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#COVID19, das Mittel zum Zweck als weltweiter Bankenputsch der #InterNazis nach Vorbild der #ENArchie in #Frankreich? Was ist die Operation #Zodiac?…
(2) Am 13.2.2020 sagte Gen. #O_Shaughnessy vor dem #Senat-Ausschuß d.#US Streitkräfte aus, dass #NorthCom "sich aufs Schlimmste vorbereite".

Die Redundanz i.d. US-Befehlskette wurde f."Notfälle" eingerichtet...

(3) Ähnlich, wie am 11.9.2001, als Gen.Ralph #Eberhart f. ca. 10h als so eine Ersatzregierung die #USA führte, ohne dass jedoch Präsi #GWBush jr. gestorben war.

Am Abend des #NineEleven hatte #Dubya seine Macht wieder gesichert, ohne dass z.viel Aufheben darum gemacht wurde...
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1. THREAD: 👉🏻CoronaVirus 👉🏻Chloroquine 👉🏻Hydroxychloroquine (Hydra 💦 #watchthewater quine - equine 🐎 #horseshoe) 👉🏻Artemesinin 👉🏻[P]arasites & Yeast 👉🏻Wormwood 🐛 👉🏻Eat Unleavened Bread of Truth🥖🙏🏻 👉🏻BB Bread & Butter🦃 👉🏻Butter Gets Pardoned #BeBest 👉🏻 #ItsGonnaBeBiblical Image
2. This is going to be a doozy! Please be patient. It will be 20+ long. I’m going to do my #BeBest to explain it & pull some couple years of decodes together & from others #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork 🙏🏻. The delay is I keep uncovering things & I’m mind blown 🤯 Image
H = 8 works better with A = 1.
Let’s explore Hydroxychloroquine aka Chloroquine.
A 70 yr old malaria medicine w/ “spectacular improvement & recommended for all clinical cases that test positive for CoronaVirus” source following Image
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That’s crazy! I was literally just reading the MARADMIN 182/20 & & they released the 167/20 update 😳.
Gematr!a MARADMINS exact matches:
(J 285; E 552; S 92)
Tick Tock! ⏰
Terminal ✈️ or ☠️?
Not full match: All Gods Help; Hail Mark of Q 😳 ImageImage
3. Well done USMC👏🏻 msg rcvd, slightly delayed😆😂 Y’all are keeping us BUSY!
MARADMINS Exact Gematr!a match 👉🏻Sackcloth.
“TRAMPLE THE CITY 42 MONTHS”💥42💥 Think Kobe Bryant
Rev. 11:2-4 “Prophecy a thousand two hundred sixty days dressed In sackcloth!” #Zodiac
@TheHammmerTime_ ImageImageImageImage
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@MINDHUNTER_ "A camera crew drives around and shoots plates for what you see outside when you’re driving. And that is fed into the LED screens above the car. So as the scene is progressing, the LED screens are synched up to emit interactive light to match the light conditions you see...
@MINDHUNTER_ ... in the scenery you’re driving past (that will be added in post). All the reflections on the car windows, the window frames and door jambs is being shot while we’re shooting the actors in the car."
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For the record, I know nothing about astrology.
I love Astronomy!!!
I was even on the core team during the repair the Hubble Telescope while the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS) which was installed during Servicing Mission 4 (STS-125) in May 2009.
Astronomy (from Greek: ἀστρονομία) is a natural science that studies celestial objects & phenomena. It applies mathematics, physics, & chemistry, in an effort to explain the origin of those objects & phenomena & their evolution. I love looking at the stars.
Objects of interest include planets, moons, stars, galaxies, & comets; the phenomena include supernova explosions, gamma ray bursts, & cosmic microwave background radiation. More generally, all phenomena that originate outside Earth's atmosphere are w/in the purview of astronomy.
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#Venus has strong associations with bubbles, because they bring joy, pleasure, and excitement, and are frequently used to mark happy occasions.
They are a literal representation of #effervescence, which is a #Venusian feature, and are often paired with #sugar (ruled by Venus), as in #soda, or used in #alcoholic beverages, which reduce social inhibitions and can stir the libidinal instincts.
For those reasons, #Venus is associated with #champagne, mineral water, and #bubbly drinks of all variety. They, along with #greentea, make great Venus #offerings.
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