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Remotely Injecting Keystrokes through an Industrial Barcode remotely.

#IoT #IIoT #HIDattacks #RFhacking

Below the Video PoC
This wireless barcode was sitting in my lab for 1+ year waiting for a PoC... So much stuff to do... 😅
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1 of 9: Working on my "#DevOps on an #IoT World" talk for @DevopsNotts... I've got a full @AzureDevOps CICD pipeline working for #IoTEdge using two @Raspberry_Pi s. @MicrosoftIoT @azure @msdevUK
2 of 9: The IoT Edge Module code is checked into a @AzureDevOps Git Repo.
3 of 9: The Build Pipeline is triggered off the check in.
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Breve hilo con ideas y recursos para usar las placas @microbit_edu en clase. A mí me están funcionando de escándalo ➡➡
@microbit_edu Si no sabes qué es micro:bit o quieres conocer más acerca del #IoT, te recomiendo el vídeo "Aprendemos a programar la internet de las cosas" de @pheras y @eva_cb . Aportan una visión crítica muy interesante.
@microbit_edu Para dar los primeros pasos y realizar varios proyectos sencillos pero muy atractivos, puedes coger ideas de los recursos del taller «Circuitos programables con Micro:Bit», de @fernandoposada
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The #WebAssembly Summit livestream is starting now, and I'll be covering it remotely.
It's the 4th language of the Web, & the biggest architectural shift since JavaScript.
Opening Summit intros from @ag_dubs, @DasSurma

#WebAssembly Discord

Upcoming #WebAssembly Proposals

Starting now: #WebAssembly evangelist & code cartoonist @linclark talk on "WebAssembly: Building a new kind of ecosystem"
Another Web Assembly Summit organizer is @torch2424.

@linclark talking about security with #webassembly.
Recapping many points she made in this talk:

Malicious code via modular code on NPM dependencies has been one of the biggest attack vectors.
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The #crypto bull is here.
People invest in hyped protocols, smart investors invest in promising tech, network effect, and even rumors.
I will give you my POV on #Bitcoin, on #Ethereum, #Tron and also on #IOTA
Share this with newcomers, protect future investors.
The most important rules before you invest:
-NEVER invest money that you can't afford to lose.
-NEVER participate in signal groups or pump and dump groups
-NEVER trust a stranger, don't send him money
-only trade on reputable exchanges, don't do personal trades in forums.
-You should go to (for example) Kraken, Coinbase, Binance, Bitpanda, Shapeshift, Gemini.
Create an account, verify yourself.
Only trade there and secure the account with 2FA and at best with a separate phone. Don't share your email or number anywhere!
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Querida presidenta @IdiazAyuso, antes de “ir a por el #MWC” puede empezar preguntándose por qué es un éxito cada vez mayor desde que aterrizó en Barcelona el año 2006.
Le cuento:👇🏻…
Mientras en Cannes reunía a 35.000 visitantes, el primer MWC en #Barcelona del 2006 ya registró más de 50.000 asistentes atraídos por su nuevo emplazamiento en una ciudad mediterránea, abierta y con un recinto ferial de primer nivel. En 2019 fueron 109.000 y 2.400 expositores.
Cada año ha crecido el número de asistentes y expositores. Pero no solo ha crecido una feria, se ha formado todo un ecosistema a su alrededor impulsado por la colaboración publicoprivada entre @govern, @MWCapital, @bcn_ajuntament y miles de empresas.
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An empty arena accessible in virtual reality style & accessible to a merchandise stand with stock currently available. Whhhhaa does that even mean? Any world arena that can be cloud stored for mobility-challenged folks planning but easy access in #VirtualReality no line for goods
Who else, but for those who could never access an arena, be thrilled by the #VirtualReality presentation of such with options to mix and match merchandise / @WWEShop on a virtual merch stand. Save and change up favorite arrangements, lights, sound envmt for simulated best merch.
@WWEShop I'm not talking about making @WWEShop a part of @2K @WWEgames although for some reason, the company has never tried. I'm talking a #WebAR ( style disability friendly standard VR map (think Google Maps for arenas) for merchandise with languages & styles...
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This is Leonardo da Vinci's design for a 'smart city' that was centuries ahead of its time
Leonardo wanted a comfortable and spacious city, with well-ordered streets and architecture. Today, his ideas actually suggest a way forward for urban planning.
A new study shows just how beneficial remote working can be
Companies that let their workers decide where and when to do their jobs increase employee productivity, reduce turnover, and lower organizational costs.
#futureofwork #Employment #Productivity
Where people work the longest – and shortest
People end up producing just as much, with higher quality and creativity, and they are also more loyal to the organizations that are willing to give them flexibility to care about their lives outside of work.
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$SWKS up more than 60% since this thread, overtook $AMZN as my largest position today and I think it has plenty of room left to run.
#5G is coming which will create many new end markets for $SWKS ...
... and dramatically increase demand for $SWKS material in 5G-capable smartphones, from $18 to $25, a 40% increase!
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Our WCW for the week is; Prof Mmaki Jantjies
@Mmakij is a technology expert, researcher and Mentor. She has led Information Systems departments at the North West University as well as the University of the Western Cape. In this role she formed part of lead teams that...
established new academic programs in the fields of data analytics and immersive technologies.
She became one of the first black South African female PHD computer science graduates in the country at the age of 28.
In her role as head of academic department of Information Systems in the University of Western Cape,she continues to produce national & international research publications focusing on how technology can be used to develop education & small business sector in developing countries.
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@itcoib #jornadaitcoib escuchando a la Dra . PAMELA HUSSEY desde Dublin, estos son los principios que cree imprescindibles!
La interdisciplinariedad es importantísima!!!
Interoperabilidad, Reorientacion de los modelos de cuidados para el autocuidado, enfocarnos en vibir bien, guiar y la innovación abierta 2.0, #jornadaitcoib @itcoib
Muy interesante,
7 niveles de Interoperabilidad @phussey47 #jornadaitcoib @itcoib
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Love the simplicity of #Serverless #FaaS (Function-as-a-Service) but hate the setup process? Look to these 7 open source projects to ease #AWS Lambda deployments:
#BigData #StreamingAnalytics #Cloud #DataScience #MachineLearning #IFTTT #EventDriven #AI
13 free tools for #API design, development, & testing — for example, Amazon API Gateway allows you to build front-end APIs for applications built on Amazon EC2, #AWS Lambda, or any web application:
#microservices #cloud #serverless #FaaS #coding #IoT
#IFTTT alternatives for developers of #EventDriven workflows:
#IoT #EdgeAnalytics #EdgeComputing #Microservices #DataScience #BigData #FaaS #ML
+See the book “AWS Lambda in Action: Event-driven #Serverless Applications” at
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This afternoon, Twitter and Facebook announced they identified and took down a significant disinformation campaign backed by the Chinese government and aimed at undermining the legitimacy of the protests in Hong Kong. Twitter removed 200,000+ accounts.…
"As Twitter is blocked in PRC, many of these accounts accessed Twitter using VPNs. However, some accounts accessed Twitter from specific unblocked IP addresses originating in mainland China."
Twitter followed up this takedown with another major announcement: Twitter will no longer accept advertising from state-controlled (either financially or editorially) news media. Presumably, this should apply to RT, Sputnik, Xinhua, etc.…
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Yine raporlar okundu, makaleler sular seller 🤦‍♀️ #Teknoloji konusunda önümüzdeki dönemde en fazla #yatırım hangi alanlara yapılacak? 2020 yılında yine burada hangi konuları konuşuyor olacağız? Yuvarlak cevapları bir kenera bırakalım ve nokta atışı gidelim hadi 🔥 #tech #trends
1/ Yapay zeka ve kişiselleştirilen süreçler @Adobe 2019 Trendler Anketi'nde yine ilk sıraya yerleşti 🧠 Markaların yönlendirmeleri ile kullanıcı deneyimini geliştirmenin en sağlıklı yönteminin #AI tabanlı veri yönetimi olarak değerlendirildiğini görüyoruz!
2/ @IDC (Uluslarası Veri Kurumu) raporuna göre şirketler henüz sonuç alamadıkları #blockchain'e milyonlar harcamaya devam etmeye istekli 💸 2019 yılında $2.9M'u bulması beklenen harcama 2022'ye geldiğimizde $11.7M'u bulacak 🙆‍♀️ #cryptocurrency #technology…
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#STPIINDIA has been playing the role catalyst in bolstering the growth of #IT industry by providing state-of-the-art incubation facilities to #startups,#MSMEs & budding entrepreneurs in IT/ITeS sector to nurture tech-fueled entrepreneurship in India.#STPIIncubation #KnowAboutSTPI
In the early 90’s, when development of physical infrastructure needed massive investment, #STPIINDIA pioneered incubation services to nurture budding IT companies & promote them to leverage the enormous opportunities in software exports. #STPIIncubation #KnowAboutSTPI @Omkar_Raii
#STPIINDIA has been providing world-class incubation facilities to #startups, #MSMEs & budding entrepreneurs in #IT industry since 1991 to stimulate the growth of tech entrepreneurship pan-India by enabling hassle-free operations. #STPIIncubation #KnowAboutSTPI @Omkar_Raii
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#IOTA 1/ People don't really grasp the urgent problems of our economy, productivity, environment. #iot
And nothing is so secure that it justifies our arrogance as the "crown of creation".
We already had a major crisis in 2008. The next one is due in times when we must challenge..
2/ ...climate change, radical political ideas, and unhealthy globalization.
We need a transformation of our habits and technologies now. We need renewable energy, efficient systems and a smarter way of how we distribute wealth.
The next crisis will inevitably come...
3/ ...if we don't work together in an effort to prevent the mentioned issues.
The western world has the privilege to inhabit the first generation without war on European or US territory. That won't hold long if we do not start to act very soon. We consume,...
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Arrancando el programa "Leading in the Exponential Age" de @singularityu en @IAE_Austral #SingularityIAE
Disrupción en espacios inusuales. Había escuchado sobre el impacto de los autos autónomos en la donación de organos, pero las bebidas energéticas? @singularityu @IAE_Austral #SingularityIAE
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Thread updated of my infograhics : To make things more convenient and to help beginners in #infosec , I decided to regroup my #infographics with this tweet ! #Cybersecurity #Startups #IoT #ITsecurity #Security #tools
Some good tools useful in Infosec : by @Guillaume_Lpl #infosec #cybersecurity #Infographic
Some good tools for Mobile APP Security Testing : by @Guillaume_Lpl #infosec #cybersecurity #Infographic
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1/ This isn't my usual beat on payments or fintech, but would like to talk about Skyworks Solutions $SWKS, the analog #semiconductor maker that "is empowering the wireless networking revolution." Just thinking out loud, looking for feedback. #5G #IoT #valueinvesting (cont)
2/ I'm firm believer in owning great companies w/ real, competitive advantages in growing industries. I believe Skyworks fits this bill, though it is currently facing many legitimate concerns. If problems are overcome, could be lots of upside from here. #tradewar #tariffs (cont)
3/ Bad news first: Huawei makes up about 10% of Skyworks' revenue. ZTE is a 5%+ customer. Both are affected by tense US-China relationship. Together represent combined 15% of business but, since mid-April, $SWKS stock is down more than 26%. (cont)…
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Some of you might be aware; I have been on a 4 year quest to build a smarthome. I am using and sometimes hacking existing solutions in most cases. I found some glaring lapses of security and privacy. A thread on @Xiaomi/@XiaomiIndia #security #privacy #iot @internetofshit
First up; my favourite robot which keeps my home clean. The Roborock S55 uses SLAM technology with cameras & sensors to generate a model of the house. It cleans really well & it leaks even better as it doesn't use HTTPS to communicate. It misses its home and keeps calling back!
Next up; one of the cheapest smart cameras in the market. The Xiaomi XiaoFang WiFi camera does 1080p video and costs less than Rs. 1200. I have many around the house for security purposes. It is a great oxymoron as its a security device with no security.
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For clarity. When i say #showertime. I mean when the government puts drugs in your shower head, and you're dosed every time you take a shower. You'll be easily manipulatable, and appear crazy to the regular John.
You might also be impartial to taking showers, exhibiting all the symptoms of "mental illness". (and or smelling and looking like shit). So Obamas church crew, being led by "#mentalhealth professionals, local law enforcement officials" can come and get you. Under #ExecutiveOrder
But can you prove it to a Judge like Jeffrey Steven White??

Ask @SharylAttkisson

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To understand why so many are highlighting the Chinese cameras in Leinster House, one must first recognise that China does not do business or espionage like the West. There's no separation between industry sectors the CCP deems strategically important.
The #IOT, #5G, #AI and #SmartCities sectors are integral to China. These sectors have billions of dollars pumped into them from Chinese government central and regional funds and are controlled centrally by the CCP, with the CCP placing key personnel into these companies.
One other area of interest to the Chinese government is #BigData - and boy do they have the opportunity to gather as much of this as possible thanks to the West. This data is used to forecast and predict actions, reactions of markets, industry and people - most importantly people
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¿Te apetece venir este verano a pasar una semana, con todos los gastos pagados, a un curso sobre pensamiento computacional e inteligencia artificial con el equipo de #PiensaEnCode?

Te cuento todos los detalles en este hilo 👇🏽👇🏽

#MEFP_UIMP2019 #Sevil_IA_Code
El curso se celebra del 8 al 12 de julio en Sevilla, y tenemos un equipazo de ponentes que van a impartir talleres muy prácticos y didácticos. Además te vas a llevar a casa montones de recursos listos para usar en el aula.…
Comenzaremos con @nuriaoliver, que es probablemente la mayor experta de nuestro país en inteligencia artificial. ¿No la conoces? Echa un ojo a este vídeo
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The 8 Most Common Automated Testing Use Cases of 2019:
Chances that one or more of these use cases should be a part of your test automation project...
#PerformanceTesting #Testing #software
1️⃣ Acceptance Testing
2️⃣ Backend Testing
3️⃣ Tariff and Charging Verification
4️⃣ Core Network Testing
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