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It's the 1 year anniversary of the @GoogleWalkout, so in a few minutes I'll be giving a talk for Googlers about the year behind and the year ahead... Google logo on a building… for people on corp who are interested. #GoogleWalkout
and if Google PR shuts this down, then... well, I will livestream publicly on Twitch from my laptop instead :)
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I have problems with the EU High-Level Expert Group on AI's Policy Recommendations, and have a paper on my views forthcoming in @EurJRR. The preprint is now up on @lawarxiv at…. Here's a summary (short thread):
I argue (with the help of a Discworld metaphor, cc @Jackstilgoe) that we don't need policy interventions to help us know when to use AI as much as when *not* to use it (and to frame the problem properly)
Where are the 'low level experts'? (thanks, @sedyst) '720 more professorial chairs in applied ethics' are recommended (!): but where will skills to organise to affect business models like #TechWontBuildIt and #GoogleWalkout come from? And where are affected communities?
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In April, 2 organizers of #GoogleWalkout, Meredith Whittaker & Claire Stapleton, came forward with stories of retaliation they’ve faced as a result of speaking out at the company. Claire left Google this week. Here’s the note she shared on her last day:
"I have such a simple, pure nostalgia around the years I spent at Google in Mountain View, 2007-2012, that it almost figures in my mind like a childhood—a blur of grass and sun. I used to go out of my way to check out a weekly dodgeball game (that was a thing then).
"I whizzed around campus on those primary-colored bikes. I dabbled in veganism. But the most potent sense-memory I have comes from five years’ worth of Fridays standing at the side of the stage in Charlie’s, half a beer deep,
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@AOC is right: technology reflects society. Here is an incomplete list of experts you should follow if you are interested in this topic / thread:
@safiyanoble – read her great book ‘Algorithms of Oppression – How Search Engines Reinforce Racism’… with @NYUpress
@jovialjoy – and her Gender Shades project, her work with the Algorithmic Justice League and the Safe Face Pledge
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After 9 years, I'm leaving Google. My last day will be in a few weeks. My main reason for leaving is Google leadership's poor handling of crises over the last year: particularly their failure to make any significant changes in response to the #GoogleWalkout demands. [1/6]
After a year of crises & controversy, the Walkout represented an opportunity for Google to turn itself around. Instead, the response from Google has been the bare minimum to try to keep employees from leaving. They say comforting words, but don't back them up with action. 2/
One cynical take from Google leadership has been: the issues can't be *that* bad, because retention is still pretty high. We'll see how that plays out, I guess. (I *did* appreciate the confirmation that leaving is a more effective tool for change than staying within.) 3/
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@firstround publishes a yearly #startups survey and the results are in - hugely useful data for all founders of all genders. But we have some thoughts when you look a little closer...
1. Only 17% of respondents were women, and results are not broken up by gender. So it calls into question finding #1, that most founders believe AGE is the #1 investor bias in tech.
1a. Obviously, if 83% of respondents are men, and never personally experience gender bias, this finding is massively biased itself.
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"We’ve seen OKRs, we’ve seen working groups, we’ve seen meagerly funded diversity efforts, we’ve seen ethical councils and self-regulatory promises. None of which have netted in any change, and we continue towards the iceberg." -- @mer__edith explaining #googlewalkout on @Recode
@mer__edith @Recode "There are people who have the power to meet the demands, to make this right and to push the culture forward in a way that will change history. Larry and Sergey, where are they?" --@clairewaves re #GoogleWalkout

I said to @emilychangtv as well: Larry needs to step up and lead.
and stepping up and leading *includes* making tough decisions about confronting and punishing behavior that's been a problem among executives for decades. #GoogleWalkout
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#GoogleWalkout update: Collective action works, but we need to keep working. True equity depends on it.…
Last week, 20,000 Google employees and TVCs walked out to protest discrimination, racism, sexual harassment and a workplace culture that only works for some. By taking collective action, and joining a global movement, these workers took a risk.
The risk was calculated, and their demands were reasonable: these employees were asking for equity, dignity, and respect.

What they showed is that collective action works, and when we work together we can make change.
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I have been following the #GoogleWalkout closely, as I believe this is a watershed moment for those of us who have been working to improve the culture of tech. Following is my advice, 5 Things Google Execs Need to Do Today
1. Come to terms with the reality of the situation. Sundar Pichai’s email to the company states (he’s quoting Larry Page) “if even one person experiences Google the way the New York Times article described, we are not the company we aspire to be.”
1 (cont) Take the time to consider this statement as an executive team. Hundreds of current + former Googlers have described their experiences to you. Today, there are thousands who are walking out who don't want to work at a company where assault and harassment are tolerated
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Thread on #GoogleWalkout:
When I shared my experiences of interviewing at Google, I braced myself for public attacks. So far the difficult thing about speaking out has been receiving notes from other women who also experienced Richard DeVaul’s inappropriate behavior. My heart breaks for all of them.
Google X was my first big interview. I was 24, and arrived at a legendary campus full of hope. I left wondering if I should just quit tech for good. Back then, I imagined nobody would care and nothing would ever change.
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We're going to be at the #GoogleWalkout in New York City this morning starting at 11am ET. Here's why thousands of Google employees around the world are walking out:
In August 2017, a 10-page memo written by now-former Google engineer James Damore argued that fewer women become engineers because of inherent biological differences from men #GoogleWalkout
Internal unrest erupted early this year after Google's workforce learned about a contract under the Pentagon's Project Maven to build AI to decipher military drone footage #GoogleWalkout
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