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I need someone with time & skills to do a detailed discourse analysis of the responses to @SelmaBlair’s #OscarAwards look on social media. It for now here’s my quick morning take, a thread particularly for nondisabled folks.
Among my #DisabilityRights, #disabilityjustice & #disabilitystudies comrades, there’s excitement about the power of representation. Blair’s look, like hashtags #DisabledAndCute & #DisabledPeopleAreHot, demonstrate disabled bodyminds & accoutrements like canes can be attractive
However, some of the general comments on images & stories of Blair, while seemingly “positive,” are DEEPLY #ableist in that they rely on notions of bravery, pity, overcoming & shock at the attractiveness of a disabled bodyminds. Let’s break down the problems with each response.
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Let’s walk this #InspirationPorn out.

It’s common for loved ones to push us disableds to hide or “overcome” disability, esp for milestones. It’s not safe or healthy. He likely suffered doing this. His choice.

But why do ableds think standing is better? What are your tears for?
Years ago, an ex told their boss (w/ me present) “This is the woman I’m going to marry.” We were at his work on a date. I was too sick to dance. I was “lesser” for it. He controlled, isolated, abused me when I was too sick to pass, only loved me when I could. Common story.
There’s no context to the video @Trevornoah posted. The groom is an object. “He’s trying, how beautiful!” What about those who stayed in wheelchairs? Their unbroadcasted, non-viral weddings are beautiful. Is their trying or love lesser? Why is disabled suffering glorified?
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More of why #InspirationPorn is harmful to disabled folks: In TV/films, you rarely see us disabled go through 100s of appts, procedures, hospital stays, insurance fights, alone. Reality: the scariest times, we endure alone. But “too much” medical care/loneliness wouldn’t sell.
So disabled folks are surrounded by false societal projections foisting bad expectations on us. If we need high care or loved ones aren’t present for that care, it’s projected as “wrong” and the wrong is with us. Not with media, medicine, ableds for failing disabled reality.
Some ableds do this deliberately bc actual disability discomforts them. A film will only show one infusion, a show will cut various appts (even medical shows) bc disabled plots are so focused on answers or “getting better,” when many disabilities have no cure, don’t get better.
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Sick people who don’t respect their body’s boundaries are reckless
“This disabled person has no excuses neither should you you can do anything!” Im not your #inspirationporn shit head
Encouraging sick people to not listen to their body’s boundaries is reckless.
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