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I am taking a few days break as of now.
But let us discuss a very interesting business model.
Flights,hotels, homestays, car rental etc. Companies largely depend on tech support companies for this venture of price movement.
But HP do they trace it?((1/n)
The associated niche companies R mainly working on 3 things.
#DataScience as a service.
#distribution as a service.
#MarketingStrategy as a service.
Let us take an example.
There is an Indian company #rategain that searches through 6 billion data in a nanosecond (2/n)
For it's customers like #oyo #makemytrip #yatra #goibibo #irctc #Airbnb n so on.
#rategain has more than 1400 customers all over the world including 8 global fortune 500 companies.
They are responsible for these price movement.
Not a recommendation (3/n)
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The Top 10 Trading Mistakes That Made Me Struggle Most -

A Thread🧵
1. Not having a trading plan-

Initially, I had no proper trading plan.
Risk and rewards were not defined.

even when I tried to make a plan, I couldn't stick to it due to the 2nd guessing and ended up making losses.

Overtrading and oversize are mates for traders without plan.
2. Trying to buy bottoms and selling tops-

'Squeezing the last drop of profit is the sure recipe to get rekt'

I tried to buy oversold stocks and sell overbought stocks.
Guess what??
ended up making losses

In trading, momentum is our friend, Try to be in the direction of trend.
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Everyone posting so many stuff on #IRCTC so thought to post something which will help everyone in future when news driven accident/honeymoon happens in any counter.

We will use IRCTC Future, 700CE/700PE/800CE/800PE and plot VWAP to find the trade on it.
If you are a intraday trader then you must know that any instrument(stock/future/option) which is above VWAP is in "BUY" zone and anything below VWAP is in "SELL" zone.

If you dont know this, then please learn this before starting any type of trading activity.
Now we all know that after market on Thursday news came about IRCTC and it opened Circuit Down on Friday. At one point it has fallen by 25%. So how to trade that and why and where anyone should buy it.

Lets see the Chart of the Script .
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Shares of #IRCTC shed 15% after the company is asked to share 50% convenience fee with Ministry of Railways. #BQMarkets

Market blog:
Shares of IRCTC shed 25% after the company is asked to share 50% convenience fee with Ministry of Railways. #BQStocks #BQMarkets

Market blog:
Shares of #IRCTC recover after report suggests that railways likely the withdraw decision on convenience fee. #BQStocks #BQMarkets

Market blog:
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Dear @AnilSinghvi_ i have been long follower and admirer of your channel and insights. after the events that have unfolded today are truly disastrous for ordinary indian retail investors and public in general. yes i am talking about #IRCTC 1/13
a sudden split of stock followed by an surprise element of 50% revenue sharing has come as a shocker to a retailer who goes to his 9-7 job daily and only source of news in general is newspapers and a truly honest and unbiased media personality like you.
a strong monopoly stock of a ticketing platform, catering and tourism company under the governance of an strong majority and able govt has very smartly cheated retailers. 80% of my shares are withheld my depository,
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#IRCTC in simple terms: Assume 800 Cr. convenience fee next year, ~85% EBIT, so 680 Cr., tax on this (~no interest) would be 170 Cr. (at 25%), if full PAT given as dividend, ~340 Cr. Govt. share (at 67%) + ~25 Cr. tax on dividend. So total accrual to govt. 170+340+25=535 Cr. 1/n
With 50% revenue share, 400 Cr. to govt. + 25% tax on 280 EBIT (400-120) = 70Cr., + 140 govt. share of profits as dividend and ~10 Cr. dividend tax. So, 400+70+140+10 = 620 Cr. ... 2/n
To gain ~85 Cr. delta yearly, Govt. making minority shareholders suffer & also willing to see 50,000 Cr.+ loss in PSU market cap (est.). Plus the loss of multiples in future "strategic" divestments!

As they say...Penny wise, Pound foolish! 3/n

@RailMinIndia @IRCTCofficial
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The 90 degree angle inflection point in a stock is a signal to book profit

Lets understand with a recent example of a stock #IRCTC 🚃🚋

Time for a thread🧵
Monthly TF:

Back to back 6 green candles (each candle represent a month here), which means no profit booking has happened on a larger TF

The angle towards the end of the upmove became much steeper i.e. 90 degree

Such moves are highly susceptible for a bend in the trend
Similar pattern was observed in BTC/USDT pair #BITCOIN

and then BTC fell ~50% from its high made in the month of March 2021
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#IRCTC has fallen almost 35% in last ~8 trading hours.

There may be various reasons but one of them was that people anticipated the stock will go in BAN category from today. Hence, they started selling.

What is meant by BAN? How does a stock go in ban? Let's discuss this

Only those stocks will be in ban period which trade in Derivative markets. This doesn't mean you can't buy or sell the stock. You can.

However, in this period, a trader cannot open any new futures or options position. Though exiting currently held position is okay.

When does a stock enter ban period?
When Open Interest crosses 95% of MWPL.
MWPL means Market wide position limits. This is 20% of free float market cap of the stock. If the cumulative OI (across futures and options, all strikes, all expiry) crosses 95%, then ban.

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When you don't realise the business and not optimistic, investment opportunities will run in front of you.
I bought #IRCTC in February 2020 realising it's monopoly business.
But as #COVID19 hit the Deck very badly and I saw people dying in front of me for (1/n)
Months, I became sceptical.
Then I had my first attack of #COVID19 in June 2020.
I was so pessimistic at that point of time,I felt there is no way out for covid19 and felt #IRCTC has no future.
I sold it in loss!
Multiple times it has provided me opportunity to (2/n)
Add #IRCTC into my #portfolio .
But as I always mention you can't #HODL an #investment if you don't have conviction.
I didn't pay any attention to it
It did very well in last 1 year.
Congratulations to all #IRCTCeCatering #shareholders who believed in it.
You are already (3/n)
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#IRCTC > 100% Market share in Rail Network.

#IEX >90% market share in power trading.

#Zyduswellness >90% market share in sugar free product.

#Eichermotors >85% market share in 250cc bikes category.

#MCX >85% market share in commodity trading.

#Coalindia >80% market share in coal production in India.

#ITC >75% market share in cigarettes.

#HondaSiel >75% in portable power generators.

#HindustanZinc >75% market share in primary zinc industry.

#AsahiIndiaGlass >70% market share in automotive glass.

#NRBBearings >70% market share in needle roller bearings.

#Pidilite >65% market share in adhesives.

#CAMS >65% market share in RTA within mutual fund industry.

#TimeTechnoplast >65% market share in polymer based industrial packaging.

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#IRCTC is one of the most-trending stocks on the stock exchanges. It has crossed the Rs 50,000 crore mark for the first time. It has a monopoly in the railways' sector, with online tickets and catering services. Here's more on that story:
#stockmarket #Investing #TejiMandiApp
1/8 Reasons Behind IRCTC’s Stock Rise
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Mission 1 Lakh share price

#Honeywell Automation
#Abbott India
#Tasty Bite
Mission 20K share price stock list

#Bajaj Finserv
#Bajaj Finance
#India Mart
#Naukri (Info Edge)
#Affle India
Mission 10K share price stock list

#Amber Enterprises
#Asian Paints
#Fine Organic
#Gland Pharma
#GMM Pfaudler
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Low-risk, High-return stocks are what we look for relentlessly

But many of them we know but ignore
some of them don't grab financial headlines

Here are 10 low-risk, high return stocks (that we ignore):
What I mean by “high-return”?

These stocks have OUTPERFORMED the market:

💹Chart with upwards trend Since IPO
💹Chart with upwards trend Over the last 5 Years or since IPO

These are all long-term winners that will keep on winning
What do We Mean by “low-risk”?

A combination of:

❣️Great management
❣️Broad moat
❣️Financially strong
❣️High ROCE
❣️Low Disruption/Dilution/Volatility
❣️Consistent Organic Growth
❣️Assorted Customers/Suppliers
❣️Low debt
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Some Then and Now
India's favourite extreme multi-player online adventure game.
We are against reservation.
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#IRCTC* 100% Market share in Rail Network.
#IEX* >90% market share in power trading.
#Zydus wellness* >90% market share in sugar free product.
#Eicher motors* >85% market share in 250cc bikes category.
#MCX* >85% market share in commodity trading.
#coalindia India* >80% market share in coal production in India.
#ITC* >75% market share in cigarettes.
#HondaSiel* >75% in portable power generators.
#Hindustan Zinc* >75% market share in primary zinc industry.
#AsahiIndia Glass* >70% market share in automotive glass.
#NRB Bearings* >70% market share in needle roller bearings.
#Pidilite* >65% market share in adhesives.
#CAMS* >65% market share in RTA within mutual fund industry.
#TimeTechnoplast* >65% market share in polymer based industrial packaging.
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Sensex scripting history today,by breaching 50000 for 1st time,is vindication of investor faith in @narendramodi gov

#Sensex,from 40000 on Oct8'20 to 50000 in just 74 sessions&from 45000 on Nov4'20 to 50K today,in 32 trading days,reflects economic momentum

Modi naysayers,quiet!
When #StockMarket plummeted to lows of 25000 at peak of #COVID19 crisis,few had envisaged such meteoric rise from index's 3yr low

Plethora of factors fuelled rally

Liquidity push,FII buying,good corporate earnings,mega vaccine roll out&economic traction under @narendramodi govt
Rs 4633 Cr #IRFC IPO has been subscribed 3.49x on final day of 3 day bidding process;Issue received bids for 435 Crore equity shares as against offered size of 124Cr equity shares

35% of #IPO reserved for #Retail investors,saw 3.53x subscription, with #QIB oversubscribed 3.78x💪
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CPI@ 4.59% in Dec Vs 6.93% in Nov'20;It is for first time in current fiscal that #CPI,below 6%

In Jan2021,CPI may be lower than RBI forecast of 5.8%,which is good news

#CoreCPI in Dec,5.65% Vs 5.84% MoM

Money market rates,lower than #ReverseRepo,implying low rates here to stay
#FoodInflation 3.41% in Dec,Vs 9.43% in Nov

Vegetable Inflation@ -10.41% Vs 15.63%💪

Fuel&Light Inflation@ 2.99% Vs 1.90%

Housing Inflation@3.21% Vs 3.19%

Clothing&Footwear Inflation@ 3.49% Vs 3.30%

Cereal Inflation@0.98% Vs 2.32% (MoM)

Pulses Inflation@15.98% Vs 17.91%
Apart from #Tesla registering with RoC,big news is,IRFC's IPO of 4600Cr;opens on 18th Jan,in price band of 25-26

#IRFC,set up in 1986,is first NBFC in PSU sector,to go public

#IRCTC listed on 14thOct'19 at Rs644,a 101% premium to book price of 320&has been a huge wealth creator
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#Nomura says,India will be fastest growing Asian economy in FY22,with GDP growth of 9.9;GDP growth to be 32.4% in 1QFY22&10.2% in 2QFY22

Fee weeks back #GoldmanSachs had upgraded India's GDP growth forecast from 10% to 13% for FY22

#IMF is at 8.8%& #Moody's at 8.6%

@narendramodi govt's decision to sell 20% in IRCTC at base price of Rs 1367,via #OFS tomr,is a great move

1367 is,15.5% discount to Wednesday's closing of Rs1618;52 week high&low is Rs 1995 &775

#IRCTC got listed last yr&was subscribed a whopping 112x

GoI owns 87.4% stake
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Did a 11 years #dataanalysis to find out what are some of the well known brands that has gone for #IPO and what would have been the returns if we have bought them on listing day instead of IPO, and hold onto it for a month. #IRCTC #ipoinvestment #investment #nifty #stockstowatch Image
And here's the list of IPOs and its monthly returns sorted based on recent listing period. #INDIGO #DMART #RBLBANK #INDIAMART #PNB #CDSL #THYROCARE Image
The detailed article can be accessed from this link…
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आजकल एक प्रोपेगंडा कुछ लोगों द्वारा फैलाया जा रहा है की लखनऊ दिल्ली के बीच शुरू हुई अत्याधुनिक सुविधाओं से लैस सेमी हाई स्पीड ट्रेन #तेजस प्राइवेट है!
जानकारी के लिए आपको बता दूं कि तेजस प्राइवेट ट्रेन नहीं है!न ही कोई प्राइवेट कंपनी तेजस का संचालन कर रही है!
continue to...
कुछ लोगों द्वारा रेलवे के प्राइवेटाइजेशन का भ्रामक एजेंडा फैलाया जा रहा है! #IRCTC द्वारा स्वतंत्रत रूप से तेजस का संचालन किया जा रहा है! IRCTC भारतीय रेलवे की सहायक कंपनी है!

और इसकी मातृ कंपनी भारतीय रेल ही है!

continued to...
इसलिए ऐसे बुद्धिजीवियों के भ्रामक एजेंडे में आने की जरूरत नहीं है! ये वही लोग हैं जो कुछ दिनों पहले लालकिले को बिकवा चुके थे...!
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Received a mail from IRCTC customer care. @IRCTCofficial @RailMinIndia

Dear Customer,

Kindly note that credential like mail id & mobile number once get registered under any user id related to irctc the same credential cannot be relocated or re user at any other user id of
IRCTC even after deactivation of same user id.

Why such rule? How would I find a unique number in the market to purchase? What if after purchasing a number I find out it is associated with an existing IRCTC account of another person.
The number is mine and I should have the right to register. The account is mine and I should have the right to deactivate my account and free the number. Deactivating don't mean deleting and all the history will be maintained privately. This is an Access & Security problem.
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