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Starting a thread to aid @JohnsHopkins in transparency on their response to complaints of widespread ableism and the dismissals of 5 disabled counseling students.

The first article that came out features 4 of the 5 disabled students, all dismissed from a small grad program within a 7 month timeframe.

#AcademicAbleism #HigherEd #Baltimore…
Despite extensive fact-checking done by the Newsletter, the School of Education dean’s letter to the editor called our claims unfounded. He requested the article be taken down.

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My son is my life. When I learned I was pregnant at 12 WEEKS, we immediately learned he had massive disabilities. Because of 2 previous high risk pregnancies, as well as the loss of my 3rd pregnancy in the 2nd trimester, I was advised to terminate.
MY CHOICE was to go forward.
After 40+ surgeries, I’ve almost lost him several times. He’s my f/t gig and unlike many, we’re blessed to have insurance (although @GregAbbott_TX’s torte reform as TXAG greatly affected us). The attention & care he’s required took time away from my other 2 amazing kids.
Now that those 2 incredible humans are of child bearing age, they know the very real disability risks and as a valid concern, one has chosen not to have children. Now that choice is being taken away from them.
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Right, rant time! #Thread I rang the passport office, About my rejected photo, because my wheelchair handles are in the background. got through and the bloke on the other end said that I would need to POST a letter from my GP explaining my condition. 1
So I rang my GP surgery, to ask for this letter, only to be told that I had to ask for it online in writing. I was also told that there may be a charge for the letter. Having filled in the request form and submitted it, I have no idea when anybody will get back to me.... 2
Honestly, the hoops we have to jump through to get what most nondisabled people take for granted! I mean, why should we have to post evidence when we've applied online? Why can't we submit the file digitally. And also, why should disabled people have to...3
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#WAOpioidTrial Day 23 is now starting. Good morning!

Here's the AM link. Also it is snowing here this morning, WTF??

#WAOpioidTrial IANAL here but it seems like the state just got admonished a bit for trying to pull some exhibit back OFF the record after defense went to the expense of reviewing; state doubles down and says they are SURE it will be in; then tried to pull it. Judge said nope.
#WAOpioidTrial And now we resume McKesson's counsel cross-examining Dr. Daniel Ciccarone, MD, MPH. He's a widely respected harms reduction expert (among many other things). He's been testifying about the uptick in heroin/fentanyl use, generally.
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Ableism in Disney movies and shows is so important to see…

To teach about #DisabilityRights.

Not many Disney movies and shows show ableism but here are some examples.

Disney Animation Studios
Disney Animation Studios
Disney Channel
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So, #DisabilityTwitter, @emeraldcitycon is wrapping at the Seattle Convention Center. I waited until the last day to speak of our experiences in the hopes the Con Staff would be able to turn the ship around prior to the end and this could be a positive thread about cooperation.🧵
We're exhibitors. We run @NerdyKeppie and over half our staff of six are disabled. @vaspider is a professionally loud disability rights activist, and has done disability consulting for events and RPG books in the past. We wanted to try out ECCC and so we booked a 10x10.
Load in was fine, but once the con commenced the @AlliedUniversal event staff completely blocked off ADA access on the north side of the building. Our initial interactions with the Allied staff were belligerent. They made @vaspider walk two blocks out of their way on a cane.
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something i think doctors don't always appreciate:
diagnoses are important to patients, even if there's no treatment


#MedTwitter #chronicillness #DisabilityRights
im sure there's other reasons but key things overall i think are:
1. a diagnosis gives you limits - what treatment can and can't be tried, what can trigger things, what's the prognosis, etc
2. it gives patients a community - there's tonnes of groups for people with all kinds of ailments, conditions, illnesses, disabilities. being able to talk to someone with a shared experience helps make everything less shit
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NOT ENOUGH: The @NYCCouncil just passed the first U.S. law regarding fairness of AI-based hiring tools. @CenDemTech commends the Council for focusing on this key issue – but the bill falls far short.

Text of the bill here:… #algorithms Image
@NYCCouncil The bill has several fatal flaws. Most egregious? It requires companies to audit for discrimination only on the basis of race or gender - ignoring that #AI hiring tools can discriminate on #disability, age, & other features too.… #DisabilityRights
@NYCCouncil Because federal regulations already require employers to test for disparate impacts on sex & race, the @NYCCouncil bill doesn't actually require employers to do anything they aren't already required to do.… #discrimination #algorithms
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[THREAD] #AskingAutistics and allies, especially people in Africa or of African descent throughout the world: We need your help. A bad thing has happened for #DisabilityRights in Africa: ABAI has sponsored an American, Ashley Knochel, to promote ABA in Africa by formalising it.
There has been a neocolonialist trend with aggressive ABA infiltrations from America into Ghana, Kenya and other countries for some time now, including a CARD-associated organisation in South Africa; but this latest move is worse.
This American person has established a Pan-African Association of Behaviour Association along with Kenyans, and they are launching this Saturday.
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As of Monday unvaccinated workers can return to work in disability services as these restrictions were attached to areas of concern which are gone #insiders
This a worry given there were anti-vaxxers who were stood down pending vaccination who can waltz back in and work with vulnerable, sometimes unvaccinated clients #insiders
Given there is no government mandate the onus is now on employers to issue lawful and reasonable directions by Monday. The recommended approach is to have a policy for this and to consult first. There has been no warning to providers to allow for this #insiders
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In this thread, I am going to provide definitions for some of the key concepts which often feature in discussions, training, arguments and even academic papers about autism.
Defining them and agreeing about the definitions can help us reduce our arguments and gain consensus more quickly -- or at the very least, it can help to ensure that we're at least arguing about the same thing, even if we don't agree about how to approach it.
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🧵 Here's your #txlege #SB1 update for September 1, 2021 and how it affects #DisabilityRights.

We're covering the enrolled bill waiting to be signed by Gov. Abbott…
There are still issues w/ the final version, but 1st ...

📣 THANK YOU allies who elevated the concerns of Texas voters w/disabilities @MOVE_texas @naswtx_advocacy @TXCivilRights @TxDisabilities @DisRightsTx + all the individuals who gave testimony
📣 THANK YOU #txlege allies who worked to remove provisions in the legislation that would negatively affect Texans w/disabilities @BucyForTexas @CarolforTexas @JudithZaffirini @DiegoBernalTX @RafaelAnchia @beverlypowelltx @TurnerForTX @RepMaryGonzalez @sarah_eckhardt
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🧵While we're waiting for the #txlege #SB1 hearing to resume, here's some background on why some of the voters most affected by it can't provide testimony in person. #CripTheVote
People w/disabilities are more likely to get very sick if they get #COVID19. Cases of #COVID19 are high in Austin.

In fact, cases are so high that #txlege Senate requires people to test negative for #COVID19 before entering a hearing room.
Unfortunately, this testing only at the Capitol isn't enough protection for disabled Texans w/ higher #COVID19 risks. It doesn't account for Texans who need to travel long distances, or rely on others for travel needs. Each move is potential exposure #txlege #CripTheVote
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The Americans with Disabilities Act (#ADA) was signed into law 31 years ago today by President George H.W. Bush.

The law was meant to improve access to everyday life, work and our democracy, but voters with disabilities are still fighting to remove barriers to voting. #ADA31
Arizona enacted a law this year that removes voters from the state's permanent early voting list (PEVL) more frequently & requires more steps to obtain a mail ballot. This law creates deliberate barriers for disabled voters in the state. #AZLeg #ADA31…
Florida & Georgia have passed laws restricting access to drop boxes and the ability to receive and submit mail-in ballots.

GA #DisabilityRights advocate Gaylon Tootle explains how the law creates barriers for voters like him:

#GaPolitics #FlaPol #ADA31
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Last month, on the same day that our new BBC drama about the fight for #DisabilityRights was officially announced, I had to report my first #disability hate incident...
A taxi driver refused to drop me off at Euston Station's accessible entrance as the traffic was heavy & it would be "too difficult" for him to drive round. He instead insisted that I use the inaccessible entrance, as he had seen me stand & so "knew I could walk"...
When I told him that I can't manage stairs, he proceeded to tell me that it was MY problem not his. As if this wasn't traumatic enough, he demanded his fare even though the journey had been prepaid...
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Video with AuTeach, Lydia Brown, and Shain Neumeier talking about #StopTheShock , their involvement in the activism surrounding JRC, and what you can do to help.

70% of the students come from New York state

Often funded through IDEA, or Medicaid funding from New York

Apparently this is common for disabled people from New York to be dumped into out-of-state residential facilities/institutions even for decades.

A few things that could stop this:

If you're from Massachusetts, could tell MA representatives to strip the JRC of their nonprofit status.

For everyone, you can urge your legislature to cut the funding for the Judge Rotenberg Center.
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Even the most cursory glance at the economic situation of people with disabilities in Canada paints a bleak picture. Disparities in income, wealth, and economic opportunities have widened since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the proposed....1/7
Canadian Disability Benefit has yet to become a law, it serves as an important reminder to analyze and understand the economic challenges faced by those with disabilities. 2/7
#disablethedifference #disability #disabilitystudies #disabilityinclusion #disabilityrights
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#SupremeCourt to hear a PIL today stating online system of education is set on standards that make it out of reach of students with disabilities, leading to their exclusion in the field of education
#DisabilityRights #OnlineClasses
The petition states Section 16 and 17 of the Right of Persons with Disability Act, 2016 require governments to ensure and take specific measures to promote and facilitate inclusive education
#supremecourt #DisabilityRights
issues flagged:

(a) Lectures do not have transcripts and there are no sign language interpreters

(b)The study materials provided are inaccessible because some contents are in image form and no alternative texts are provided for the description of the images
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#SupremeCourt to hear a PIL today stating online system of education is set on standards that make it out of reach of students with disabilities, leading to their exclusion in the field of education
#DisabilityRights #OnlineClasses
The petition states Section 16 and 17 of the Right of Persons with Disability Act, 2016 require governments to ensure and take specific measures to promote and facilitate inclusive education
#supremecourt #DisabilityRights
Issues flagged:

(a) Lectures do not have transcripts and there are no sign language interpreters

(b)The study materials provided are inaccessible because some contents are in image form and no alternative texts are provided for the description of the images
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On Friday June 4, 2021 I attended a meeting with Secretary of State Blinken. The purpose of the meeting was to talk all things #Palestine
#SheikJarrah #Silwan #Jerusalem #Gaza #EqualityforAll #OneLove
Full thread in 1 convenient viewing location here:…
I attended as an individual. I am not affiliated with any PAC or organization. I obviously do not speak for or represent the #Palestinian people. There’s like 7 million of us at least, and like 2 million of #Palestinians stuffed in #Gaza alone.
To the #Palestinian Americans who boycotted this meeting after the #Biden Administration handed Israel $735 million dollars in weaponry following the merciless attacks on Palestinians locked in Gaza.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: 🇺🇸 Democracy and Human Rights
🇺🇸 Only one party will protect worker and labor rights; rights of the disabled and the right of people to believe and worship as they choose or not to believe or worship at all. 1/11
#Democrats believe that improving labor standards around the world protects human rights and promotes broad-based prosperity. 2/11 #DemPartyPlatform #HumanRights #HumanityFirst
#Democrats will ensure that America’s diplomatic and trade agreements include enforcement provisions for workers’ rights, and we will fight to end the evils of poverty-wage, child, and slave labor. 3/11 #DemPartyPlatform #HumanRights #WorkersFirst
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Hey! I’m the person in the hospital, they gave me my phone back but threatened to take it away if I contact anyone but my father, I’m too scared to say the name of the hospital till I am out in case of retribution but I will keep everyone updated thread about everything 1/
TW: transmisia/ableism I came into the ER they only called me by my legal name and pronouns -many people still are but not all While in the ER they refused to turn off the beeping machine connected to me that was till another nurse came over and did it b/c he understood autism 2/
Once I got back and placed in a room they took all of my belongings away from me - including my phone (which is also my communication device) for 16 hours and still are threatening to take it away if I “get agitated” or contact people 3/
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Here's what happens when a disabled man writes about being 18, newly paralyzed, at a rehab facility, in 1978. And he publishes the essay in a national #bioethics journal.
ID: Bill Peace, aka The Bad Cripple, white man in a blue shirt w/ gray beard sits next to my former persona, Tipsy Tullivan, blonde. Mouth covered by headline "A Blowjob from the 1970s & the Censorship of Disabled Writers." Audio and #transcript avail from…
This happened in 2014. What has bioethics, as a field, done since then, to inspire the confidence of us #disabled people? #MedicalTwitter
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This alarming message came through on WhatsApp this morning from Johan Pretorius of DeafBlind SA:
"With the predicted stormy weather in KZN, Mpumalanga and Limpopo please do take care. Avoid unnecessary traveling and be careful during dangerous weather conditions by staying indoors."

(Keep reading; that's not the big problem yet.)
"I am currently making enquiries with our local police about accessable emergency contact number with local police stations all over South Africa. The usual phone call number 10111 is not accessible for Deaf and DeafBlind persons."

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