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🚀 In the Age of AI, personalized customer experiences are crucial for competitive advantage. Companies like Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase, and Starbucks are leading the way. #CustomerExperience #AI #Personalization @HBR

A quick recap🍿👇 Image
📈 Competitive advantage is based on the ability to capture, analyze, and utilize personalized customer data at scale. AI is the key to understanding, shaping, customizing, and optimizing the customer journey. #Data #AI #CustomerJourney
💡 Brands like Sweetgreen and Stitch Fix have designed transformative first-party, data-driven experiences as well. Personalization is the design target for every touchpoint. #ChallengerBrands #Personalization #DataJustice2023
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"My ultimate goal is to make a positive impact and contribute to the betterment of society in any way I can.

Read more about the app here:

#TBIJuniors #Technology #AI #RoadSafety #Delhi #TheBetterIndia Image
Knowing that the app has the potential to prevent deaths caused by road accidents and save lives is a powerful motivator, and it gives me a sense of purpose and fulfillment,” says Student Rupesh Kumar from Jharkhand.
#Rakshak, an AI-enabled #roadsafety app provides timely assistance to road accident victims. The app uses artificial intelligence and data-driven from sensors (acceleration and retardation of the vehicle).
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“Data will get better as long as people contribute to it. That’s how it’s going to work out. We will pursue other avenues to strengthen our database as the app matures.

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#App #Technology #GoodDeeds #Sanitation #Hygiene #Pune #TheBetterIndia Image
Right now, our approach is to depend on people," says Amol Bhinge, a US-based engineer who has developed #ToiletSeva. This one-stop platform lists government-run and privately owned toilets, allowing users quick access to clean, hygienic, and safe toilets.
Amol began working on this app in 2019 alongside his friend, but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it took them more than three years to launch this app.
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Pondering the future of A.I. with James Lovelock.

James Lovelock's book "Novacene: The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence" expands on his Gaia hypothesis, which won him numerous awards.

This is what he predicted about the future of humanity... Image
He views Earth and its life forms as a single super-organism called Gaia, which unintentionally sustains itself by developing life forms that can counter threats like solar output or asteroids.
Lovelock suggests we're on the edge of a new epoch, the Novacene.

This era will be ruled by super-intelligent robotic agents, or 'cyborgs' as he terms them.

They'll think exponentially faster than humans and reshape their environments to support their existence.
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🧵Thread: Thousands Battling Post-COVID Vaccine Injuries & Seeking Compensation via CICP🩺🦠

While the pandemic ends, a grim subplot unfolds: thousands battle post-COVID vaccine injuries, seeking compensation. Let's dive into their story. #COVID19…
CICP data reveals 12K claims, but only 706 processed. Just 22 approved, 3 compensated so far. Most face denial. The backlog is staggering. #CICP
Allen Storey, a vaccine injury victim, faces roadblock after roadblock in his pursuit of compensation. Many are trapped in a purgatory of waiting. #PostVaccine #Compensation Image
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New colab!

@LangChainAI 🤝 @elastic

LangChain is a cutting-edge library to make large language models (LLMs) more usable and versatile.

In synergy with ElasticSearch, this powerful duo opens new doors in application development and search applications.

Let's dive in 🧵

LangChain is a toolbox providing a standard interface for LLMs & facilitating their integration with other tools.

It makes developing applications like chatbots, decision-making agents, and more, easier by blending LLMs with other computations & knowledge bases.
Who's it for?

@LangChainAI is perfect for developers looking to harness the potential of LLMs to build transformative applications.

From question-answering apps to intelligent agents, the scope of possibilities with LangChain is immense.
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🚨 Top tech figures, including Google DeepMind and OpenAI CEOs, issue a statement warning of the existential risk that AI poses to humanity. #AIrisk #technology ImageImage
🌐 The statement reads: "Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war." #AI #globalpriorities
🤖 The statement is seen as a "coming-out" for those in the industry concerned about AI risks, with many previously staying silent on the issue. #AIdebate
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Excited about PM @AlboMP upcoming visit to #Vietnam (and his @IISS_org #SLD2023 keynote!).

A short 🧵 from me about the 🇦🇺🇻🇳 relationship, its momentum, opportunities and future trajectory on the occasion of 50th anniversary 👇 1/
Fairly new-found strategic closeness under the Coalition gov resulted in a strategic partnership.
"The 2 countries are increasingly aligned in their strategic outlook and both find each other supportive and, frankly, useful, for their own strategic goals."…
#Australia has been a reliable partner in providing assistance to #Vietnam's #UN #peacekeeping forces, and it has supported #infrastructure in the vulnerable #Mekong region or donating #vaccines during #Covid #pandemic...
@FinancialReview 3/…
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“Low-background metals are valuable because they carry particularly low levels of radiation. Used as shielding in advanced particle physics projects and medical science devices like X-ray chambers, these metals won’t interfere with specialized, highly radiation-sensitive tools.”
2/“Most steel is made by blowing air or pure O2 into molten pig iron to remove impurities & make it stronger. Since start of atmospheric nuclear tests, all air-even purified O2, contains elevated levels of isotopes like cobalt-60,most new steel is infused w/radioactive particles.
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Title: Google's Response to Market Pressures: Unveiling AI Plans at Google I/O…
Resume: In this episode, we delve into Google's long-awaited response to market pressures from Microsoft and OpenAI. We explore how Google revealed its AI plans during the Google I/O developer conference.
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In a recent interview, Elon Musk discussed his optimism about the future of AI. He said that he believes AI has the potential to solve some of the world's biggest problems, such as climate change and poverty.
#AI #ElonMusk #Optimism #Future #Technology

Musk also said that he believes AI is "close" to achieving full autonomy. This means that AI will be able to make its own decisions and take actions without human intervention.
#AI #FullAutonomy #ElonMusk #Technology #Future
Some people are concerned about AI, but Musk believes that the benefits outweigh the risks. He said that AI can be used to improve our lives in many ways, such as by making our healthcare system more efficient and our transportation system more sustainable #AI #ElonMusk
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ChatGPT4 - the Free Assistant you didn't know you needed!

Are you one of those people who have access to ChatGPT4 but are unsure of how to use it? No worries! Here are 10 examples of how ChatGPT4 can change your life: 🧵...
Get instant answers to your burning questions.
For example, "What is the capital of Argentina?"
Need a recipe for dinner tonight? ChatGPT4 has got you covered.

Try asking, "What's a good recipe for chicken alfredo?"
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📕Best of AI

Coolest new developments happening now:

- AI Art
- AI Food Menus!
- Robot Dentist
- AI Fashion Commercial

What have you seen in AI that excites you?

#ainews #technology #TechNews #AIArtistCommunity #TECH4ALL… Image
🧵1/5 Best AI Art

(if you love AI art, these are great people to follow)

Pic 1: @RedTailHawk36
Pic 2: @BardsleyGernot [prompt available in Alt]
Pic 3: @Julian_cano_
Pic 4:@emaweirdd [prompt available in Alt]

#AIArtworks #aiartist @RedTailHawk36 @BardsleyGernot Prompt: The...@Julian_cano_@emaweirdd  Prompt: Aerial ...
🧵2/5 AI-generated food menus

('menu-indecisiveness' is finally solved😄)

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#Technology #Thread #Semiconductor #Manufacturing #Data

The Semiconductor Critical Data:

1/ - The Semiconductor Industry Generates And Processes A Vast Amount Of Data, From Design And Testing To Manufacturing And Supply Chain Management. ImageImage
2/ - This Data Is Then Used To Provide Insights Into About Product Development, Supply Chain Optimization, And Quality Control. Image
3/ - The Semiconductor Industry Also Has To Focus On Data Security, As The Data It Handles Is Often Proprietary, Confidential, And Sensitive.

- It Is Done By Deploying Various Security Measures, Such As Encryption, Firewalls, And Access Controls. Image
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📚🌐#Web3 is revolutionizing the #education sector with its decentralized approach and groundbreaking technology!
🏫In this thread, we explore the potential impact of Web3 on the educational system. Image
1/7 🏫 Web3 and education in #Ed3 bring learn-to-earn models and personalized learning experiences, offering students more control and ownership over their data and learning paths.📚
2/7💻Web3 provides enhanced accessibility, improved traditional education, personalized education, and increased #transparency in the edu sector. 📢
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'3 Ways to Limit Government Surveillance' 👀
How do we maintain balance and order in a world of increasing surveillance technology?

*Notes from a live conversation between Yuval Noah Harari & Sapienship Youth
🧵 #thread #surveillance #technology Image
1. If you collect information on me it should be used to help me, not manipulate me.

Example: When providing health care, a doctor is obligated to use the collected data to help the patient; not for manipulation or reselling.
2. Never allow all the data to
be concentrated in one place.

Data is power and power requires a system of checks and balances to ensure it's being used responsibly.
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A 🧵 on the recent outreach event
"Climate change: #resilience, #transformation, and #equity" on the #IPCC Sixth Assessment Report key findings and their relevance to #Asia, hosted by @SMARTS_AIT


Session 1: Observed warming and future scenarios: Impacts and vulnerability.

“ With every increment of global warming, regional changes become more widespread and pronounced” @sorensson_anna
[2/19] Image
Session 1: Observed warming and future scenarios: Impacts and vulnerability.

“Rebuilding overexploited or depleted fisheries reduces negative #climatechange impacts on #fisheries and supports #foodsecurity, #biodiversity, human #health and #wellbeing” William Cheung
[3/19] Image
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Attention everyone!📢

Want to ride the AI AGI wave?🌊

Then keep reading because I have the most important cheatsheet you'll ever need!🤓 Image
Artificial Intelligence and Artificial General Intelligence are the future.🤖

They will revolutionize the way we live and work. But to keep up with the times, we need to learn and adapt.📚🧠

That's why I'm offering you the best book to get you started!📖 Image
It will give you the foundation you need to ride the wave and stay ahead of the competition.💪

Like, retweet, and comment #chatgpt, and I will send you the book in your DMs!📩

So what are you waiting for?🤔 Image
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$ICP is on a mission to become a true World Computer, integrating major blockchains like #Bitcoin and #Ethereum, creating a multi-chain environment where centralized bridges are obsolete! Learn how the integration will enable seamless interactions between smart contracts. Image
With native Bitcoin integration already deployed, $ICP is now working on a native trustless integration with the Ethereum network. This will allow smart contracts on both platforms to communicate and interact with each other, unlocking numerous use cases. #ICP #ETH
X-chain smart contract calls will offer a wide range of use cases, such as swapping ERC-20 tokens, natively holding ETH and major stablecoins like USDC, and trading ETH NFTs without wrapping on ICP-based NFT marketplaces. #blockchain #crypto
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#Technology #Thread #Semiconductor #Manufacturing #AI

The Semiconductor AI SoC:

1/ - AI SoC - Artificial System-On-A-Chip - Is Gaining Lot Of Traction.

- Primary Reason Is The Need To Capture, Process, Extract, Learn And Predict, All At A Very High Speed. ImageImage
2/ - Doing So With The Help Of Traditional SoC Is Not Impactful.

- Reason: Traditional SoC Are For Generic Workloads. Image
3/ - AI Applications Bring New Sets Of Workloads.

- These Needs To Be Processed By Mapping The Low-Level Details To The Underlying Architecture.

- Thus, More Precise Computing Is Required. Image
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🇬🇧 Meanwhile in the UK

Gene Technology (Precision Breeding) Act 2023 was passed by House of Commons.

The commercial development of gene edited food is now legal in England.

The new law also opens the door to the development of gene edited farm

(🧶) ImageImage
animals, but a further vote by MPs will be required.

🇺🇸And oh, what a coinky dink, Elon Musk just joined synthetic meat race in addition to Bill Gates and Richard Branson (…).…

Upside Foods opened the largest synthetic meat factory in the world. It's designed to grow thousands of pounds of chicken, beef and pork.…
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when is it *acceptable* not to read something that's pushed in front of you? most of us (myself included) are mortal beings, bound by time and entropy like everyone; we've got a thousand daily concerns to balance, and we can't read everything that's recommended to us.

now, if you're a propagandist like @mtaibbi or @charlesmurray, it's never acceptable not to read their junk—and that attitude, right there, is a key hint that their work *is* in fact junk. it's not _proof_ but it's a strong indication that they're pushing propaganda.

for the point of propaganda is not to be persuasive in terms of logic and rational inference and sensible deductions from evidence. propaganda's appeal is *emotional* appeal; @mtaibbi's work, and other right-wing propaganda, is designed to be _maximally memetic_.

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one of the most bizarre aspects from the 1990s #technology / #Internet boom was how it somehow managed to convince a whole lot of optimistic and uncritical people in media (and business) that humanity had somehow entered a "post-industrial" age.

computers and electronic devices are *manufactured items*, requiring a massive industrial base in order to function—and yet somehow it was easy for gullible editorialists and entrepreneurial grifters to talk as though the digital world had somehow *replaced* all that.

the #programming nerd and #STEM-lord culture that arose seemed especially eager to believe that they'd miraculously done away with the need for mining and factories and skilled industrial labor, merely because they had @arduino and #3Dprinting to play with now.

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1/7 📢A new speaker will join our conference - @TaranuDaniel2, Co-founder verdon. | Co-founder Titan Stake @titanstake | Co-founder Entity

Read more about him in this🧵👇

#MultiversX #SeedCaptain #TitanStake #EGLD #CTP #EntityFinance
2/7 📚He is an entrepreneur with a great passion & concrete go-getting 10+ years’ experience for business development. After Daniel’s graduation from ULBS, he pursued a career in business development where he achieved a success after a success in various fields &industries.
3/7 🛠 Along with his entrepreneurial success and long business development experience, he has a true passion for technology, the blockchain and cryptocurrency scenes, which pushed him to indulge himself into learning all about the field since 2014.
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