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No, because "freedom" isn't the right goal in and of itself, justice is.

How does "Free" software to help ICE, perform drone strikes, assist in ethnic cleansing, etc. make the world free, never mind just?
Ah, here come the trolls asking "but how can you possibly force your worldview upon mine?"

Guess what, maybe I don't want to write software that you can use to harm people. That's not forcing my worldview upon you, that's making me not complicit in your crimes.
and the argument that all morality is relative so we shouldn't even try is... lol

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The most important thing is to make your spaces safe for trans and/or non-binary students colleagues, and coworkers.

An increasing number of people are coming out as trans -- so we need to make sure they feel safe and welcomed. #EthicalCS
We also need to ensure we don't perpetuate discrimination or human rights abuses with our work. Ask questions about what you're building and why. Don't be complicit.

Unions can be an important force *if* they focus on helping marginalized people. #EthicalCS
For more information, see #TechWontBuildIt, @techworkersco, @endforcedarb, @GoogleWalkout, @DropDragonfly, @teamcoworker, and so many other resources. #EthicalCS
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Anyone want to continue to defend their involvement with HSI contracts as "just stopping drug trafficking and criminal syndicates"?

HSI is directly involved in curtailing the First Amendment and the freedom of the press. #droppalantir #TechWontBuildIt
Let us see whether my involvement in #TechWontBuildIt results in extra scrutiny when I pass through US immigration tomorrow, despite my Global Entry status and having broken no laws...
Good news, cleared in seconds. "Where's home? New York. Where did you travel? Just London. Business or personal? Business. Anything to declare? No, sir. Have a nice trip."

Which is more conversation than one gets with GE stateside, but about normal for preclearance GE.
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I didn't make the decision to leave Clarifai lightly. I agonized over the debate, and tried to look at the issue from all sides. Here's my take on WHY we need to @BanKillerRobots once and for all. #Solidarity #TechWontBuildIt…
@lee_grubbs that article is designed to make you worry about an arms race to justify more weapons manufacture. Instead, let’s work on an international ban through the UN. No one is saying don’t protect USA, we are saying aim for peace and use pressure to condemn this kind of war.
It’s an old argument @karanbhangui that “our enemies won’t” but the bans on chemical/biological weapons are holding up and we can achieve the same thing with these.
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Starting off this morning livetweeting the first two talks of the ethics track at #QConLondon starting with @CatherineFlick who co-wrote the @TheOfficialACM ethics code.
@CatherineFlick @TheOfficialACM From the intro: "The ACM code of ethics reinforced that ethics is the foundation of professional behavior for software engineers, fighting perceptions that bringing your opinions to work is unprofessional." #QConLondon
.@CatherineFlick is a reader in computing ethics. She's part of the committee on professional ethics of the ACM, and researches responsible ethics and innovation.

Ethics has come into the mainstream discussion rather than being a niche topic. #QConLondon
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.@andrea_kock on risk and psych safety at #QConLondon coming up next [ed: behind a little bit, just walked in]
@andrea_kock Risk is contextual. What's risky in one situation isn't necessarily another. Risk is essential to innovation; but people need psychological safety to take risks. [ed: I'm writing an article for @Medium on misconceptions of psych safety soon so this is topical!] #QConLondon
Using the parable of Icarus: risk is a product of existing environmental hazards, prolonged exposure to those hazards, and the vulnerabilities that people's brains will ignore the first two despite the rational assessment. #QConLondon
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At the teach-in, "A.I. can't fix this: MIT, imperialism, and the future of A.I." #helloworld
Sally haslanger: we have to push back against plutocracy in the University. Who gets to decide the research agenda? Why should billionaires decide?
Elena sobrino: MIT never divested from apartheid South Africa, despite students organizing shantytowns and protests.
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Another article that falsely characterizes the "AI arms race" as being between China and US when in practice US efforts are performing target practice upon civilians in the Middle East and Chinese efforts are surveiling and repressing ethnic minorities.…
No amount of increasing funding for spending makes these programs ethical. It's not just the pay, it's also the ethics that cause talented technologists to choose to not to work on the application of technology to warfare. #techwontbuildit
If you genuinely want to stop Chinese information warfare? Go work in the private sector in infosec to stop state-sponsored intrusions rather than on increasing lethality against civilians in Iraq. It's critical work.
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Okay, you support us... but how many of you are willing to help H1B holders stay in the country, or help fired whistleblowers pay their rent?

Signing a petition is only a drop in the bucket compared to concrete actions of solidarity. (cc #TechWontBuildIt)…
"We need more whistleblowers" is peer pressuring without emphasizing how you are going to stop those whistleblowers from losing their jobs, visas, or being sued for exorbitant sums.
There's also the aspect which I have been REPEATEDLY SCREAMING ABOUT which is that when public whistleblowing becomes the *first* resort, it closes off the ability of future whistleblowers to *find* evidence of wrongdoing and raise it earlier before there is a crisis.
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"Bezos suggested we wait for society’s “immune response.” If Amazon waits, the harm will be difficult to undo. Amazon is designing, marketing, and selling a system for dangerous mass surveillance right now. If we want to lead, we need to make a choice between people and profits."
Also, workers organizing and coming together in solidarity *is* an immune response. Enough is enough. #TechWontBuildIt
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Ethics crises are a process failure. As I said in my QCon talk, the best place to have feedback heard is during design rather than after something has already shipped.

But this requires executives to listen to employee concerns earlier.
My personal hope is that workers and NGOs can join forces to effectively pressure our employers.

Tech cannot ethically operate without expert and community input. I very much hope that our leaders are open to listening to these critical voices from outside tech. #TechWontBuildIt
Early feedback and continuous integration of ethics into product development is critical.

"Nothing about us without us" very much holds true.

[above tweets my personal opinions, and not necessarily those of my employer, unfortunately]
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