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Gajanan - The Magnificent


This manifestation of Shri Ganesh was Sankhya Brahm and to destroy greed. Once Kuber, the Lord of wealth, went to Kailash to pay respect to Shiv and Parvati. He was mesmerised by the divinity of Mata Parvati and could not look away from Image
her face & this annoyed #Shiva. The anger of Shiv gave birth to a demon, called #Lobhasur. Being born from the anger of Shiv, Lobhasur was a formidable opponent. He went to become a disciple of demon guru Shukracharya, who gave him the knowledge of sacred Pachakshari hymns.
Lobhasur prayed to Shiva for very long and ultimately Bholenath promised him a boon. Lobhasur asked for fearlessness. With the power of boon from Shiv, Lobhasur went on conquering every world and realm. He became lord of all three worlds including Heaven. Lobhasur reigns
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From Vinayaka to Ganesha
Though Shiva and Shakti are husband and wife, Shiva did not want to be a father. “I am God. I will never grow old or die. Why do I need children?” But Shakti wanted a child, one who will help all creatures realize God. She decided to create Image
one on her own. She anointed herself with turmeric and oil. When the mixture had soaked her sweat and dried on her skin, she scraped it off and from the rubbings created a child, her son. She called him Vinayaka, a child created without (vina) the help of a man (nayaka), and
ordered him to guard the gate of her cave and not let anyone in.

#Vinayaka, who had never seen #Shiva, stopped everyone from entering his mother’s cave, even Shiva. This infuriated Shiva so much he raised his trident and destroyed Vinayaka’s head. When Shakti learnt of
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Thursday, 20th August 2020

Today #moon will be transiting purva-phalguni nakshatra in the sign of #leo. This nakshatra is ruled by bhaga, therefore it has power to bestow great fortune and bliss. At the same time, you should also have a look at sensual pleasures as the nakshatra Image
lord #Venus is in association with #Rahu. Venus feels very comfortable wth Rahu but Rahu is an illusion.

Three tikshna planets sun,mars and ketu are adjoining each other in #aries navamsa. This conjunction is a fiery sign is pointing towards an inauspicious happening.
Dont forget Aries is 12th house of India's chart. Personally,dont involve yourself in violent fights. People having 2nd house in Aries should be watchful of speech especially as it can trigger events. Take care of your health and keep your cool as the the power of planets is
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Wednesday, 19th August 2020

Today #moon is transiting through #maghanakshatra. #Sun and #mercury are also currently transiting #magha nakshatra. Magha nakshatra is royal throne.The #nakshatra is also related to your pitris,therefore it is a good time to honour your ancestors. Image
Magha nakshatra lord #Ketu is located in #Mulanakshatra in natural 9th house of kalpurusha.According to Nadi astrology, 9th house of chart also symbolises ur forefathers. #Ketu itself is the karmic imprint of past births. Moreover the tithi operating during sunrise (till 8:11 am)
is #Amavasya tithi.Best time to honour your ancestors. Many doshas in your personal chart are remedified with paying respect to pitris.
Also, all the fiery signs are active with 6 planets located in Aries,Leo and Sagittarius ,the temperature in many countries
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Wednesday, 12th August 2020

#Moon is currently transiting through Kritika Nakshatra where it is in exalted state and therefore happiest at this moment. Today we are celebrating the festival of Shree Krishna Janmashtami, the birthday of wordly manifestation of divine master. Image
On a spiritual realm, today we are celebrating the emergence of ultimate bliss on earth which removes the illusion of Maya around us.

Chanting #Mahamantra i.e. “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” will open the doors for many divine experiences in your life. When Shree Krishna was born
during midnight, all the doors of the jail cast opened and Vasudeva was able to cross the Yamuna river which was in floods. The birth of the supreme lord was marked by many miracles.

No doubt,his physical embodiment in the world has very special purpose. He was born to end
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Tuesday, 11th August 2020

Today #moon is transiting through Bharani nakshatra ruled by #Venus and devata is Shree Yama. Venus is itself in Ardra Nakshatra which is not at all good for relationships. Don't indulge in sensuality and meditate for stable mind. Chant #Hanumanchalisa Image
twice a day .The sign lord of #aries #Mars is 12th to his own sign which is not a good sign. Offer sweet boondi to Shree Hanuman.

#Tuesday is also good for performing remedies for getting rid of debt. Mars is the karaka for debt and Tuesday is the day for Hanuman Ji. So
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Friday, 31st July 2020

Today is #Dwadashi tithi and #moon will be transiting the Gandanta Zone in early morning. The Scorpio- Sagittarius Gandanta is a very prominent position which afflicts the planets. It is also known as gand moola. Today is auspicious day of vara laxmi Image

On this day, Goddess #Lakshmi the presiding deity of success,wealth and prosperity is worshipped. By praying upon the divine Goddess, you can seek blessings for your family and children. Additionally, friday is best for worshipping Devi and invoking her positive grace.
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Protect Yourself by Protecting Nature

#Nature is what keeps us alive, giving us food and #oxygen to breathe and in return, we are busy in mindless exploitation of natural resources, so much so that #humanity is on the verge of extinction. What are we thinking? There Image
is another #planet for us? Someone would descend from above and fix everything? Some magic that will correct everything? To an extent, nature does correct itself, but at what cost?

We, the humans are not special species for nature, if to improve the conditions, nature has Image
to kill humans, it would do so and it will be our loss, but nature will flourish again. Do we want it? Certainly not! What can we do? Together our collective effort will bring a #positive change. We can preserve nature in our daily life. Let us see how; Image
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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Today is #Navami Shukla and the moon is transiting #Swatinakshatra till 9:41 am. After this, it will transit #VishakhaNakshatra which is a mixed #nakshatra. Vishakha nakshatra has both elements of #Agni and #Indrani. You can tap energies of Vishakha for Image
completely focusing on your priorities and getting success.

Dont get confused by too many choices rather stick to one thing. Indecisiveness is also one of the traits. #LordKrishna can make your path clear and mind stable. #Sun and #Saturn are in nakshatra exchange. There might
be arguments and conflicts between son and father. Govt. authorities might also face some opposition. Chant #Hanumanchalisa.

#GajananSays #Astrology #GajananKrishnaMaharaj #astroquote #tuesdaymotivation #gkm_explainshinduism
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Saturday, 25 July 2020

Today is auspicious day of #NagPanchami. It is auspicious to feed Nagas with milk and sweets today. Nagas have deep relations with Rahu. Therefore, praying upon Nagas actually free you from the curses of Rahu. Here, we should also understand that We Image
snakes are always not a bad symbol rather they are custodian of wealth. Rahu,the primordial source of energy has potential to give you enormous wealth in life. The 7th door of Padmanabhaswamy temple treasure is also believed to be guarded by Nagas.

Therefore,snakes can bless
us enormously to defeat our enemies and attain prosperity in life. If you have any rahu related afflictions,it is highly recommended to pray upon nagas today. They can gift you with good intuition, flexibility, analytical skills and enormous wealth. Attain their blessings and
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Friday, 24th July 2020- Astro quote

Today is Friday and moon is transiting Purva Phalguni nakshatra ruled by Venus.The prime deity of this nakshatra is Bhaga and main theme is inherited wealth . Friday is ruled by Goddess Laxmi ,therefore it is a great day to honour the goddess Image
of wealth in general. The day is good to take the blessings of goddess for prosperity and harmony.

You might be amazed to know that Akash and Isha Ambani has Venus Jupiter conjunction in Purvaphalguni Nakshatra. No doubt,they have got huge inherited wealth from their
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Tuesday, 21 July 2920- Astro Quote

Today, #moon will be transiting Pushya Nakshatra which is also referred as King of nakshatras. The birth star of #Brihaspati is said to give auspicious results for every new beginning barring marriage. This Nakshatra is very good for Image
starting religious and spiritual practices. So if you are planning to start any mantra Sadhana or lamp lighting, then you should start on this day.

Even the #meditation and yogi practices can be started on this day for positive fruits. We must chant Hanuman Chalisa on
Tuesday as it is the most valuable armour you will ever possess in life. It will shield you against all health, career and relationship issues.

Today Is Also The third Tuesday of Shravan month and fasting day for Mangala Gouri. You can also chant 'Om Namo Bhagvate
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July 18, 2020

Today is First Pradosh Vrat of Shravan month. As this pradosh vrat is falling on Saturday,it is called Shani Pradosh Vrat. #Lordshiva and #Parvati are are worshipped with fasting on this day. As it falls on Saturday,it gets immensely auspicious for Shani
related remedies. Lord Shiva made #Shanidev the lord of justice and he was given the power to reward or punish people based on karma.

By worshipping #Shiva on this day, you can become free from the malefic effects of #Shani. Especially the people who are going under
Saturn Mahadasha and Shani sadesati should chant ‘Om namah Shivaya’ 108 times today.

#GajananSays #shanipradosham #pradoshvrat #gajanankrishnamaharaj #gajananastrology
#shanipradoshvrat #gkm_explainshinduism
#shravanmaas #shravanmaas20
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Today is Karka Sankranti which marks the start of Dakshinayan. Moon will be in Kritika Nakshatra and exalted (happiest) in this Nakshatra. It will be forming conjunction with Venus in Taurus which is a great Rajyoga according to Jamini Astrology.

However, as moon and Venus Image
are watery planets , there can be tendency for over emotional attitude too. But it is perfect for overall wealth. Also the day is doubly auspicious as it coincides with Kamika Ekadashi tithi. Worshipping Lord Vishnu especially the varaha Avatar will be fruitful.
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Why We cannot see god with our eyes?

We cannot see the Supreme Lord with our materialistic eyes - eyes of lust. When we will submit to Him, surrender to Him, then by His grace, we can see Him, with spiritual devotional eyes. The Supreme Lord can be seen only by the eyes of Image
devotion to those who have the aptitude to serve Him. When the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna was present in Dvapara Yuga, He could not be recognized by Kans, Jarasandh etc.

When the Supreme Lord appeared as Ram, He also could not be recognized by all. Hiranyakashyap, who was
greatly learned and a knower of the Vedas, could not recognize the Supreme Lord Sri Narasimha with his eyes of lust, Who appeared in front of him supernaturally from a pillar.

But his son, Sri Prahlad Maharaj, could recognize Narasimha swamy as the Supreme Lord because he
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Why We cannot see god with our eyes?

We cannot see the Supreme Lord with our materialistic eyes - eyes of lust. When we will submit to Him, surrender to Him, then by His grace, we can see Him, with spiritual devotional eyes. The Supreme Lord can be seen only
By the eyes of #devotion to those who have the aptitude to serve Him. When the Supreme Sri Krishna was present in Dvapara Yuga, He could not be recognized by Kans, Jarasandh etc.

When the Supreme Lord appeared as Ram, He also could not be recognized by all. Hiranyakashyap,
who was greatly learned and a knower of the Vedas, could not recognize the Supreme Lord Sri Narasimha with his eyes of lust, Who appeared in front of him supernaturally from a pillar.

But his son, Sri Prahlad Maharaj, could recognize Narasimha Deva as the Supreme Lord
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Have you ever wondered that why Gujaratis are best businessman. I will share an astrological secret behind it. #Mercury is the karaka for the business and the people in western India are used to feeding pigeons which is best remedy for mercury. Mercury is the planet for Image
communication and pigeons were the messengers in the ancient period.

So feeding pigeons actually makes mercury content and it can give excellent business skills. Whenever you go to western India especially Maharashtra and Gujarat, you will find many kabootarkhanas where people
come to feed pigeons. No doubt,many indian businessman including Ambanis belong to Gujarat only.

Today is Wednesday ,an excellent day to feed pigeons and make your mercury happy!

#GajananSays #wednesdaymotivation #gkm_explainshinduism #businesstips #astrotips #astrology
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Today is second mangala gauri vrat. Mangala gauri fast can bless you with prosperous and happy married life. In the month of Shravan, keeping this fast with pure mind and heart is of utmost importance.

The nakshatra operating today is Bharani owned by Venus Image
which is again auspicious for devi sadhana. Shiva shakti in form of kali has deep connection with the nakshatra. Bharani nakshatra is ruled by yama therefore it can cause accidents and sudden energy.

Yama is the one who takes life back to the source meaning death. Therefore
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1/n The #COVID19 pandemic mainly originated from China but it is actually given hard time to all countries across the globe. We have been giving astrological analysis since the start of the pandemic stating that Ketu’s transit Image
through Mula is the reason behind the start of the pandemic. Later the solar eclipse in the Mula nakshatra led to worst effects during pandemic. Afflicted heavy planets such as Jupiter and Saturn make it spread in the whole world. Many big economies in the world like USA
are suffering from the pandemic with huge financial and health setbacks. As People Say, China was the first country where Corona originated and took ugly shape but it was able to open its economy first.

You might have heard in news that how the Chinese govt have put
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Today #moon is transiting through Revati nakshatra again forming the auspicious Guru-Mangala yoga with #Mars which is located in Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra.Revati Nakshatra (also called Tge wealthy Star) can give abundance and prosperity. It is the deepest level of spirituality, Image
therefore any spiritual practices which are started on this days reaps good fruits.

This #nakshatra can give both spiritual and material wealth. It can also give abundant rains. As this nakshatra is located at end of #Zodiac and it ends with a Gandata itself, there can be
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Today the auspicious five day Jaya Parvati vrat is going to begin. Unmarried woman should keep this fast to attain blessings of Shiva and gauri .It is believed that he who prays the upon the supreme Lord Shiva during these five days is granted very good marital bliss. Image
There is a sacred tradition of planting wheat seeds on first day of fast which is widely followed in many parts of country. Also Moon is transiting through jyeshtha, therefore power battles and ego issues may surface out .You should chant the mantra 'Om Dham' whenever moon
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Today is an auspicious day of #DevshayaniEkadashi and the start of chaturmas. During the upcoming 4 months, Lord Sri Hari Vishnu will go to Yog-nidra (deep sleep) for 4 months. No auspicious tasks mainly marriage can be culminated during these 4 months.

The #Ekadashi tithi Image
Today is co-inciding with the day of Wednesday (Budhvar),the day become doubly auspicious to worship Lord Vishnu. As we always say, Chant Vishnu Sahasranama during evening. Moon will be transiting Vishakha nakshatra, worshipping Krishna Avatar of lord Vishnu will reap you
best results.

Also, July month starts with Devshayani Ekadashi & Chaturmaas that ends close to Jupiter changes sign on 25th Nov. Both occurring at same time. Devas sleep & demons active. Mental state also undergoes a change. Motivation, prayers can keep your balance well
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A wedding destination in the Himalayas chosen by the God. Here Lord Shiva & his beloved spouse Goddess Parvati got married, Witnessed by God Vishnu.

An eternal fire burns round the clock at this shrine, believed that the fire was lit up on the occasion of Shiva-Parvati wedding. Image
Triyuginarayan Temple at Triyuginarayan village in Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand. Dedicated to the God Vishnu.

A special feature of this temple is a perpetual fire. The flame is believed to burn frm d times of d divine marriage. Thus, the temple is also known as Akhand Dhuni temple.
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THREAD - Upcoming solar eclipse in Mrigashira Nakshatra and American protests.

Mrigashira nakshatra is all about searching and finding the truth. The symbolisation of nakshatra is related with Deer’s head and the major symbol is deer. The deer is always on search but fails 1/7 Image
to see that the things which he is searching around are already within itself. Moreover, deer is a gentle animal and therefore this nakshatra is a soft one. Though it is a soft nakshatra, but still the ruler ship of mars leads to aggressive patterns. Deer is always roaming 2/8
around in a forest and this causes restlessness. Therefore this nakshatra can make you feel uneasy and suffocated. So,it is important to channelize your mind on right path.Mrigashira nakshatra rules over roads and pathways. Thus, people can utilize the roads and pathways to 3/8
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