. I'm supposed to build this 👀⤵️ Image
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Watching Endgame after some Hawkeye this morning... and it really does improve on subsequent viewings.
And it doesn’t shortchange Thanos as a villain. He becomes more menacing once his plot is undone.
It’s the combat that won’t age well. Goes on for too long, has CGI that will fade, etc. Emotional beats are fast food.
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.@nymag and @nicholsonbaker8: This article is filled with wild speculation about SARS-CoV-2's origins and signifies a lack of understanding around basic genetics and viral evolution.…
The story cherry-picks from research and statements prior to 2020 to make the same misconceived arguments about SARS-CoV-2 bioengineering that have been debunked repeatedly for nearly a year.…
Ex. The story pulls this quote from Feb 2020, saying a coronavirus is “unlikely to have four amino acids added all at once"

Just last month, we learned of two variants w/ 17 and 10 similar changes arising naturally in the UK and South Africa, respectively…
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TERF Selda Tuncer ne demiş ya bu yayında çok onu merak ediyorum. Mesela ifşa ve cinsel taciz meselesini anlatırken TERFdaşlarının tacizci adamları aklamak için dalaklarını yırttıklarından bahsetmiş mi? Bu insanlarla iki yıldır neden halay çektiğini açıklamış mı? #AskingForAFriend
2 yıl boyunca kadın düşmanı şeyler RT edip, kadınlar biyolojik olarak erkeklerden geridir diyen bir adamla canlı yayın yapsam Twitter'ı başıma yıkar, anamdan emdiğim sütü burnumdan getirirsiniz haklı olarak. Söz konusu transfobi olduğunda niye herkes bu kadar yüce gönüllü acaba?
Burada translara zorbalık yapan, bununla övünen ve insanların hassasiyetleriyle alay eden, akademik gücünü transfobi kusmaya adayan, her eleştiri sahibini bloklayan bir insan Selda Tuncer. Taciz konusunda özeleştiri vermeden ne anlattı allasen? İnanamıyorum bu duruma.
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(Zoom in on photo) the Big banks that can’t fail have now purchased $1.8 TRILLION in Credit Default Swaps (CDS) yes the same CDS that helped caused the Financial Crisis of 2008. @jpmorgan has increased there Swaps by $100 billion since last report I’m sure it’s fine!
@jpmorgan has $2.6 trillion in assets with $59 trillion in Derivatives I’m sure this ratio is perfectly fine.
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This will be an ongoing thread on high-paying writing opportunities collected from various sources. Below are mostly specialized publications that pay really well. Good luck!
#PitchToThisEditor is looking for entertainment pitches with a focus on reported features, high-profile interviews, and extremely good columnists. Pitch to
Nat Geo Travel is looking for sustainable travel stories. Pay $0.50 to $1.00 per word. Send pitches to…
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Date: 15 March 2019

Veterans' Affairs Minister #auspol .@DarrenChesterMP announces $2.1 million in the federal budget for "comprehensive health assessments" for veterans affected by tafenoquine and other drugs.
ie "comprehensive health assessments" for the #drugtrial #HumanGuineaPigs suffering the horrendous impact of neurotoxic #braindamage as a result of being #HumanGuineaPigs

Think of them like this generation's #AgentOrange Victims
Here is the press release.…
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This is your daily pension announcement: Red tape for everyone edition!!
Below you will find the great David Climenhaga letting us know how despite creating a "Ministry of Red Tape Reduction" red tape is actually being weaponized by the GOA. #ABLeg #ABEd…
Back in the day I served with the Canadian Armed Forces. The red tape reached legendary proportions. So everybody has to love the "get rid of red tape" campaign led by the Muppet Minister Grant Hunter, right? #handsoffmypension #redtape
Only thing is the GOA, as is so eloquently explained by Dave, is not getting rid of red tape but rather using it as a weapon against people and institutions they don't like.

Hmm...sort of like teachers' pensions. #redtape
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What would backtaxes be on $100 Billion?


"While accumulating this wealth, Ensign [the church's investment arm] has not directly funded any religious, educational or charitable activities in 22 years, the complaint said."…
Well, hello there, Ensign Peak Advisors. Fancy seeing you there in the #ParadisePapers.
From on the whistleblower payout:

Anywhere from 15-30% if you turnover "solid information" and if its a "significant federal tax issue." ⬇️⬇️⬇️
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Jan 2018: "The US ambassador to Russia, Jon Huntsman, will take part in an Epiphany ceremony over the weekend near Moscow, embassy spokeswoman Maria Olson said."

Is this part of the job description of a US ambassador to Russia?


"I want to feel close to Russians" is an odd way to phrase things - especially when you are a devout Mormon who takes baptism pretty darn seriously.
Unrelated Question: Why is our current US Ambassador to Russia in Epstein's little black address book?

Related Question: Why is no one reporting this?

@maddow @Lawrence @DavidCornDC
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Feierabend de luxe: Mitten im Gewitter zwischen zwei Bahnhöfen in der #S3 feststecken, weil der Zug über einen Stromabnehmer gefahren ist — wir warten jetzt auf Feuerwehr und „Notfallmanager“.

Melde mich wieder, wenn erste Fälle von Kannibalismus auftreten.

(2) Eine S-Bahn ist doch ein Faradayscher Käfig, oder?

(3) Wenn es weiter so regnet, koennen wir aus unserer festsitzenden S-Bahn Flaschenpost werfen.

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One of the many "dirty tricks" Nixon tried to do in his early years at the White House was undermine the job & unemployment numbers coming out of the Bureau of Labor Statistics office. Wonder how things are going today...…
Blast from the Past: There was one president who tried to manipulate BLS.
Just think of ALL the industries that are affected by ADVANTAGEOUS unemployment & job numbers:

✔ Banking
✔ Stock Market
✔ Interest Rates
✔ Political corporate donors
✔ Elections
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Dear Attorney General Barr,

Please meet Ethics Rule 3.3 - Candor to Tribunal:
A lawyer shall not knowingly: Make a false statement of fact or law to a tribunal or fail to correct a false statement of material fact or law previously made to the tribunal by the lawyer, unless correction would require disclosure of information that is prohibited by Rule 1.6;
Can a sitting Attorney General be disbarred but still remain over the U.S. Justice Department?

Remember, disbarment is handled via the courts at the STATE level, not the federal.
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In lieu of creating a whole new account/blog documenting the anti-Micronesian hate I see online, I’ve decided to just make a thread of it. I encourage everyone to read through it, share their own, contribute, and RT. Will be using the hashtag #BeingMicronesian with this thread.
Here’s my previous pinned thread about some of the anti-Micronesian hate I’d recently seen in a #StolenStuffHawaii post. #BeingMicronesian
Here are the screenshots from the same #StolenStuffHawaii post, unedited... (Part 01)
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Do @AdamSchiffCA and @SenWarren care to comment about their buddy #SamanthaBee calling a woman, mother and public servant a “feckless c**t” and telling her to dress like a hooker? The same woman who’s currently working on #PrisonReform cc: @TBSNetwork @TheDemocrats
Is that your office #AdamSchiff as your constituent please answer why this is okay? Though it’s something you probably wish you could say yourself that’s why I’m voting for @Johnny_Congress #FullOfSchiff #TakeBackCalifornia
Dear @BarackObama and @madeleine do you condone calling women “feckless c**ts” and telling them to dress like hookers? #AskingForAFriend
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Sorry for the rant but #MichaelHastings deserves justice he was being investigated by the FBI at the time of his death, all things old deserve new light. #WeRemember
Obama appointee at DHS suggests to the "team" that maybe they should just call #MichaelHastings to help him understand the mission. One year later he was dead.
Attn: @MercedesBenz do your vehicles normally become engulfed in flames with minimal front end damage? Also do your engines fly through the air? #Askingforafriend #MichaelHastings
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