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#HeartProgress – Progressive Democrats now openly promoting pedophila via @PacificPundit3
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS
#HeartProgressive is a new progressive liberal #Democrat group gaining popularity among leftists. Some call themselves #pedosexuals and they attempt to carve out their own niche and attach themselves to the #LGBTQ community.
#HeartProgress is your typical left wing extremist group spewing hate towards @realDonaldTrump , or anything not liberal enough for them.
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You realize there are #LGBTQ people of faith, yes @mattklewis? And many of us live in “middle America” — you get that too, yes?

Absence of unearned deference isn’t the same as “having it out for” someone, @Zigmanfreud.

Not to mention that some of those white rural voters are gay and lesbian and/or have LGBTQ loved ones.

Plus it was funny 🤷🏼‍♀️
You know all those times men have chided women for “not having a sense of humor”?

Turns out that was projection.

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Kamala Harris knows #LGBTQ people are not a joke.

Too bad @ChrisCuomo doesn’t.
Thank you, @ChrisCuomo, for realizing your error and apologizing so quickly.

I hope you will do something to help the non-binary, non-gender conforming, and transgender folks within our community to further your understanding.

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Next up — our home-state senator @KamalaHarris! #EqualityTownHall #PowerOfOurPride
.@KamalaHarris sharing her story of the ‘Winter of Love’ weddings she performed back in 2004 always gets me. 🥰 #EqualityTownHall #PowerOfOurPride
.@KamalaHarris on #Prop8 fight: “Any one day in the life of someone who is denied justice is a very long time.” #EqualityTownHall #PowerOfOurPride
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I really hope straight people don't circumvent tonight's #LGBTQforum to make it all about them yet again.
On Oct. 8 the US Solicitor General was arguing--on your tax dollars--that lesbian, gay and trans Americans are non-persons under the law. This is still a real thing.
In 2019, LGBTQ Americans are 2nd class non-person entities without any of the most basic protections that everyone else in America has.
Every lesbian I know, including me & The Wife, has been fired from at least one job for being gay. I was 19 the 1st time I was denied a lease.2/
The Wife and I have been together for 20yrs. But it has only been legal for us to marry for four--or file a joint tax return. It would not be legal for us to foster or adopt a child in most states. The biases against LGBTQ people in every arena are extreme and life-altering.
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So, wonder what it's all about at the Supreme Court and #GayRights today?
Here's a primer & photos (pulled off interweb w/ credit) of some of the thousands of activists who turned up in front of #SCOTUS to fight for #EqualityForAll
#RiseUpOct8 #RiseUpOctober8 #RiseUpOctober8th
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The #SCOTUS heard arguments today in cases that implicate the rights of #LGBTQ people in the workplace. This DOJ took a hostile position in all.

We were proud to submit an amicus brief on behalf of 60 orgs standing up for the dignity of all workers. #RiseUpOctober8 Title VII
@LawyersComm @SharonMcGowanDC @LambdaLegal @LGBTEqCaucus @PiperPerabo @TransLawCenter @cmclymer @HRC @Lavernecox @AlphonsoDavid Workplace discrimination against LGBTQ people is discrimination on the basis of sex.

You can find a copy of the @lawyerscomm & @civilrights org brief joined by dozens of national civil rights groups here👇🏾 #RiseUpOctober8…
@LawyersComm @SharonMcGowanDC @LambdaLegal @LGBTEqCaucus @PiperPerabo @TransLawCenter @cmclymer @HRC @Lavernecox @AlphonsoDavid @CivilRights The Supreme Court must recognize that Title VII's protections extends to millions of LGBTQ people in American, especially those most often subjected to discrimination --> LGBTQ people of color.

Democracy requires that the SCOTUS respect the full scope of Title VII's protections.
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POSTED: #SCOTUS argument transcript in the sexual orientation cases (Bostock and Zarda), which waere heard first this morning:…
BACKGROUND: My thread on these cases —>
PAM KARLAN, arguing for Bostock and Zarda, opened the arguments with crisp, clear, succinct, accessible discussion of how clear these cases should be:
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This morning the Supreme Court is hearing three cases to determine whether #LGBTQ workers are protected from discrimination under our nation’s sex non-discrimination laws, a decision that will have major consequences for our nation. #SCOTUS
Someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity is intrinsically linked with their sex. It is impossible to discriminate against someone in a same-sex relationship without, by definition, taking their sex into consideration.
Same goes for gender identity. It is impossible to discriminate against someone for not expressing themselves in a way that aligns with how you perceive their sex without considering... their sex.
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1/ ICYMI, I've written and co-written a couple of things I hope some readers will find interesting about central questions in each of the Title VII cases being argued in the #SCOTUS today.

#TitleVII #LGBTQ #stephens #zarda #bostock @SCOTUSblog #appellatetwitter
2/ First, in this blogpost I address the argument that T7 doesn't prohibit an employer from adhering to a policy or practice of disfavoring gay men and lesbians alike, e.g., a "heterosexuals only need apply" policy.
3/ I explain that that doesn't describe the employers in the two cases the Court is hearing today--nor virtually any other employers one finds in T7 cases--but that, in any event, the Court's doctrines involving other forms of discrimination ...
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Tomorrow #SCOTUS is going to hear three cases that will decide if employers can fire LGBTQ people for no other reason than being LGBTQ, or any expression thereof. This is very worrisome.
I don’t think the outlook is good at all. Gorsuch and Kavanagh are partisan ideologues, who do not care about protections for marginalized groups, including #LGBTQ people. So, as I brace myself for a painful hearing and a bad decision, I have to think about what I can do.
This case will hinge on whether people can invoke religion to fire LGBTQ people and cause pain and suffering. The plaintiffs are not ministers. They are doing everyday jobs. But this is going to be a case of “religious freedom” giving a license to discrimination.
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Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will take up three historic cases that may define the future of #LGBTQ equality.

More 👇🏾
We’ve made great progress in the last 20 years: decriminalizing homosexuality, marriage equality, rapidly growing trans+ visibility & awareness.

But we STILL don’t have a federal law explicitly protecting LGBTQ folks from discrimination in employment, housing or public spaces.
I’m proud Washington State protects LGBTQ people in state law AND:

☑️ protects queer youth from the vile practice of "conversion therapy"
☑️ bans health insurance exclusions for trans people
☑️ allows trans & non-binary people to accurately list their gender identity on forms
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1/Short thread alert.

On Sept. 20, a transgender woman was shot six times on the streets of Dallas. For more than a week, we didn't know who she was or how she was faring.… #txlege #LGBT #LGBTQ Cc @LaVendrickS
@LaVendrickS 2/When a 29-year-old man was arrested for the shooting, the affidavit gave us some more details about the crime. In it, the transgender woman said the man who shot her said homo/trans-phobic things.

But I still didn't know who she was.… #txlege #LGBT
@LaVendrickS 3/ The arrest affidavit included a name for the victim. But we knew that probably wasn't the one she used. We didn't include it in our reporting.

Instead, we wrote a longer piece about the most recent attack and anti-trans violence in Texas.… #txlege
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People who aren't #LGBTQ seem not to know this happens all the time. My wife and I have both been fired for being gay. So has my bestie. I have written numerous news stories about the new trend in firing lesbian teachers who marry. There are no protections for us.
I wrote about the case before #SCOTUS Oct 8 here. ↘️ The Trump DOJ is urging the SCOTUS to rule against #LGBTQ people and for discrimination.…
The Trump administration has been pushing discrimination against #LGBTQ people in every area--including the military, #healthcare, education and employment.
The breadth of this cannot be overstated. I have written about two dozen pieces this year alone.
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I don’t identify as “male” or “female” but rather as I am I. However dating can be a very binary world. So I’ve spent the year conducting various studies about my experiences being perceived on dating apps as male vs female. Here’s some of what I found. #IAmI #lgbtq #genderqueer
1: I created a two dating profiles with the same photo. The same sexuality (open/bi). And the only differences were that one was “Male” and the other “Female”. I found that my “Male” profile got almost 200% more hits than the “female profile”.
2: The “Male” profiles hits were 70% gay and bi identifying males. 25% hetero/bi identifying females. 5% other identity.
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1/ Another ridiculous lie from @realDonaldTrump.

From day one, @HouseDemocrats have been focused on delivering on our promises to the American people. Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell calls himself the “grim reaper” and refuses to even consider our bills.
2/ We have the receipts to back it up.
We passed #HR1, the For The People Act — the most ambitious set of ethics & election reforms in a generation. It gets big money out of politics, protects voting rights & strengthens ethics laws.
3/ We passed the #EqualityAct to ensure #LGBTQ Americans get the same legal protection as everyone else.
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I just had to block a mass amount of people due to my "fat shaming" @AndrewScheer tweet. They then came back at me with a slew of crap focused on @JustinTrudeau and on my own character. Listen to this: Scheer is a homophobic, misogynistic, woman-hating bigot. Those that follow 1/
him are no different than him. Meaning, you agree with his comments on equating homosexuals with dogs and removing a woman's right to choose what she does with her own body. For someone who is "Harp-ing" on Trudeau's "foibles", Scheer certainly does nothing for his own 2/
character by demeaning the #LGBTQ community in such a disgusting fashion. His "blackface/brownface" is hidden, which makes him dangerous than anything Trudeau has done or will do. So to those who say to me I'm disgusting for "fat shaming".... FUCK YOU! Canada is not what 3/
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@2020MNCongress is a @GOP candidate for the Congressional seat of Minnesota 5 currently held by Ilhan Omar - @IlhanMN

According to @2020MNCongress (Danielle Stella), she is working on her campaign alone & without assistance. Thus she alone manages her Twitter account. 2/
Any independent review of her Twitter account would conclude that rather than proposing policies and ideas that could potentially help her community and future constituents, @2020MNCongress is using her account to promote and amplify her hatred of Muslims ... 3/
.... and spread completely unproven - and often fabricated lies - about her potential future opponent Ilhan Omar - @IlhanMN
Many of these tweets are borderline dangerous - some even represent a direct or indirect or implied threat of actual violence towards Ilhan Omar @IlhanMN 4/
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#LGBTQ Presidential Forum Tonight!

Kamala Harris is more than ready.

Here are a "few things" why:

1. Introduced the Do No Harm Act with Reps. Scott and Kennedy that would ensure that religion cannot be used to discriminate against LGBTQ individuals.

2. Cosponsor of the Equality Act that would amend the Civil Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

3. Advocate for fairness in health

#Khive #ForThePeople #Kamala
3a. Cosponsor of the Repeal HIV Discrimination Act which would provide for federal review of state and local laws that impose criminal liability on individuals living with HIV.

3b. As AG, sent letter to FDA urging the agency to reconsider its blood ban for gay men.

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This is really starting to piss me off. #Trudeau literally created the most diverse cabinet in the history of #Canada, giving #POC the highest jobs in the country. He’s welcomed #Syrian refugees, he’s increased funding to #Indigenous people, he’s marched with #LGBTQ in #Pride...
...Parades. He’s supported #women’s rights, stood with #feminists & created the most gender balanced cabinet in the history of this country. His record on #humanrights, #multiculturalism & #diversity speaks a feck of a lot louder than some 20 year old photos. Wake up #canada!...
This is not #racism it is character assassination plain & simple. Don’t believe me? Look at Scheer’s record on #multiculturalism, #diversity & #inclusion. Look at the #whitenationalists, #bigots & #racists running in his campaign & ask yourself why they got a pass & JT doesn’t...
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"EU is the 4th Reich" meme has been a real winner for our enemies.

Woke enough to know the EU is evil, people have consciously or unconsciously imbibed the message that white people are responsible for the EU; and fascism not globalism is the biggest threat.
Thread of ideas and infomation to counter the narrative the EU is Fascist. The EU is Nazi. It is neither.

The EU is #Globalist.

Globalism seeks to destroy everything we hold dear; to create future generations who are nothing more than malleable slaves to elite masters.
For those who believe EU is a fascist 4th Reich; this thread is for you.

But world is full of people telling you what to think. Don't take anything at face value. Research yourself.

Best proof is congruence between 'facts' and between 'facts' & what you see with your own eyes.
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For those who believe EU is a fascist 4th Reich here's the rebuttal.

World is full of people telling you what to think. Don't take anything at face value. Research yourself.

Best 'proof' available is congruence between facts and between facts & what you see with your own eyes.
National Socialism and Socialism / Communism are different ideologies.

"Our adopted term 'Socialist' has nothing to do with Marxian Socialism. Marxism places no value on the individual, or individual effort or efficiency ..."

Adolf Hitler 1938
Great description of fascism, and why communists detest it so much.

Any resemblances between them is very limited:

"Fascism, the bitterest enemy of Socialism Communism, resembles Socialism in that it gives great power to the state and dictatorship over all ..."
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AZ Supreme Court expects to issue its opinion today in Brush & Nib (calligraphers challenging Phoenix nondiscrim ordinance): 10am local time. It's a travel day for me, so not sure if I can post immediately. Shld be available here: #LGBTQ
AZ Supreme Court rules that Phoenix antidiscrimination ordinance can't require calligraphers to create custom wedding invitations for same-sex weddings. #LGBTQ #LGBTLaw @equalityarizona

Opinion is here:
@equalityarizona Here's the vote split.
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As a med student @PennMedicine, I cannot overemphasize how much this man does NOT represent our school, our educators, our students, and our approach to medicine! There's so much here that not only contradicts morality & common sense, but also evidence base... 1/5
As both a member of and an advocate for the health of the #LGBTQ community, I'll focus on the dig at respecting patients' identity and pronouns, and let others handle the rest 2/5
Based on the 2015 Transgender Survey, nearly 1/4 respondents did not seek care due to fear of mistreatment from their healthcare provider. And these aren't unfounded fears, as 1/3 of respondents reported identity-related negative experiences 3/5
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