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You couldn't protect a human's right to control their own body and make a private medical decision about whether to get a vaccine or not.

You literally, as a party, took over #CrimesAgainstHumanity taking the side of the #ProLife crowd who say if THEY imagine something saves
Lives then regardless of whether the science disagrees with them, they can dictate your behavior.

Tell us @GunnelsWarren what is the difference of you forcing me to get a vaccine to protect the life of another versus forcing me NOT to get an abortion to protect the life of

Serious question.

And you should ponder it until you see the immense flaw in the logic of those in the Democratic party who reversed their position in #Abortions when they agreed that forcing vaccines on EVERYONE was somehow the legal and right thing to do to save
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All I can say is fuck you @WalshFreedom @joanwalsh, you are chasing a tiny bottom dweller and providing cover for #TheElite who have used YOU AND #DonnieDimwit as #UsefulIdiots.

The DARPA document proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Fauci lied.

Meet me for a video conference and watch how fast you look like complete fucking dolts.

You won't have a single cogent response to the evidence provided.

The only thing more stupid than tRump and Rs are YOU TWO and Ds.

You literally took over their #CrimesAgainstHumanity.
If I am wrong, if I was wrong - you two would be all over it, like white on rice.

@joanwalsh has the nerve to try and call me a #Loser for holding her accountable and then when she sees the evidence, she never ONCE opens her pie hole again.

Scared of the truth aren't you BOTH!
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New: Merrick Garland made an unannounced visit to Ukraine for a meeting with Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova to discuss efforts to identify and apprehend suspected war criminals, according to a Justice Department official.… via @USATODAY
This is very important because Putin commits war crimes every day. Genocide must be called out. But how will Garland watch today’s 1/6 public hearing in Ukraine? Hopefully the time difference and streaming ability aren’t obstacles. We need his focus on the war against democracy.
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I agree , as a long time @BernieSanders supporter Ds have NOTHING.

What they had - HAD - was the worst #CrimesAgainstHumanity in history hung around #DonnieDimwit's neck for allowing 500,000 innocent Americans to die needlessly on his watch.

The man fired everyone BUT Fauci
and should have been arrested in the first 100 days of Biden's presidency for that alone.

All Biden had to do was to RESTORE the #BushObamaPandemicPlaybook, arrest Trump and Fauci and give unfettered access to #HCQ and #IVM and Rs would have never regained power again in our

Instead Biden a #CorruptCareerPolitician BROKE HIS PROMISE, hung tRump's crimes around his own neck and has destroyed what was left of this once great nation.

The ONLY thing that is worse news than all of this is that #RepublicanVoters are SO STUPID en masse, they are
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1/ The #Ethiopia/n government has informed the diplomatic community in the country on the “measures taken by the Government on human rights violations related to the conflict in the northern part of the country.”
#Tigray #warcrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity #genocide
2/ One may argue however that it seems evident that PM #AbiyAhmed, #PP government, and #ENDF military leadership in #Ethiopia are ultimately politically and juridically responsible for the #warcrimes, #crimesagainsthumanity, and possibly #genocide for their war in and on #Tigray.
3/ ICRC in #internationalhumanitarianlaw commentary: “Commanders & other superiors are criminally responsible for war crimes committed by their subordinates if they knew, or had reason to know, that the subordinates were about to commit or were committing such crimes... (cont.)
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#Russian tactics for taking towns has been very simple recently — just wipe the town with artillery and count it as "liberated". This is video of Rubizhne #Ukraine after such operation, same happened to Mariupol and is now happening to Severodonetsk

This tactic is somewhat effective because when there's no buildings left, defenders have nothing to defend — and the occupiers have nothing to occupy any more, but the latter don't really care, as their objective is territorial conquest

#RussianWarCrimes #WarCrimes
At the same time, Russia's strategic objective is to capture the whole #Luhansk & #Donetsk administrative regions. While they now already control most of the Luhansk region with only 10% left under Ukraine's control (little triangle strip around #Severodonetsk)

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#RobertMalone shared this.

Now think about the role he is currently playing to somehow present himself as the hero who will expose the corruption in our government that he himself was directly involved in for 40 years of his life.

He admits he has suffered from what is the very
definition of #MassFormationPsychosis which we can confirm in the obviously patterned behavior of hundreds of doctors. But sadly Robert exhibits the primary symptom of a #ChronicSustainedPsychoticBreakFromReality: DENIAL. He either STILL suffers and/or feigns "ignorance," as his
reason for admitting he suffers and then doing NOTHING to change his behavior.

He has filed bankruptcy to protect his Horse Ranch with 20 exotic horses.

He is working with the CIA and India to make another vaccine.

He stated, for the record, as he was getting @JoeRogan
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17,000 doctors and scientists.

The same people who said and did nothing for decades and who brought this problem to our doorstep are now trying to convince you they are also going to solve it.

Not a snowball's chance in hell.

They are all too indictrinated and psychotic!
Look at them.

They don't have a clue what they are doing - on their 4th Declaration.


Why? Because the first 3 worked so well.

Now look at what their chosen leader the guy who developed the mRNA Gene Therapy, #RobertMalone admitted in a recent substack article.
So you tell me, if the definition of #MassFormationPsychosis is a #SustainedPsychticBreakFromReality across a mass of people, what better institution to perfom this formation than in Universities that produce our #AcademicProfessionalClass - our "doctors and scientists," who have
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I've gotten pneumonia, flu, and colds from flying many times. It is what it is. Airlines have new and improved vent. systems now. And chances are good you got it from a jabbed and boosted passenger. It's the price you pay for traveling with other human beings...
Unless a person has spent the last few decades wearing a mask on flights, they've no reason to complain. You've been risking your life to various
illness for years. It's only since the media convinced you this was a death sentence that anyone got annoyed.
Our bodies have been fighting off disease since the day we were born. We're great at it. It's the idiots who chose to suppress that by wearing masks for 2+ years that need worry. And even they have a 99% chance of survival. (sigh) Life is funny that way...
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That feeling of hopelessness is hard to avoid when the problem is/was time relevant and our best and brightest - could not can not grasp THAT reality.

It was a series of pre-planned events, of time bombs and until we halt the next "bombing." mass murder will be the result.
And whether innocent, naive, psychotic, ignorant, it does not matter, our #AcademicProfessionalClass, our would-be leaders have not only failed to see the relevance of time to these #CrimesAgainstHumanity but they are in fact playing the role of #UsefulIdiots. #AIModels were used
to predict just how these self-appointed leaders could be manipulated based on decades of indoctrination, yielding a specific #ConditionedResponse that could then allow them to be used as an #AppeasementTool to make the #PsychoticMasses #ThinkAndFeel like something was being done
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I know, why not get with your hero #RobertMalone and write more of your #MovieScript.

Y'all could talk about the data that are in and show off just how smart you are while never doing a fucking thing to combat these #CrimesAgainstHumanity.

Your #SustainedPsychoticEpisode is
on full display.

Just look at Robert's 4th Declaration - YES, FOURTH in 2 years and then look at Dr. Bryan Tyson's record for saving lives. He has saved 10,000 lives while Robert talks about 17,000 signatures.

If 10,000 doctors did what Bryan Tyson did it would be game over for
Fauci et al. And Robert and Co. would have saved 100M lives.

Wanna debate me on that issue?

Yeah, didn't think so.

We now have definitive proof that doctors could have saved 100M+ had they just ACTED LIKE DOCTORS instead of talking like psychos and being attention whores.
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And so it begins...

I'm in a rural town of 3,000 just 20 minutes from the 8th largest city in the US and this is the ONLY Walmart in town. No HEB (our local chain in San Antonio) and no Costco.

Perhaps @PierreKory @P_McCulloughMD @richardursomd @DrJBhattacharya @BretWeinstein and a dozen other "#HeroDoctors" can stay stuck on their #PsychoticEpisodes and talk about how #IVM is safe and effective and would solve this problem if only it were #OTC like it is now in TN and
soon to be in NH - as if 2+ years too late that even matters anymore.

We're on the 5th vaccine, #LongCovid is a thing. These same doctors are opening #PrivateClinics to further profit off of our deaths as they have their entire careers while being #SilentlyObedient and none of
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If only your party was in power, then, THEN, we could change things, right, RIGHT!?

WTF do you expect people to do.

We put you in power and you amp up #CrimesAgainstHumanity.

You promised to restore the #BushObamaPandemicPlaybook and instead you've forced vaccines on billions,
giving corrupt #BigPharma control over our lives illegally. You allowed gas prices to go through the roof while #BigOil makes record profits. And you have allowed the destruction of a historical number of food suppliers, creating a fake food shortage.

What do you expect us to do
side with you after you took over Trump's crimes and made them your own?

If @SenSanders @BernieSanders doesn't go 3rd party D's will never RULE again.

Because Rs will win and it will be game over for America.


What do you think they'll do 8f they
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Record Numbers of Americans Dying of Overdoses. Instead of Justice, We Get Theater👨‍⚖️

"Whole thing is kabuki theater, It ought to be about money" said Ausness. "About who pays what & instead they want to make Sacklers listen to people complain about them"…
Guggenheim joined several other museums last week w/an announcement they are removing the Sackler nameplate from their arts center,

Once again victims are being offered busy work as though it were meaningful reform.
#opioids #medtwitter #sacklers #HarmReduction @praddenkeefe
We are in the midst of the opioid crisis, an addiction & overdose crisis fed by the ubiquity of illicit & deadly fentanyl in the black market,

over 108k people died from an opioid overdose in 2021,… #opioids #addiction #news #twitter #CrimesAgainstHumanity
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I have asked Professor @BretWeinstein to give me an OUNCE of respect and respond to my requests for a conversation that is as you say desperately needed and he LITERALLY suffers from a #SustainedPsychoticEpisode.

500,000 dead bodies in year one and he wants to
talk biology?

Do you know how many 18 wheelers it would take to hold all of the dead bodies that this man has ignored as he writes books, launches podcasts, and otherwise grifts for dollars while we are being systematically depopulated.

I'm done trying to be polite and
respectful with people who refuse to extend me the same courtesy.

He treates me AND YOU the same wy Fauci treats him.

He ONLY KNOWS a #ConditionedResponse.

Get him to engage and I'll prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

You won't because he can't because he knows I am right.
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For the same reason no one is doing anything about an engineered #BiologicalWeapon masquerading as a virus, and then having an engineered #BiologicalWeapon as a vaccine.

#MassForationPsychosis which starts with our "doctors."

Frankly the abortion issue is just an old GO-TO
#ShinyObject that divides and distracts whenever the heat surrounding THE REAL ISSUE gets too hot.

We're being depopulated, pure and simple the virus is killing us AND the vaccines are killing us and when the noise surrounding these facts get to loud, THEY start a war or THEY
leak information to stir the pot.

THEY don't care which side gets blamed as THEY are #CorruptOnePartySystemOfGovernment.

Anyone who refuses to see this at this late stage suffers a #ChronicPsychoticBreakFromReality just like @PierreKory who says he was lied to for decades but
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And yet 2+ years into these #CrimesAgainstHumanity you STILL imagine this is about doctors, medicine, science, and protocols.

Worse you think it is about YOU, testimonies, trials, studies, podcasts and cashing-in without saving lives at scale by focusing on CRIMES!

Because of
you, because you normalized this #BiologicalWeapon and went along with doing studies and "JUST ASKING FAUCI TO REVIEW THEM," we now have variants for the remainder of our lives.

When the CRIMINAL food shortages arrive, what protocol will you offer to recover from that dis-ease.
Will you hold another rally or travel to Paris again and say #LetDoctorsBeFarmers or #LetFoodBeThyMedicine.

How will you grift that crime @PierreKory.

You had 600,000 visitors to your site in one month and you have done nothing to recruit these people to the cause of spreading
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There are many who know just how @RoyalFamily are the opposite to what is being said controlled by people like yourself and #MSMLies @ChrisJack_Getty who have been seen blocking and ignoring a mother for 7 and a half years leaving
mum Toni aka Ruth Lovell @annelovell743 with a body in @HaringeyToday over 7 of the worse kind of #CrimesAgainstHumanity by the #AbuseOfPower in @GOVUK, the #CorruptioninGovernment just in the past 7 years alone that we #TonisArmy have witnessed who point blank refuse to sit
back and allow the next week to be wasted without hearing the voices of those who matter the very same voices who were silenced and remained @Invisible 50 years ignored by #TheQueens @royalsociety when @ClarenceHouse #JimmySavileABritishHorrorStory continues on #socialmedia
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And yet no one is or will be arrested.

How is this possible.

We need a dragnet and people need to be arrested yesterday.

If it weren't for people like @PierreKory @P_McCulloughMD @richardursomd @BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying behaving as #ApoeasementTools and instead calling
for their arrest from day one as Peter McCullough came out of the gate doing until he got himself foolishly sued and then started grifting for dollars, we'd likely have a movement strong enough to have people arrested.

Instead these #PsychoticKnowItAlls went on a money-grab for
personal gain and benefit. Crying in their beer claiming woe is me as they make 6-figures and travel to Florida, Vegas, Hawaii, Paris and more giving themselves pats on the back for doing absolutely NOTHING to expose the #CrimesAgainstHumanity as they normalized studies, trials
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@Michelle4Griff 61 this month and I've seen these lies from around age 11, but I cannot tell you how rare and beautiful you are for not only recognizing that you have lived your entire life from the perspective of a evil-man-made lie, but the courage and elimination of ego
required to say this publicly and begin to speak out and change the time you have left will cleanse your soul and reveal your Self to your Self.

I couldn't be more proud of a stranger than I am of you right now. You offer true hope for the masses.

Work daily to use your Mind
to change your #HeartBrain, #GutBrain and #BrainBrain and you will see a completely different world before you.

You'll never be able to go back, BUT THAT IS THE POINT, who would want to once they are awake.

Much success on your new journey!💜☮️

There will be many barriers to
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Also, be sure and take some time to reflect in front of a mirror and repeat the words of #RobertMalone #mRNAInventor who also indirectly admits what @PierreKory just did here that not only were they lied to by Pharma's agencies, journals and media, but they were, as the ENTIRE
#AcademicProfessionalClass has been lied to and indoctrinated through universities, hospitals, clinics and labs to the point that all of you are LITERALLY #FaucisDogs who only know a #ConditionedResponse EVEN when faced with #MassGenocide at a scale the world has never witnessed
or experienced before and likely never will again BECAUSE of the corrupt and #SustainedChronicPsychoticBreakFromReality you have all been entrenched in, exposed to and suffered from for years while in "school," that inflated your egos to a level equal to that of one Tony Fauci
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PROOF POSITIVE that our "[d]"octors don't know their heads from a hole in the ground.

Particularly our "#PsychoticGoodDoctors," like @richardursomd who has ONLY treated 2,000 people out of 111M over 2 years, but paints himself as some kind of life-saving hero.

Just look at
their own oblivious admissions and patterned responses. When they don't receive a hero's parade, they give themselves one.

The first symptom of a #SustainedPsychoticEpisode - especially one that spans decades - is DENIAL.

#RobertMalone is their chosen #TipOfTheSpear, their
chosen representative hero - and he is as psychotic and delusional as they come. And this is not an emotionally charged opinion, this is based on his own words - his own CLEAR ADMISSIONS, that he now refuses to accept as he continues to go deeper into denial, while ignoring those
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I used to be a proud @SenSanders @BernieSanders @TulsiGabbard supporter.

Now, because I used to vote Republican and know their corruption all too well, I am politically homeless.

People like @GunnelsWarren CLAIM to be @PatrioticMills and yet they TAKE NO ACTION to align their
words with their deeds.

They are as much responsible for and even accomplices to the #CrimesAgainstHumanity and the #MedicalGenocide we all face.

It isn't going away and will only continue to get worse.

Mark my words - we must hold them ALL to account.

We are run by a
#CorruptOnePartySystemOfGovernment of that fact there should be no doubt.

There is NO Blue or Red, there is only Purple.

They play #GoodCopBadCop and simply reverse roles depending upon who is in power.

They toss the #HotPotato back and forth and could care less whoich one of
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Shame on you @BarackObama! We pull any drug that kills 150 people and this vaccine has irrefutably killed 10's of 1,000's in the US alone.

It is a violation of our anti-trust laws to remove a competitive drug from the market. #HCQ, which is safer than aspirin and 70 years old
AND part of the #BushObamaPandemicPlaybook should never have been illegally removed from the market.

It is jaw dropping to see such an intelligent man sell his soul and kill his own children with this #MedicalGenocide and these continued #CrimesAgainstHumanity.

I am a
@BernieSanders supporter saying this and you have screwed the pooch and proven you are a #ManchurianCandidate.

Karma is a bitch Barack and you will get yours pal. You can't be this stupid, but you could be this controlled.

There is no vaccine in history safer than #HCQ or #IVM
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