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"Lei si preoccupa di quello che pensa la gente? Io sono un'autorità su come far pensare la gente. Ci sono i giornali per esempio, io sono proprietario di molti giornali"...

|C. F. Kane, Quarto Potere|

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Per sette anni, le istituzioni occidentali hanno messo in guardia contro il Movimento #Azov ucraino, nato come gruppo paramilitare neonazista nel 2014 e diventato famoso per il suo reclutamento mondiale di estremisti.

2/24 Image
Poi a febbraio 2022 è arrivata l'invasione russa, e improvvisamente abbiamo assistito ad una normalizzazione della supremazia bianca da parte delle istituzioni occidentali e dei media, che hanno smesso di considerare come neonazisti i battaglioni #neonazisti ucraini.

3/24 Image
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#LoanOfficers and #Realtors continue to butcher the #TaxSavings conversation regarding having a mortgage. When they do, they usually make it appear bigger than it really is which misleads the buyer.

You might want to bookmark this!

Here is how the calculation really works:
The Standard Deduction means you do NOT pay income tax on the first $13,850 earned as a single taxpayer or $27,700 for a married couple.

If your write-offs exceed those limits, you receive an additional tax refund, as your payroll providers do not consider this.
An easy way to calculate the mortgage deduction is to deduct the SALT (State and Local Tax) limit of $10k from the standard deduction. SALT is essentially your state income tax and property tax. In high-cost markets, you can assume the $10k will be met with those two fees.
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🔴 #SVBBank "Attention aux investisseurs mondiaux ! Ne laissez pas les banques américaines manger votre argent".

Article initialement publié par Global Times (#Chine) le 12 mars 2023

Alors que les analystes de Wall Street ont déclaré que la faillite de la Silicon Valley Bank 🔽 Image
(#SVB) n'entraînera pas de risque systémique pour le système financier dans son ensemble, il convient de noter que les mesures prises par les régulateurs américains pour faire face à l'effondrement de la #SVB et à la gestion des dépôts de ses clients constitueront une 🔽
fenêtre importante pour savoir si la crise a le potentiel de s'aggraver.

L'effondrement de #SVB a provoqué une onde de choc dans les start-ups du monde entier, les entreprises technologiques ayant averti que les retombées potentielles pourraient porter un coup fatal aux 🔽
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"Suicides shake India's broking community" News headlines in 2001.

Dalal Street saw people lose their jobs, leading brokerages lose trading rights & the 'Bombay Bull' broker, Ketan Parekh, facing fraud charges.

"The Same Gang is back"

#HindenburgReport #StockMarket #stocks Image
"The Gujarat earthquake was rattling, but for many, their real earthquake came afterwards", a broker.

Many people who gambled with other people's funds, with their knowledge or without, could finally smell the money - but unfortunately it was the smell of money burning.
But the better prices are too late for the players who lost so much, and thought DEATH was their only option.

Markets recovered later, Regulators vowed to tighten up trading rules & a parliamentary panel to investigate the sell-offs.

"But they were good at it,
N they are now"
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Can 𝐀𝐝𝐚𝐧𝐢 𝐆𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩 collapse trigger a 𝐑𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧❓

Examining the Impact of India's Gigantic Conglomerate.

What is #FPO ?

🔶FPO, "Follow-on Public Offer," is a process in which a company that is already publicly traded issues shares to existing shareholders or new investors.
Why do companies do FPO ?

The reason behind the company's FPO is:

🔶To reduce the debt that already exists in a company.

🔶To raise additional capital for a company.
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Are you aware of any Web3 projects developing crypto related TV content w/ a 300 million + home distribution network❓

You are now. Meet @Hourglass_Wait & the fully diluted $WAIT token.

Hourglass is backed by @neftvodkaus, a $500m retail & entertainment conglomerate.

🧵 1/

@Hourglass_Wait @neftvodkaus 🧵 2/

This is a value proposition for $WAIT & #Hourglass. We'll explore the following:

1. "The Next Crypto Gem" Show & 'Hourglass' branding
2. Tokenomics
3. Judges & their reach
4. NEFT Brands
5. Advisors
6. Co-Chair Jett Tang
7. Prize Package
8. WP
9. Roadmap
10. Links
@Hourglass_Wait @neftvodkaus 🧵 3/

1⃣ "The Next Crypto Gem"

The show is the first step toward fulfilling the mission of Hourglass.

" elevate Web 3.0 by incubating projects that bridge the crypto space with mainstream entertainment, popular apps, major retails brands, & large-scale real-life events."
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Will India 🇮🇳experience a recession or not?

1. What will happen to our investments?💹
2. What will happen to our employment?🧑‍💻
These are burning questions that each of us has!

Sadly, let me break this to you:

Today's World Bank report said that for a 100-point reduction in the US economic growth, India's economy will fall by 40 points and other developing countries' economies will fall by 150 points.
While we won't be doomed, we will still be impacted!

And here's how you can 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧-𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐨𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐢𝐧𝐯𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬📈:

Get returns by investing in recession-proof industries! Look at commodities around you that you will still purchase even in a recession.
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🔴 Conservateur américain 🗞️ : "Récemment, la présidente de la Commission européenne, Ursula #vonderLeyen, a révélé par inadvertance le coût dévastateur de la guerre en #Ukraine : "On estime que plus de 20 000 civils et 100 000 militaires ukrainiens sont morts à ce jour." Ses 🔽
paroles ont montré que même les plus grands partisans de ce conflit militaire sanglant et inutile ne peuvent plus cacher la vérité : l'Ukraine risque de perdre.
✔️Les médias grand public et l'administration #Biden insistent jusqu'à la folie sur le fait que l'Ukraine est en 🔽
train de gagner. Mais les faits ne correspondent pas à la description, et l'administration et les médias le savent. Les « va t’en guerre » sont conscients que leurs politiques cyniques en #Ukraine n'ont pas conduit à l'expulsion de la #Russie d'Ukraine. Malheureusement, ce 🔽
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You probably don’t have time to read everything, but #TikTok Parent #ByteDance Planned To Use #TikTok To #Monitor The Physical Location Of Specific #AmericanCitizens by #Forbes is a must read - here’s a summary :
The U.S. government is investigating whether TikTok's Chinese ownership could enable the Chinese government to access personal information about U.S. TikTok users and whether this poses a national security risk.
The project, assigned to a Beijing-led team, would have involved accessing location data from some U.S. users’ devices without their knowledge or consent
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Les 100 meilleurs #livres marketing de tous les temps. 📚

De la psychologie, copywriting, business, influence, story-telling, finances, au growth hacking, voici les livres à lire absolument pour toute personne intéressée à devenir meilleure en marketing. 🚀

📚100. Influence : Science & Practice est une examination de la psychologie de la conformité (c'est-à-dire la découverte des facteurs qui poussent une personne à dire "oui" à la demande d'une autre personne).

#influence #psychology #marketing Image
📚99. Le best-seller du New York Times qui explique pourquoi certains produits et idées deviennent populaires.

#marketing #contentmarketing #newyorktimes #book #livre Image
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This is a fascinating article! It is interesting to read about top venture capital investors who successfully invested in companies that are now, or have been, on @linqtoinc ➡️
#Forbes #AndreesonHorowitz #ChrisDixon #VentureCapital #invest #investing
The other companies mentioned in this article are Coinbase (was available on Linqto prior to its IPO), Dapper and Ripple. Shares of Dapper Labs and Ripple are still available, but not for long. (2/4)
You can also transfer IRA money to Linqto to invest. I encourage you to apply for Accredited Investor status on Linqto, if you have $1 million in assets outside of your home. If you aren’t at Accredited level yet, no worries, I am confident you will get there. (3/4)
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Humildade, simplicidade e generosidade sempre foram os meus guias. O dinheiro nunca me mudou, não vai ser agora, aos 59 anos, que eu vou me transformar em algo que não sou.
O patrimônio que me colocou na lista da Forbes nada mais é do que fruto do resultado de quase 36 anos de trabalho junto com uma equipe que acredita na empresa. Por isso, a minha responsabilidade com esses 22 mil colaboradores é cada dia maior.
Tenho certeza que o melhor programa social que existe é o emprego! Quando tivermos um país em que as pessoas possam escolher onde querem trabalhar, porque sobra oportunidade, então teremos uma nação forte e justa. Hoje, sinto que essa é minha verdadeira missão.
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¿Recuerdas lo cara que era la telefonía celular antes de que llegara @MovistarMX a México?

Es que antes había un duopolio, bueno, más bien un monopolio de #CarlosSlim, y por eso era tan caro, eso lo hizo millonario, pero entró la competencia y mejoró la oferta.

Breve Hilo: 👇
A cualquiera al que se le hubiera concesionado #Telmex la telefónica estatal, concentrando el monopolio de la telefonía en el país por tantos años, sin control de tarifas se habría hecho magnate.

No hay nada admirable en quien hizo su fortuna cobijado por la enorme corrupción.
#CarlosSlim es prestanombres del expresidente Carlos Salinas, por eso no es coincidencia que sin haber tenido una carrera destacada como empresario, llegó a ser considerado el hombre más rico del mundo después del salinato. ¡Antes vendía seguros, joyas y hasta boletos de lotería!
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I am truly grateful for another year, and oh what an impactful 365 days it has been. To our Heavenly King, the One who clothes us with His ‘coat of many colours’, to Him be the glory, the honour, and the praise, this day and eternally. Image
Reflecting on the past year, I would say one of its highlights was the opportunity to share my expressions with the world through the Forbes platform with its veritable visibility in the global public consciousness.
I am humbled by the testimonies that have flooded in speaking of the great impact this showcase has had on businesspersons, political enthusiasts, researchers, and clerical colleagues, in the way they lead and serve. The entire experience has been awe-inspiring in so many ways.
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1/7. Indian Billionaires, now 140 in number, almost doubled their wealth in the pandemic year, says Forbes magazine, their combined worth reaching $596 billion (Rs. 44.5 trillion). In a year when GDP contracted 7.7 %. Story link at end of thread.
#Forbes #ambani #Farmers #COVID19
2/7. India’s 140 billionaires account for 0.000014 per cent of the population. But they hold wealth equivalent to 22.7 per cent of our Gross Domestic Product of $ 2.62 trillion, bringing that whole other meaning to the word 'Gross.'
#Forbes #ambani #Farmers #COVID19
3/7. The total wealth of our top 2 $ billionaires, Ambani ($84.5 billion) and Adani ($50.5 billion), is far greater than the gross state domestic product of Punjab ($85.5 billion) or Haryana ($101 billion) whose farmers they stand pitted against.
#Forbes #ambani #Farmers #COVID19
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This thread will follow Feb 5 2021 thread [India
#FarmersProtests Goes Vogue] exploring sudden #celebrity uptake - as gov't struggled to contain #resistance.

Here we can study #GlobalCitizen & structure/mechanisms of such NGOs, financed to serve corporate/imperial interests. ImageImageImageImage
#GlobalCitizen model: nurturing of #celebrity worship as a "pop & policy" model to harvest/exploit targeted youth demographic. Via partnerships w/ #Rihanna, celebrities, influencers, athletes, - it intends to become world's "leading international voice, educator, & influencer". ImageImageImageImage
#GlobalCitizen is the Global Poverty Project, Inc.
UK: "We are a sub recipient of funding from the #Gates Foundation (via Global Poverty Project Inc)."

2019: $8,445,887.00 "To mobilize global public support for the Sustainable Development Goals" #SDGs… ImageImageImageImage
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A major partner of The Climate Group #ClimateWeekNYC, (attributed to Callum Grieve) is #GlobalCitizen which targets/captures youth demographic. For Climate Week 2020, the film "Imagine for 1 Minute" was released - featuring #Thunberg w/ #Pope, & others.…
So let's take a quick look at #GlobalCitizen & the film.

"Reward points" for actions - marketed as #activism.

Founded by Hugh Evans, partners include #Forbes, #Gates Foundation, #CocaCola, Johnson & Johnson, P&G, Citi, Cisco, Verizon. #UN #WHO #SDGs
Global Citizen advisory boards: #UK, #Australia, Southern & East #Africa, #Nigeria & #Canada. Corporations/ institutions represented on Global Advisory Board includes #Bridgewater, Gates Foundation, Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, CVC Capital, etc.:…
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#JeffBezos becomes the first person on #Earth to be worth more than $200 billion - by @preeti_msoni…

@JeffBezos @amazon Image
#JeffBezos just became the first person on earth to garner a record $200 billion of wealth. #Bezos isn’t just the wealthiest man but the only person to have that amount of money in modern history.

His wealth is double that of the world’s second-richest person and Microsoft founder @BillGates.
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I fully expect that if Amazon acquires JC Penney, the name JC Penney will disappear and be replaced with Amazon.” @UnicornTrading1 $AMZN
“I've written multiple articles since 2018 predicing & recommending that Amazon acquire JC Penney. Let me be clear. The reason why Amazon would acquire JCP is for the real estate, esp. Class A mall locations. JCP is about the past. Amazon: re-imagining retail. Big difference”
“JC Penney's stores and distribution centers will provide Amazon a starting point to create new experiences for customers, build mixed-use retail, hotel and other facilities.” $JCPNQ $AMZN
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Cuando @alferdez les dice #Miserables a los #Emprearios les debe hablar a los de su palo no:
Listado de los argentinos más ricos #Forbes 2018:
Por puesto:
2_ Alejandro Pedro Bulgheroni :
Investigan el misterioso suicidio del contador del grupo Bulgheroni
Su contador misteriosamente #suicidado: Juan Carlos Bueres, quien el mismo día que debía declarar como imputado en una causa que se investiga a los hermanos Bulgheroni por un presunto fraude millonario.
Alberto Roemmers
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Singapore. Cargo ships everywhere. Global economy has stopped. #singapore #cnbc #wuhan #coronavirus #covid19 #shanghai #WHO #CDC #WSJ
“Singapore-China's state-owned CNOOC has declared force majeure on LNG contracts.. as the country's largest LNG importer tackles disruptions in downstream markets in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.”… #wuhan #coronavirus #wsj #cnbc #covid19
“Force majeure clauses rarely mention diseases, but ..provide relief in the event of “acts of government”.. Chinese authorities have ordered lockdowns and closed factories.. so the "act of government" language could allow.. to invoke force majeure…
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#TweetStorm - Expensive or deserves to be Expensive ? 1)One thumb rule for screening expensive companies is Market Cap to Sales or Enterprise Value to Sales. A 10x or more is generally expensive unless the company can grow sales rapidly or has extremely high Net Profit Margins.
2)Another way to look at expensive is if the Market Cap is equal to the Total Sales of the Addressable Market Size. This would lead to company having to launch different products in the future.
3)May not be the approach to take a Sell Decision or a Short Sell Decision. Very few companies can command such high valuations. Thumb Rule is just to review the investment thesis and the quality of the business. If doubts on quality , get out.
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At same period the UK Authorities, banks & state owned companies all converged with their plans to take our home, our car & our money, my mother's #DWP welfare benefit was also targeted on several occasions, the worst being what happened at #Adecco #Guardian #TheTimes #GMB
My mother was seeking #employment & arranged an appointment with #OfficeAngels who she was already registered with & had worked for, for years. However, the time & date of the appointment was at a similar time to that of her sign on with the #DWP. #Jobseekersallowance #Jobseekers
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