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Dear Friend, this is #SanatanDeka ,a humble vegetable vendor from #HAJO #ASSAM . He ws mercilessly killed by one Faizul Haque n his 4 accomplices.
His crime:He ws selling vegetable in their locality. murderer is apprehended but a larger danger of livelihood looms over his family.
#Sanatandeka who was killed by a certain person called "Faizul Haque" + 5 in Hajo, Assam, was the lone bread winner of his family. With him being killed, family has nowhere to go and can't fend for themselves.
Cn we show some generosity and help the family? Lets pitch in and help
#SanatanDeka 's family needs ur help. Whoever r interested 2 contribute,may pl contribute in his brother's bank AC.
Bank:Assam Gramin Vikas Bank
A/c Holder: Hargobinda Deka
A/c no:7277010059495
Branch:BARAMBOI (7277)
Courtesy: @SouleFacts
share screenshots pl
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Assam should gear up for chipko movement if all protests fail to save dehing patkai. #savedehingpatkai at all costs. The wildlife sanctuary, the elephant reserve and the buffer area. All need to be free from any mining activity to save Assam's ecology. #Assam Image
Any reserve area should have buffer and transition zones where human activity is restricted. Instead of boosting conservation in #DehingPatkai by declaring biosphere reserve, we are going backwards by allowing coal mines EVEN IF OUTISDE the reserve in nearby buffer area. Image
#DehingPatkai elephant reserve has 937 sq km area. Ideally, all of it should be free from industry, mining and a buffer area outside should have restricted human settlement (Non industrial) Image
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Weddings in different cultures of India.

Traditional Bengali weddings have four parts: the bride's Gaye Holud, the groom's Gaye Holud, the Beeye and the Bou Bhaat.
The wedding ceremony is known as 'Biya', in the Assamese language. Like all major traditional Hindu weddings, an Assam wedding also has pre & post wedding ceremonies
Kashmiri weddings are very unique and are celebrated with lots of zeal. Jammu and Kashmiri brides look extremely gorgeous in their traditional wedding dress which is usually Sharara or a suit along with a head wear known as Tarang.
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#CoronavirusOutbreak | WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that a nationwide shurdown, which is being implemented by India to curb #COVID19, will not be enough to fight the outbreak. | Follow LIVE updates here:
#CoronavirusOutbreak | A three-year-old Indian girl was among the 73 new #COVID19 cases that have been reported in #Singapore in a day, taking the tally to over 600. | Follow LIVE updates here:
#CoronavirusOutbreak | Three persons, all with travel history abroad, tested positive for the novel in #Goa, health department officials said, as the tourist haven joined the states which have reported #COVID19 cases. | Follow LIVE updates here:
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The Citizenship Amendment Act in #India has received much intl attention and generated heated debate and protests that provoked a police crackdown and rioting, including the recent #DelhiViolence that resulted in over 50 deaths. Why is the #CAA problematic?

A thread…
What is #CAA? It provides a fast track to Indian citizenship for specifically non-Muslim migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan already in India; removes the illegal migrant label for specified groups; and protects them from legal action in regard to citizenship.
The government argues the #CAA’s only purpose is to protect persecuted minorities in neighboring countries, a laudable goal in of itself (and a key reason my org @USCIRF was formed), and has no impact on Indian Muslims.…
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Many know of #Assam tea, muga silk, the one horned rhino & bihu. Not many know of the state's historical heritage. Last month I set out to explore the fascinating area around #Sivasagar, the seat of the Ahom dynasty that ruled Assam for over 600 years. 1/n
Our 1st stop was at #RangGhar -the royal pavilion for nobility to watch sports/cultural activities.Built in the 18th century,its bricks were cemented with a mix of local sticky rice,pulses,egg shells etc.Note the roof shaped like an inverted boat 2/n
Next was #TalatalGhar or royal place. It has 4 floors above & 3 below ground level,with a series of tunnels to confuse the enemy.Wooden structures of the palace didn’t survive but u can see the shrines to Shiva & ancestors,& maternity wing etc 3/n
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@narendramodi Please give 50% of cabinet positions to women. #CabinetShakti @tarauk
@narendramodi @tarauk India's labour force has just 27% women, please help us in increasing the numbers by implementing the existing laws and changing the ones that badly need to changed. #WomensDay, then there will be many more #SheInspiresUs
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Plastic waste is growing at a rapid rate. With cities being flooded with single-use plastic, Himalayan region is facing a similar crisis. A quick look at where all the Himalayan states stand with respect to plastic waste management. Follow this #TwitterThread!
@WasteAid @aplastic_planet @WorldResources @Anoopnautiyal1 @down2earthindia @CPCB_OFFICIAL @icimod @IMI_Info The estimated plastic waste generation in #ArunachalPradesh is approx. 3787 T/Y during 2018-19. There are no plastic manufacturing or recycling units in the state. There is a partial ban on the use of plastic carry bags in East Siang, Tawang, Leparada Changlang, Kameng & Tirap.
@WasteAid @aplastic_planet @WorldResources @Anoopnautiyal1 @down2earthindia @CPCB_OFFICIAL @icimod @IMI_Info @ChintanIndia #HimachalPradesh: The estimated plastic waste generation is approx. 3672 T/A during 2018-19. Statewide ban on plastic carry bags. Door to door waste collection system & the collected plastic waste utilized in WTE plants, road construction & co-processing in cement kilns.
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@Valsuwali @nilotpal_ch @TheNathEmpire @soumo2014 @TheHitm07855496 @RuPriyadarshini @SanataniBharat @abishekbagchi @From_Himalaya @DharmikItachi @gupta_skanda @IamSourav_b @7rajashree @GKSBharali @Aban__Ind @PradzWorLd @dr_dsandeep @SilcharSid @Scorsesefangirl @TintinOfBengal @bipbhat @shashangko @SirCaustic_Soda @TheRajarshi @__R_a_j_ @Bauddhika108 @assampolice @bora_dimpy @nbhuyan9 -@Valsuwali , @bora_dimpy & @nilotpal_ch --Koch/Bodo Population spread is from Katihar / Purnea / Kisanguj in East Bihar to Maldah / Dinajpur in WB, Bogura, Rangpur, Rajshahi, Mymensingh in Bangladesh to Goalpara / Cooch Bihar. Will definitely take up this topic another day
@Valsuwali @nilotpal_ch @TheNathEmpire @soumo2014 @TheHitm07855496 @RuPriyadarshini @SanataniBharat @abishekbagchi @From_Himalaya @DharmikItachi @gupta_skanda @IamSourav_b @7rajashree @GKSBharali @Aban__Ind @PradzWorLd @dr_dsandeep @SilcharSid @Scorsesefangirl @TintinOfBengal @bipbhat @shashangko @SirCaustic_Soda @TheRajarshi @__R_a_j_ @Bauddhika108 @bora_dimpy @nbhuyan9 To show b!gots like
@bubu_rahul /
r indigenous to holy land of Assam & to NEGATE Bangladeshi Muslim Infiltration story,
@RuPriyadarshini brings up Azan Fakir

Rootless upbringing without any knowledge of state's problem. Liberal-Radical collaboration in 2 snaps
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THREAD: The history India is silent on that must be revisited as we face the threat of #NRC detention. During the 1962 war with China, India rounded up thousands of Indians of Chinese descent saying they were "foreigners" & a threat, and jailed them for 5yrs in detention centres
2/ A book every Indian supporting the #NRC_CAA_NPR protests #MustRead if you really want to know how deep racist persecution runs through Indian history. Similarly, most Chinese rounded up and sent in trains to #detentioncentres in Deoli, Rajasthan, were from #Assam & #Bengal.
3/ The 3000 Chinese, the Indian govt put into detention centres in 1962 were 2nd/3rd generation in India. Many died in detention due to sickness & starvation. Most were FORCEFULLY deported but did not want to go as India was home! #NRC_CAA_NPR

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The Popular Front of India (PFI) is an extremist & militant Islamic fundamentalist organisation in India formed as a successor to National Development Front (NDF) in 2006.
PFI claims to work in cooperation with human rights activists towards curbing human rights violation in the nation, but in reality they campaigns for Muslim Reservation. Been fooling all in the name of minority rights.
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#CAA hearing begins in the #SupremeCourt. Attorney General KK Venugopal starts by saying the Centre has prepared a preliminary affidavit that will be filed today. Sibal asks for a #Constitution Bench to which #CJI replies saying this might go to the larger bench

Sibal: NPR begins in April so some interim order could be issued..

Centre opposes it, saying arguments will have to be made if any interim plea has to be argued.

AM Singhvi cites UP example, says this is an irrevocable process.

CJI: We may ask them to issue some temporary permits for the time being.

AG: The law itself talks about taking back the citizenship in certain situation.

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18L out of #NRC in #Assam are going to be imprisoned here. Some of them are being used as labor to build these detention centres. Are liberal Indians silent because 15L of 18L are Hindus? Don't they even care about the 3L Muslims? And 90% of the 18L are citizens. Not immigrants.
Members of the foreign tribunals in Assam are hired with huge salaries & perks to kick maximum out of #NRC. If they don't meet a quota they are given a bad report & fired. One member said they love their perks but up to 14L kicked out EASILY are citizens…
Quite unforgivable how some lawyers have been misleading the public on #CAA. The 15L Hindus out of Assam #NRC will have to prove their religion & Bangladeshi citizenship before CAA can be applied. WHY or HOW will they do that when they are Indians? Thread
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Youth throughout the country have shown up today in overwhelming numbers to stand for a democratic, secular & republic India
Any effort to divide them only makes them stronger.

Here is a thread of nationwide youth protests in solidarity with #BharatBandh today
Law students at Carter Road, Bandra, #Mumbai
Raipur, #Chhattisgarh
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Here's a compilation of some timelapse animations that show different stories from across India over the 3 decades (1989 - 2018) . Created with @googleearth @EarthOutreach #newyear2020

1: Restless #Brahmaputra n tributaries meandering,changing course in #Assam
2. Growth of Brick Kiln industry in the banks of #Hooghly, #Rupnarayan rivers near #Kolkata (brown polygons close to the rivers' banks) #WestBengal
3. Embankment failure in #Kosi River (2008) caused flooding. It also left a sediment footprint that was visible from satellites. #Bihar
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#NPR is like FIR (First Information) report of #NRC
NPR will be for everyone, so saying that only Muslims will be affected is not true
In #Assam 75% of 19 lakh, who were excluded from the final list were non muslims

These 19 lakh failed to prove their Citizenship of India
Lets assume they all are illegal immigrants and they should be thrown out of India

But where can you throw them away?

They don't have proof of where they came from

Under which law can you send them to Pakistan,Bangladesh or Afghanistan?

There's no such law to deport them
What next?
Those who don't have any papers to prove their country of origin don't fall under 'Illegal Immigrant'

Who are they?
They are Stateless people

Whose responsibility are they?
They are responsibility of the State (Country) where they are identified, Food & Shelter
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Citizenship Amendment Act (#CAA) by BJP govt plans to grant citizenship to minorities (except Muslims) from Afghanistan, Pakistan & Bangladesh. National Register of Citizens (#NRC) will identify illegal residents. Does this affect SC/ST/NT/OBC? #NRCAgainstReservation 1/N
How will the government separate “illegal residents”from“ genuine citizens”? All Indian residents, Atheist, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, Anglo-Indian, Brahmin, Dalits, Baniya, OBC, Kshatriya, etc will have to show documents & prove they're *genuine citizens* #CAA 2/N
Those who cannot provide documents will be declared as *illegal residents*. A large majority of SC/ST/OBC/NT are poor & illiterate due to structural reasons & they do not have documents which the government will ask. #CAA #NRCAgainstReservation
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GoI says illegal immigrants will be thrown out but here they are assuring Bangladesh that it won't affect them.
So where will the people go?
They'll either be made second class citizens (no voting, property rights etc.) or put in detention camps forever.
The law will not be extended to Rohingya Muslims persecuted in Myanmar; Shia and Ahmadiyya Muslims in Pakistan; Hazaras, Tajiks and Uzbeks in Afghanistan; Tamils in Sri Lanka; and atheists in Bangladesh.

So how is it for persecuted minority & secular?…
So when lakhs, maybe even crores of people inevitably fail to provide their documents, they will be forced to declare themselves as non-Muslim illegal immigrants who have come to India.
That would create a ruckus...

Most questions answered…
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ভাৰতীয় সংবিধানৰ 5ৰ পৰা 11 অনুচ্ছেদ নাগৰিকত্বৰ ওপৰত । 1955 চনত নাগৰিকত্ব আইন প্ৰনয়ন হয় । এই আইন বিভিন্ন কাৰণত বিভিন্ন সময়ত সংশোধন কৰিব লগীয়া হৈছে । 1986, 1992, 2003, 2005, 2015 আৰু 2019 চনত সংশোধন হয় । @TapanChangmai1 @abhinabsharma11 @himantabiswa @sarbanandsonwal
1947 চনত ভাৰত আৰু পাকিস্তান ধৰ্মৰ ভিত্তিত বিভাজন হৈছিল ।
জন্ম সূত্ৰে ভাৰত এখন হিন্দু ৰাষ্ট্ৰ । পাচত ভাৰতীয় সংবিধানত প্ৰক্তন প্ৰধানমন্ত্ৰী ইন্দিৰা গান্ধীয়ে ধৰ্ম নিৰপেক্ষ শব্দৰ সংযোজন কৰি ধৰ্ম নিৰপেক্ষ দেশ কৰে ।
#Assam #CAA2019
বিভাজনৰ সময়ত বহু সংখ্যক হিন্দু, শিখ, জৈন, বৌদ্ধ আৰু পাৰ্ছী লোক পাকিস্তানত থাকিল আৰু কিছুসংখ্যক মুছলমান ভাৰতত থাকিল । বিভাজনৰ পাচত হিন্দু আৰু অন্যান্য ধৰ্মাৱলম্বী লোকসকলৰ ওপৰত অবৰ্ণনীয় অত্যাচাৰ চলিল, বহু লোক আহি ভাৰত সোমালোহি ।
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My own position on #CAA2019 has been - it is sound in principle (read @pratimbose article👇) and nothing wrong constitutionally (as explained by none other than Harish Salve). But, I anticipate serious issues in implementation. Therefore, other than the #NorthEast #CABProtests /2
#CABPolitics e.g. in #Assam where it is a live issue (but religion agnostic as they are against all immigrants changing the demographics of the region) for the rest of India it is largely an academic issue. Therefore, #CABProtests in the name of “secularism” ill-conceived 3/n
3/n Besides, #CAA2019 has been passed by an act of Parliament and not by any Presidential Diktat. If it has to be undone - it cannot be through violence and vandalism. Those upholding the Constitutional values - must also adopt democratic means and not promote mobocracy #CAB 4/n
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Protests against #CitizenshipAmendmentAct | Waseem Khan, Chief Proctor of the #JamiaMiliaIslamia, said, "Police have entered the campus by force, no permission was given. Follow LIVE updates:
A political science student at the #Jamia University claimed that the police entered the library, hurled smoke bombs and baton charged the students.

Follow LIVE updates:
"Police ran after the students. They could have at least asked us but they just entered the university. They broke open our library and troubled our students," alleges #Jamia V-C Najma Akhtar.

Follow LIVE updates:
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Sharing a post by Bhaskar Chattopadhyay, a friend's friend who I do not know, in which he writes about his experiences of growing up as a #Bengali in #Assam in the '80s and '90s. Though I do not know him, I know and share that experience about being an insider/outsider. Thread...
//I am a Bengali. I was born in Cooch Behar (now in WB) and since my father was posted in various parts of the #NorthEast, I spent 16 years of my life in that beautiful part of the country, mostly in the lovely little town of Dibrugarh, #Assam.//
//I went to school there, had very good friends, went through all the fond and not-so-pleasant phases of teenage, a decent childhood overall. Back in the day, I sometimes overheard my parents and others talk about the 'Bongali Kheda' (roughly 'Drive the Bengalis Out') movement.//
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Curfew in Assam's Guwahati relaxed from 9 am to 4 pm today, reports News agency ANI.
Curfew in Assam's Dibrugarh relaxed from 8 am to 2 pm today: News agency ANI quotes Dibrugarh Deputy Commissioner Pallav Gopal Jha
#JustIn | Curfew relaxed in Shillong from 10 am to 10 pm today.

More on NDTV 24x7 and
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Check out our series of #Mythbusters focusing on North-Eastern India, especially #Assam, surrounding the #CitizenshipAmendmentAct. The 11-point series addresses the most misconceptions and fears in the region (1/6)

#CAB #CAB2019
Check out our series of #Mythbusters focusing on North-Eastern India, especially #Assam, surrounding the #CitizenshipAmendmentAct. The 11-point series addresses the most misconceptions and fears in the region (2/6)

#CAB #CAB2019
Check out our series of #Mythbusters focusing on North-Eastern India, especially #Assam, surrounding the #CitizenshipAmendmentAct. The 11-point series addresses the most misconceptions and fears in the region (3/6)

#CAB #CAB2019
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