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Brexit has happened so yes, on the main goal we failed. But today, on #EuropeDay, let me remind you that you built the strongest pro-EU movement and network. That doesnt change anything about Brexit, but it still counts for a lot. Here are some of my favourite memories. [Thread]
People protesting for what they believe in.
People sharing the same values.
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Pension War Room™️ brings you a blast from the past! Back in 2007 the Minister of Education commissioned a task force on teacher's pensions. #ABleg #handsoff

ATRF unfunded liability report,… via @yumpu_com
Our very own @LukaszukAB was a member of the task force that presented a thorough and well thought out analysis to then Minister Ron Liepert. (This is how democracies function, take a note Travis and @nateglubish ). #handsoffmypension #ABLeg
I am posting this document because Travis and Athana (and MacKinnon too) seem entirely unfamiliar with the pre-1992 unfunded liability. They have said some pretty crazy stuff.
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This is your daily pension announcement: the fundamentally illogical edition. Tweeps, thank you for sharing your MLA responses with me about Bill 22. The response from the office of @NickMilliken MLA for Calgary-Currie really takes the stupid cake. #ABLeg #ABEd #illogical
Get a load of this:
"There are a number of reasons why there was no consultation on this decision to move the publicly funded pensions to AIMCo. In 2007, the government agreed to cover the cost of both what government owed the fund and what teachers owed the fund." #handsoff
"The teachers’ portion that government took responsibility for amounted to $2.2 billion at the time."

WTF is that logic? We could not consult on changing asset managers because years ago the UFL for this plan was finally dealt with?
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This is your daily pension announcement: Actuary lays the boots to the Alberta Pension Plan. Malcolm Hamilton, a retired actuary and the most respected pension expert in Canada, had this to say about Jason and Travis' trial balloon of an APP pull out from CPP. #dontpullout
I quote from Pension Pulse: "There are many subsidies in a national pension plan. Men may subsidize women, who live longer. The poor may subsidize the rich, for the same reason. The healthy subsidize the less healthy." #handsoffmypension
"In the CPP and QPP, past generations had a better deal than future generations. Alberta may have subsidized other provinces in the past but that does not mean that Alberta will subsidize other provinces in the future. Its population and economy may change."
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Some have told me today that #HandsOff isn’t necessary. Well, I disagree — and here is why: the UK is threatening EU citizens with deportation if they don’t get the new status in time. 1/…
Some will say: but it’s their own fault if they fail to apply. Again, I disagree.
1) Why should anyone have to apply to stay in their home in the first place and
2) What about those who do not even know that they have to apply? This is not as straightforward as it may seem. 2/
From elderly people with dementia to children in care, there are many who do not know they have to apply. If the system is not changed then I can now only conclude that some of the most vulnerable EU citizens *will* be deported based on what the Govt is saying. 3/3
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Yes, we are back to seeing those pesky immigrants who chose to make their homes in the UK being vilified. If this doesn’t represent the UK you love, join in and say #HandsOff. Who are you standing with today?
Here are a few more of the previous #HandsOff stories:
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🚨 Cybersecurity experts have “found major loopholes” in the Home Office settled status app used by EU citizens to apply to stay: can be hacked easily and they gained access to information entered, “including the facial scans and images of passport pages.”…
There are no words left for how shambolic this all is. But this is extremely serious now and the potential implications are severe. Not only were researchers able to see information entered in real-time, they could also alter information that was entered.
This must be read in the context of EU citizens not knowing where data entered is going/who can access it etc - HO refused to clarify. Yet when there is an issue, the Data Protection Act’s immigration exemption might apply >> learn more about the appeal:…
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Priti Patel is trending because she has joined the club of dog-whistlers, spouting long-debunked lies about freedom of movement and immigration. Time to say #HandsOff your colleagues, neighbours, friends & family. Who are you standing with? Let's get #HandsOff trending instead.
We've done this before and the stories were so beautiful. Let's do it again to show the UK that we are not ok with this gaslighting and hate against immigrants - from wherever they are. Here are a few of the previous stories. Please tweet yours with the #.
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🆘We have reached crisis point! The Govt is now threatening EU citizens in the UK with deportation from their home. That is why we have to come together to support @the3million. Please say #HandsOff & help with a donation via my #SOScampaign. Thank you.
❓Why do we need an #SOScampaign?
The Govt, while saying nice words, has been breaking many promises on EU citizens' rights. As of today we know the Govt is prepared to threaten EU citizens with deportation. We need to be able to keep fighting this!…
❓Why support @the3million?
The group is the leading NGO fighting to protect the rights of EU citizens. Achievements include the abolition of the settled status fee and taking the Govt to court if needed. Let's make sure the group can continue to do this vital work.
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EU citizens in the UK are your:
🏠 neighbours
👫 friends
👩‍❤️‍👩 lovers
👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 family
The UK is our home. But the Govt’s reckless no-deal plan sucks millions of us right into #HostileEnvironment
Please say #HandsOff & become an #EUcitizensChampion…
If you’re not sure what this is about listen to @antoni_UK explain the impact of the new no-deal plan to end freedom of movement on 31 Oct.
All donations made to the @eucitizenschamp campaign go directly to @the3million to support the group’s vital work: to protect EU citizens at home in the UK and their rights. Thank you.
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I am so proud of all of you who helped get the #DeniedMyVote legal challenge crowdjustice across the line last night. This is only the beginning, but I know @the3million will continue to fight protecting our democracy as this case moves forward — it is an incredible group.
So before I head off on holiday let me say again that I hope that *together* we will continue to do all we can to ensure the group can keep going. I set up @eucitizenschamp a year ago to help with that and all of you who chose to become one have made a real difference. Thank you!
The song in the @eucitizenschamp anniversary video is called “Home” and comes from the album ”1,000 Days” by the wonderful @GuitarMoog. It will be available exclusively via the campaign in September. Learn more here:
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🎉 #EUcitizensChampion is 1 year old. I founded it because I wanted to do more to support @the3million, the leading NGO protecting EU citizens’ rights. I am proud of what we have achieved so far. THANK YOU to donors & supporters who chose to help EU citizens at HOME in the UK ...
... HOME brings me to the amazing @GuitarMoog who’s done something very, very special: he’s recorded an album 🎵1,000 Days🎵 and is making it available *exclusively* via @eucitizenschamp in September. The album includes the song HOME used in the above video.
Learn more about @GuitarMoog’s motivation for recording the album 🎵1,000 Days🎵 and also why he chose to make it available exclusively via @eucitizenschamp on the album website here:
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So @peoplesvote_uk let's keep it simple this time: the motto for upcoming marches is #LetUsBeHeard - it's a great motto. And the only thing we EU citizens have ever asked you for: a chance to be heard. You *chose* to deny us that ... 3 times in a row.… 1/
Will you choose to deny us that a 4th time? Or will you finally do the right thing, stand with us and give us a platform to address our situation? I want to be clear at the outset: I do mean a platform. An actual, proper platform. For citizens' rights campaigners. To speak. 2/
Not a place to make a short statement about the NHS.
Not an offer with conditions.
Not a 'cosmetic slot' that still denied us a platform.
Not the requirement for us to make a pitch for a slot only for you to never even have the decency to answer that. 3/
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There needs to be a mass action of protest. Not at the state level - they're coming for Roe. Everyone give thought to ideas for another nationwide march or action of resistance!
One idea I have for mass protest: since Trump uses Twitter to communicate - every time he tweets for a week, we respond with an agreed-upon word or symbol in protest. Ideally he would get tens, if not hundreds of thousands of responses in protest each and every time he tweets.
Someone has suggested the Trump blimp as the image. And we would need an accompanying hashtag to keep it trending. Then every time he tweets he would get ratio’ed with the image and word.
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Brexit isn’t fun. But we all need a laugh sometimes, especially in these dark times. So if you have @SkyArts make sure to watch @NyetFilm *tonight* at 21:25. It’s a #UKborderfarce and I love it. Watch until the very end: it has an important message! #NyetFilm
Trailer 🎞⬇️ 1/
The film’s premiere @RegentStCinema a little while ago was great, and directors @meinhelf & @newjorg are amazing #EUcitizensChampion(s), also showing #HandsOff on the big screen as part of the premiere. Want to be an EU citizens’ champion too? Check… 2/
And don’t worry if you can’t watch #NyetFilm on @SkyArts tonight: the film will be available online for FREE from tomorrow. 3/3
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Brilliant premiere of @NyetFilm last night — you’ll be able to watch the film soon. And I am so very grateful to the amazing @meinhelf & @newjorg, and to @RegentStCinema, for screening #HandsOff too. Seeing it on the big screen in support of @the3million was incredibly moving. 1/
Please continue to say #HandsOff your neighbours, colleagues, friends and family who are EU citizens by becoming an #EUcitizensChampion now. We need your help. All the funds raised go directly to @the3million so they can continue their vital work.… 2/
I am also so delighted to announce that @SimonWallfisch will be giving a concert (in London) to support the @eucitizenschamp campaign for @the3million Details to be confirmed soon. This is incredibly special to me personally — here’s why. 3/…
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I am glad that @Anna_Soubry is pointing this out so clearly. It's been obvious for some time that this - people like me choosing to commit our lives to the UK - is the only reason why we are where we are now. At every turn, @theresa_may chose the route that would make it as 1/
complicated and hostile as possible for us to remain in our homes. She went so far as to seek stripping 65 million British citizens of freedom of movement for it. Let that sink in! For just some examples of what May did, have a look at this thread: 2/
That also explains why we EU citizens can only remain very concerned. Read this important thread by @the3million on that wider subject: 3/
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Dear Friends listening to @BBCr4today this morning: Please DO NOT send images of your hands to whackadoodles who want to build a biometric database of hands!! Your biometric data belongs to you and pattern recognition is largely junk science.
Honestly I am shocked at the irresponsibility of @BBCr4today pushing as news what amounts to an advertisement for someone who wants to steal people’s biometric data in order to push junk science. It’s criminal.
I should clarify obviously not all pattern recognition is total junk (e.g., DNA, fingerprints) but much of it is (e.g., bite mark, blood splatter) and I find it hard to believe there’s any science behind hand pattern recognition.
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For this not to happen @ukhomeoffice would have to process
~4000 applications (deal)
~5000 applications (no deal)
*every single day* from today. This will never work. That is why MPs should help press the stop button now before it is too late. We need a declaratory system. 1/
If you agree that the settled status system is not good enough; that, as @YvetteCooperMP rightly pointed out, it would create "Windrush on steroids", please write to your MP today to tell them to back the @JCWI_UK recommendations set out here:… 2/
So please join the many others who already have said #HandsOff, and help us make sure that no EU citizen is left behind because of Brexit by becoming an #EUcitizensChampion today. Thank you!… 3/3
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I have been giving you many reasons why I hope you will help me support @the3million by becoming an #EUcitizensChampion; why I hope you'll stand with us and say #HandsOff. In this thread are some of the reasons donors have given; to make a donation see… 1/
I am worried about EU27 citizens living in the UK who don't realise that they need to apply for Settled Status. Outreach work is important. — Susannah 2/
I abhor this systematic stripping of rights from 3.5 million people who contribute so much to this country. — Julian 3/
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From tomorrow the #SettledStatus scheme will be open for all EU citizens at home in the UK. It forces us to apply to stay. To apply so we can remain your colleagues, friends, lovers and family. That is why now is the time for you to say: #HandsOff! Please help #RescueOurRights 1/
Tomorrow will mark a watershed with the general opening of the scheme. It will be a difficult day for EU citizens. So please keep sharing who you are standing with, who you want the UK Govt to keep their #HandsOff. Stories with photos/videos welcome. 2/
To learn more about the #HandsOff campaign - part of @eucitizenschamp - read this article; it includes some of the beautiful stories already shared and a little more on some of those who appear in the campaign video.… 3/
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@EU_Commission A picture is worth a thousand words.

This is how we depict our values.
This is how we picture your rights.

#ThisIsTheEU #BrexitIsPersonal #HandsOff

@EU_Commission @eucitizenschamp A picture is worth a thousand words.

This is how we depict our values.
This is how we picture your rights.

#ThisIsTheEU #BrexitIsPersonal #HandsOff

@EU_Commission @eucitizenschamp Theresa May: "We will end free movement once and for all."

Free movement is a reciprocal right. The freedom to live and love in 28 EU countries. The greatest economical, political, cultural and social achievement of our times.

#ThisIsTheEU #BrexitIsPersonal #HandsOff

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Quick thread: Remain, #FBPE, #PeoplesVote - whatever you do, don't try to reason with the Yellow Vest protests. They are dangerous, xenophobic, and not what our cause should stand with. 1/…
We must challenge and oppose the rhetoric of hate, which continues to be heard in the media and in our own movement. Reading @MikeStuchbery_'s report of Remain campaigners 'breaking bread' with yellow vests is alarming and despairing. 2/
Mike's a clever guy and his knowledge of the yellow vest protests is essential. But to Remainers who are fighting against this criticism, through support of #FBPE or @MadeleinaKay - please end this approach. 3/
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