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Platform envelopment & killer acquisitions in the spotlight as @Meta (i.e, @Facebook) appeals @CMAgovUK decision to sell @GIPHY. Here’s why I think this could be good news….also for regulators! But some background first. A thread 🧵

#platform #regulation #digital #competition
First, Giphy - what’s that? Check it out, push the gif button 👇
Well…. in this case the gif animation is provided by Tenor, @GIPHY direct “competitor”, owned by …. 🥁 🥁 🥁 @Google !!! Oh yes…
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The fact that one is able to buy/sell #cryptocurrency is because someone mined it in the first place. This is what proof-of-work(#PoW) basically is. There would not be any proof-of-stake or proof-of-authority cryptocurrency models, had PoW not conceptualized in the first place.👇
Banning #mining means banning proof-of-work, which is the fundamental pillar behind generating all #cryptocurrencies. Many gamers in India use their computers to earn some pocket money through mining as well as #NFTgaming. For many, it is how they feed themselves.
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❗️If you are in crypto you should know what SDX is❗️

Let me break it down👇

Swiss Digital Asset Exchange @SDX_global

The first fully regulated digital asset exchange that provides trading, settlement, and custody for institutional & retail customers

#SDX $QNT #regulation ImageImage
SDX provides digital asset interoperability options for legacy financial institutions.

A regulated playground for digital asset investors.👀😃

#fintech #blockchain #SDGs #digitalization #sustainablefinance #interoperability #SDX #DLT #regulated #capitalmarkets ImageImage
Who are some of SDX's partners?
@yoshitaka_kitao SBI holdings

Partnering countries:

#tradefi #blockchain #futureoffinance #SDX ImageImageImage
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A couple of weeks ago we launched the #Govtech Leaders Alliance with 13 national and city governments from all over the world

Here are the principles that will guide our work:

1. Support high level political commitments at the int'l level for govtech initiatives
2. Implement #govtech strategies and policies through a whole-of-government approach

3. Foster an adequate environment for the creation and maturity of #startup ecosystems

4. Promote the participation of venture and impact investment funds
5. Work for the implementation of new approaches for #publicprocurement of #digital products and services

6. Promote #agile, #flexible and #innovative approaches for the testing of #regulation and piloting of #newtechnologies
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Overcoming #EpistemicInjustices in the biomedical study of #ayahuasca: Towards #ethical and sustainable #regulation. New paper for “Cultural context and ethical issues in the therapeutic use of psychedelics” special issue of Transcultural Psychiatry 🧵1/
We (me and non-tweeter 🇧🇷 PhD lawyer Konstantin Gerber) reviewed 4 decades of biomedical research about the sacred and ancient vine of the Amazon, documenting how biomedicine systematically commits a specific kind of injustice: against indigenous people as givers of knowledge. 2/
The powerful concept of epistemic injustice was introduced 15 years ago by Miranda Fricker (University of Oxford) and greatly helped us frame and analyse some past and current trends in ayahuasca research, which is also important to psychedelic science in general. 3/ Image
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Germany implements FATF travel rule for crypto and adopts new crypto transfer regulation.

Although there are small improvements compared to the initial draft, this is a perfect example of how regulation in the crypto space should not look like

Since October 1, CASPs (crypto asset service providers, i.e. exchanges, custodians etc.) in Germany have to comply with the new regulation. That means they have to record & exchange information (name, address etc.) about the originator & beneficiary of every transaction.
When transacting with unhosted/non-custodial wallets, they are also asked to collect that information, unless they can assure the traceability of the transaction in some other way.
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1/ The macro landscape for crypto couldn't be better fundamentally

Cryptocurrencies are being adopted at an insane rate
2/ Active wallets for #Ethereum and #Bitcoin. In 4 years, #Ethereum went from 0 to ~600k active wallets
3/ Daily Average Transaction Value for #Ethereum and #Bitcoin has skyrocketed over the past several years (#Ethereum broke $20 billion in May 2021)
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Well well well what do we have here 👀

Still think BTC and ETH is the future? 😂

Rude awakening coming for some maxis

#regulation #ark #XRP #XRPcommunity #XRPARMY #SEC #securitiesandexchangecomission #tether #ETHgate #BTCgate
“Oh No…or 0H ¥€$!!?” 💀👎👍

BANG BANG 6|9 💥 LFG flip it!

Delisting has begun! & it’s only September.

#ohhellyeah <- I don’t use these words but recommend by twatter 😂 #yesorno #yesplease #pleasert #upbit #netcoins #coinsmart #overnight #kek 🐸 ImageImageImageImage
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1/12 A thread on #ANT and how to read #China #PBOC Governor speech on Fintech(#ANT) yesterday. The headline says only FinTech, but Wink Wink, ANT is all over. Get strapped because I will sprinkle some wide guesses and rumors in the end.…
2/12 My quick take on Fintech (Ant) SINS: 1. Monopoly power 2. Winner takes all 3. Payment system seeping into finance, insurance, small loan and asset mgt. 4. FIN must be separated from Tech, Payment from FIN. 5. Data Security 6. Global Coop on Fintech regulation
3/12 Points 3, 4, 5 has been addressed! I'v written on ANT credit scoring JV+ SASAC take stakes in the three private credit scoring companies. And Alipay has been ordered to be separated from financial services, because FinTech is more Finny than Techy!
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1/9 A thread of one potential negative wind for #China #growth next few months: manufacturing firms forced to halt production under energy/environmental constraints 能耗双控. Firms in #Jiangsu asked to stop production. Malls asked to delay opening for 1/2 hour to conserve energy.
2/9 Background: 2060 carbon neutrality goal, National Development and Reform Comm.(#NDRC) sets a staged road map2025/30/35. Each province, two annual hard targets need to meet: total energy usage growth and GDP per unit energy used. (in Chinese)…
3/9 AUG 7th, #NDRC graded each province in YTD red/yellow/green. Economically important provinces like #Guangdong, #Jiangsu #Fujian red for both targets. #ZheJiang yellow for both.…
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(1) Watch some of the comments from Sept 14th 2021 where SEC Chair Gary Gensler testifies before lawmakers on the plan to regulate crypto.

You and I need to understand the comments and lack of education coming from regulators.

#crypto #usa #regulation
(2) Gary Gensler repeatedly focuses on "disclosures", protecting the public, making sure human capital is assessed for fair wages, etc.

All of this is a ruse to control organizations and decentralization where two things have changed.

- Capital Allocation
- Risk Allocation
(3) If governments, banks and financial institutions are not providing capital to crypto markets and are not taking risk where #defi takes place of legacy systems, controlling all of this..... Makes. No. Sense.

FACT: Gensler taught course "Blockchain & Money" at @MIT in 2016
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#Facebook could be forced to sell off GIF platform #Giphy in response to UK regulators

by @CNNBusiness #competition #bigtech #regulation @WiserIn10 Image
15 months ago, #Facebook said it was buying the popular #GIF search engine #Giphy for about $400 million

Now the acquisition may be a bust, thanks to an #antitrust probe by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority Image
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⚠️ GROSS COI REVEALED: In an extraordinary and fantastically written investigative report, @theintercept's @rose_n_adams unveils how @UHC co-opted @zackcooperYale's #surprisemedicalbill study, all while #Congress embraced it as "academic" and "unbiased" work to write #SMB law.
1⃣ This lays bare how #UnitedHealth has manipulated #surprisebill "research" to enrich itself at the expense of all #patients and the frontline #medical providers risking their lives over the past few years of #Covid.

2⃣ The study was foundational in the #SMB debate, and...
...Congress was duped. We believe that Congressional #investigations are now warranted by the #House and #Senate #Judiciary Committees. @HouseJudiciary @JudiciaryDems

3⃣ This work from Prof. #Cooper and his @Yale team was cited *10 TIMES* in the first #regulation issued by...
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So what *is* this "Digital Regulation: Driving growth & unlocking innovation" policy paper? Another "strategy"? A white paper for #DPA2022?

If it's about #regulation, then how will @OliverDowden's "unashamedly pro-tech approach" protect people's #rights?…
In his introduction to "#ThePlan", @OliverDowden says he'll "shortly publish a #plan for a pro-growth data regime" 🤔

If he has an ACTUAL plan, or frankly a clue, then why not just #publish the damn thing? Why all the waffle?

Hand-wavy platitudes like these 👇 ain't worth Jack:
Just so we're clear, this "#Plan" is supposed to "start a #conversation" about "#TenTechPriorities" that @DCMS published on a "shorthand stories"(?) page that DOESN'T ONCE MENTION PEOPLE'S #RIGHTS!!…

Does this Government think it can take us for fools?
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MUST READ: *Terrific* letter to @SecBecerra, @SecYellen, and @SecMartyWalsh signed by 97 Members of Congress and spearheaded by @RepTomSuozzi and @RepBradWenstrup.

They urge @HHSGov, @USTreasury, and @USDOL to not only reflect congressional...

...intent in their rulemaking by ensuring a balanced process to settle payment disputes between #health plans and providers, but also ensure an #IDR process that captures the unique circumstances of each billing dispute and does not cause any single piece of information to be...
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🌲🌲 Ce matin CAP reçoit parlementaires et ONG pour parler protection de la faune sauvage. 🦌

👇🏼 Suivez cet événement politique dans ce Live Tweet et réagissez avec #RencontreCAP.
Melvin Josse, Directeur de @CAPpolitique, lance cette #RencontreCAP en remerciant les parlementaires et ONG présents ainsi que @NetD_news qui soutient la réalisation de l’événement. 🙏🏼
👩🏼‍🏫 Les premiers intervenants sont Gérard Martin de @CVieNature et @NikitaBachelard de la @fondationLFDA, sur la nécessité de créer une commission d’enquête parlementaire sur la #régulation des espèces. #RencontreCAP
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Web sitem yayına hazır:

Yazılarımı blog sayfamda güncel olarak takip edebilirsiniz.

Bu #Flood altında yazılarımı ve sitede "Kaynaklar" kısmına ekleyeceğim "kriptoparalar" ve "blokzincir teknolojileri" ile ilgili yararlı kaynakları takip edebilirsiniz.
2. Blog sayfasında: yazılarım yer alacak,

Kaynaklar sayfasında;
- Kriptoparalar,
- Akıllı sözleşme geliştirme,
- Akıllı sözleşme güvenliği,
- Yararlı Bültenler ( @LibraryDefi @kripto_kurator @BanklessHQ gibi)

gibi başlıklar altında yararlı kaynaklar olacak ve güncellenecek.
3. “Big Brother is Watching Blockchain: Blockchain Gözetim Pazarı"

- Blokzincir gözetimi neden önemli?
- Blokzincir gözetim pazarı neden hızlı bir şekilde büyüyor?
- Gizlilik açısından yansımaları neler?

#Privacy #Blockchain #Analysis…
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Let’s talk about the economy.
You agree: “A logical next step.”
Would you mind if I’m blunt?
“Fire away.”
It’s shit.
“The economy?”
“Well, that is blunt.”

You ponder for a moment, then ask, “Is this another of your enemies?”
The economy?
An enemy to humanity and the biological world?
I hope, by the time this thread is complete, you’ll tell me.

We’re talking about the supply-and-demand, producer/consumer, deregulated/lightly-touched, invisibly-handed, limited-resource-distributing, market-based economy that prevails across much of the world.

“And it’s all entirely shit?”
Well, perhaps I need to qualify that.

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To celebrate UNESCO's International Day of Women & Girls in Science, here's a #thread of some of the amazing Sustainable Seas researchers and their mahi* #IDWGS2021 #WomenInSTEM

*not an exhaustive list, please tag/add those who we miss!
@KKSaturday led our Enabling inter-agency collaboration on cumulative effects project, which developed the ACE framework, a decision-making tool to guide #collaborative mgmt of #cumulativeeffects in our moana #IDWGS2021…
@karentfisher leads our Enhancing EBM practices research theme, which investigates how #policy #regulation and #legislation can be tailored to support #EcosystemBasedManagement in NZ #IDWGS2021…
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@nytopinion @karaswisher 1. #Trump should have been banned permanently from all #SocialMedia a long time ago. Say when he started promoting the #Birtherism malarkey. #SocialMedia & #TechCompanies played a role in the #CapitolRiot & they must own up to it! Their failure to monitor their platforms has…...
@nytopinion @karaswisher 2. allowed the lies and conspiracy theories to spread like wildfire. #SocialMedia needs #Regulation. The laws haven't kept up with the #Tech & they need to be updated. Perhaps if this had been done ages ago, all the crazy stuff that is out there wouldn't have such a large....
@nytopinion @karaswisher 3. audience! #SocialMedia & #TechCompanies must monitor individual accounts so that their services aren't used to bully or to spread misinfo or create terrorists groups here & overseas! Didn’t #SocialMedia play a role in the spreading of ISIS ideology? W/O #Regulation, all the...
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The ICMR DG and some other experts have argued that phase 1 and phase 2 data is enough for restricted emergency use approvals, and that phase 3 efficacy data is not necessarily required.
Dr T Jacob John also makes an argument in this regard, though also clarifying that there might have been some early safety data from those vaccinated in the phase 3 which is ongoing as well
BUT if we were going to base a regulatory decision on just phase1 and phase2 data, why did we have to wait till 02nd Jan 2021. That data was available a few weeks earlier, and in fact was considered in the 09th December CDSCO SEC meeting. Why not take the decision then itself?
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