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I wonder whose bright idea it was that if a #vagina managed penetrative #sexual activity, it must be pliable to #insertion of the speculum 😒. Whoever that was definitely disregarded the physiology of sexual #arousal & vaginal changes in the moment that facilitate #penetration.
@vagina_museum shows that everyone's apparatus is different then how can #Gynecology stick to a one size fits all model? #publichealth should strive to develop minimally invasive self administered #screening tests & #gynaecologist must #research on making procedures comfortable.…
This shows that topical #anesthetic agents reduce #pain and #discomfort during speculum manipulation. Why can't the usage of topical #anesthesia be a #standard process in #Gynecology? Why such blatant disregard for #patient #comfort? 😠 #misogyny much?
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How enduring use of 150-year-old speculum puts women off smear tests #cervicalcheck #pain…
I was invited by @NHSEngland for routine #cervicalscreening and despite the efforts of my practice #nurse, even the smallest available #speculum caused me greatest amount of #pain and we had to stop the #procedure within a minute after insertion.
I have been in pain for 9hrs now. 😑 No test designed for #screening #population should be thus. It is hardly conducive for #uptake. Why has #gynaecology stuck with this 'instrument of torture', despite advances in #medicalinstrumentation? Could it be #apathy? @MamaDoctorJones
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A compilation of all my Important #Threads & #screeners !👇

Spread the word, if you find this helpful for investors!
@Vivek_Investor @Atulsingh_asan @abhymurarka @nid_rockz


All my Top #Screeners with latest Updates !


Bookmark it, would be updating it regularly.

👍 &🔄

Stocks Analysis #Thread 👇

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Welcome back, George.

Now, about that "race-to-the-bottom" slashing of #data #protections...
...which, despite fine words about "maintaining high standards", is plainly the intent of @DCMS's proposed #DataProtection 'reforms':…

...which include the intent to (re)define "#ScientificResearch" 🤔🤔🤔
Of course, we understand #TIGRR's "enthusiasm for #digital", its eye on the value of "highly #profitable consumer data", and frustration with the pesky #protections and #safeguards of #UKGDPR...…
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More info on the @CancerPrev_KCL & @CR_UK-run NHS-Galleri™ #screening trial:……

Worth noting you can't #volunteer for this trial, but if you are 50-77 & haven't been diagnosed with cancer in the past 3 years, you may be #invited... Image
The NHS-Galleri™ #screening trial is a proper #RCT, which means half of the 140,000 participants WON'T be tested (certainly not in the initial phase) and NONE will be told whether they have been #tested or not.

Of course if the test indicates *possible* markers for #cancer... Image
...then you will be contacted by the trial nurse by phone, and will be referred to an NHS hospital for further tests.

So every participant in the NHS-Galleri™ #screening trial should still attend standard screening & should contact their GP if they notice any unusual symptoms: Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/04/2021…
Study shows a whale of a difference between songs of birds and humpbacks…

#songs #birds #HumpbackWhales #ResearchStudy #differences
A Function Approximation Approach to the Prediction of Blood Glucose Levels…

#BloodGlucose #levels #prediction #diabetes #FunctionApproximation
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1/5 Which #TravelRestrictions were most effective to contain the spread of #COVID19?🌍New systematic review out now in the Journal of Infection (pre-proof):


@rki_de @CBcheraoui @Elie__Akl @SPARK_AUB @biainfection

2/5 In 2020, most countries switched from total to targeted #border closures followed by mandatory #quarantine and #screening of #travelers.
3/5 Evidence suggests: border closures may reduce the number of #COVID19 cases, disrupt disease spread across countries/between regions & slow #outbreak progression.

Early implementation, in combination with measures to reduce #transmission rates, likely enhances these effects.
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The Webinar on "Monoclonal gammopathy and its significance for kidneys" is about to begin!
There is still time to test your knowledge by solving the @ISNeducation quiz ➡️
Starting now!
Webinar: "Monoclonal Gammopathy of Renal Significance - Clinical Perspective" with
@arzuvelix and Serhan Tuglular
Welcome Dr @arzuvelix and Dr Serhan Tuglular
Webinar: "Monoclonal Gammopathy of Renal Significance -Clinical Perspective" with

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Tweet 🧵

Screening People with Tuberculosis for High Risk of Severe Illness at Notification: Programmatic Experience from Karnataka, India in journal #TMID via @MDPIOpenAccess

#OperationalResearch led by @SharathBN and me
Before #COVID19, #TB was the leading infectious disease killer

People with TB r not systematically screened for severe illness @ diagnosis. Something we do in COVID19

To #EndTBDeaths, @TbDivision recommends assessment of severity @ diagnosis n referral 4 inpatient care
Existing #TBProgramme guidance to assess severity among people with TB requires clinical capacity and diagnostic and radiology infrastructure

This is usually not present in peripheral health institutes where patients are diagnosed
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Will polygenic risk scores (PRSs) for #cancer ever be #clinically useful?
Our (@clare__turnbull @HoulstonLab_ICR @ICR_London) commentary in @Nature_NPJ is out:…
A thread:
Genome-wide associations studies (GWAS) have identified associations between many #genetic variants and cancer #risk:…
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Yesterday, after a long discussion with a close family member who is a US MD phd, we agreed that with world's best #contagion models (% masks & social interaction) available in world today, the covid take-off could at best have been predicted 7 to 10 days before it exploded...2/
2/covid #Covid Pragmatic suggestion is to ban all #Social gatherings of > 7-10 people (indoors & outdoors), till curve turns down, but don't stop economic activity (w cumplusory masking, distancing). Once curve flattens, outdoor gathering restrictions can be eased with masking
3/covid Cities/towns/urban,/semi urban; rural markets/melas areas are where there is the greatest interaction between people (mobility & personal interaction are the key parameters in these virus spread models)
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Der #Selbsttest und meine Gedanken, warum die Kritiker und Kritikerinnen häufig einen 🍏🍐 Vergleich machen. Es lohnt sich, @michaelmina_lab zu folgen. Er und sein Labor publizieren laufend zu #RapidAntigenTests in Fachjournals. #COVID19 #Coronavirus 1/X
Erstens, der Vergleich mit #PCR hinkt. Man will mit #Selbsttests nicht die gleichen Personen finden. Mit PCR will man #Infizierte finden. Der Test ist so sensitiv, dass man auch Infizierte findet, die noch sehr wenig Virus haben, oder deren Infektion 2 Wochen alt ist. 2/X
Selbsttests hingegen sind viel einfacher in der Handhabung als PCR und eignen sich für #Screening. #Selbsttests haben eine Stärke: sie erkennen hohe Mengen an #Virus, das heisst Personen mit hoher #Viruslast. Diese sind nachgewiesen diejenigen mit hoher Übertragungsgefahr. 3/X
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My @screener_in Story !

This is coming straight from my❤️ !

I have my regular job (8-9 hr just like most of us), need to take care of my India, US Equity & Crypto investments and above all need to spend some quality time with my family too.

@faltoo @ayushmitt

Finding right stocks which suits your profile isn't easy. Takes lot of time & info is scattered all over.
Compiling & making sense out of it is just cumbersome. Watching for alerts & news is another nuisance.
How to stay focused & not get diverted with new ideas every day ?

I faced all these CHALLENGES & I am sure most of us do. There is no one right solution. It's like trying to achieve salvation. No one path is right but Jumping paths will just leave you wandering.

I chose mine with @screener_in

Why ⁉️.. Read👇

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Logik zum #Öffnungsplan der #Bundesregierung
Wo, wie und wie schnell infiziert man sich mit dem #Coronavirus? Solange die Regierung Entscheidungen - magels Datenlage - ohne Evidenz trifft, solange ist es Willkür, wann welche Bereiche geöffnet und andere geschlossen bleiben #Spahn
Die Mutante #B117 erreicht in diesen Tagen -in den ersten Bundesländern- ihre #Dominanz. #R steigt zeitgleich und die #Regierung erhöht per #Öffnungsplan die #Mobilität: B117, Öffnungsplan u. gesteigerte Mobilität sind drei Faktoren die logisch #R exponentiell beeinflussen können
Zeitgleich werden #Kitas u. #Schulen geöffnet, also die Versammlungsorte, vor deren Öffnung uns Experten und Ärzte aus #Israel u. Kanada warnen. Begründet wird die #Öffnung mit "Meinungen" von Wissenschaftlern, deren #Studien -manipulierte Daten- aus #Schweden zitieren #twlz #KMK
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A more polished thread on #epigenomic #biomarkers for #LiquidBiopsy and #CancerScreening:
Epigenomic biomarkers are becoming more established for #LiquidBiopsy and #CancerScreening, and we have seen the big players positioning themselves in this #epigenomics race recently.
Catching signs of #cancer early is crucially important to the disease management and survival rates, so the question is: how can we find out if there is something wrong going on early enough, ideally in a low-cost assay that can be performed regularly on healthy individuals?
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@sbarnettARK Epigenomic biomarkers are becoming more established for #LiquidBiopsy and #CancerScreening, and we have seen the big players positioning themselves in this #epigenomics race recently.
@sbarnettARK Catching signs of #cancer early is crucially important to the disease management and survival rates, so the question is: how can we find out if there is something wrong going on early enough?
@sbarnettARK The first generation of high-throughput technologies was predicated on finding mutated (tumor) DNA in the individual's body (somatic), different from their (normal) DNA. Tumor/Normal (T/N) comparisons of the individual's samples, biopsies or ctDNA will indicate if there
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Österreich geht nun also bei der #Covid19-Strategie für #Schulen und Kindergärten den Weg der Schweiz beim Testen und Containment der #Kinder unter 10 Jahren.

"no test
no data
no proof
no problem" 1/2… ImageImage
#COVID19-Delegierter #Schweiz, #Koch 1.5.2020:

"Es wird nicht zu einer Epidemie unter den Schulkindern kommen. Und es ist keine Gefahr, weder für die Eltern zuhause, noch für die Lehrerschaft. Und dazu stehen wir auch." #Coronazitate

no data, no problem… Image
Als Hoffnung für ein reales Bild an den #Schulen in Österreich bleibt das #Screening.

Die repräsentativen Stichproben werden bei entsprechender #Covid19-Ausbreitung wohl aussagekräftig sein.

Die Infektionsketten aller anderen Fälle bleiben im Dunklen.

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Achtung, das Lesen dieses Beitrags könnte Enttäuschung hervorrufen. Muss aber mal raus.

Das Video unten erklärt, was es eigentlich machen sollte. Dabei klaffen aber Anspruch und Wirklichkeit des @rki_de

weit auseinander. Robert Koch würde sich wahrscheinlich im Grabe umdrehen, wenn er wüsste, wofür sein Name missbraucht wird. Das #RKI ist absolut kein #Forschungsinstitut sondern zunächst mal eine Behörde, untergeordnet dem @BMG_Bund mit Dienstherr @jensspahn und übergeordnet den
Gesundheitsämtern. Offenbar war der Begriff #Gesundheitsamt zu schnöde. Wird am RKI geforscht ? Nein. Es werden lediglich Forschungsergebnisse anderer bewertet, zusammengetragen und veröffentlicht und digital abgeheftet. Es wird bei #Corona gezählt, Grafiken erstellt und als PDF
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#RareDiseases are not rare. One example is Hyper-IgD Syndrome, an #autoinflammatory / #PrimaryImmunodeficiency disease. Wonderful collaboration extending over 5 years between Kozhikode Medical College, CMC Vellore and CSIR-IGIB as part of the #GUaRDIAN… Image
Our #genomic analysis suggests that a few variants account for the majority of the patients with HIDS in South #India with implications in #diagnosis, as well as in the development of cost-effective approaches for #genetic #diagnosis and #screening

@Primary_Immune @MoHFW_INDIA
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Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB), a #Thread

Myths & Rumors

A lot of rumors circulate around this selection and assessment centre e.g,

🔻 Only reserved for wards of Soldiers or those having a military background.

🔹 Totally wrong rather many wards of Soldiers / Senior officers (including Jernail de Puttar) get Not-Recommended.

🔻 Ethnicity or background matters in selection.
🔹Army damn cares about who you are & where you come from. Many senior officers or Influentials don't..

...send their kids or discourage them out of fear of 'Rejection' primarily they know their kids better (pun intended).

🔻 Preparing from ISSB Training Academies get immediate rejection.
🔹 This is #True, reason is ISSB has a whole paraphernalia of assessment officers..

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Pubblicato il nuovo bollettino @istsupsan @MinisteroSalute monitoraggio #covid19

Lo trovate qui:…

Alcune considerazioni su #decessi, casi #sintomatici e #importati Image

Il documento riporta 35644 decessi, mentre la tabella @DPCgov del 15 agosto ne riporta 35392. Questo fa supporre che ci siano 252 decessi non ancora conteggiati.
Da aspettarsi quindi verifiche analoghe a quella di ieri di @RegioneER Image
#Sintomatici vs #Asintomatici parte 1
Il documento riporta 22906 casi attivi, ma non considera gli ultimi dati non consolidati e presenta ritardi.
Per 18062 è disponibile la gravità clinica:
51.5% asintomatici
8.9% pauci-sintomatici
22.6% sintomi lievi
15.7% severi
1.2% critici Image
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Very honored that our #dyslexia & early #literacy milestone #screening platform @EarlyBirdLearn developed in collaboration with @yaacovp is a finalist for the New England Innovation Award 2020!!! Fingers crossed! 🤩
Meet all the #2020 #NEInno #Finalist…
Thank you @BostonChildrensfor all your support during the development of this! We could not have done this without your Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator!!! #grateful
Thank you @ne_inno for believing in us! #NEInnovation #NEInno
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Our research team @CUHKMedicine analysed >300 specimens from 14 #HongKong patients confirmed with #COVID19 and discovered that the virus was detectable in the #stool samples of all patients, regardless of the degree of illness.
3 out of 14 patients still had viruses in their #stool samples even though the virus was no longer found in #sputum, nasopharyngeal and deep throat saliva samples.
Our study suggests that virus shedding in stool may have public health implications. First, it may serve as an alternative #screening tool in people without #respiratory symptoms.
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