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1. To analyze the economics of using tokens, i.e. tokenomics, one has to first understand what tokens are. Not all tokens are made equal.

Relevant for venture builders: #VentureCapital

a 🧵:
2. According to the SEC, there are 2 kinds of tokens: security tokens and utility tokens. “Security tokens'' are mostly tokens that represent entitlements of future potential cash flows or profit, while “Utility tokens” are tokens that can be used to redeem a product or service.
3. However, tokens can be further divided into 4 categories: general payment tokens, platform tokens, product tokens, and cash flow based tokens.
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Starting soon-'Venture Capital: Economic Rocket Launchers'🚀panel at #FII6 with VCs:
💠Dr. Klaus Hommels
💠Saleh Romeih
💠GV Ravishankar
Moderated by Fadi Ghandour.
Tune in to the @FIIKSA livestream
.@khaledalwaleed: “Venture capital is the root of everything innovation - more money was given to VCs by LPs through the first 3 quarters of 2022 than in any prior full year. So long as there is innovation, there will be VC.”
#FII6 #venturecapital @FII6
.@khaledalwaleed in conversation with Fadi Ghandour: "Dry powder - more money - is around than ever before and nothing of innovation would be possible without VC backing - web3, digital everything, that's VC at work."
#FII6 #venturecapital
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Startup board practices: Having served 33 different boards, these are the best practices I have collected so far.
Enjoy with a glass of red wine.
#VentureCapital #startups @startupyhteiso @redstone
Do not just start. First pause to get to know each other and agree on the goals, spirit, culture, meeting, reporting and comms practices. Clashes arise from misaligned expectations.
Reporting takes place monthly on the background - with a standard format onepager - and will be commented as it arrives, not in meetings.
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"The end product is very sexy and you know, that's what draws people's attention, but the whole back end of it is what makes it possible."

"I'm trying to correct the misperception that design is the hard part. It is not the hard part."

https://youtu. be/t705r8ICkRw

Loads of insights here from @elonmusk on SpaceX’s 5-Step design and manufacturing process 🚀 ─Check it out🍿📺

I can see a lot of similarities with the general misconception surrounding the startup world:
@elonmusk The idea that unicorns are born out of an "idea", an "Eureka moment" of design inspiration.
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0/🧵Comparison of #Sui vs. #Aptos, other #Layer1 #blockchain projects given excitement from fundraises at unicorn+ valuations. Discussion on #technology, #tokenomics, #ecosystem

Deep dive:…

TLDR below ⬇️🧵⬇️

#altcoin #cryptocurrencies #venturecapital
1/ @Mysten_Labs was formed by ex-Novi Research team at Meta, similar to @AptosLabs. Team has launched a high performance L1 PoS chain, Sui centred around scaling composable and dynamic NFTs for broad metaverse applications incl. gaming, social, commerce, etc.
2/ Like Aptos, the tech stack has made significant progress from Diem, which was originally designed to handle light payments traffic between a small number of custodial wallets (10s to 100s). Diem’s original architecture would not have been able to support mass adoption.
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How I built my Investment Thesis -a 🧵

Before I started my Startup investment journey I had no clue how to turn my gut feeling and broader market beliefs into a coherent investment strategy. Or at least how to communicate it succinctly.
Then I discovered the importance of coming up w/ a strong Investment Thesis. One that not only I believe capable of actually delivering returns, but that it also fits with my vision of where the tech world is going and the "spacial sauce" I can bring to the VC world.
Below is how I came up with mine over the course of the start of my startup investing between 2020 and 2021: It wasn't easy at first.
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0/ Those interested in SaaS investing and need a quick reference point on public market valuations, @MeritechCapital has just released v2 of their benchmarking (free) tool. Check it out!


#software #SaaS #valuation #VentureCapital #privateequity…
1/ The tool provides a perspective on what scaled listed SaaS companies look like in the US, in terms of growth, retention, sales efficiency and how these metrics correlate with valuation. US is the most relevant market as it sets the world price for such assets, viz. enterprises
2/ It’s based on non-GAAP financials and allows users to filter by SaaS type (infra, application, freemium / bottoms-up). The types of analysis (incl. charts, tables) the tool allows you to quickly undertake is organized as follows…
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0/ 🧵@AptosLabs, an exciting L1 blockchain and how it stacks up vs. other top chains

Full deep dive here:…
TLDR below⬇️🧵⬇️

Leveraged materials by @TheBlock__ @Andrew_Cahill_ @PontemNetwork - much thanks!🙏

#altcoin #cryptocurrencies #venturecapital
1/ Aptos is a L1 PoS chain created by the team from Meta's Diem. NB they are not associated whatsoever. The chain solves the blockchain trilemma: decentralization, security, scalability. If successful, it is well positioned for mass adoption, including enterprises
2.1/ Move programming language: Modern, secure and flexible
- Easy customization of properties for assets
- Important info protected, not copied or accidentally destroyed
- Designed to be chain agnostic and modular
- Overall enhanced DX…
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Last Friday I took part in a panel on " Deep Tech investing for the non technical" alongside impact investor @mayaghosnb, fellow deep tech investor @FaridHaque, @VAUBANDOTIO founder @ulricmusset and IoT founder @SyedAhmed

Here are 3 points that emerged from the discussion
@mayaghosnb @FaridHaque @VAUBANDOTIO @ulricmusset @SyedAhmed 1. OPPORTUNITY: Deep Tech has the potential to accommodate a lot more funding in Europe & will allow investors to participate in the 3rd wave of tech infrastructure innovation -after the original VC silicon wave of the 60s/70s & the Cloud infra wave post dot-com burst
@mayaghosnb @FaridHaque @VAUBANDOTIO @ulricmusset @SyedAhmed 2. RISK: But! If you are indeed non technical, you should probably NOT jump straight in. Real deep tech means advanced computer science, hardware and fields requiring the understanding of complex R&D risks:
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Africa Startup Funding June '22

Startups operating in Africa raised at least $230M in June 2002 across 51 disclosed deals, bringing the YTD total to ~$2.7B. This represents 125% growth vs 2021.
46% of funding went to 🇿🇦($108.2M), followed by 🇳🇬($34.8M, 15%), & 🇬🇭($30M, 13%). 1/n ImageImage
Fintech received over 72% of the funding, a big chunk through @MFS_Africa's $100M raise. The Energy sector received $30.5M across 5 deals followed by Edtech ($16M, 4 deals), Software ($5.1M) & E-commerce ($4.9M). 2/n Image
🇿🇦 @MFS_Africa's Series C topped the charts, followed by 🇬🇭 @fidocredit's Series A, 🇲🇼#YellowAfrica's debt, 🇳🇬 @moove_io's $20M debt, and 🇹🇳 @gomycode's $8M Series A. 3/n Image
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Congrats @SamDeBrule @kevinthau @sparkcapital!

A well crafted presentation. Best I've seen recently.

But I think you can push it a little further next round.

I run a pitch design studio, and we audited your deck for fun.

Here are 6 opportunities to make it more compelling. Image
Our story framework informs our recommendations.

We use it to break down content into components.

It's our venture spin on the Story Circle, a timeless structure. Image
Let's start with the great things you're doing.

World-class type and clever branding elements.

Great data. Clear copy. Thorough.

But we think you could dial up the narrative. Image
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Problem: Underserved founders have limited access to capital

Solution: Create more investors 💰 with different approaches to venture investing

There are now more and more syndicates and platforms for angel investors and even micro-angels both in the US and Europe that can help you invest in emerging VC funds (normally small and top performing) with as little as 1k (sometimes less)
Give a ❤️ or comment along if you want to learn more. Gauging level of interest. I'm happy to DM you some of my favourites :)

#investing #investment #angelinvestor #venturecapital
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Rejection hurts. There's no denying it.

But just because your business pitch was rejected by a venture capitalist (VC) doesn't mean that your startup is doomed.

In fact, getting rejected can be a good thing. It can help you learn, grow, and become a stronger entrepreneur.

Here are three things to do when your business pitch is rejected by a VC:

1. Don't take it personally

It's easy to take rejection personally, but it's important to remember that it's not about you as a person. It's about your business pitch.
Maybe the VC didn't like your idea, or maybe they didn't think your startup was ready for investment.

Also remember,  VCs are bombarded with pitches every day. They can't invest in all of them, so it's not surprising that most pitches are rejected.
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African startup companies raked in over $380M in April across 40 deals, taking the total funding received in 2022 to over $2B, a whopping 168.36% YoY increase over the same period in 2021.

🇰🇪 received the lion's share attracting $275M(72%), followed by 🇳🇬 (8.9%), & 🇪🇬 (7%). 1/n ImageImage
Energy ($270.5M, 5 deals) emerged as the most funded sector thanks to @SunKingGlobal's Series D, followed by Financial Services ($55.5M, 11 deals), Software ($20M, 4 deals) & Agritech ($19.2M, 5 deals). 2/n Image
@SunKingGlobal's $260M Series D topped the funding charts in April, also making it the largest round in 2022. This was followed by @PylonUMP's $19M Seed, @umbamobile's $15M Series A and @farmerline's $12.9M (Pre-Series A + Debt). 3/n Image
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This is a fascinating article! It is interesting to read about top venture capital investors who successfully invested in companies that are now, or have been, on @linqtoinc ➡️
#Forbes #AndreesonHorowitz #ChrisDixon #VentureCapital #invest #investing
The other companies mentioned in this article are Coinbase (was available on Linqto prior to its IPO), Dapper and Ripple. Shares of Dapper Labs and Ripple are still available, but not for long. (2/4)
You can also transfer IRA money to Linqto to invest. I encourage you to apply for Accredited Investor status on Linqto, if you have $1 million in assets outside of your home. If you aren’t at Accredited level yet, no worries, I am confident you will get there. (3/4)
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🇨🇳Key takeaways of 2022 #China Government Work Report:
🔸2022 GDP growth target at about 5.5%
🔸2022 CPI growth target at about 3%
🔸Budget deficit at 2.8% of GDP vs 3.2% 2021
🔸Add 11 million urban jobs in 2022 vs 11 mln 2021.
🔸Plans 3.65 tln yuan special gov bond sales
🔸2022 surveyed jobless rate at within 5.5%
🔸Ensure grain and energy securities
🔸Strengthen prudent monetary policy #PBOC
🔸Tax cut and rebate at 2.5 tln yuan
🔸To use reserves policy tools in time
🔸To stabilize land and home price
🔸Yuan to be kept basically stable $CNY
🔸Maintains current wording on monetary and fiscal policies
🔸To set up a financial stability guarantee fund
🔸More than 2 trillion yuan of fiscal spending in 2022 vs 2021
🔸To ensure supply chain safe and stable
🔸Risks and challenges for development rise significantly
3/n 🇨🇳
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📰#Helios Ltd. will manage #Venturecapital for startups across our #EOS smart-contracts ecosystem:
We can see EOS as a financial settlement layer for all of #EOSIO, read our proposal below as we look future-facing to a brighter & unified world.🌄⬇️
📰The #EOS blockchain ecosystem is primed for an eruption of innovation. #Helios is here to provide sustained & substantial support for both founders & developers via core infrastructure, dev tooling, business mentoring, marketing, & incubator / accelerator programs.⬇️
📰 To broaden investment opportunity, we will raise funding for #EOSIO initiatives and inspire a new generation of business builders. It's time to increase the inclusion opportunity for institutional investors entering our expanding industry. ⬇️
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Listened to the @investlikebest podcast today with @roelofbotha from @sequoia. What an insightful chat - I found the clarity of Roelof’s thinking and simplicity of answers especially good.

Here are the 12 key points I pulled out around #VentureCapital and #business. A THREAD 👇
1. “Our principle customer is the founder, and our secondary customer are the LPs”
2. “Interest rates are so low globally. There is $16 trillion in developing countries that is earning a negative nominal yield (not even real) right now. It is literally better off to keep money under your mattress”
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Lots of folks who are new to VC have been asking us 'why invest with emerging managers'? Here is the data 👇🏽
Cambridge Associates recommends venture investing as a part of inter-generational wealth planning. According to a report, "new and developing fund managers consistently rank as some of the best performers" and...
"The data suggest that VC has matured and today exhibits a closer risk/return profile to global PE (buyouts and growth) than it did in the 1990s."
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Semiconductor #VentureCapital easily bought the idea of ASICs replacing GPU for AI, based on the argument that GPUs were primarily built for graphics & would not be efficient for AI in the longer run.

Lets bust that myth (1/n)
Hard thing about Hardware is actually Software.

2016 saw a Cambrian explosion of AI chip startups raise their 1st VC rounds. 5 years later, most startups have launched their 1st gen. chip but are still struggling to build a robust SW stack to support diverse AI workloads (2/n)
NVIDIA introduced CUDA in 2006 to leverage GPUs for computation.

Since then applications in astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, data mining, manufacturing, finance & other computationally intense fields have used CUDA to accelerate computation (3/n)
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What key 8 difference between permissioned #blockchain #setcoin & public blockchain #bitcoin?
Check the thread 🧵 👇

#investing #Finance #finanstwitter #cryptotrading #cryptocurrencies #cryptocurrency #cryptoart #defi #altcoin #CryptoNews #ethereum #Dodgers Image
1. #ESG Compatible with limited energy usage to deploy and run ledgers and nodes.
2. #Scalability: much faster validation, and transaction execution;
3. Generating income from real sector #assets;
Next 👇

#fintech #banking #cbdc #CryptoTownEU #DigitalCurrency #NFTgaming
4. Advanced #identity system for #digital #assets owners #validation;
5. Facilitating #green & #cycling economy transition
6. Diversification between income of green buildings, #renewables, #smartcities, #agtech, vertical farming, technology sector private equity assets
Next 👇
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The total global market cap of cryptocurrencies has witnessed unprecedented growth over the last year, currently standing at $1.6T.

Decentralized Finance has been an area of focus, attracting over $65B in Total Value Locked, driven by Lending Protocols & Decentralized Exchanges.
As part of the #DeepTech thesis at @Kalaari, we have been actively tracking the growth of this nascent ecosystem, with a genuine belief in its ability to change the way the world's finances are managed.
Now in the infancy of India's #DeFi movement, we intend to co-create with entrepreneurs & play a key role in driving the DeFi ecosystem over the coming years.

If you are envisioning & building a DeFi startup, we would love to hear from you.
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1/ As it approaches my fifth year as an LP, with most of that time spent supporting first time & emerging fund managers via the ECF programme, I looked into the most common reasons why I didn’t progress with VC proposals 👇 #VentureCapital
2/ Team – Typically, sticking points are focused on an incomplete or under-resourced team for the step up to managing institutional LP capital, where there isn’t a relevant history of working together, or there is too much key person risk (we do not back solo GPs).
3/ Value Add – Every prospective Manager says they have it, but only a few can articulate & demonstrate how their value proposition to founders is differentiated. Why would a founder take capital from you over others? Just stating that a network can be leveraged is not enough.
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