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Today is second mangala gauri vrat. Mangala gauri fast can bless you with prosperous and happy married life. In the month of Shravan, keeping this fast with pure mind and heart is of utmost importance.

The nakshatra operating today is Bharani owned by Venus Image
which is again auspicious for devi sadhana. Shiva shakti in form of kali has deep connection with the nakshatra. Bharani nakshatra is ruled by yama therefore it can cause accidents and sudden energy.

Yama is the one who takes life back to the source meaning death. Therefore
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Today #moon is transiting through Revati nakshatra again forming the auspicious Guru-Mangala yoga with #Mars which is located in Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra.Revati Nakshatra (also called Tge wealthy Star) can give abundance and prosperity. It is the deepest level of spirituality, Image
therefore any spiritual practices which are started on this days reaps good fruits.

This #nakshatra can give both spiritual and material wealth. It can also give abundant rains. As this nakshatra is located at end of #Zodiac and it ends with a Gandata itself, there can be
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Today moon is transiting Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra ,a very auspicious nakshatra for prosperity and bounty. Moreover conjunction of moon- mars in Pisces is leading to auspicious Chandra-mangala yoga.

If Pisces is any of upchaya house in your chart then you can receive Image
benefits of this yoga in transit.Also,many parts of India can receive bountiful rains today as Ahir Budhyana is associated with this nakshatra and is responsible to give nourishment through rains and creative powers.

Goddess Lakshmi is also associated with the nakshatra
therefore it has power to give you abundance and wealth. The day is Saturday and the nakshatra is ruled by Saturn, therefore bow down to Shani for his blessings.

#GajananSays #uttarabhadrapada #gkmastrotips #astrotips #gkmastroquote #astroquote
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Today,#moon is transiting Mula Nakshatra ,the major nakshatra that triggered #Coronavirus. The #ketu's transit through mula resulted in widespread destruction all around the world. Mula is a ketu ruled nakshatra and all ketu ruled nakshatras have some tendencies related to Image
paying back of karmas.

And why not! We all are today facing the wrath of mother Earth paying back for the bad things we have done to the nature. #Nritti,the Goddess of destruction is making us realise the value of incredible gifts given by God.We need to learn these lessons.
The last solar eclipse in December 2019 was also in this nakshatra.

I will like to add that the #COVID19 situation will get normalise to a great degree when Ketu will leave this nakshatra on September 23 and it will enter #Jyestha.The upcoming days are catastrophic for India
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Gemstones are one of the most powerful tools in #VedicAstrology to harness powerful cosmic energies of planets in our life. Every planet has a gemstone associated with it and that gemstone strongly radiates its energies. Image
2. An experienced astrologer can easily identify the best gemstones to boost positive energies by seeing your horoscope. Yellow sapphire is deemed as a gemstone for planet Jupiter, the major karaka for wealth, education, marriage (for girls), finances, dharma etc. Jupiter is the
3. most benevolent planet and benefic placement of Jupiter can give you lot of happiness in life. Yellow sapphire can increase the positive energy of Jupiter in your life which will ensure success and prosperity in all life events. It also minimizes hurdles in our path and
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