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In last 4 Months I have suggested 40 Stocks. Here, I am trying to figure out how much money💸💸 would have become by Investing Rs 1 lakh in each of the 40 stocks.
@StocksTreasures @itsqfa @farirf07 @kuttrapali26 @nakulvibhor @JakeraChoudhury
➡️Recommendation Date of #FMCG Stocks is 3 July
➡️#vbl #ITC #RadicoKhaitan #unitedspirits #ubl #emami #hindustanunilever #nestle #tataconsumer
➡️Recommendation Date of #Financial Stocks is 9 July
➡️#sbin #ICICIBank #HDFCBank #shriramtransportfinance #mahindrafinance #BajajFinance #KOTAKBANK #AxisBank
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9 mai 2022, Thierry Breton se rend en personne à Austin au Texas pour rencontrer Elon Musk dans son usine Tesla. Le souhait de Musk de racheter Twitter n'agite pas que le réseau social.
Après un entretien privé, une courte vidéo est enregistrée. Image
Breton s'adresse à Musk sur un ton très professoral malgré une certaine bonhommie. Il semble lui avoir rappelé les règles européennes de régulation concernant Twitter. Musk, affable, acquiesce.
4 octobre 2022, après quelques turpitudes, Musk relance son offre d'achat de 44 Milliards de $.
Le 28 octobre, c'est par ce message laconique qu'il dévoile la conclusion : " l'oiseau est libéré "
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Nachhaltiges Investieren und die riesige Lüge die dahinter steckt. Warum ich persönlich wenig von ESG oder SRI Investing halte, erfahrt ihr in diesem Thread.
Gönnt euch einen ☕️ oder 🫖.

Generell verstehen einige falsch wie der Aktienmarkt funktioniert. Habe ich schon öfter gehört als #Nestle als Gesprächsthema aufkam. Wenn ihr in die Nestle-Aktie investiert, gebt ihr dem Unternehmen nicht direkt Geld. Es erfolgt im Grunde keine Unterstützung. 🤷
Das einzige was durch mehr Nachfrage getrieben wird, ist der Aktienkurs. Steigt der Aktienkurs, kann sich Nestle günstiger "refinanzieren" bzw. eine Kapitalerhöhung zu günstigeren Konditionen machen.
Die letzte war 1993. 🫥 (Korrigiert mich gerne..)
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let's make a short trip into fun world of economics. don't worry, this will be a short and very digestible thread
this is #Auchan
this is #LeroyMerlin
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#CCI is an indicator which is used in the #stockmarket

This learning thread would be on
"𝙐𝙨𝙚𝙨 𝙤𝙛 𝘾𝘾𝙄"

Also, an investment strategy and trading strategy is shared

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Before we start with various strategies, just a brief about Commodity Channel Index (CCI) which is a momentum-based oscillator used to help determine when an investment vehicle is reaching a condition of being overbought or oversold.

#CCI is freely available indicator on all charting platforms. I have added CCI indicator on @tradingview.

There are three important numbers in CCI which are -100, 0 and +100.

Shaded region marks range from -100 to +100.

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allo @Economie_Gouv @BrunoLeMaire

c'est pour un signalement n°148

@LeesEchos confirment nos données #AlloBercy : RECORDl de dividendes et rachats d'action pour le #CAC40 en 2021, en pleine pandémie : 69,4 milliards €

RAPPEL : 100% de ces groupes ont reçu des aides publiques. Image
➡️100% du #CAC40 reçoit des aides publiques en 2020 et/ou 2021,
➡️profits cumulés en 2020 : 39,7 Mds €
➡️175% des profits 2020 versés aux actionnaires en 2021
➡️le #CAC40 a puisé dans sa trésorerie pour rémunérer les actionnaires "quoi qu'il en coûte"
Nos #CHAMPIONS sont :
➡️@LOrealGroupe : 12,3 Mds €
➡️@TotalEnergies : 7,1 Mds €
➡️@SanofiFrance ; 4,4 Mds €
➡️@Stellantis : 4,2 Mds €
➡️@AXAFrance : 4,1 Mds €
➡️@ArcelorMittal : 4 mds €
➡️@LVMH : 3,5 Mds €

A noter : les banques n'ont pas pu verser autant que désiré. Image
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इतकी वर्ष तुम्ही खात असलेली किटकॅट चॉकलेट नसून वेफर आहे.

किटकॅट खाल्ली नाही असा माणूस भारतात शोधूनही तुम्हाला सापडणार नाही. 'हॅव अ ब्रेक, हॅव अ किटकॅट' ही त्यांची टॅगलाईन आजही अनेकांच्या ओठांवर असते. बऱ्याच जणांनी आयुष्यभराच्या आणाभाका या किटकॅटच्याच साक्षीने घेतल्या होत्या.
मात्र १९९९ मध्ये याच किटकॅट मुळे एक मोठा वाद निर्माण झाला होता. एवढा की किटकॅट बनवणार नेस्ले कंपनी थेट कोर्टात गेली होती.

अर्थात त्याला कारणंही तसं होतं. किटकॅट बाजारात आणताना नेस्लेनी छोटीशी गेम केली होती.
#म #मराठी #kitkat #किटकॅट #Nestle
त्यांनी किटकॅट हा वेफरचा प्रकार असून त्यावर फक्त चॉकलेटचं कोटिंग आहे असं सांगत किटकॅटला १०% टॅक्स ब्रॅकेटमध्ये बसवलं.
टॅक्सवाले लोकसुद्धा लेचेपेचे नव्हते. त्यांचं म्हणणं होतं, 'किटकॅट हे चॉकलेट आहे ज्याच्या आतमध्ये वेफर आहे.' त्यामुळे त्याला २०% टॅक्स लागला पाहिजे.
#म #मराठी
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[THREAD] Your plastic waste has already been segregated. Time to head to a plastic collection point near you! Here’s a list of facilities if you’re from Luzon. Let’s strive to be as close to plastic neutral as possible.
To share information on other collection points near you, click here:
For more information about these plastic collection points, click here:
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Am Sonntag ist #btw21. Nachdem mein Kollege @sven_kindler vorgelegt hat und ein “Best-of” zu den Leistungen von @AndreasScheuer zusammengestellt hat, hab ich mal die „Leistungen“ von @JuliaKloeckner zusammengefasst.
Ein (langer) Thread
Beginnen wir mit der wohl größten Schlappe für Klöckner in ihrer Amtszeit: Schon von Anfang an zu lasch und unverbindlich, waren die Pläne für das staatl. „Tierwohllabel“ eine einzige Katastrophe.…
Weder sollte das Label verpflichtend sein, noch waren die Anforderungen ausreichend: Die Schweine hätten bei der “Stufe 1” gerade mal 0,9 m2 mehr Platz gehabt- so viel wie 1,5 DinA4 Seiten. Bei dieser “Verbesserung” von Tierschutz zu sprechen ist Verbrauchertäuschung!
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#IRCTC > 100% Market share in Rail Network.

#IEX >90% market share in power trading.

#Zyduswellness >90% market share in sugar free product.

#Eichermotors >85% market share in 250cc bikes category.

#MCX >85% market share in commodity trading.

#Coalindia >80% market share in coal production in India.

#ITC >75% market share in cigarettes.

#HondaSiel >75% in portable power generators.

#HindustanZinc >75% market share in primary zinc industry.

#AsahiIndiaGlass >70% market share in automotive glass.

#NRBBearings >70% market share in needle roller bearings.

#Pidilite >65% market share in adhesives.

#CAMS >65% market share in RTA within mutual fund industry.

#TimeTechnoplast >65% market share in polymer based industrial packaging.

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When Mr. Market admires #Oatly ($OTLY.US) and has a lapse in memory of past sector deals, a healthy refresher is needed.
Plant-based cream on #Danone’s ($BN.FP) morning coffee, a lengthy thread (x/11):
In the summer of 2016 #Danone acquired #WhiteWave for $12.5b or c. 14x EV/EBITDA 2016F aft syn. Danone became the leader in plant-based food with an estimated market share of >40%. The acquisition added many plant-based brands, but more importantly the #Alpro and #Silk products.
#Danone plant-based portfolio includes (est,ori):
-Silk (1977, WW)
-Alpro (1980, WW)
-Promavel (1983, WW)
-So Delicious (1987, WW)
-Activia’s PB product (2019, R&D)
-Danette’s PB product (2020, R&D)
-Actimel’s PB product (2020, R&D)
- Follow your heart (1988, 2020,Earth Island)
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Thoughts on the Nestle story
#Thread #NESTLE @Nestle

- FT accessed an internal presentation of the Company

- >60% of mainstream F&B drinks pdts don’t meet health stds

- 37% of Co’s products achieve star rating of 3.5 under Australia’s health star rating system
.@Nestle to @CNBCTV18Live
- Assessing part of F&B portfolio to be measured against external nutrition profiling systems

- About half of our sales, infant nutrition, specialized health products etc, not covered by these systems

(So only 30% of overall pdts “unhealthy”)

Impact on @NestleIndia?

- Not much, in my opinion as India portfolio is much smaller than overall global portfolio

- Co has been working towards reducing Sodium & Sugar in their products over the last 7 years or so

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There are 175 corps/institutions now overseeing your children's #education going forward. They will be shaping/molding your child's #ideologies &
#worldviews - all while harvesting their data.

Global Education Coalition Members (announced Mar 18 2020): Image
"Civil society & non-profit organizations" (those serving capital & elite institutions) include:

-Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
#ONE (Bono)
-Global Business Coalition for #Education
#Sesame Workshop

See image. #4IR Image
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Wie kann es sein?
Es wird laut gegen Rechts gebrüllt

Aber nicht wirklich viel passiert.

Dafür werden Bürger die wenn es dazu kommt GEGEN Rechts zu demonstrieren, hart angegangen und als libksextremisten bezeichnet?

Wie kann es sein das VIEL getan 1/
werden soll wegen CORONA?

Aber es wird nur abgewartet und gelabert wegen KanzlerKANDIDATEN Geplänkel.
#Söder vs #Laschet

Davor aber noch das interne Fiasko mit der Pandemie.

Davor aber erstmal die gewöhnliche Korruption


Bis zurück zu Kohls Schwarzgeld und wer weiß was noch...

Dann kommt da ein Minister, der Verträge abschließt OHNE zu dürfen und den STEUERZAHLER richtig Geld kostet. Und sogar mehr verbockt... Aber OK #ScheuerRuecktritt

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#IRCTC* 100% Market share in Rail Network.
#IEX* >90% market share in power trading.
#Zydus wellness* >90% market share in sugar free product.
#Eicher motors* >85% market share in 250cc bikes category.
#MCX* >85% market share in commodity trading.
#coalindia India* >80% market share in coal production in India.
#ITC* >75% market share in cigarettes.
#HondaSiel* >75% in portable power generators.
#Hindustan Zinc* >75% market share in primary zinc industry.
#AsahiIndia Glass* >70% market share in automotive glass.
#NRB Bearings* >70% market share in needle roller bearings.
#Pidilite* >65% market share in adhesives.
#CAMS* >65% market share in RTA within mutual fund industry.
#TimeTechnoplast* >65% market share in polymer based industrial packaging.
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#Nestle - Analyst meet key takeaways @NestleIndia

Time for thread 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


Rural India will witness increased focus, aims to increase distribution to ~120,000 villages from 89,288 currently (2/n)
*Total reach*: has increased by ~18% to 4.7mn outlets between CY16 to CY20. In the same period, villages covered increased from 1000 to 89,288 and company aims to further increase coverage to ~120,000 villages i.e. 34% increase in next 4 years. (3/n)
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#Nestle valuation 🧵

History : Image
Sales trend :

2002 : 2000Cr
2020 : 14000Cr

Sales growth rate : 11.42% CAGR

Note the sales dip during Maggi fiasco : ImageImage
Profit trend :

2002 : 200Cr
2020 : 1900Cr

Profit growth rate : 13.32% CAGR ImageImage
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#Nestle valuation

History :
Sales trend :
Profit trend :
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1/ #PLI scheme

-They believe once these policy initiatives are executed on the ground, it will be positive for food processing exports.
2/ #Capex Plans

-Announced plans to invest ₹2600 cr in next 3-4 yrs, with a sharp focus on productivity improvements.

-New factory in Sanand, Gujarat is under construction

-They seek more nutritious and immunity boosting propositions in pandemic times.
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Der Abstimmungskampf um die #KVI wird gerade sehr heftig. Und hässlich. Die Initianten sehen sich mit einer massiven Gegenkampagne konfrontiert, die vor allem nach einem Motto zu funktionieren scheint: Shoot the messenger. ...
Keine Debatte zur Sache, nur Angriffe auf die Glaubwürdigkeit der Absender. Nebelpetarden in der Öffentlichkeit, Einseifung im Hintergrund. ...
Gerade eben hat zB der CEO von #Nestlé an einem vertraulichen Hintergrundsgespräch mit den Ringier-Redaktionen über die #Konzernverantwortungsinitiative gesprochen. Am Montag ist dann BR Karin Keller-Sutter zu Gast. Vertraulich. Für Hintergrund. Thema unbekannt. ...
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If people donate a total amount of $1000 I will take a picture of me in my @Hell_Berta hoodie from @BallerGearCA later on tonight!





#YYC #FeedYYC #Alberta #Canada #Edmonton #RedDeer #Leduc
As a teaser here is a picture of my favorite chocolate! Let’s get donating! #Chocolate #Aero #Nestle #MilkChocolate #Indulge Image
Yes I am still feeling sick. Yes I am still in iso. My hubby was kind enough to let me sit in his truck while he worked on it in the driveway! He said that way he can keep an eye on me and stop me from anymore online shopping!
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#Option Chain
#Option trading

# ATM CE position built up... Strong resistance
# ATM PE position built up... Strong support.
# Far OTM position built up on call side...Strong bullish
# Far OTM CE position built up... Strong bearish....

I couldn't find it so simple.
Mostly, what I learned is this presumption is a very easy way to misguide the masses by using the option chain.

On many occasions I have taken absolutely opposite stand and got good hit ratio.
Apart from the position built up, if one pays attention to futures position, traded value in cash and delivery% along with the traded value at the each strike price of respective option, this may give much stronger insight of bias, since, bigger money at stake.
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India is a land of unique monopolies....
Even though there are so many "competitors" in every sector, there is a consistent market share #monopoly/#duopoly in most sectors or particular segments of those sectors!
Some very prominent examples are...


Organized Paint Industry
Duopoly - 59%

Asian Paints - 42%
Berger Paints - 17%

(appx values)

Telecom Industry
Duopoly - 62% & rising

Jio - 34%
Airtel - 28%

Vodafone has 28% as of now but every month it loses out subscribers at a fast pace to Jio & Airtel

(appx values)

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Truman (ex US president) famously said “The only thing new in the world is the history you do not know”

With that in mind, I look at #Nestle financial history in India since 1993 (27 yrs of History)

Period 1 - CY93-CY2003
Sales -14.8% (CAGR)
NP - 21.8%
Mkt Cap - (9.1%)

Observations - Returns between '93 and '03 were low because of 2 factors - Starting PE was very high and Ending PE was decade low

Period 2 - "CY04-CY13"

Sales - 15.5% (CAGR)
NP - 15.6%
Mkt Cap - 23.3%

Observations - High returns becasue of low starting PE

Period 3 - "CY13 onwards

Sales - 5.3% (CAGR)
NP - 9.9%
Mkt Cap - 23%!!!

Observation - Sales/Earnings slowing (Maybe GST, Maggi debacle) but Mkt cap continued to grow 10% extra every year) to reach historic highs. This is bad setup for future returns.
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