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US Rep #PramilaJayapal (PJ) has mobilized 70+ US politicians to worry about ‘human rights’ in India during #ModiInUSA trip. Her ‘letter’ to #Biden against GOI is full of exposed tropes– from Democracy Index to Press Freedom to USCIRF Report!

But her real motive? The $!

A thread Image
Earlier, PJ had shown a similar concern on #Kashmir in 2019. And as a pure coincidence, US based Lobby firm Holland & Knight was hired by Pak Govt during the same time. And, per their own documents, PJ was one of the “persons approached” by Holland & Knight.

(2/7) Image
PJ spoke on Kashmir b/w Aug-Dec(2019) including writing a ‘letter’ to US Congress & passing resolution on Kashmir (Dec'19)

Lo & behold! Her ‘human rights’ pain ceased just when Holland & Knights' contract with Pak ended in Jan'20. She hasn't tweeted on Kashmir since 2019.

(3/7) ImageImage
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There's no news of #Modi's visit to the #US when you turn on #CNN on TV in India.

So I looked up #NBC online.

I had to scroll past 11 screens to find any news of Modi's visit.

#XiJinping, on the other hand, was on the first screen.

These are the first six screens.

(1/) ImageImageImageImage
Things more important than #Modi to the #USA:

1. Missing #titanicsubmarine
2. #Biden calls #Xi a dictator
3. Two people killed in #Georgia
4. Charges against #HunterBiden
5. Sweltering heat in #Texas
6. Judge strikes down #Arkansas ban on transition care for minors

(2/) ImageImageImageImage
7. House vote on impeaching #Biden
8. Supreme Court #Alito
9. Limit #Chinese purchase of #US farmland
10. #Sanders to investigate #Amazon safety record
11. NH senator assaults employee
12. #Iowa building collapse
13. #Idaho man shoots 4
14. US ranks 43rd on #gender parity

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Martedì #JoeBiden ha definito #XiJinping un dittatore, solamente un giorno dopo che il segretario di stato #Blinken aveva visitato #Pechino per stabilizzare le relazioni bilaterali, che secondo la #Cina sono "al punto più basso".
#Biden ha anche affermato…
che #Xi è stato moltoimbarazzato quando un pallone spia cinese sospetto è stato lanciato fuori rotta nello spazio aereo #USA all'inizio di quest'anno, facendo un commento personale sul leader cinese quando Blinken ha detto lunedì che il "capitolo" dovrebbe essere chiuso.. Non è
chiaro il motivo per cui Biden abbia fatto i commenti su Xi, il leader più potente della Cina dai tempi di #MaoZedong, dopo essersi assicurato un terzo mandato rivoluzionario come presidente e capo del #PartitoComunista..
"Il motivo per cui Xi Jinping si è molto arrabbiato quando
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mit diesem Trick mogelten sich #Ungarn in #Gematria auf Nummer 906 #Magyarország
heisst Ungarn
2) da kommt gleich in Zeile 2 eine Drohung
"you are going to die soon"
Hr. Dörnyei ist im Haus. Man hört ihn durch alle Wände, auch ohne Auto. Mit #looking #glass versuchen sie #Gedanken #Träume zu sehen. Funktioniert übrigens auch bei Ihnen. Wie kann Bad Wie...eigentlich Image
3) bei der #Erpressung einer #Einwohnerin mitspielen. Glauben Sie ernsthaft, das #RoteKreuz #Johanniter geben Ihnen etwas ab? Sie naiv? Geschäftemacher! Vorbestellt Mitglieder #Habsburg #Bourbon #Frankreich #Spanien #Windsor #Putin #Trump Image
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AI is not slowing down. Here are massive updates in AI today:

-How AI is changing the elections
-Vimeo debuts AI script writer
-Elevenlabs raises $19mil Series A
-Biden seeks safeguards with AI experts
-Social logistics robot in Paris hospitals
-AI descends on Cannes Lions 2023
1/ With presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis already released prominent AI-generated videos, there are concerns regarding the dissemination of misinformation and the potential impact on voter behavior with the rapid expansion of AI.…
2/ Vimeo has integrated the ChatGPT API into its video suite, enabling users to generate customizable scripts. Its automated editing feature eliminate awkward pauses and seamlessly stitch together clips based on video transcripts.…

#vimeo #ChatGPT
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"Me and My Motherland", a Song Dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of the #CCP Regime by #Gotion High-Tech, which just got a green light from the #Biden Administration @POTUS to build EV battery factories in #Michgan, on the basis that it is not a "Foreign Entity of Concern". It……
This video was downloaded from Gotion High-Tech's Chinese website at English subtitles were translated and added by me.
My full exclusive report about this issue: #Gotion Exposed: How Did a #CCP Controlled #Military Linked Dishonest Company Get #US Approval
Part 1:
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Même si cela ne parait pas si étonnant, les politiciens états-uniens de tous bords ont souvent réduit l'Europe à leur larbin.
Il s'agit d'une #FakeNews. Les #Trump-istes l'ont mauvaise de voir leur gourou avoir été "inculpé"…
1/4 Article dans le "The D...
Pas si étonnant, certes!
#Biden avait bien annoncé la neutralisation de #NordStream qlqs semaines avant son sabotage!
Même si nos abrutis de #médias minimisent, croyant ainsi ne pas "nourrir le jeu des Trumpistes & extrêmes" & provoquant donc l'inverse : Mefiance & Défiance!
On pourrait alors se demander comment les #USA priveraient la Chine de relations avec l'#UE ?!
En faisant avec leurs amis #RoyaumeUni encore sauter des infrastructures en Europe, comme #NordStream & le Pipeline d'ammoniac #TogliattiOdessa ?!
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Is this the " ______ _____ Family" Business Model?
This Presser was SHOCKING (but not shocking) when I first watched it in Dec. '20. Of course youtube removed it shortly after it streamed 👀.

It's BREAKING NEWS 30 mos. later but was IGNORED then-another SHOCKER 🤡.
2 of 21 - Video link will be Tweet #21 in the thread.
Ukraine Presser aired in December 2020.
"Is this the "______ ______ Family" Business Model?" Image
3 of 21 - Video link will be Tweet #21 in the thread.
Ukraine Presser aired in December 2020.
"Is this the "______ ______ Family" Business Model?" Image
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#GuerreEnUkraine D+478 (16/06) PdS2 - Secteurs #Louhansk,#Siversk,#Avdiivka & Arrière-scène

1/ Front du #Louhansk, le rien et le néant
2/ Front du #Donetsk, peu et pas grand-chose
3/Arrière-scène, corrompus et bonus

Ka-52🇷🇺 frappe Bradley👇

Mise en abîme,
Machine à remonter le temps,
Si vous avez perdu le fil, reprenez-le avec le N°CDLXXVII-II de #GuerreEnUkraine 👇


1/Front du #Louhansk👇, aucun gain tactique 🇷🇺

(i) Dans la direction #Kupyansk, R.A.S.

(ii) Dans la direction #Svatove, assaut 🇷🇺 repoussé vers #Stelmakhivka

R.A.S. = pas d’offensive, mais des échanges d’artillerie, reco, opés spéciales (bref, une guerre de positions) ImageImage
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1/ SecState Blinken will soon embark on a trip to #Beijing, where he will meet w/ senior 🇨🇳officials, possibly even Xi Jinping. The visit is unlikely to lead to breakthroughs, but it can help open channels of communication important for reducing risk of miscalculation & building……
2/ This trip (June 16-19) will be #Blinken’s first high-level visit to China since the #Biden Administration entered office and he became SecState. Blinken’s original trip in February was postponed in response to the incursion of a Chinese spy balloon into US sovereign airspace.
3/ Blinken's upcoming visit follows recent instances of heightened US-China tension: May 26, a Chinese J-16 cut in front of a USAF RC-135 in international airspace; June 3, a Chinese Luyang III disrupted an exercise between US destroyer and Canadian frigate in the #TaiwanStrait.
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L'affaire #Dorsey

There's been a minor kerfuffle in India for the last two days since the Twitter ex-CEO, Jack Dorsey, @jack, made some statements about freedom of speech in India under #Modi.

A 🧵

#Liberals are gleefully sharing these comments as evidence of #India not being a democratic country, and defenders of the government are going into attack dog mode, as usual.

But many people on both sides are missing some key things here:

1. Dorsey didn't talk only about India. In fact, he also talked about how the #USA government tried to suppress things. As also #Turkey, #Nigeria.

2. This points to a deeper issue underlying the whole controversy: Is #FreedomOfSpeech absolute?

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17/2/20 - Oekraïense zakenman Kolomoisky verantwoordelijk voor ‘gat’ van $5,5 miljard op balans van Oekraïense Privatbank en voert nu onder meer vanuit Nederland een wereldwijde, juridische loopgravenoorlog. Kolomoisky is de man die de Biden’s omkocht Image
10/6/23 - FBI-documenten bevestigen dat Joe Biden inderdaad 'The Big Guy' is en miljoenen dollars heeft ontvangen in een crimineel omkopingsplan. Deze miljoenen worden via ingewikkelde constructies door de Zuidas in Amsterdam gepompt en Rutte weer er van…
13/6/23 - kroongetuige en eigenaar van de laptop reparatie-shop: ‘Igor Kolomoisky maakte #Zelenski president en de #Biden’s lieten zich grof betalen door Kolomoisky. #Kolomoisky bankiert vanuit Nederland en @MinPres Rutte weet het!…
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Gibt schon wieder Geschrei wegen weiteren beschädigten #Leopard2A6, Leopard Minen Räumer, Bergepanzer, #Bradley. — an der Stelle sei mal gesagt, ein Durchbruch einer Frontlinie ist kein „Kinderburtstag“, vor allem ohne Luftunterstützung. 🇷🇺Attack Helikopter agieren aus dem
1/5🧵 ImageImageImageImage
Background und nehmen sie aus sicherer Distanz mit Luft-Boden Raketen auf‘s Korn. Da kann auch ein 🇩🇪#Gepard nichts gegen machen. Warum sagen wohl zahlreiche Experten seit einem Jahr, daß die 🇺🇦 F-16 Kampfjets & Apache Helis braucht? Diese Bilder hätte man vermeiden können,
wenn #Biden, #Scholz & co. nicht solche Schisshasen vor #Putin wären. Um das klar zu sagen, die Lieferung von #Leopard2 an die Ukraine 🇺🇦 war ein Mittel zum Zweck, wenn jemand diese Bilder zu verantworten hat, dann sind es die, die bisher der 🇺🇦 Kampfjets verweigert haben.
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wer kennt das? es gibt tolle Momente. Ich habe nicht erlebt wie sich meine "Feinde" vor Gericht verplapperten. Aber soeben. Geduld, #Jedi! "Setze Dich an die Ufer des Flusses & warte bis die Leichen Deiner Feinde vorbei schwimmen." (Sprichwort)
(von wegen Sultaning - Hirn!) Image
2) #Kriminelle machen immer Fehler, auch Blutjunkies in BW, die Druck machen. #adrenochrome
Heute sagten Touristen im Scherz beim Eisstand. "#babies essen wir gerne. die essen wir immer zuerst." Wegen #Trumanshow Tru(wo)manshow lustig machen über mich usw.⬆️ 3) Image
3) Nur bei dem #Bashing der #Politiker #Trump #Biden #Putin #Scholz #Modi #XiJinping #Macron wem werden Menschen glauben, wenn es an die #Offenbarung geht? Leuten, die ihre Privaterpressung in BW machen? Oder #MSM oder #Selensky oder dem Fahrradhändler um die Ecke?
4) Image
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1. Thread on organisations plotting against #Indian PM #NarendraModi.

Share it to max people to make them understand how these propaganda organisations work!!

17 so called civil rights organisations call on President #Biden to cancel the invitation to #Modi ji. ImageImage
2. The main organisation behind these is #IAMC or Indian American Muslims Council.

Fact : The organisation is alleged to have links with several terrorists organisations. Just check the links here : Image
3. #FreedomHouse says that #India's democracy is Partly Free.

Fact :
How many of you believe this?

Moreover this organisation is funded by George #Soros who has pledged $ 1Billion to fight Modi!!

Checkout the images: ImageImageImage
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Liebe #Vatniks,

Ich verrate Euch jetzt ein Geheimnis:
Ihr bejubelt einerseits die Zerstörung von 🇩🇪#Leopard2 & 🇺🇸#Bradley, anderseits beklagt Ihr die „Verschwendung“ von „Eurem“ Steuergeld.

Der „Point of no return“ ist längst überschritten.

Reputation #Biden at stake,

1/6 Image
wie auch seine Wiederwahl Chancen in den USA🇺🇸, hängen längst vom Erfolg der 🇺🇦 Gegenoffensive ab. D.h., der geschlossene Westen wird so oder so, verlorenes westliches Militär Material ersetzen. #Scholz wird alles tun, daß Biden eben nicht scheitert — von Eurem Steuergeld.

Die U.S. Medien sprechen das längst offen aus. Ein nicht ausreichender militärischer Erfolg der AFU 🇺🇦 wird zunächst zu einer massiven qualitativen & quantitativen Erhöhung der Militär Hilfe für die Ukraine 🇺🇦 führen. „Die Ukraine 🇺🇦 muss diesen Krieg gewinnen“, ist längst

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🚩US gets 1m BARRELS less of #OIL as PELOSI & JILL BIDEN
are in MiddleEast
Both have kids w/ENERGY
FirstLady JillBiden
NancyPelosi spotted at extravagant celebration newlyweds
CrownPrinceHussein of Jordan +Rajwa Al Saif's marriage…
🚩 #KeystoneXLpipeline would have covered 1,947 kilometres from Hardisty, Alberta, to Steele City, Nebraska
capacity to carry
💥830,000 barrels per day💥 of crude from western Canadian oil fields to Gulf Coast refineries in the U.S.…. Image
🚩 #BIDEN STOPPED in 2021
#OIL IN ANWR has been an ongoing political controversy in USA since 1977
2017 #Republicans attempted to allow drilling in #ANWR
50 times finally being successful w/passage of
#TaxCutsandJobsAct of 2017….
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Per descrivere il rapporto tra Joe #Biden e lo speaker repubblicano della Camera #USA, Kevin #McCarthy, nessuna frase viene in aiuto più di quella pronunciata qualche giorno fa dal senatore Gop dello Stato del Mississippi, Roger Wicker: "Beh, aiuterebbe se McCarthy e Biden Image
fossero compagni di golf, ma non lo sono. E non lo saranno mai".
In un'epoca segnata da una contrapposizione portata all'estremo fra Democratici e Repubblicani, il presidente americano ha più volte insistito sull'importanza di dialogare con i propri avversari. Ma cosa succede
se, a pochi giorni da quella che il segretario del Tesoro Janet Yellen (non esattamente l'ultima arrivata) si spinge a definire "tempesta economica e finanziaria senza precedenti", sei costretto a trattare con qualcuno da cui non potresti essere più distante a livello Image
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#Hirschhausen hat recht. Es gibt Menschen, die glauben geradezu religiös: dass Covid-#Impfung auch vor Infektion und Übertragung des Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 schützt, und dass dieses Virus weg geht, wenn man sich lange genug zuhause einschliesst. #NoCovid
Noch ein Beispiel für die These von #Hirschhausen. @CDCgov
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🆘#AI w/o GOD Risks FREEDOM
w/bias #ChatGPT
Credit+ESG into
w/o GOD
NO God-GIVEN Unalienable
#1stA Censor Internet Privacy
Banks BAN Gun Loans Image
🚩POST 100🚩Scandal
US Weapons #Biden Sent To #Ukraine Have Ended Up In The Mexican Drug Cartels Hands
IF Mexico can get US WEAPONS,
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Il comitato di supervisione della Camera ritenere direttore dell'#FBI #ChrisWray in oltraggio al Congresso
per il rifiuto di consegnare i documenti di Biden.

@liliaragnar @mariogiordano5
@RadioRadioWeb @ladyonorato @a_meluzzi
Il Comitato della Camera per la supervisione e la responsabilità ha chiesto all'#FBI di rilasciare documenti relativi a un presunto schema di corruzione durante il mandato di vicepresidente di Joe Biden sotto il presidente Barack Obama, e da allora l'FBI si è rifiutato...😡 Image
"Il Comitato di supervisione prenderà ora provvedimenti per ritenere il direttore dell'#FBI #Wray in oltraggio al Congresso", si legge in una dichiarazione del Comitato. Image
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Why #JoeBiden Will Get the #NobelPeacePrize - a thread 🧵

The #UkraineWar might be a blessing for the world in disguise by bringing about lasting world peace.

And, for this, we will have to thank the @POTUS

How? Because, no matter what the cost, Western countries are determined to supply more and more weapons and ammunition to Ukraine to fight #Russia.

#Biden has said that #American support for #Ukraine will continue "as long as it takes."

#Russia has been steadily destroying all this ammunition and these weapons, so much so that it is already summer (beginning of June) and the "spring #counteroffensive" of #Ukraine hasn't yet started, because they have no weapons to start any offensive.

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📣 Thread on the recent debt ceiling deal between President Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The agreement brings new details to light. Do you agree or disagree with the deal? Here's a non-biased breakdown of the key components. 👇 #DebtCeiling #Biden #McCarthy Image
The cornerstone of the agreement is a two-year suspension of the debt ceiling, allowing the government to continue borrowing and pay its bills on time, if Congress passes the agreement by June 5th. #DebtCeiling #Congress Image
In exchange for suspending the limit, Republicans demanded policy concessions from Mr. Biden, such as limits on federal discretionary spending growth and new work requirements for certain food stamps and Temporary Aid for Needy Families program recipients. #PolicyChanges Image
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Euer #Trump hat im Auftrag der #Republicans eine Erpressung in #Deutschland (Europa) mit #FBI #CIA am laufen. #Biden steckt auch mit drin + grosse Teile der #Democrats auch. Diese sogenannte #TrumanShow läuft jetzt fast drei Jahre. Ich hoffe sehr, dass #RFKJr2024 nicht dabei ist.
2) die #TrumanShow in Bayern ist abgesagt. Sie heissen jetzt #Robinhood . Die selbst ernannten #Eliten bezahlen für das, was sie wollen und zwar Millionen. Egal, ob #Adel #Rep #Dem #Royalty damit ich es für ärmere Menschen preiswert liefern kann. Bedankt Euch bei #CIA #FBI 3)
3) die Geschäftemacherei des #RedCross und der #Johanniter (Dörnyei) ist vorbei. Und fühlen sie Caroline #Kennedy auf den Zahn, inwieweit sie gegen ihren Bruder arbeitet. Das ist nur ein Gerücht. Prüfen Sie es.
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