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EU citizens in the UK are your:
🏠 neighbours
👫 friends
👩‍❤️‍👩 lovers
👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 family
The UK is our home. But the Govt’s reckless no-deal plan sucks millions of us right into #HostileEnvironment
Please say #HandsOff & become an #EUcitizensChampion…
If you’re not sure what this is about listen to @antoni_UK explain the impact of the new no-deal plan to end freedom of movement on 31 Oct.
All donations made to the @eucitizenschamp campaign go directly to @the3million to support the group’s vital work: to protect EU citizens at home in the UK and their rights. Thank you.
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I am so proud of all of you who helped get the #DeniedMyVote legal challenge crowdjustice across the line last night. This is only the beginning, but I know @the3million will continue to fight protecting our democracy as this case moves forward — it is an incredible group.
So before I head off on holiday let me say again that I hope that *together* we will continue to do all we can to ensure the group can keep going. I set up @eucitizenschamp a year ago to help with that and all of you who chose to become one have made a real difference. Thank you!
The song in the @eucitizenschamp anniversary video is called “Home” and comes from the album ”1,000 Days” by the wonderful @GuitarMoog. It will be available exclusively via the campaign in September. Learn more here:
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🎉 #EUcitizensChampion is 1 year old. I founded it because I wanted to do more to support @the3million, the leading NGO protecting EU citizens’ rights. I am proud of what we have achieved so far. THANK YOU to donors & supporters who chose to help EU citizens at HOME in the UK ...
... HOME brings me to the amazing @GuitarMoog who’s done something very, very special: he’s recorded an album 🎵1,000 Days🎵 and is making it available *exclusively* via @eucitizenschamp in September. The album includes the song HOME used in the above video.
Learn more about @GuitarMoog’s motivation for recording the album 🎵1,000 Days🎵 and also why he chose to make it available exclusively via @eucitizenschamp on the album website here:
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So @peoplesvote_uk let's keep it simple this time: the motto for upcoming marches is #LetUsBeHeard - it's a great motto. And the only thing we EU citizens have ever asked you for: a chance to be heard. You *chose* to deny us that ... 3 times in a row.… 1/
Will you choose to deny us that a 4th time? Or will you finally do the right thing, stand with us and give us a platform to address our situation? I want to be clear at the outset: I do mean a platform. An actual, proper platform. For citizens' rights campaigners. To speak. 2/
Not a place to make a short statement about the NHS.
Not an offer with conditions.
Not a 'cosmetic slot' that still denied us a platform.
Not the requirement for us to make a pitch for a slot only for you to never even have the decency to answer that. 3/
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There needs to be a mass action of protest. Not at the state level - they're coming for Roe. Everyone give thought to ideas for another nationwide march or action of resistance!
One idea I have for mass protest: since Trump uses Twitter to communicate - every time he tweets for a week, we respond with an agreed-upon word or symbol in protest. Ideally he would get tens, if not hundreds of thousands of responses in protest each and every time he tweets.
Someone has suggested the Trump blimp as the image. And we would need an accompanying hashtag to keep it trending. Then every time he tweets he would get ratio’ed with the image and word.
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Brexit isn’t fun. But we all need a laugh sometimes, especially in these dark times. So if you have @SkyArts make sure to watch @NyetFilm *tonight* at 21:25. It’s a #UKborderfarce and I love it. Watch until the very end: it has an important message! #NyetFilm
Trailer 🎞⬇️ 1/
The film’s premiere @RegentStCinema a little while ago was great, and directors @meinhelf & @newjorg are amazing #EUcitizensChampion(s), also showing #HandsOff on the big screen as part of the premiere. Want to be an EU citizens’ champion too? Check… 2/
And don’t worry if you can’t watch #NyetFilm on @SkyArts tonight: the film will be available online for FREE from tomorrow. 3/3
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Brilliant premiere of @NyetFilm last night — you’ll be able to watch the film soon. And I am so very grateful to the amazing @meinhelf & @newjorg, and to @RegentStCinema, for screening #HandsOff too. Seeing it on the big screen in support of @the3million was incredibly moving. 1/
Please continue to say #HandsOff your neighbours, colleagues, friends and family who are EU citizens by becoming an #EUcitizensChampion now. We need your help. All the funds raised go directly to @the3million so they can continue their vital work.… 2/
I am also so delighted to announce that @SimonWallfisch will be giving a concert (in London) to support the @eucitizenschamp campaign for @the3million Details to be confirmed soon. This is incredibly special to me personally — here’s why. 3/…
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I am glad that @Anna_Soubry is pointing this out so clearly. It's been obvious for some time that this - people like me choosing to commit our lives to the UK - is the only reason why we are where we are now. At every turn, @theresa_may chose the route that would make it as 1/
complicated and hostile as possible for us to remain in our homes. She went so far as to seek stripping 65 million British citizens of freedom of movement for it. Let that sink in! For just some examples of what May did, have a look at this thread: 2/
That also explains why we EU citizens can only remain very concerned. Read this important thread by @the3million on that wider subject: 3/
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Dear Friends listening to @BBCr4today this morning: Please DO NOT send images of your hands to whackadoodles who want to build a biometric database of hands!! Your biometric data belongs to you and pattern recognition is largely junk science.
Honestly I am shocked at the irresponsibility of @BBCr4today pushing as news what amounts to an advertisement for someone who wants to steal people’s biometric data in order to push junk science. It’s criminal.
I should clarify obviously not all pattern recognition is total junk (e.g., DNA, fingerprints) but much of it is (e.g., bite mark, blood splatter) and I find it hard to believe there’s any science behind hand pattern recognition.
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For this not to happen @ukhomeoffice would have to process
~4000 applications (deal)
~5000 applications (no deal)
*every single day* from today. This will never work. That is why MPs should help press the stop button now before it is too late. We need a declaratory system. 1/
If you agree that the settled status system is not good enough; that, as @YvetteCooperMP rightly pointed out, it would create "Windrush on steroids", please write to your MP today to tell them to back the @JCWI_UK recommendations set out here:… 2/
So please join the many others who already have said #HandsOff, and help us make sure that no EU citizen is left behind because of Brexit by becoming an #EUcitizensChampion today. Thank you!… 3/3
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I have been giving you many reasons why I hope you will help me support @the3million by becoming an #EUcitizensChampion; why I hope you'll stand with us and say #HandsOff. In this thread are some of the reasons donors have given; to make a donation see… 1/
I am worried about EU27 citizens living in the UK who don't realise that they need to apply for Settled Status. Outreach work is important. — Susannah 2/
I abhor this systematic stripping of rights from 3.5 million people who contribute so much to this country. — Julian 3/
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From tomorrow the #SettledStatus scheme will be open for all EU citizens at home in the UK. It forces us to apply to stay. To apply so we can remain your colleagues, friends, lovers and family. That is why now is the time for you to say: #HandsOff! Please help #RescueOurRights 1/
Tomorrow will mark a watershed with the general opening of the scheme. It will be a difficult day for EU citizens. So please keep sharing who you are standing with, who you want the UK Govt to keep their #HandsOff. Stories with photos/videos welcome. 2/
To learn more about the #HandsOff campaign - part of @eucitizenschamp - read this article; it includes some of the beautiful stories already shared and a little more on some of those who appear in the campaign video.… 3/
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@EU_Commission A picture is worth a thousand words.

This is how we depict our values.
This is how we picture your rights.

#ThisIsTheEU #BrexitIsPersonal #HandsOff

@EU_Commission @eucitizenschamp A picture is worth a thousand words.

This is how we depict our values.
This is how we picture your rights.

#ThisIsTheEU #BrexitIsPersonal #HandsOff

@EU_Commission @eucitizenschamp Theresa May: "We will end free movement once and for all."

Free movement is a reciprocal right. The freedom to live and love in 28 EU countries. The greatest economical, political, cultural and social achievement of our times.

#ThisIsTheEU #BrexitIsPersonal #HandsOff

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Quick thread: Remain, #FBPE, #PeoplesVote - whatever you do, don't try to reason with the Yellow Vest protests. They are dangerous, xenophobic, and not what our cause should stand with. 1/…
We must challenge and oppose the rhetoric of hate, which continues to be heard in the media and in our own movement. Reading @MikeStuchbery_'s report of Remain campaigners 'breaking bread' with yellow vests is alarming and despairing. 2/
Mike's a clever guy and his knowledge of the yellow vest protests is essential. But to Remainers who are fighting against this criticism, through support of #FBPE or @MadeleinaKay - please end this approach. 3/
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Some people have asked me what #HandsOff is all about. It is part of my @eucitizenschamp campaign. I founded this campaign in the summer of 2018 to support @the3million, the leading NGO working to protect the rights of EU citizens at home in the UK. 1/
If you would like to learn more about why that work this is so important now, listen to @antoni_UK's interview from this morning where he talks about the impact of Brexit, settled status, and why we need to #RescueOurRights. 2/
To learn a bit more about #HandsOff specifically, you can also listen to this week's @CakeWatchCast where I got a chance to talk about it, and the amazing work of @the3million and what we think about the recent attack on them, with @ottocrat. 3/
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It's been absolutely amazing to see the reaction to the #HandsOff campaign today; to read the many beautiful stories about why Britons want to stand with us EU citizens to help us #RescueOurRights. I am so happy @MetroUK picked this up!… 1/
#HandsOff is part of my #EUcitizensChampion campaign, set up in support of @the3million. Today they achieved something brilliant and this shows exactly why we need to continue to enable them to keep doing this work: it does make a real difference. 2/
A real difference to the lives of millions. So help me make sure @the3million can continue their work. Help me make sure that the UK government keeps their #HandsOff EU citizens and that nobody is left behind, by making a donation to the campaign here:… 3/3
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EU citizens are your colleagues, neighbours, friends and family. Your doctors, builders, teachers and hairdressers. As the UK descends further and further into chaos, we need you to stand with EU citizens. We need you to say: #HandsOff and support us to #RescueOurRights. 1/
#HandsOff is the new campaign drive for the #EUcitizensChampion campaign. Please support it with your own stories of who you're standing with and for who you're saying #HandsOff on our social media campaign day tomorrow, 17 January 2019. 2/
And please continue to support @eucitizenschamp. All donations made go directly, and in full, to @the3million so they can continue to make sure that no EU citizen is left behind because of Brexit. Thank you ❤️… 3/
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REMINDER: Trump is nowhere close to done trying to dismantle Medicaid by fiat, after failing to get his cruel cuts through Congress.

A quick refresher on what “block-granting” Medicaid would mean and why it’s so dangerous.

1. “Block-grant” is code for converting a program from one that guarantees coverage to all who qualify, to one that helps fewer and fewer eligible people over time due to capped funding that declines year by year.

Here's what that would mean for Medicaid.
2. Medicaid is a federal-state program, meaning it’s partially funded by the federal government and partially by states. Currently the feds pick up a set percentage of states’ Medicaid costs.
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INCREDIBLE NEWS: Senate lawmakers have reportedly struck a Farm Bill deal that protects SNAP, scrapping the House GOP/Trump plan, which would have taken food assistance away from 2 million Americans.… #HandsOff
At a time when nearly half of U.S. households don't earn enough to afford basics like food and housing, this is a major victory for families across the country struggling to make ends meet—and a stark reminder that elections matter.
A key takeaway from this Farm Bill fight: it’s not just Social Security and Medicare that Americans love and overwhelmingly don’t want to see cut. Programs like SNAP are immensely popular, too—across party lines.
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🚨 🚨 Just months after giving $1.5 trillion in tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, House Republicans just unveiled a radical Farm Bill that would dismantle the nation’s main source of nutrition assistance for struggling workers and families.

Here’s how.

The bill is a thinly disguised ploy to take food away from struggling workers and families in the name of “helping people work.” NEWS FLASH: Making someone hungrier won’t help them find work any faster. 2/x
Jobless workers are already subject to a harsh 3-month time limit on SNAP in most parts of the country unless they are working 20 hours a week. The bill would make these time limits even harsher in a whole slew of ways. 3/x
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Tonight, Donald Trump signed an executive order that sums up how little he understands about poverty in America.

Here’s why.

Millions of Americans are working 2+ jobs to get by.

Half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

But Trump’s plan for “economic mobility” is to take healthcare, food & housing away from struggling folks just months after giving huge tax cuts to millionaires.

Trump says his EO is about “welfare reform.” But let’s get one thing clear. WE DON’T HAVE WELFARE IN AMERICA ANYMORE. Congress eliminated it in 1996. What’s left of America’s tattered safety net is meager at best and so, so very far from enough to live on. Let’s take a look. 3/x
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Today, March 1st, a minimum-wage worker catches up to what she made in 2009--the last time Congress raised the poverty-level minimum wage (as my colleague @rwest817 shows in new @amprog analysis)…
In 2018, a worker earning $7.25/hr must work an extra 41 days—more than 2 additional months!—just to earn the same amount as she did in a single year when the federal minimum wage was last increased. 2/x
As a result, a full-time minimum-wage worker will lose a staggering $2,370 in purchasing power this year.

That's more than ***47 times*** the average tax cut she gets under the #TrumpTaxScam. 3/x
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Trump's Robin Hood in reverse budget would be devastating for nearly every community across the U.S.

Here are just a few ways the #TrumpBudget would hurt:

People with disabilities
Rural Americans
Communities of color
Older Americans
LGBTQ individuals

Women make up two-thirds of adults on Medicaid—which Trump calls for ending as we know it, leaving millions of women without health coverage. And he'd defund Planned Parenthood, cutting off access to family planning & well-woman care.


Trump’s deep Medicaid cuts jeopardize health care & vital services for 15M people w/disabilities. His budget also slashes #SocialSecurity disability benefits, housing for PWD--and even closes the Limb Loss Resource Center.

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