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“Last time the #G7 met there was no mention of China. But this time there is mention of China,” #Biden said He also said the “G-7 leaders agreed to call out human rights abuses, to coordinate a strategy to “deal with China & to take action against forced labor”.
#G7Summit (1)
#JoeBiden said there is “plenty of action on China” in the joint communique, I think you’re going to see straightforward dealing with China. “And again, we’re not looking, as I’ve told Xi Jinping myself, I’m not looking for conflict.
.@TV9Bharatvarsh #China #US #India #G7UK (2)
Biden also called on China to “act more responsibly in terms of international norms on human rights and transparency” and mentioned the need for access for international experts to help determine the origins of the coronavirus. #Covid #WuhanLab #China #COVID19 (3)
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1. Forget all about his faked #WMD evidence which led to over a million people being killed in the 2003 #Iraq war and occupation.
2. Believe in his anti-China, evidence-free, Covid-19 Wuhan lab leak conspiracy theory.
"President #Biden's intelligence service order relating to the Wuhan lab leak theory was issued the same day that Prime Minister Boris# Johnson's former chief adviser, Dominic #Cummings,
gave evidence before a parliamentary committee in which he confirmed a government policy to allow tens of thousands to die from #Covid-19."
Britain's intelligence services are “assisting” #US investigations into whether Covid-19 was “leaked” from a Chinese laboratory,
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Indian Americans at NASA

What % of Indians are working with NASA? If you think it's 36% then you're wrong.

#NASA has roughly 1% of Indian origin scientists.
Source:… Image
The important point to note here is, these scientists are in leading positions at NASA!

Bhavya Lal was the seniormost White House appointee and Acting Chief of Staff at NASA for the first 100 days of the #Biden Administration. Image
Currently Bhavya Lal is Senior Advisor for Budget and Finance.

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That Europe extensively debated when and how to end ban on 🇺🇸 tourists, while most Americans aren’t even aware they’ve had a ban on European tourists, is a reflection of how much more important international tourism is to Europe.

But it also shows how self-absorbed 🇺🇸 media is.
There have been TONS of articles in the US about when and how vaccinated Americans can travel to Europe this summer.

None mention that America isn’t reciprocating and vaccinated Europeans are still banned from entering the US. As if it’s irrelevant.
This is the American media’s view of Europe: a playground for vacations.

Not a real place with real people who are being banned from seeing their friends and family in the US.

Not a continent of equals who are owed fair treatment. Not a partner, but rather a giant museum.
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Dank Joe #Biden haben die @G7 dieses Jahr wieder die Chance & damit auch die Pflicht, positive Impulse zu setzen. Als Vorsitzende der Auswärtigen Ausschüsse der #G7-Staaten haben wir unseren Regierungen sieben Ziele formuliert, die jetzt im Vordergrund stehen müssen. #G7Summit
Erstes Ziel: Wir müssen aus der Pandemie echte Lehren ziehen & uns gemeinsam besser auf zukünftige Gesundheitskrisen vorbereiten. Denn #Covid19 hat unsere Gesellschaften geschwächt & unendliches Leid über unzählige Familien gebracht. Auch die globale Wirtschaft hat gelitten. #G7
Zweites Ziel: Wir erwarten von unseren Regierungen, dass sie die weltweite Verteilung von #Impfstoffen organisieren & dabei alle ihren Anteil übernehmen. Die #Pandemie wird erst zu Ende sein, wenn das Virus überall zurückgedrängt wurde & alle Menschen geschützt sind. #G7
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"Partners need to ACT LIKE PARTNERS"

{ Germany + France + Italy + Spain + Netherlands }

#TrumpWasRIGHT -->

The #DemocratCorruptionNetworks are Deeply Connected into European Banking Families

#Biden has been a "Trusted" DC Swamp Creature for DECADES

President Trump was seen as a THREAT to the CORRUPTION NETWORKS and had to be REMOVED -->


The #EuropeanManagementForum Networks are Fundamentally ANTI-American

They see the US as a Power that must be CONTROLLED from the Inside thru #LiberalMedia, Banking, and #DemocratCorruptionNetworks (with RINOs - see #McCain)

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Dismissing Fauci as "Incompetent" and Always Wrong is a MISTAKE

Fauci's Feb 1st Email to his Deputy demonstrated a CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of the Threat of the Wuhan Lab being exposed

And he immediately moved into COVER UP MODE
"...Only Don't Tell Me You're INNOCENT"

Keep Pulling on the Strings

#Fauci is Very Well Connected

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Le président #Biden pensait que son art du compromis sénatorial lui permettrait de négocier 1 accord sur les infrastructures avec les républicains conservateurs. Echec total. Car les conservateurs de l'ère #Trump ne feront rien avec ou pour…
2. Le seul espoir pour la présidence #Biden est maintenant que les modérés de chaque camp s'accordent sur 1 petit compromis en infrastructures au Sénat, le reste des montants promis pouvant passer en procédure "forcée" de réconciliation avec les seules 50 voix démocrates
3. Beaucoup se demandent- mais pourquoi #Biden et les démocrates n'utilisent pas la "réconciliation" budgétaire pour forcer le passage de son projet de dépenses d'infrastructure avec les 50 voix démocrates et le départage de Kamala Harris? Simple... (en fait non😉)
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On Friday June 4, 2021 I attended a meeting with Secretary of State Blinken. The purpose of the meeting was to talk all things #Palestine
#SheikJarrah #Silwan #Jerusalem #Gaza #EqualityforAll #OneLove
Full thread in 1 convenient viewing location here:…
I attended as an individual. I am not affiliated with any PAC or organization. I obviously do not speak for or represent the #Palestinian people. There’s like 7 million of us at least, and like 2 million of #Palestinians stuffed in #Gaza alone.
To the #Palestinian Americans who boycotted this meeting after the #Biden Administration handed Israel $735 million dollars in weaponry following the merciless attacks on Palestinians locked in Gaza.
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1. En envoyant Kamala Harris prôner 1 ligne dure contre l'immigration illégale au Guatemala, #Biden lui ôte toute chance d'incarner 1 "nuance" à gauche.
2. Si la forme du message (aide au développement) diverge, il reprend celui de #Trump: "Ne venez pas"…
2 Et la meilleure preuve de ce double mouvement de #Biden sur l'#immigration est qu'il a beaucoup fâché AOC, cheffe de la gauche socialiste à la Chambre contre Kamala Harris.
3. L'#immigration est- et sera- le principal point de friction de la "poutre" (on me dit que c'est à la mode😉...)entre #Biden et la gauche progressiste démocrate, comme l'avait démontré la violente et brève crise sur les quotas annuels d'asile...
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Levying the Corp Tax on foreign Cos operating at home (🇨🇳has a 20% rate)or abroad, is illegal.
It deprives those foreign companies of the export revenues of their multinationals that would be taxed by the countries they are based on. Image
Yellen's proposal could be a 15% rate on foreign Cos subsidiaries of 🇺🇸Cos w/ a 15% min Corp Tax & a credit of 100% of the foreign rate.
🇨🇮example: 2.5% effective rate on the 🇨🇮subsidiaries of🇺🇸Cos vs 0.5% today.
The tax rate is an issue within a region(🇪🇺,🇺🇸,etc),not among them.
Either operating at home or on the foreign subsidiaries of local Cos operating abroad(services Cos)
If they are manufacturers,they must ship their products from home,be taxed at home.🚨The country accumulates forex reserves.@USTreasury @WhiteHouse
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I invite you to kindly read it, think about it, let me know your comments on it, and if you wish share it with your followers and friends.

The Thread is regarding the martyrdom/murder of five Zeravani #Peshmarga & wounding of five others, in the Media defense zone.1/
Months before @JoeBiden came to the office, the pressure on #Turkey’s Erdogan increased significantly. Apart from some economic sanctions like #CAATSA, Biden spoke to #Erdogan only once on a phone call and it was to tell him that he is going to formally recognize the...2/
...#ArmenianGenocide, something that the presidents before Biden avoided doing it!
Additionally, intelligence cooperation against #PKK was halted and a senior #US political delegation visited NE #Syria’s (AKA #Rojava) #AANES . 3/
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.#MAGA[ts], this is how you get played.

@EliseStefanik (and @kayleighmcenany, of course) apparently thinks that #leadership is complaining and #lying and shrieking and NOT about proposing solutions.

But then, she's a #Republican. #Governing is NOT what the @GOP does.
.#MAGA[ts], so what's ACTUALLY going on.

@POTUS @JoeBiden spend some time with @FLOTUS because it was her birthday.

No one has a right to begrudge them that. If you have a problem with it, sit and spin. Not everything is about you nor is it always your business.
.#MAGA[ts], the deal with #gasprices, as has been explained, many times, is that we are seeing a seasonal rise in prices that were, for a time, aggravated by the recent #ColonialPipeline hack that resulted in the closing of the pipeline.
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#Biden Crown’s #CCP China connection: 1
1: MIKE LINDELL has two prestigious Texas and Minnesota Attorney firms conducting his complex new Federal Suit concerning PRC vote Machine interests which Senators #Warren & #Klobuchar vehemently complained of in 2019.
#Biden Crown’s #CCP China connection: 2
2: The brilliantly documented new FEDERAL writ based on detailed, corporate, forensic, & tech evidence - establishes that China companies owned, controlled & accessed the vote counting software used in #Election2020…
#Biden Crown’s #CCP China connection: 3
3: Companies controlling U.S. 2020 vote count were ultimately China govt owned.
4: “powerful Chinese financial interests had direct or indirect ownership of and near-total access to #Dominion’s and #Smartmatic’s voting machine technology."
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Biyolojik silah : #GIDA #GDO

Önce #Böcek istilasi baslat
Sonra #Zehirli Böcek #ilac'i sat
Herkes zehirli GIDA'lari afiyetle yesin

Önce bol bol #Seker #Cikolata reklami yap
Sonra Seker hastalari icin #Metanx üret ve sat
AYNI sirket farkli ürünler #SeytaniAKIL

#Seytaniler ImageImage
#insan'lari kolayca YÖNETMESININ 4 yolu;

1-#KORKU't (#Kaos yarat)
2-#MORAL'siz birak (#Enerji #Frekans'ini düsür)
3-#HASTA et,kendine (#ilaclar'a) muhtac birak
4-#Siyasetciler'le uyut (#Sistem'e uyumlu hale getir)

#Corona #CoronaVirus #CoronavirusPandemic

önce #PARA kazanmak icin #SAGLIK'larini,

sonra da sagliklarini kazanmak icin
Paralarini (ömürlerini) verirler..

#Turkiye genelinde (Dünya icin de gecerlidir)
#ilac kullanimi her gün artis gösteriyor

HASTA TOPLUM deyimi abarti degil,GERCEK

NEDEN? Image
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1:8: Wayne Allyn Root: #TrumpGameChanger:
I want Trump to run for a House seat in 2022.
Pick a winnable Republican district in #Florida where the president is loved
I promise 74 million-plus Trump voters will get excited
President Trump interview:…
2:8: Wayne Allyn Root: #TrumpGameChanger:
This isn't about one House seat.
With Trump leading the battle, Republicans will sweep to victory in 2022 with the biggest GOP voter turnout in history - a GOP House landslide by 40 to 60 seats - just like in 2010 and 2014:
3:8: Wayne Root: #TrumpGameChanger:
Now, to the important part of my plan.
The GOP Congress then elect Trump as speaker of the House - the second most powerful job in America.
From that platform, Trump rules Washington, D.C. for the next two years.…
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1- El coronavirus será prácticamente erradicado en el primer mundo. Continuará la transmisión en Asia, América Latina y sobre todo en África.

2- Las nuevas variantes obligarán a una evolución de las vacunas y continuarán las vacunaciones masivas año tras año.
3- Los poderes fácticos van a empezar a hablar de los #OVNIS 👽 con más asiduidad para ir concienciando a las mentes sobre la existencia de vida alienígena/extraterreste. El objetivo es ir preparando las "psiques" para el gran anuncio que se hará dentro de 8 años, en el 2029.
4- El conflicto entre 🇮🇱 Israel y 🇵🇸 Palestina adquirirá otra dimensión en la que 🇺🇸 Estados Unidos e 🇮🇷 Irán se verán involucrados.

5- 🇷🇺 Rusia desafiará a 🇪🇺 Europa; ampliará su frontera anexando parte de 🇺🇦 Ucrania ante la pasividad de la UE, debilitando así su posición.
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Protests continue in #Manbij for the 3rd day today, as locals demonstrate against the #SDF's policy of forced conscription.

The tensions have turned deadly this time, with 6+ dead.

Nearby, #Turkey artillery has also struck #SDF positions - intriguingly leading to an #SAA death. ImageImage
Beyond the tensions that #SDF conscription has caused within Arab-majority communities, the financial implications are of particular significance.

The last I heard 3 weeks ago, the #AANES has 300,000+ people on the payroll (civilian & armed) -- and revenue is shrinking, fast.
The U.S -- first under #Obama, then #Trump & now #Biden -- positioned the #SDF not just as the frontline vs. #ISIS, but also as a rival to #Assad's regime.

To match that expectation, the #SDF needed to grow & achieve Arab balance -- BUT we're now actively removing its revenue.
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.@frontlinepbs's documentary on #HTS leader Abu Mohammed al-Jolani begins at 10pm EST tonight -- it's already caused shockwaves in the jihadist world.

I've been studying #HTS (& its predecessors) & Jolani's leadership for 10yrs -- the story has profound analytical implications. Image
@frontlinepbs Few could have imagined in 2012-13 that Jolani's Jabhat al-Nusra would years later have a new name & be speaking in quasi nationalist tones; running a semi-technocratic "govt"; proactively engaging w. international NGOs & media; & seeking to establish dialogue w. Western govts.
@frontlinepbs The path between '12 Nusra & '21 #HTS is complex & strewn with inter-factional conflict; vicious internal strife; geopolitical manipulation; and above all, the impact of #Syria's nationwide uprising.

In breaking from #AlQaeda, #Jolani sparked a massive intra-jihadist debate.
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1-5 It is ironic that it was a pro-Trump website that made a big story out of nothing and claimed that the Biden Administration imported Iranian oil.
Aside from being a confiscated oil, it was seized and brought to the US by the Trump Administration. 🔥
2-5 Even preparations to request court approval to sell the oil were made during the Trump administration. The company that owns the tanker contacted the Trump Administration to inform them it might have unknowingly loaded Iranian oil while thinking it was Iraqi #oil. #Iran
3-5 My view: this official contact by the company that owns the tanker ruined an undercover operation that forced the seizure of the ship!

Remember, such crude oil shipments to China take place all the time. Why only this one is confiscated?
Better yet, see next
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Kurzer Bericht auf Deutsch über unser (@heimbergecon + ich) neues @imkflash working paper: Stärken Unternehmenssteuer-Senkungen das Wachstum? Kurze Antwort: eher nicht! Wie kommen wir drauf? Thread:…
Zunächst einmal: das ist ein klassisches parteipolitisches Streitthema. Die @fdp fordert gerade massive Unternehmenssteuersenkungen. Die Parteien im Linken Spektrum wollen eher öffentliche Investitionen erhöhen.
In den USA hatte #Trump mit dem TCJA die U-Steuern deutlich gesenkt. Daraufhin wurde gefordert, dass man in DE nachziehen müsse. Jetzt will die #Biden-Administration die Steuern wieder anheben.
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Paper alert: @heimbergecon +I investigate: Do corporate tax cuts boost economic growth? There is a growing empirical literature. As often, studies come to ambiguous conclusions: corporate tax cuts increase,reduce, or do not signif. affect growth. Thread:…
This is a classic partisan fiscal policy debate. One camp claims that tax cuts improve profit margins which will spur investment and thus growth+jobs. The other doubts that higher profits will lead to more investment and claims that the tax revenues could be used more effectively
Former Pres. #Trump promoted the #TCJA, which entailed a large corporate tax cut, insisting on huge growth effects. The #Biden admin. now argues for reversal: funds should better be used for public investment instead. @WhiteHouseCEA
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We Need To Protect #Türkiye From Suffering The Same Fate As #Andalusia !

By Yusuf Kaplan


#Islam #Erdoğan #Muslims #Ummah #OttomanEmpire #OsmanlıKhilafat #TheGreatOttomanState
Modern history represents how the #Secularist & #Capitalist #Europe was established while Islam & #IslamicCivilization was grounded to a halt .
After centuries of painful experiences Europe finally realized that it would establish itself on the stage of history unless it shattered the world-guiding global siege of Islamic civilization .
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