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Deloitte, 2017: "Operations will cease to be delivered by humans."

Deloitte: The #Future of Operations, Deloitte Global Impact Report, Nov 13 2017


#Covid19 is the conduit to the #4IR now in full motion. As people come to terms w/ what is being forced upon humanity, we will soon regret that we did not unite to oppose to draconian lockdowns/expanding surveillance that will serve to protect/insulate ruling classes from revolt.
#UBI (universal basic income) is a tool designed by the rich to stave off #Molotov cocktails - while at the same time enriching themselves even further. The ruling class knows full well what they are unleashing - but the citizenry does not.

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1. To the nurse who was fired for wearing a mask...[THREAD]

Kious lacked adequate PPE as a nurse. Below are more stories like his👇🏼

#NurseTruths #NursesCOVID19 #Nurse #NursesUnite #DoctorsUniteAgainstCOVID19
2. Nurses at @aboutKP could be fired immediately for wearing their own masks. Nurses protested nationwide.✊🏼…
3. Tonya Randolph from Granbury, Texas was fired this week by @LakeGranburyMed for wearing her own mask.…
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To the racist older white man who spat at me & called me a “g**k” as I was delivering prescriptions to a family: No thank you

To the Lola who asked after how I was: I let you know, but you have no idea how much I needed that

Processing: Angry, saddened, & honoring my feelings.
For context: I’m a School Nurse and amidst this current quarantine situation our school’s staff are delivering groceries, meds, etc. to our families/students - who all have a high level of need - and as I was unlocking my bicycle post-drop off all that happened.
It’s important to honor the very real reactions of myself and other Asians & Asian Americans to this racism, but also want to acknowledge that this is the kinda shit Black & Brown folx have been experiencing for ages. Even more so to those of queer &/or trans identities.
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I’m a #nurse, and I just tested positive for #COVID19 ....but let me tell you how I got here:


Day1: started having some body aches/fever and a dry cough- called my doctor got some antibiotics called in. I figured it would go away in a couple days.
Day 2-Day 5: still having body aches, fever that would stay around 101 even with Tylenol/ibuprofen, persistent dry cough —during this time I felt like I got run over by a bus.
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Els que em coneixeu sabeu que no sóc d’escriu-re gaire a les xarxes. Sóc infermera d’UCI, una de tantes, que aquests dies ens trobem en una situació mai vista abans. He decidit fer un tweet per explicar-vos algunes coses. Obro fil:
La nostra feina mai no ha estat reconeguda, tot i que som personal amb formació superior i un nivell d’especialització molt alt. Les condicions en que hem de treballar aquests últims dies ens porten al límit, doncs també som persones, i ens veiem afectades a tots els nivells.
Tinc companyes que aquests dies ( que just ara comencen) han decidit separar-se de les seves famílies per l’alt risc de contagi al que estem exposats com a professionals.
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1/So there was lots of talk at @AACNursing #AACNdoc20 re: #Nursing #PhD pipeline, getting folx esp prelicensure students ‘excited’ about #nursingscience & the #BStoPhD

I totally revamped our #nursingresearch & #innovation course @UMassAmherst last fall to do just that

Thread ⬇️
2/ I told the Asst Dean when I took it on that regardless of the learning objectives for the course I had only 1 GOAL:

That by the end of the semester, these students would be EXCITED!-or at very least, just a little bit CURIOUS-about a career in #nursingscience & #innovation
3/ A note about context: This was a course of ~85 Accel BS students, taught in an urban campus that is geographically ~40mins drive from main @UMassAmherst campus, in the . The classroom assigned had no windows. Class ran 8am-1030am Weds, before more courses. I say this b/c....
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I dove into the FEC data, and it's pretty clear:

Grassroots health professional donors far prefer Sanders and Warren to Biden and Buttigieg. 1/
For doctors, donations went mostly to Warren and Sanders, with Sanders slightly receiving more.

Buttigieg received a substantial portion.

Biden received very little.

#MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter
@darakass @DrDooleyMD @AbdulElSayed @DrSriram @DoctorsforPete @Docs_4_Bernie To me this corroborates the polls which show that while medical trade groups/guilds/professional societies might not support policies like #MedicareForAll, grassroots doctors feel differently. 3/
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"She will need emergency surgery. Her popliteal artery is severed & needs a vein graft.",said the attending #ER surgeon.

I understood.

"I would like to see my #daughter.", I said holding together the brokenness I felt.I then remembered the need to call the #prison #Chaplain
"Mom, don't look.", my daughter said as the #ER team worked to put her together as much as possible.

I went to her to whisper in her ear, "We should pray now. They will be taking you into surgery to stop the bleeding. #Pray and repeat after me."
I held my #daughter & prayed as I heard my oldest daughter yelling from the other #ER room."I'm sorry!.", she yelled.She was driving that night.

The #nurse stopped me midway to my older daughter's room as the ER team continued to work on my other daughter.She could see...
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Quality health is a fundamental human right we say, but why do we find it difficult to deliver this quality health?
I believe quackery is an African thing. I don't blame the Europeans for looking at us as sub-humans or inferiors sometimes.
I believe quackery is an African thing. I don't blame the Europeans for looking at us as sub-humans or inferiors sometimes.

We give excuses for things that are just wrong..things that there are no two ways about it....WRONG.
Same way we give justifications and excuse for rape..
domestic abuse and all that.
It will come to a time, even these so doctors will get eaten up by these quacks they are breeding if we don't contain it now. I have met many doctors who are worried about these quacks and the crazy consequences of their actions.
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Con las 🔋🔋🔋 cargadas, iniciamos el congreso INVESTEN #inves19
Participaremos Enfermeria de Salud Comunitaria de @salutpublicabcn
Taller de Grupo de Discusión 👩‍🏫 #inves19
A cargo de Margarita Pla Consuegra
Enriquecedor y participativo
📶 #inves19
¿Es tendencia? En Barcelona situado en 6a posición 😉
Enfermeras, enfermeros animaros a difundir la gran labor que hace nuestra profesión 🔝🔝🔝
📱🖥️ @Investenisciii
Nos quedan tres días fantásticos
#NursingNow #Nurse
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Dear medical professionals,
Do you know how to perform high quality #cpr (cardiopulmonary resuscitation?

You have been invited to speak with one of the board members of a leading telecommunications company in Nigeria about your proposal.
1)During the first 10 minutes of your conversation, you noticed that the man has been coughing and holding his chest, suddenly he falls to the ground and you discover that there is no pulse or respiration

As a medical practitioner, what is your first call of action?
2)Do you know the universal sign to differentiate between Cardiac arrest and heart attack?

Are you confident about what to do at this point?

Do you know how to activate emergency response system?

#Nurse #medic #Emergency #heartattack #cardiacarrest
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Citation counts come from OTHER RESEARCHERS. They are important, yes.

But, sharing #science on #SoMe=broad & instantaneous dissemination to those who focus their time AT THE BEDSIDE. Which may surprise some- but is MOST OF MEDICINE especially....#anesthesiology.(Thread) #AUA2019
A metric like the “Kardashian Index” *MAY* be relevant in genome biology where the proportion of basic/translational science is significantly higher and no immediate bedside application for a general practitioner is there. (and I’m making an assumption here) #medtwitter #aua2019
When your #research is relevant primarily to other #scientists who are also writing research papers then citation counts do more wholly reflect the paper’s impact. But in clinical research, it’s different. Bedside clinicians are looking to the literature for guidance & new ideas.
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Las horas en el tren son inspiradoras.

Me doy cuenta que no acaban de enseñarnos bien a realizar un #TFG un #TFM y qué decir pues de una Revisión Bibliográfica.

Voy a compartir unos recursos que, a mi parecer, son necesarios tener presentes.
Abro hilo🧶 ⤵️
Indagando por #Internet puedes sufrir una #Infoxicacion y estresarte por no ver 💡en el camino.

Resulta que @_CEISAL creó un ciclo de talleres para elaborar in #TFG para #enfermeria


Puedes consultarlo aquí ⤵️…
Si lo que pretendes es hacer una #RevisionBibliografica en esta web explican de una forma muy sencilla y clara

Qué es⁉️
Metodología 🧐

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The other night at the hospital, I witnessed some shocking behavior & sub par care by a night shift #hospice #nurse-Hospice nurses ensure a dying patient receives dignified #EOL while being kept as comfortable as possible. For 12 hours -2/28-3/1, Melissa didn't get either. THREAD
I was sitting with Melissa, trying to calm her, she was agitated. RN Deb came in. She looked at me & asked who I was. Due to her tone, I told her I was family. She wanted to know who was staying over. We were curtly told only 2 were allowed, not 4. SHE was mistaken. #Hospice
Michele, patients mother very upset. RN Deb yelled at Melissa's Nieces. Told the little girls they were very bad & didn't belong up here. The girls weren't misbehaving. They weren't doing anything wrong, nor unattended in the common area of the #PalliativeCare #Hospice wing
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So a pretty strange thing happened to me tonight, and in this dark #Brexit time, it might benefit Twitter to hear it. /thread
So I drove my wife to her night shift tonight (about thirty minutes each way). On the way back, I stop at ASDA to get milk for my daughter. As I’m stepping out into the car park I swear I can hear a “meow”. /2
Seriously? I’m about to head off when I hear it again.
Now I have a cat so I’m concerned there’s one around somewhere. /3
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Unanimous support @BOSCityCouncil for @AnnissaForBos Resolution in support of @RepDanRyan amendment #1 to H.4730 the foundation budget bill. Of course, we must continue to revisit how #BPS dedicates & allocates its dollars but the fact remains,
We need more revenue & should not be forced to choose between a #BPS #school #nurse a #librarian or #paraprofessional for a #SPED classroom, or continue to underfund #MadisonPark H.S. These are unenviable & unfair choices.
We need an alignment of #BPS vision, priorities & financial investment AND we need more revenue. TY @AnnissaForBos @RepDanRyan @marty_walsh
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