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When I was deep in my education activism work around 2016, a former friend who had been a science teacher in Massachusetts, said to me something along the lines of: Alison you just have more RAM (random access memory) than most people.
For whatever reason, the cosmos/creator has seen fit to put me in places and endow me with gifts to see what's unfolding and start putting together the story for others. I'm not "smarter," but I CAN hold loose pieces long enough to begin to make sense of this hyper-object.
About the same time I began to notice major foundations were putting lots of money into the research departments of Ivy League schools to study EXECUTIVE FUNCTION in children - Gates, Zuckerberg, Buffett. They all wanted to "build" children's brains. #BuildBackBetter
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Dictators are looking to take over your food systems in the name of “climate change”

It’s why they blamed lab🦠on nature

In order for them to truly control you, they need control of food&energy. Now they also want that tied to your currency

REMEMBER: Personal Carbon Allowance
Imagine your CBDCs, BioDigital ID, Vx Passports, tied to a social credit score that is affected by your meat purchases - which then limits your ability to buy meat.

Impoverish & control.
“Biden should invoke national emergency on climate” Schumer says
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I want to do a short thread, because I feel there are folks out there who are intentionally misrepresenting my position about pandemic policies and genocide / eugenics. They are doing this to smear and marginalize me. No one has to agree with my analysis, but you can't erase it.
In the fall of 2018, I was in Vancouver waiting for a bus. The weather enclosure had an advertisement for Internet of Things agriculture and livestock management. I knew what it portended. Vancouver is a hot bed of disruptive tech and impact investing.
At the time I was in touch with James Kilgore, research associate at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign on e-carceration. I remember telling him several times that IoT tracked "free-range" livestock was the new open-air prison model.
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On my mind:
Genomics gathering at Alta Ski Resort (outside Salt City, UT) in 1984. Richard Myers, Executive Director of HudsonAlpha Institute of Biotechnology based in Huntsville, AL attended, shifted research focus to concentrate on Human Genome Project.…
HudsonAlpha working on medical applications and bio-tech crops. Large campus headquartered out of Cummings Research Park, second largest tech incubator in US after Research Triangle in NC. Many defense contractors there affiliated with Redstone Arsenal.
Cummings Research Park is a 10-minute drive from Redstone Arsenal.…
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Thinking about Dept of Energy, Oak Ridge & Tennessee where TLAV Ryan is based - outside Nashville. Do you think they're not aware of plans for PRIVATE investment markets in health outcomes tied to medicare EHR and wearables? Hashed Health is in Nashville.
Listen to the longer talk. The framing is that the threat originates OUTSIDE the US - that with some mental gymnastics the WEF isn't also US? Hashed Health is in Cristian's back yard. They've been in on blockchain EHR Medicaid for years. See John Bass.…
They are putting the masses on blockchain electronic health records so private investors can package and securitize health behaviors. The problem is the public private partnership - not the government alone. The state is doing BlackRock's bidding here.…
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“Trust us”

Ask yourself how long you think it would take for regulation to be written in D.C. and for people to vote in something like this🧐

Who do you think writes the regulations on it? (Hint: not the geriatrics in DC)… ImageImageImageImage

Ask how Engineer & Economist Schwab might have interpreted Marx/Schumpeter...

Forced chaos spur innovation?

#GreatReset… ImageImage
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Here's a thread on a topic TPTB DON'T want folks paying attention to - #IoB wearables with #Graphene tied to impact markets and data harvest towards the #Singularity, linking Sweden, Spain, and Stanford University. I did a podcast on it a few months back.
A goal of the mad scientists working on #IoBNT (see Ian Akyildiz at Georgia Tech, a University Affiliate Research Center for the DoD) that humans merge with a ubiquitous computing environment - bio-data and thoughts transmit in a suffused way using nano.…
Right now they don't have the technology for all of those "dots" of sensor data to float out in an uncontrolled manner. They need to aggregate the data and send it out to interact with 5/6G+ "smart" environments in the spatial web. Hence the need for #graphene #wearables.
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You can argue about masks, lockdowns, PCR CT, even Vx efficacy all you want...

I’d remained constant that the severity of the virus is not the conspiracy.


“Do your own homework on #IoBNT, AI healthcare, blockchain EHR, bio-surveillance.”👇🏼
This is from the UK 🇬🇧 gov. This isn’t a conspiracy theory.

Go look for yourself:…
Here is Canada 🇨🇦:…
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