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@ByronYork @realDonaldTrump Major US brands have been encouraged to adopt financially suicidal marketing strategies by ultra liberal firms in #PR, principally Edelman via #Edelman100 ranking. The #Nike #ColinKaepernick linkage is amplified in by Edelman marketing collateral.
@ByronYork @realDonaldTrump Rationale for corporate image association is based upon assumption that buyer choices are made based upon ideological concerns, rather than intrinsic features and benefits of product. #Edelman100 is expanded upon in "2018 Earned Brand Global Report"…
@ByronYork @realDonaldTrump Most recent mass market players in the liberally biased "image marketing" shift have been #AmexPride #Gillette and #Nike. While social activism is a vital force in American history, the attachment to corporate marketing strategy may not be in the best interest of shareholders.
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How Twitter stole the mantle of being one of the most harmful tech companies in the world today. Thread:
1/ Twitter has been hungrily picking up the scraps of outrage-attention that Facebook left on the table when they changed the news feed algorithm last year.
2/ Internally Twitter decided to increase time-on-site using the same methods Facebook used in the lead-up to 2016. You can see it in your notifications, and in your feed with the amplification of out-of-network viral content.
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Alright - are you a man who's offended by the #GilletteAd? Thinking of doing the #gilletteboycott? Think the add portrays all men as awful?

No you don't (he said, diplomatically not calling you a fucknuckle), and I can prove it. 1/
Let's start with any dads out there, or people like me who want to be dads - who look forward to it, who've been thinking about it forever.

If you're like me, you've probably grown up (as a kid) imagining what kind of dad you'd be. How you'd treat your Sons. Daughters.

Maybe you think about what you're going to do when your son starts dating. What the talk is you're going to give him. Maybe you've got the conversation planned. Do you buy him a box of condoms, or do you let him find them?

Maybe you warn him about trouble, heartbreak.

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Men: Watch this. Then watch it again. This is important. It’s long overdue we stepped up.
To the American men responding to me,“but what about men in Muslim nations?”
•I’ve been condemning their misogyny for decades before you first heard you were supposed to
•If you only care about women in other nations—you dont care about women
•Ratify the ERA already
Since tweeting the #Gillette ad I've dealt w/men who claim:
•KKK terrorism is "boyscouts"
•It's great for women in America b/c its worse for women elsewhere
•I'm anti-man for asking men to show women decency

In short, men proved the Gillette ad's point on toxic masculinity🤦🏽‍♂️
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#Gillette Where this commercial goes wrong is with the virtue signaling and assumption that masculinity in and of itself toxic and abusive. This is #ThirdWaveFeminism at it's finest. #3WF is not accepting of anything less in a man than psychological & emotional castration ...
#Gillette #3WF

The fact that a man has a penis is offensive and construed as #ToxicMasculinity. The only way men escape this #LeftistCult #3WF label is
to wear a pussy hat and be submissive to all women regardless of your sexual
orientation. But pls understand....
#Gillette #3WF

the #ToxicMasculinity label has nothing to do with
abuse/sexism/me too/rape. It's about perpetuating the victim mentality of third wave feminist in the leftist cult. The psychological message is "all me
are inherently toxic/abusive so all women are victims"...
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