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If you're a non-disabled scholar in #DisabilityStudies and you're
- participation in in-person only conferencing
- teaching only in person
- going to in-person networking events 1/4
You have to think about how you're benefitting (in terms of prestige, finances, job security) from career spaces that are inaccessible to most disabled academics right now. How are we supposed to tell our own stories when we aren't even in the room? 2/4
I'm so tired of looking around and watching as disabled faculty/students/staff bring up access issues. And the watching supposed "allies" remain silent when witnessing and benefitting directly from inaccessible spaces and events. 3/4
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🎞️ Our fourth #STSshorts episode is live! 🎙️

We talk with @ashleyshoo about #STS, Technology & Disability, #DisabilityStudies, #technoableism, philosophy of tech, #cripsinspace, amongst other topics.

Watch & subscribe:
@ashleyshoo This is the 4th episode of #STSshorts, a new video series in which we dialogue with a researcher, lecturer, writer, and eclectic human in the #STS discipline or related fields.

~30 mins in length.

The goal is to highlight and hopefully introduce a new audience to their work.
@ashleyshoo Ashley is an assistant professor in the Department of Science, Technology, and Society at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia. (@sts_vt)…
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Real-talk: #DisabilityStudies — however good the intentions of the researchers within are — is still situated in #academia and therefore is not exempt from the elitist problems that come from the "#IvoryTower". This is a five-part thread because I have Things To Say. 1/5
2/5: #DisabilityStudies / #Disabled #Researchers have a fascinating habit of dismissing Minority. "Your research doesn't mention BIPOC/LGBT/etc. disabled folx?" "Those are only a small % of the population." So are we? Disabled people are a minority. That's the point. ...Isn't it?
3/5 Likewise, #DisabilityStudies has a habit of dismissing non-academics. I'm writing an op-ed about this because the irony is fascinating/frustrating. How can you advocate for emancipatory, participatory, research while dismissing 95% of disabled people for not being 'experts'?
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Hello Twitter! My name's Steve (pronouns: they/any 🏳️‍🌈 ) and I am currently a Visiting Researcher at the University of Leeds, funded by the @_ISRF and researching #disabled people's involvement in #cooperatives in the UK. My research website is
My profile on the @_ISRF website:…
This is a one-year research project, funded from September 2021 to Sept 2022, but I've only been able to "go public" and recruit participants now (Feb 2022) due to waiting for university ethics committee approval.
However, I am hoping that this research can continue in some form beyond the funded period, and I definitely intend my website to remain in existence as a resource for #disabled people and #cooperatives.
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Even the most cursory glance at the economic situation of people with disabilities in Canada paints a bleak picture. Disparities in income, wealth, and economic opportunities have widened since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the proposed....1/7
Canadian Disability Benefit has yet to become a law, it serves as an important reminder to analyze and understand the economic challenges faced by those with disabilities. 2/7
#disablethedifference #disability #disabilitystudies #disabilityinclusion #disabilityrights
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If you are able-bodied and working in #DisabilityStudies because you were inspired by a relationship with a disabled person, I have some tough love for you. I am all for allyship, but allies cannot weigh in on all topics. 1/5
Why does it matter?
1. Because we're not there to correct you or intervene or combat stereotypes. Roughly 1.5% of tenured faculty and 6% of grad students are disabled.
2. You don't face the ramifications of poorly framed arguments, language choices, or research outcomes 2/5
3. You can proudly state your relationship to disability (my parent/sibling/partner/child is disabled) bc at the end of the day proximity is harmless, you're still able-bodied. But if we identify we're risking our jobs to disclose. 3/5
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75% of the 107 disabled academics that responded experienced #disability discrimination in #academia.
Of those, over 2/3 did not report it.
Only 9% had not experienced it.

Academia is not OK.
@DisabledAcadem @DBetterAcademia @DisInHigherEd @AcademicAbleism @AcademicChatter Photo of Twitter poll results which shows the following: “
This isn’t even considering other diversity factors and intersectionality.
The discrimination and barriers women, #firstgen, and other minority groups face in academia are problematic enough on their own.
Coupled with this... it just seems impossible.
I don’t know what else to say other than that I am determined to make change.

First comes awareness though, and this is my attempt.

If any #disabilityStudies academics want to school me on this it would be oh so welcome.
I’m considering a whole new career path. 😅
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On February 25th @AUG_EII is hosting a #MedEd Twitter Conference on Professional Identity Formation.

Here are some basics about how to participate in #MCGConf2021PIF

Find more conference info here:…

#medtwitter #education #medicine
The first presentation, from 11:15am - 11:45 EST, is '“I’m on your side. I understand you.” Exploring the professional identity formation of physician assistants.' Full abstract here:…

@pharmacprof @SoniaCrandall @DrTashaWyatt
11:45am - 12:15pm #MCGConf2021PIF #MedEd

"Moment of Reflection: What Medical Education Can Learn From Student Responses to #COVID19"

Full Abstract here:…

@ToddABates_PhD #medicine #medtwitter #education
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I'm tired of hearing "well people are uncomfortable with disability bc they're not exposed to disabled ppl." If disability matters then invest in us. Make it a point to hire us. Make it a point to give us platforms. 1/7
There are so many of us wedged out of the academy from undergrad to grad school and beyond. So many of us who are highly qualified to teach in disability studies related fields. So many of us that WOULD expose students to disabled scholars/mentors/advocates. 2/7
Fight to add Disability Studies departments, minors, and majors at your university. It infuriates me that roughly 20 percent of undergrads are disabled and they don't get to learn about their culture, history, or people. If I had taken #DisHist and #DisabilityStudies courses 3/7
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Just a reminder for anyone teaching #DisabilityStudies, for some students your class is a lifeline. I was so excited for my first fully dedicated class in grad school. To explore my own disabled identity, hear disabled perspectives and talk about community building. 1/6
Instead I got a class where we read novels with poorly portrayed disabled characters written by able bodied people. We had theory debates where classmates discussed the degree to which social barriers lay the foundation for disability having never experienced them. 2/6
Since it was a grad level class, we were treated as equal participants. There were no guidelines about what we said. And while no one used ableist slurs or derogatory language, classmates often referenced ableism in underhanded ways. 3/6
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For today's #HumForum, @EmoryUniversity Professor of English and Bioethics, and #disabilitystudies scholar, Rosemarie Garland-Thomson will talk about building a world that includes #disability
We are getting started in the @UMBCLibrary. Come join us!
If you want to gain an idea as to the work of Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, please read her @nytopinion piece, Becoming Disabled…
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Wtf?! This goes against the tenets of #disability studies, by critiquing #neurodiversity & making claims like “disability is not a ‘gift’ that anyone w/ an acute moral sense would give, celebrate, or fail to try to change in the direction of greater ability & less disability.”
Google doc pdf made available here:…
Maybe I’m extra salty this AM but I feel compelled to respond. Over HALF of the citations in this article are back to articles published by the lead author. How is that even permissible? How is this original research or thinking & not just inflammatory self-promotional BS?
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I need someone with time & skills to do a detailed discourse analysis of the responses to @SelmaBlair’s #OscarAwards look on social media. It for now here’s my quick morning take, a thread particularly for nondisabled folks.
Among my #DisabilityRights, #disabilityjustice & #disabilitystudies comrades, there’s excitement about the power of representation. Blair’s look, like hashtags #DisabledAndCute & #DisabledPeopleAreHot, demonstrate disabled bodyminds & accoutrements like canes can be attractive
However, some of the general comments on images & stories of Blair, while seemingly “positive,” are DEEPLY #ableist in that they rely on notions of bravery, pity, overcoming & shock at the attractiveness of a disabled bodyminds. Let’s break down the problems with each response.
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Thread alert! If you want to learn more in #disabilitystudies there are a lot of open access resources. Let’s start with Disability Studies Quarterly (, one of the leading journals in the field, which is 100% open access.
Other open acces journals include Disability in the Global South ( & Review of Disability Studies (with a delay:
I personally link to my articles on my website & anything that is behind a paywall I put up as soon as I’m allowed under the publishing contract. I particularly recommend the convo between @JulieMinich, Jina B. Kim & me in the open access journal Lateral.
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My "#Education & #MentalHealth" grad course has made me realize that Princess Elsa was forced to suppress her powers to create ice and snow so she could be "normal." She was later labelled a monster, which is discrimination against people with "disabilities." ❄️👸 #ableism
The real villains are her parents. who should've encouraged her so she could embrace her powers and be confident of herself. #madstudies #disabilitystudies

I was only able to recognize this after Disney karaoke in the car. #disneyfrozen #noshame #singinginthecar 🚗🎤
We also can't forget the kingdom and the systems that convinced her parents to fall for such discrimination. Geez Arendelle...🏰
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