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Science Journalist loses 12-year-old son to a rare form of brain cancer.
#diedsuddenly 2023

"My two 11-year-olds are double-vaxxed. There's a lot of misinformation floating around, and many parents seem to think that their kids don't need a vaccine"
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1. To address disinformation, do the truth-sandwich. Analysis of 81 million health records shows SARS-CoV-2 infection increases epilepsy and seizure. It's not the vaccine—which helped PREVENT this. 👇 Recall the video footage from Wuhan 2020? #diedsuddenly… Image
3. Know the basics. It will get complex

Red queen theory refers to evolution and system dynamics, illustrated by @ricard_sole. Unglycosylated variants in Wuhan like Orf8:N78Q (would have) caused cytokine storm and seizure.

Orf8:N78 glycosylation blocks interaction with IL-17RA. ImageImageImage
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THE VACCINE CAN AFFECT THE PERSON 3 WAYS! , #Sterilization, #VaccineInjury
+ #Diedsuddenly…
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What if you're 100% right - BUT - what they have always called a #VirusVaccine has always been a #BiologicalWeapon masquerading as a #ProblemSolution that for generations we allowed them to inject into our children and because of this decades ago they began planning #Covid19 as a Image
way to accomplish a number of longstanding well known, hidden in plain sight, objectives.

One World Government
Mass Psychosis
Systematic Depopulation
Wealth and Power Transfer
Surveillance State
Social Credit System

And so whether Germ Theory and Viruses exist or not,
#BiologicalWeapons clearly do and they managed to get 65% of the US population injected somewhere between 1 and 7 times. And about that same percentage globally. And without needing a shred of science what we've all witnessed with our lying eye are millions who have #DiedSuddenly
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(1/15) Image
(2/15) Image
プラスミドdsDNA 混入疑惑
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The entire #DiedSuddenly narrative is based on a very basic misunderstanding of causality

If B happens after A, we can't simply assume that A CAUSED B

As they say, correlation =/= causation
(Of course, in many cases people who are claimed to have died suddenly either didn't die, or weren't vaccinated, because the movement thrives on lies, but let's leave that aside for a second)
A very famous example of the challenges of causal inference is the case of ice cream and drownings

There is a strong and consistent correlation between more people eating ice cream and more drownings happening in the US Image
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Hard to know what's true & what's conspiracy theory these days.

Do your own research on the Clinton Associates Edition of #diedsuddenly .

References are at the end to check yourself.
Are these are all coincidences or just bad luck?
Who can say?

Link:… ImageImageImageImage
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Feel free to add context or community notes if you find any conflicting or corroborating sources! ImageImageImageImage
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Because I'm always up for alternative theories! I have no idea if any of this is true or if it isn't, but maybe someone should look into it seriously - like some of our amazing citizen journalists here on Twitter! ImageImageImageImage
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We have to acknowledge that the excess deaths, primarily heart attacks and strokes, are caused by COVID.

Younger adults have had the largest increase in heart attacks since COVID began.

Mid- and Long-Term Atrio-Ventricular Functional Changes in Children after Recovery from COVID-19…
➡️ New data appears to show link between COVID and heart disease…
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#Twitter keeps blocking this article that explains the #Missouri #HB1169 & the integration of #mRNA vaccines into food. Why? #WeThePeople #DiedSuddenly #Vaccine #truth…
#twitter will not let me post what I want about this so I’m going to break it down and see where the issue is. #Republican House Speaker Dean Plocher is pushing the Rs in #Missouri to block #HB1169 - will he stand with #WeThePeople or #BigPharma?
The integration of vaccines into food has been studied and understood for many years - they are trying to hide it from the public. Especially the fact that they are now trying to do it with #mRNA #GeneTherapy #DiedSuddenly shots
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BREAKING NEWS: the lobbyists for the cattleman and pork associations in several states have CONFIRMED they WILL be using mRNA vaccines in pigs and cows THIS MONTH. WE MUST SUPPORT #Missouri #HB1169. It is LITERALLY the ONLY chance we have to prevent this… NO ONE knows the the……
Support local farmers - not #BillGates and #CCP factory farms that want to poison us
To be clear - at this point there are zero states requiring informed consent for “vaccine food”. While I would argue that it must be done under existing law I absolutely do not believe that will happen. If #Missouri will pass #HB1169 the informed consent and disclosure……
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Real leaders lead by example and that's something that #antivaxxers should watch out for when listening to the likes of @ABridgen @RWMaloneMD @P_McCulloughMD
@DrAseemMalhotra all of these cowards are fully vaccinated and boosted and have never once shown any fear of
Being vaccinated because they know the vaccines are NOT anywhere near as harmful as they claim.

They can't back up any of their claims with actual proof just worthless unfounded REPORTS.

Ask yourself why they're not scared of being the n2xt #DiedSuddenly poster boy?


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So, as you may know, I've taken some time off and I've come back with an exclusive story — and a sentence I never thought I'd have to write.
She #DiedSuddenly.
New from me:

On the internet, she #DiedSuddenly. In real life, she's very much still alive.…
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🆘🚨‘MAYDAY! Mayday!’ PILOT INCAPACITATION: This month, Virgin Australia, Emirates, United and Southwest airlines have all turned back aircraft or made emergency landings because air crew have suffered serious health incidents.
A British Airways pilot died of a heart attack just before he was due to fly a plane from Egypt.

Here’s the timeline:
March 3: Virgin Australia flight VARA A320 from Adelaide to Perth returned 30 minutes into the journey: ‘The First Officer [co-pilot] became unwell.’
March 11: United flight 2007 from Guatemala to Chicago: diverted because the captain had chest pains.

March 12: It is reported that a British Airways pilot collapsed and died in a hotel in Cairo, Egypt, shortly before he was due to fly.
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🧵 This is Tragic
British Airways pilot dies shortly before he was due to captain flight from Cairo to Heathrow- Heart Attack

Flight attendant, 24, died suddenly shortly after landing at Stansted
Postmortem concluded the cause of death was revealed as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

The British Heart Foundation advises SADS is “when someone dies suddenly & unexpectedly from a cardiac arrest, but the cause of the cardiac arrest can’t be found.”
NHS worker, 24, dies suddenly at home
Her death has rocked the local community, who described her as the "life and soul of the party" who "never had a smile off her face". - no cause of death listed

They work in jobs that face a lot of viral exposure without protection. 3/
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🧵 Tik Tok star, “Jehane Thomas was a 30-year-old mom of two boys when she suddenly passed away on 03/17/2023,”

She was diagnosed with optic neuritis, a condition that causes swelling of the eye’s optic nerve.

" it can be associated with variable causes (demyelinating lesions, autoimmune disorders, infectious and inflammatory conditions)" 2/
"Three patients who developed optic neuritis during recovery from COVID-19 infection"…

COVID-19-induced acute bilateral optic neuritis…. 3/
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Peter Baddoo, an MIT instructor in the Department of Mathematics, passed away suddenly on Feb. 15 while playing basketball on campus.

Baddoo joined the MIT Department of Mathematics in January 2021. 1/

COVID is overwhelmingly shown to be the underlying cause behind sudden deaths and the excess deaths.

Coronaviruses have a history of causing vascular dysfunction and blood clotting that could lead to heart attacks and strokes. 2/
“Coagulation disorders in coronavirus infected patients: COVID-19, SARS-CoV-1, MERS-CoV and lessons from the past” 3/…
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🚨Portland EMS 911: -scanner
10:25AM -12:33PM (Under 2 hrs)
Chest pain / Cardiac
Possible death
Chest pain / Cardiac
Chest pain / Cardiac
Cardiac arrest
🚨Portland 911: -scanner
8:00PM - 8:59PM
Cardiac arrest
Fainting/ Collapsed
Chest pain
Chest pain
Cardiac arrest
Cardiac problem
The new normal #Cardiacarrest #heartattack #EMS #911
Portland 911: 3 reported #Siezures in under 30 minutes. The new normal. #cardiacarrest #heartattack #stroke #seizure #diedsuddenly
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"Everyone I know that got vaccinated for Covid is just fine." 👈 A vaccinated person tweeted to me.

But I beg to differ
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Naar aanleiding van enkele briljante opmerkingen bij deze tweet wil ik u meenemen in de wondere wereld van de pathologie.

Het wordt een korte cursus 'Logisch Denken in de Geneeskunde'.

Excuus, misschien is 'Logisch Denken' een betere titel.

Een draadje. #oversterfte
Voordat ik begin, wil ik nog even toevoegen, ik heb de naam van de cursus opnieuw veranderd.

Hij heet nu 'Denken'. Een speciale introductie in het denken voor cerebrale walnootwetenschappers.

Daar gaan we.

Waar ging de tweet over? Over de #oversterfte.

Wat is de eerste vraag? Is er oversterfte? Ja, er is oversterfte.

Wat is de tweede vraag? Hoe komt het dat er oversterfte is?

Wat is de derde vraag? Zou vaccinatie met de #mRNAvaccins bij kunnen dragen aan de oversterfte?
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January 2022: The RAND Corporation is a think tank that advises the U.S. government.
This "internal document", suggests escalating tensions so that Putin "invades" Ukraine followed by weakening #Germany. #UkraineRussianWar…
2016: "The purpose of U.S. policy in Ukraine is nether protection of its interests, nor its social & economic development. This goal is to use of the people duped by Nazi propaganda as cannon fodder, unleashing a war against Russia, in the hope of dragging EU NATO partners in."
An interesting perspective from Sergei Glazyev. Russian yes. But everything he is saying, correlates with what retired US Colonel Douglas Macgregor says. More importantly, correlates with the "unofficial yet coincidental" (Same as #DiedSuddenly) RANDCorp doc. from Jan22
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Vivian W. Lefferts 💉🪦 #FullyVaccinated #DiedSuddenly (Jan. 2023) Vivian W. Lefferts, 66, passed away on Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at UIC Hospital after a brief illness. Image
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