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Jewish trading in slaves was permitted by all ancient and medieval legislations; even Christian Europe allowed it down to the thirteenth century. Pope Gregory the Great (590-604) "#Jews had become the chief traders in this class of traffic."
#slavery… ImageImageImage
Slaves, Money Lenders, and Prisoner Guards: The Jews and the Trade in Slaves and Captives in the Crimean Khanate #slavery…
The white #slavetrade was also the business of #Frankish and #Jewish merchants.
#Prague was a significant #castration center!… (draadje)
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1. News: AG Bill Barr Asked Federal Prosecutors to Consider Bringing Criminal Charges Against Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan For Allowing Anarchists to Establish CHOP/CHAZ - Thread 9-17-2020…
2. News: Subpoenas Authorized For Spygate Figures:
Sidney Blumenthal
Denis McDonough
Lisa Page
Joe Pientka
Samantha Power
Bill Priestap
Susan Rice
Peter Strzok
Kevin Clinesmith… #Trump #Russia #Spygate #TREASON
3. News: The Portland Riots Just Stopped...Why?

Since May 29th, Portland has been back drop of more than 100 nights of antifa, anarchist & BLM terroristic riots. They set fires, looted, intimidated people, threatened to burn them alive in their homes…
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Webster Tarpley on #Jesuit Venetian Black Operations

The Venetian Takeover of Enland: A 200-Year Project
The later, more radical, phase was the takeover of England by the Giovani ("the young ones'') of Paolo Sarpi. #England officially in 1688 became an oligarchy.…
The Venetian Takeover of England: A 200-Year Project
"Venice, created with the Turks a republic of usury and #slavery; Venice, the slave trader of Europe, so close to being destroyed, survived. Its survival would now wreak havoc on western civilization."…
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Last night, news broke after a whistleblower exposed that #ICE is forcibly sterilizing women in its camps, many of whom are Indigenous Central & South Americans. This is horrific, but it’s hardly surprising. Let’s examine why. THREAD 1/x
The US has a long history of forcibly sterilizing #BIWOC & indigent & mentally ill women, in addition to its long history of committing acts of #genocide against #BIPOC through the theft, forced displacement, & sale of children. See Laura Briggs, Taking Children. 2/x
But eugenics & #colonialism are not only part of #UShistory, the US was the template for a number of Nazi projects. Timothy Snyder argues successfully in Black Earth that Hitler’s concept of lebensraum, or living space, was a colonial model based upon US Western Expansion. 3/x
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Exclusive photos from #ForcedLabor in #Xinjiang. Inmates of a re-education camp are picking cotton and doing other field work. #Thread
Aerial images of the re-education camp from which the above pictures were taken #Xinjiang
The camp is protected by fences and barbed wire, preventing any escapes. Watch towers looming over the scene #Xinjiang
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@whoospydaisy1 @Ash_Hirani @LozzaFox 1. OK

So show us where "history is being rewritten to be more accurate Not erased Just corrected"

To enable us to learn Africa was collection of #SlaveStates long before #Whitey returned

Where human sacrifice & cannibalism were practiced on captives

Where most males butchered
@whoospydaisy1 @Ash_Hirani @LozzaFox 2. Show us where your rewriters corrected history to teach you #AFRICANS butchered most of bros they captured as of little or no market value & too dangerous to let live until #AtlanticSlaveTrade SAVED them by providing a market

Where taught you while enormous local slave market
@whoospydaisy1 @Ash_Hirani @LozzaFox 3. Show us where your correctors of history taught you while vast local #African & Eastern market for women & children up to 90% died on forced marches to distant slave markets

And what few men was market for in East castrated first with up to 90% death rate

And show us where..
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Dit is wat je krijgt wanneer zwarte amerikanen *bewust* de gevoelloosheid mimicken die onder (alt)rightwing mensen heerst rond #BLM , #PoliceBrutality , #Racism en #Slavery


En als *iemand* dit gevoelloos vindt, besef dan dat bij het verschrikkelijke 9/11 ongeveer 3000 mensen omkwamen (maar wsch nog +/-500 PoC “illegalen”

Daarna volgde een domme oorlog met 10duizenden PoC moslim (!) Burgerslachtoffers
Daarmee werd ISIS gekickstart dat vooral in Arabische landen PoC slachtoffers maakte, maar intussen was Islamofobie voor Westerlingen “normaal”. En hoewel iedereen zich Theo Van Gogh en Charlie Hebdo herinnert, BLEEF men in heel EU PoC moslims, Sikhs en Hindi belagen en doden
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1. "Slavery presented a new challenge to the Church. Paul III had condemned slavery and Urban VIII issued a decree prohibiting it, but it made ruthless men fortunes."

Born in Catalonia in 1581, St Peter Claver
#StPeterClaver #Sep9 Image
2. studied at the University of Barcelona, and wrote in his notebook: 'I must dedicate myself to the service of God until death, on the understanding that I am a slave.'

Although slavery is as old as history, the trade between the Americas and Africa brought it to new levels.
3. Slavery presented a new challenge to the Church. Paul III had condemned it and Urban VIII issued a decree prohibiting it, but it made ruthless men fortunes.

Joining the Jesuits at the age of 20, he arrived in
what is now Venezuela and Colombia, he saw the inhumanity of
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How many America's know that are own 'government' is waging wars on us,
that the Congress and the White House regime is nothing more then 'actors' distractions,traitors that hide the real controllers.
The "assassins" are in charge,and no one is willing to stand up to them..
Pentagon-Shapped Military Fortress of Loyola,Pamplona, Spain(above)
The Society of Jesus was founded by a Spanish nobleman,
Don Ignatius of Loyola,with the blessing of the Farnese Pope Paul III.Loyola,
prior of his Order of the New Templars called the Knights of the Virgin Mary
” been in command of Spanish forces in a battle with French forces at Pamplona, Spain.
The fortress from which Loyola waged his defense was—you guessed it—in the shape of a Pentagon! Knight of Malta King Juan Carlos commemorated Loyola’s Spanish Pentagon with a stamp 1988
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The mask is the symbolic Rubicon of the global cabals control... #mask #maskup #WearADamnMask #uniteforfreedom #unmask #maskofthebeast ImageImageImageImage
2. The Mask: Remembering Slavery, Understanding Trauma… #TheMask #Masks #Coronavirus #Covid19 #Slavery Image
3. ImageImageImage
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#Thread against #Racism
The biggest reason why Whites are believed to be #racist is that they are far the greatest achievers in human history and they created the nations non-whites crave to inhabit.
The very existence of White Men goes against the principle of equality Image
since they are responsible for almost 100% of the greatest achievements in all the fields of human endeavor since ancient historical times.

This is a big reason why White nations are earmarked for total race mixing, and why White Males are the most resented group.
#slavery has been the absolute norm on Earth for 6,000 years. Egyptians, Asians, Arabs, Whites, Africans had slaves! Whites too.

Slavery was as commonplace as marriage or military service. All world #religions perceived slavery as an ordinary human condition.
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Y der is so hate against Brahmin over the Bhagwan Vaman and Raja Bali?I hv seen many people r trying to associate themselves with Raja Bali, d king of South and how he was cheated by a Brahmin (Vaman). Dis is exactly a atrocity literature coming from Mr #Fule. My thread
If u notice Fule was associated with missionaries ever since his childhood. As a bible inspired sponsored scheme from 'Scottish and American Missionaries', he wrote several poems. Of this, #Slavery was published in 1873 [A, Pages 136].
In his slavery poetry, Fule described how a #Vamana (a Brahmin, an avatar of Vishnu) killed #Raja_Bali . NOT only this he also ranted against Brahmin Parashurama destroyed the Kshatriyas. [A, page 13 '] in the same poetry.

Basically his goal was just make anti Brahmin rant.
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@jjmgerald @WestHullensian @JToulson Oh sorry I thought you set a new precedent by changing that rule to you can come up with facts without regurgitating the evidence over & over again

Even if you've come up with total bollocks like you continually do

Especially about #Slavery
@jjmgerald @WestHullensian @JToulson Sorry I thought you set a new precedent by changing that rule to you can come up with facts without regurgitating the evidence over & over again

Even if you've come up with total bollocks like you continually do

Especially about #Slavery

And #Slavs

Here's more from #Woke #BBC
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Just in case anyone was unaware: the Choctaw Nation chose to legalize chattel slavery within the tribe. Tribal members owned slaves of African descent and many enslaved people walked the Trail of Tears with their masters during Indian Removal.
Once in Indian Territory in present-day Oklahoma, Choctaws continued owning slaves and slaves built much of the infrastructure in Indian Territory. Slaves rebelled. For example, many Choctaw slaves participated in the 1840 Slave Rebellion in the Cherokee Nation to escape bondage.
Slaves performed difficult labor under the threat of and with actual violence. The Choctaw Nation had slave patrols as well.

Correction: the Cherokee Slave Rebellion took place in 1842.
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Interested in joining @Kings_College @Cambridge_Uni as a Research Fellow (RF) for four amazing years?

We are advertising 3 posts:
1) RF in #History & #Culture of the Countries of the Silk Roads.
2) RF in #Slavery & its Impact.
3) RF in #Mathematical Sciences & #Engineering. 1/3
The salary attached to a Research Fellowship is £21,716 (pre doctorate), £24,129 (after award of PhD), rising each year to a maximum of £27,949. Additional payment is made for teaching. A living-out allowance of £4,000 is made, on application, to those not living in college. 2/3
Eligibility: Graduates of any university are eligible. Candidates will usually have completed their #PhD but must not have undertaken more than 2-years of #postdoctoral work by 1st October 2021.

Closing Date: Friday 4 September 2020.

Further Details:… 3/3
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Samoan 🇼🇸 🇳🇿 Chief Who Enslaved Villagers 😢 Sentenced To 11 Years In New Zealand 🇳🇿

New Zealand 🇳🇿 Based Samoan 🇼🇸 🇳🇿 Chief Joseph Auga Matamata Used 13 Of His Countrymen As Slaves Over A Quarter Of Century… #NewZealand #Slavery
"Matamata’s case is the first time anyone in #NewZealand had been charged with both #HumanTrafficking and #Slavery simultaneously."

The offending occurred between 1994 and April last year involving 13 #Samoans 🇼🇸 🇳🇿 from three villages on the island of #Upolu. The youngest...
... was just 12. 😢 The Crown argued there was a pattern to #Matamata’s offending, with him bringing small groups of people to #NewZealand over the 25-year period for his “own financial benefit”.
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👹She is a WAR CRIMINAL and the Democrats turn a blind eye
🚨THREAD ON LIBYA WAR AND ATROCITIES - it’s similar to #HongKong in that we need to pay attention🧐
The #Democrats and the #FakeNews straight up ignore the atrocities caused by Hillary Clinton’s selfish war in Libya. The #FakeNews always acted as though it’s not really a bad war like Iraq was. ALL BS LIES TO COVER FOR NWO 🤡HILLARY
#Libya #ChildTrafficking #ClintonBodyCount
The Disastrous Fallout of Hillary’s War continues to this day. Here is a quick Explanation of who is who of Libya. Yes Gaddafi was terrible but it’s obvious without him the country fractured and 🤡Hillary is to blame for the instability.
#Libya #ChildTrafficking #SaveTheChildren
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Don;t be dazzled by the bright smiling ladies Pics taken from web

Dedicated to Beacon of #woman @ShefVaidya @NAN_DINI_ @mini_razdan10 @LevinaNeythiri

Let us see how Feminism has evolved over millenniums to today


#Genesis says (Old testaments), #EVE was made from Adam's Rib. Eve was tempted to the evil serpent (Nachash) and persuaded Adam to eat forbidden fruit.

God punished the #Woman with pain in childbirth and subordination to man……

During 500-400 BC, #Woman were little better than #SLAVE. Marriages were arranged by parents

Plato perceived Woman as waste of natural resources. He rejected concept of nuclear family & proposed Society as family

Mgsthns noted no #Slavery in India👇

3/n History of ideas on woman : a source book by Agonito, Rosema
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#DeclarationOfIndependence Draft 1: The King has "waged cruel War against human Nature itself, violating its most sacred Rights of Life & Liberty in the Persons of a distant People" by kidnapping & enslaving them.

Spoiler: #Slavery got cut in round 2. /thread #HappyFourthOfJuly
I'm not making this up. Here's more on the passage about #slavery that #ThomasJefferson put in the 1st draft of the #Declaration & took out of later drafts. #BlackLivesMatter…
More on why #ThomasJefferson removed his fiery indictment of #slavery from later drafts of the Declaration. Fact that he was enslaving people as he wrote it was NOT the reason! #1619 #1776…
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Protesters want #AndrewJackson's statue removed because he ordered the removal of an estimated 100,000 #indigenous people from eastern states. 15,000 died along the #TrailOfTears headed west. #native / thread…
In Dec 1830, #AndrewJackson told Congress "Indian removal" was approaching its "happy consummation," moving "savages" west, freeing land between TN & LA for white settlement, & "reliev[ing]" Miss & western Alabama of "Indian occupancy."
"What good man would prefer" forests & "savages" to "our extensive Republic" occupied by 12 million "happy people" & filled w/ the "blessings of liberty, civilization & religion?" Jackson asked Congress in 1830.

The white supremacist's portrait hangs in the Oval Office.
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1. Paulinus was born in the year of salvation 353, of a most illustrious family of Roman citizens at Bordeaux and he later attained senatorial dignity. He was made consul of Nola but
#StPaulinusOfNola #Jun22 #CatholicTwitter #EarlyChurch Image
2. struck by a ray of the divine light, he resigned the consulship and returning to Bordeaux, he was baptised by St Delphinus.


Then he sold his abundant property,

#conversion #JesusChrist #FollowMe
3. distributed the money to the poor and retired to Spain, where he was ordained a priest. When he returned to Nola, he built a monastery near the tomb of St Felix and entered upon a most strict monastic life with some companions.

#RomanEmpire #History #monastery #Christianity
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Thread with some bits from my @researchEdhome talk today in which I thoroughly indulged myself & talked endlessly about history, with special mentions to brill work of @SuzanneLPowell @jcarrollhistory @whitburn_robin @Justice2History @PaulaLoboWorth @mrwbw @kenradical @histassoc
This is where we finished up: a guide for better (curriculum- centred) conversations betw senior & middle leaders. It is #notachecklist. Repeat: NOT a checklist! Not an audit tool! Use it as a short cut to a bureaucratic management exercise, & it self-combusts. @researchEdhome
So how did we get there? I celebrated the published work of 5 teachers & did my best to get at just a tiny bit of WHY they had become so productive in their curricular theorising, so useful to others & producers of such quality curricula. What is the significance of their work?
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As Confederate statues come down, I'm reminded of what still needs to go up. Encourage @Reagan_Airport & @Amazon to memorialize those enslaved at Abingdon: "The Virginia portion of Amazon’s HQ2 should acknowledge what lies beneath"… #slaveryarchive #DC
If you visit Abingdon ruins today, you will be transported to the past - but not to the era of slavery -- to the 1990s. At this site of a former plantation, there is no mention of the enslaved, slavery, or enslavement. Signage is entirely about enslavers. #AbingdonEasyFix 2/10
Inside the old terminal's exhibit hall, at the bottom corner of one display case, you can find the only reference to slavery. #AbingdonEasyFix 3/10
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