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"It is finished.

"It is finished.

"it is THE MERCY"

those are the last known words of Donald Crowhurst, an eccentric and erratic man who had failed at several ventures and who finally risked his life on a contest to sail round the world, nonstop, in a one-man boat.

he was already in debt to a *successful* businessman, a millionaire named Stanley Best, who'd lent a few thousand pounds to one of Crowhurst's failed businesses. the loss was mere pocket change, to someone like Best—but enough to give Best a *hold* over Crowhurst.

that's the *real* power that the #entrepreneur has. #business and #technology propaganda is full of nonsense about how entrepreneurs, people of leisure who gamble on #investment and #cryptocurrency and other sources of "passive income", are the world's creators, but...

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Una cronología del 2do colapso bancario más grande en la historia de EEUU. Las redes están a full con publicaciones sobre #SiliconValleyBank, y la historia es difícil de seguir. Acá un hilo 🧵con un poquito de research para intentar entender mejor cómo se llegó a esta situación
El miércoles pasado, Silicon Valley Bank $SIVB tenía $212 billones en activos y una capitalización de mercado de $16bn. 48 horas después, el banco quebró. ¿CÓMO SE LLEGÓ HASTA ESTA SITUACIÓN CRÍTICA?
La raíz del problema empezó en 2021 cuando las firmas, mayoría #startups respaldadas por #venturecapital, recaudaron $330bn (el doble que el año anterior). Todo esto en un mundo en donde sobraba liquidez, con Fed fund rates de 0,25 %, T-Bonds a 10 años al 1% e inflación de 1,4%
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DeFi 🚀🚀 reemplaza a CeFi 🏦 como favorito de VC. Tu de que eres de sector Defi o Cefi??
#hispacripto #metaverse #Crypto #NFTMarketplace #nftnews #Bitcoin #Ethereum #META #CeFi #Defi #VentureCapital te explicamos en el hilo esta nueva noticia buena para el sector 👇👇
DeFi atrajo 41 veces más capital en 2022 que en 2020... y la tendencia continúa.
La mayor parte del efectivo de esta semana se destinó a finanzas descentralizadas (DeFi), infraestructura de cadena de bloques y empresas de NFT, una tendencia que ha sido constante durante el último año.
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Cricket is one of the oldest and fastest growing sports around the world.

Here are 5 reasons why I'm bullish on the future of cricket:
1. Growing popularity

According to the International Cricket Council (ICC), cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, with an estimated 2.5 billion fans globally.

Since 2007 there has been a 700% increase in cricket participation in the USA alone.
2. T20 format

The T20 format has been a game-changer for cricket, with the average attendance at Indian Premier League (IPL) matches increasing by 18.8% from 2018 to 2019.

The format has also helped attract a younger audience, with 66% of IPL viewers being under the age of 35.
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Had an opportunity to listen to MD of one of the organization regarded as pioneer of #VentureCapital in India.

Here are some of the insights from our interactions on #startups & investment

Two things are most critical for startups to succeed
- right talent
- funds
“Investing in startup is not an easy thing. There is FOMO to become angle investor these days.
If as an investor you don’t have skin in the game, it it neither beneficial for startup not for the investor.”
“Startup investors should bring more on the table than just MONEY on the table. More and more startups are looking for right kind of expertise & mentorship along with funding. Investors can bring their knowledge ( HR, Sales, Marketing, Product & Others) to startups.”
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#private_equity & #VC the big money, big #profits / big #losses

There exists a significant distinction between "Private Equity" (PE) and "Venture Capital" (VC), which can be explained as follows.
Most individuals are familiar with investing in the "public market" such as stocks
However, "private markets" are involved in investing in a company that is not publicly listed, such as "venture capital" (VC) or "private equity" (PE).
There are five stages involved in VC to PE investing, which are as follows:
#Angel (pre-VC): Angel investors provide early-stage support to startup-level companies before institutional investors are ready to invest. These companies may have an idea but have not validated it properly yet or built it into a business. Funding mostly from friends & family.
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Here are some highlights from the Voices of Tomorrow Bangalore Chapter! (1/n)

#VoicesofTomorrow #VoT2023 #ithoughtVoT #ithoughtVoT2023
Session #01

ithought Way – The Journey by Mr Shyam Sekhar

Mr @shyamsek answers the question, ‘What pain points does ithought address & solve?’ (2/n)

#ithought #portfoliomanagement #financialplanning
“We want to make Millennials as $ Millionaires – a well-managed wealth corpus for the 90’s born.” - @shyamsek on what ithought wants to accomplish.

Watch Mr Shyam Sekhar’s talk ‘ithought Way – The Journey’ here… (3/n)

#investors #investearly
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What the heck is going on with investing in cannabis? For the last two weeks, I've been calling every cannabis VC fund manager I know and taking their temperature on #investing in today's #cannabis industry. What I learned was pretty interesting, so I want to share it with you...
The industry is definitely in flux, and I'm fortunate to have access to the most active investors in cannabis VC. My hope is that by sharing this information with you and answering questions, we can all work together more efficiently and effectively in 2023 and beyond....
At Poseidon, we track close to 50 funds investing in private cannabis industry companies, but in the current economic climate, only about half are active...
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#India's #startup ecosystem raised $455 million across 24 deals last week (Jan.16-21,'23) with #fintech #unicorn PhonePe turning decacorn at $12 billion valuation.
#StartupIndia #DigitalIndia #VentureCapital #funding #Entrepreneurship #innovation #Motivation #prosunjoyi #Thread Image
#India's #startup ecosystem raised $126 million off 16 deals last week (Jan.23-28,'23) across #cybersecurity, #deeptech, #energy, #gaming, #logistics, #SaaS, etc. with total #funding for Jan.'23 crossing $1 billion. #StartupIndia #DigitalIndia #VentureCapital #inspiration #Thread India's startup ecosystem's funding round up for the last week and also for the January month + an inspirational quote stating that your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.
#India's #startup ecosystem raised $49 million off 12 deals last week (Jan.30-Feb.4,'23) across #EVs, #freight, #manufacturing, etc. #StartupIndia #DigitalIndia #VentureCapital #leadership #founders #Entrepreneurship #MondayMotivation #inspiration #innovation #prosunjoyi #Thread Image
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We had a very busy 2022. But the people driving the startups we backed @refashiond were even busier. We couldn't be more proud of all that they have accomplished. Thanks to them we see a promising future for global supply chains.


#SupplyChain #Tech
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, below are some excerpts about our growing portfolio of early-stage supply chain technology startups @refashiond.

#ObsessivelyEnthusiasticInvestor #SupplyChain #Innovation #Technology #Startups #VentureCapital
During what is possibly the most difficult fundraising environment in venture capital, the startups in our portfolio that raised capital in 2022 have exceeded our expectations.

#ObsessivelyEnthusiasticInvestor #SupplyChain #Innovation #Technology #Startups #VentureCapital
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At most venture capital firms, early-stage supply chain technology is a tiny, emerging “area of interest” . . . At REFASHIOND Ventures, it’s our entire world. Join us:

#SupplyChain #Innovation #Technology #Startups #VentureCapital #SupplyChainTech Image
Coming attractions.

At most venture capital firms, early-stage supply chain technology is a tiny, emerging “area of interest” . . . At REFASHIOND Ventures, it’s our entire world. Join us: Image
Coming attractions.

At most venture capital firms, early-stage supply chain technology is a tiny, emerging “area of interest” . . . At REFASHIOND Ventures, it’s our entire world. Join us: Image
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The tech startup sector in Pakistan has had a rough year 🌪️ with investment plunging 47% quarter-on-quarter and 68% year-on-year to $55.4m in Q3 2022 - the lowest level since Q1 2021

@bznotes @nighatdad @xParacha @ZahidLilani @rehanallahwala @kalsoom82 @aatif_awan 1/7
This is particularly concerning considering that 2021 saw record investment of $366m in the country and local startups raised over $174m in Q1 2022. 2/7
It's clear that the changing global macros 🌍 combined with Pakistan's economic crisis and the uncertain resumption of the International Monetary Fund programme 💰 have had a major impact on the sector. 3/7
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@Twitter / @TwitterDev's UX is now partly broken for us. do you see that "Save Tweet" dialogue? that's what happens if you try to use the scroll bar to view the bottom of a long tweet. click on the scroll bar and you get that dialogue.

one can Tab down to bring the bottom edge of the tweet dialogue box into view, as a workaround. possibly it scrolls properly with a scroll-wheel mouse (we do not use one.) in any case, non-functional UI components (the scroll bar)...@elonmusk's @Twitter is going well. /s

everyone knew that @elonmusk was going to do this—everyone not in the #ElonMusk fan club.

this is why #VentureCapital has earned the somber nickname of "Vulture Capital": crooks who make and lose money in this unsound way have learned to profit from *breaking* companies.

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Hey Everyone!! 👋

Check out updates from week 49 within the GHC universe. Our portfolio companies are ending the year with a lot of wins.
#portfolioupdates #GHC #funding #venturecapital #founder #Africa #MENA Image
📌 @CredPal
🤝 launches #flynowpaylater for December vacation trips. Whether travelling alone or with family and friends, you can now and pay later. Visit the Credpal Website to learn more.

2/10 Image
📌 @EncorePay
🎤 CEO of Dubai-based startup Imran Saeed participated in the Fintech Entrepreneurs meetup at the National Incubation Center Karachi (NICK), where he could share his experiences in the Fintech space.

3/10 Image
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1. To analyze the economics of using tokens, i.e. tokenomics, one has to first understand what tokens are. Not all tokens are made equal.

Relevant for venture builders: #VentureCapital

a 🧵:
2. According to the SEC, there are 2 kinds of tokens: security tokens and utility tokens. “Security tokens'' are mostly tokens that represent entitlements of future potential cash flows or profit, while “Utility tokens” are tokens that can be used to redeem a product or service.
3. However, tokens can be further divided into 4 categories: general payment tokens, platform tokens, product tokens, and cash flow based tokens.
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How to raise an angel/pre-seed round for your startup? Step-by-step guide & free Fundraising OS. Won't discuss the obvious. 🧵🧵

1. Prepare a list of angel investors who are either sector agnostic or active in your space. Look for recent funding in your space to discover them.
2. Divide the list into 3 parts.

A. Dream Investors
B. Potential Investors
C. Comfortable Investors- VC/founder/angel friends + investors you don't care whether they invest or not :)
3. Use a CRM or an equivalent to track all the investor's outreach. Read till last if you want my Fundraising OS on Notion for free.

4. Look for warm intros to all of them. Preferably from portfolio founders. Start networking.
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Starting soon-'Venture Capital: Economic Rocket Launchers'🚀panel at #FII6 with VCs:
💠Dr. Klaus Hommels
💠Saleh Romeih
💠GV Ravishankar
Moderated by Fadi Ghandour.
Tune in to the @FIIKSA livestream
.@khaledalwaleed: “Venture capital is the root of everything innovation - more money was given to VCs by LPs through the first 3 quarters of 2022 than in any prior full year. So long as there is innovation, there will be VC.”
#FII6 #venturecapital @FII6
.@khaledalwaleed in conversation with Fadi Ghandour: "Dry powder - more money - is around than ever before and nothing of innovation would be possible without VC backing - web3, digital everything, that's VC at work."
#FII6 #venturecapital
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Startup board practices: Having served 33 different boards, these are the best practices I have collected so far.
Enjoy with a glass of red wine.
#VentureCapital #startups @startupyhteiso @redstone
Do not just start. First pause to get to know each other and agree on the goals, spirit, culture, meeting, reporting and comms practices. Clashes arise from misaligned expectations.
Reporting takes place monthly on the background - with a standard format onepager - and will be commented as it arrives, not in meetings.
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Dead money in Venture Capital

In his interview with McKinsey, Bill Gurley makes an interesting point about dead money.

What’s this dead money and who’s paying for it?
In the past few years when money was available in plenty because of low-interest rates and quantitative easing (central banks printing money), numerous startups raised hundreds of millions, sometimes billion+ dollars of #venturecapital.
Late-stage VCs who write big cheques get a return on their capital either through an IPO or a massive acquisition like Adobe buying out Figma.

Funds like Softbank have invested billions in big #startups like Oyo in the hope that they will make money through the IPO.
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"The end product is very sexy and you know, that's what draws people's attention, but the whole back end of it is what makes it possible."

"I'm trying to correct the misperception that design is the hard part. It is not the hard part."

https://youtu. be/t705r8ICkRw

Loads of insights here from @elonmusk on SpaceX’s 5-Step design and manufacturing process 🚀 ─Check it out🍿📺

I can see a lot of similarities with the general misconception surrounding the startup world:
@elonmusk The idea that unicorns are born out of an "idea", an "Eureka moment" of design inspiration.
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0/🧵Comparison of #Sui vs. #Aptos, other #Layer1 #blockchain projects given excitement from fundraises at unicorn+ valuations. Discussion on #technology, #tokenomics, #ecosystem

Deep dive:…

TLDR below ⬇️🧵⬇️

#altcoin #cryptocurrencies #venturecapital
1/ @Mysten_Labs was formed by ex-Novi Research team at Meta, similar to @AptosLabs. Team has launched a high performance L1 PoS chain, Sui centred around scaling composable and dynamic NFTs for broad metaverse applications incl. gaming, social, commerce, etc.
2/ Like Aptos, the tech stack has made significant progress from Diem, which was originally designed to handle light payments traffic between a small number of custodial wallets (10s to 100s). Diem’s original architecture would not have been able to support mass adoption.
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How I built my Investment Thesis -a 🧵

Before I started my Startup investment journey I had no clue how to turn my gut feeling and broader market beliefs into a coherent investment strategy. Or at least how to communicate it succinctly.
Then I discovered the importance of coming up w/ a strong Investment Thesis. One that not only I believe capable of actually delivering returns, but that it also fits with my vision of where the tech world is going and the "spacial sauce" I can bring to the VC world.
Below is how I came up with mine over the course of the start of my startup investing between 2020 and 2021: It wasn't easy at first.
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0/ Those interested in SaaS investing and need a quick reference point on public market valuations, @MeritechCapital has just released v2 of their benchmarking (free) tool. Check it out!


#software #SaaS #valuation #VentureCapital #privateequity…
1/ The tool provides a perspective on what scaled listed SaaS companies look like in the US, in terms of growth, retention, sales efficiency and how these metrics correlate with valuation. US is the most relevant market as it sets the world price for such assets, viz. enterprises
2/ It’s based on non-GAAP financials and allows users to filter by SaaS type (infra, application, freemium / bottoms-up). The types of analysis (incl. charts, tables) the tool allows you to quickly undertake is organized as follows…
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0/ 🧵@AptosLabs, an exciting L1 blockchain and how it stacks up vs. other top chains

Full deep dive here:…
TLDR below⬇️🧵⬇️

Leveraged materials by @TheBlock__ @Andrew_Cahill_ @PontemNetwork - much thanks!🙏

#altcoin #cryptocurrencies #venturecapital
1/ Aptos is a L1 PoS chain created by the team from Meta's Diem. NB they are not associated whatsoever. The chain solves the blockchain trilemma: decentralization, security, scalability. If successful, it is well positioned for mass adoption, including enterprises
2.1/ Move programming language: Modern, secure and flexible
- Easy customization of properties for assets
- Important info protected, not copied or accidentally destroyed
- Designed to be chain agnostic and modular
- Overall enhanced DX…
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