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How enduring use of 150-year-old speculum puts women off smear tests #cervicalcheck #pain…
I was invited by @NHSEngland for routine #cervicalscreening and despite the efforts of my practice #nurse, even the smallest available #speculum caused me greatest amount of #pain and we had to stop the #procedure within a minute after insertion.
I have been in pain for 9hrs now. 😑 No test designed for #screening #population should be thus. It is hardly conducive for #uptake. Why has #gynaecology stuck with this 'instrument of torture', despite advances in #medicalinstrumentation? Could it be #apathy? @MamaDoctorJones
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Thread: Outpatient #hysteroscopy without anaesthetic

Everyone is aiming to save lives and detect and beat cancer. Fantastic!

NHS staff are there for us in these mad times - but they're under huge pressures, having to meet targets, including financial.
There is an institutionalised false mindset that 'being a woman = living with pain', which means that women's pain is known to be taken less seriously than men's.
So standard NHS procedure is to incentivise carrying out hysteroscopies, a particular form of invasive surgery on women, without any form of anaesthetic. Because it's cheaper.
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Thread: Going to a gynae outpatient appointment, whether you've been given advance warning/info about a #hysteroscopy or not?

If the gynae says they want to do it there and then, or even just says anything casual like 'I'd just like to take a little look, get a little sample …'

"Are you talking hysteroscopy without anaesthestic?

I've read countless reports by women subjected to this barbaric procedure.

The answer is no.

I will require my surgery to be carried out under hygienic operating theatre conditions with humane anaesthetic."
And in the face of attempts to deceive, cajole, persuade, coerce, gaslight, mock, bully you into the stirrups …

"As I say, the answer is no.

You need to book me in for the proper procedure.

When can I expect my appointment confirmation?"

Calm, polite, controlled, assertive.
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Thread: @RCObsGyn @RCoANews

Three things all trainee and practicing gynaecologists, GPs and hysteroscopists must understand to be effective.

Read this - and learn about the women you will be treating.
1/ Gynaecology can be embarrassing.

It 'shouldn't be.' But:

Female socialisation has eternally told us about PRIVATE parts.

'Pudenda' comes from the Latin for 'to shame'.
Many languages even contain the word 'shame' in vocabulary for female genitalia.

Religion and culture intrude - periods and their pain can be known as 'the curse of Eve'.

Punishment on all the female sex for one woman's sin.
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Women are sharing ghastly experiences of outpatient #hysteroscopy - invasive surgery with zero anaesthetic - the NHS UK standard practice

This barbaric, inhumane, misogynistic assault against women's rights must end

'My scream sounded unearthly to me, like an animal in terrible pain. Part of my inside was being cut without any anaesthetic. I am 73 years old'
#Hysteroscopy without #anaesthetic
'excruciatingly painful and the gas and air did not really do anything to alleviate the pain'
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1/ Seemingly endless reports coming in - women's grotesque gynaecological experiences on @NHSuk

Lied to, minimised, dismissed, mocked, belittled, scorned by health care professionals

Refusal to believe women's first hand authoritative accounts of how these procedures TRULY feel

Failure to see women as needing or having any right to pain management

Callous, total lack of empathy, refusal to respond to women's pain
'Was told I was being “dramatic” by female doctor & nurse'

'Last time I spoke to female GP she basically told me as a woman I should expect this'

'I had a hysteroscopy and the male consultant was furious I had the anesthetic when he told me I didn't need it'
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Hysteroscopy: excellent treatment when done with respect & compassion for patient, without financial and convenience issues & outdated attitudes to women getting in the way. A thread:

#Anaesthetics have been available since the century before last.

Men are given local or general anaesthetic for #prostatecancer biopsies as a matter of course.

So why do women continue to be subjected to #gynaecological torture? Misogyny in action?
Hysteroscopy is SURGERY - anaesthesia, relaxation and pain management should be the norm, not the exception.

And as it's surgery, involving cutting and blood, doing it in an office with patient & #gynaecologist in their outdoor clothes is a hygiene disaster waiting to happen.
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Sexually transmitted infections/diseases are more common than you think.

1. There are many sexually transmitted diseases
2. Condoms do not protect against all types of STIS/STDS
3. Some may not show obvious symptoms 

4. Some cause irreversible damage within a very short time.

5. Some can lead to complications that may manifest 15 to 30 years later 

6. Some have uncommon symptoms like behavioural changes, headache, fleshy growths abnormal bleeding between period etc.
7. When infected, you must do contact tracing of recent sexual partners, so they can be treated

8. New sexual partners should screen/test before engaging in sexual activities 

9. You can’t treat all STIs with same medications

10. If in pregnancy, it can lead to miscarriage
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