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#indore Bombay Hospital, 5.30 am -6.15 am,mullahs howling from more than 8-10 masjids on 📢 😡,a recent development..
कई वर्षों बाद यहाँ आना हुआ, जहाँ की शांति में २ घंटे ध्यान लग जाता था आज नाकाम कोशिश करते सोच में हूँ,
#हिन्दु सोता रह गया, जाने कब 🇮🇳दारुलइस्लाम होता चला गया😢
@vibhor_anand बड़ी बड़ी बातें करते हो, I’ve asked you about PIL,writ & filing cases on behalf of Hindus,you haven’t responded?
Tell me when there’re laws:
1996, article 48-A,Article 51-A to protect & improve environment, Act, 1981,86,99,what are we doing👇🏻
#WakeUpHindus, its us who has to do it, put an end to this nuisance, their strategy of darulislam before its too late!
Come in many thousands, let’s file cases in variour towns, file PILs..
Amend Constitution #UCC #HinduCharter
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Thread: Reforms urgently needed! @narendramodi @narendramodi_in @BJP4India @AmitShah @AmitShahOffice I am posting matters that need urgent attention in light of state polls debacle before 2019 Lok Sabha polls Feedback from SM workers - Please read full thread do not neglect👇
1] Stop Being Secular it cost Vajpayeeji also. Minorities always favor CONgress/Allies
2] Stop Muslims only Universities
3] Stop in Maharashtra Land gift exemption in stamp duty for Muslims / Gifting Temple land for Kabrastan
4] Give Middle class tax benefits they deserve👇
5] SC/ST population is not as big as voters lost. Stop SC/ST Act
6] Courts be made accountable. Midnight Access for Naxals-Terrorists-Powerful. Jail for Sabarimala devotees without bail
7] Courts have no right deciding matters of faith-festivals-temple functions- construction 👇
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Heard from a reliable source that the Hindu Sant Samagam is furious at the @narendramodi Govt for doing nothing on cultural issues. Yes, this will translate to vote loss.
Yet BJP rides arrogantly into the sunset. @AmitShah
Very small window to course correct. #HinduCharter
The bigger danger than NOTA for BJP will be voter apathy. No one gets "excited" about development. Core emotive issues matter, especially to karyakartas. Unenthused karyakartas will lead to low voter turnout, won't be motivated to get others. Wake up!
People expect development but do not vote on that basis. All the "modernist" ministers in the cabinet can barely get elected. It is the @myogiadityanath and @girirajsinghbjp who get votes. This is then turned into a "development plank" by the unelectable.
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Some excerpts from Meenakshi Jain’s book The Battle For Rama
#AyodhyaHiddenFacts I had the pleasure of meeting Maam recently. Wonderful, unassuming person.
Akbar’s court recorded Ram Janmbhoomi at Ayodhya as sacred ground and Rama’s birthplace, indicating that withi a hundred years of Babur tearing Ram Mandir down, Hindus had already reclaimed the place. #AyodhyaHiddenFacts
The area was referred to as Masjid Janmasthan in court proceedings by Muslim petitioners as far back as 1858. #AyodhyaHiddenFacts
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1/4 Thread @timesofindia Constitution not anti-Hindu including your paper? Silence on arrest of 3000 Kerala Hindus-Sabarmati train victims-Kashmir Exodus etc? Noise when Muslims murdered in crimes by Hindus not vice versa?…
2 @timesofindia If Hindu desecrate Mosque Church communal but non Hindu women trying to defile Sabarimala heroes? Madrassa Maulvi rapists reported as Vedshala Swamys? Minority institutes free of Govt control temples only in control?Hindus can't use own money of temples freely?
3 Minority schools can teach Quran Bible Urdu freely Even Govt aided Hindu kids can't be taught Surya Namaskaar, Bhagwad Gita, Sanskrit, Yoga is communal? Special reservation rights to non Hindus? How is Hindutva charter communal asking for equal rights to Hindus? #HinduCharter
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Glad to see #HinduCharter trending

I am not aware of the agenda or objective of this # , but I would like to put forth my list of demands for (Sanatan Dharma ) Hindus.
In most countries of de world Sons of the soil enjoy special privileges, Despite Sanatanis being sons of the soil of this great land Sanatanis are ridiculed, humiliated,called as a fringe & treated as second rate citizens in their own land #Hinducharter
#HinduCharter Since time immemorial Sanatanis have been the natives of this land. Right from Himalayas to kanyakumari, from Gandhara to far east they have sacrificed a lot to preserve their culture & race. Rivers of blood have flown to save this divine land .
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From "Skin in the Game"
Mediocristan: Domain where the effects of a random event are contained, and don't have an impact on the System.

Extremistan: Domain where effects of random event impact other entities in the system, & in worst case bring about ruin of the entire system.
Examples for Mediocristan:Deaths due to drowning in the Bathtub, crossing roads. Examples for Extremistan: Deaths due to Epidemic Disease, Terrorism.
Thus while % of people dying due to drowing in Bathtubs might be higher than % of people dying due to Ebola, the latter is risker
More urgency ought to be shown to avoid a bad event from happening in Extremistan compared to avoiding a bad event happening in Mediocristan - Hence we see a large proportion of effort to contain an epidemic or to prevent terrorist activities.
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1) Starting a data series explaining India's #antiHindu system, 2nd class citizen status of Hindus and need for #HinduCharter (hint: #antiHindu system enjoys multi partisan support of all political parties, all branches of govt & so called pillars of #democracy & #equality)
2) Fountainhead of India's #antiHindu system is article 29&30 of constitution which cleverly denies #equalrights to Hindus allowing govt to enact #discriminatory laws/funding/programs & enables Supreme court to adjudicate contradictory laws in #antiHindu manner. #HinduCharter
3) Indian Govt confiscation of Hindu temples is 1 of the largest #religionfreedom violation in world. ALL political parties&Judiciary mostly support Hindu temple confiscation. For all practical purpose,Constitution right to freedom of religion is for nonHindus only. #HinduCharter
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