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I want to start out by saying, you folks are in a tough position, being PUBLIC SERVANTS of WE the People. I would like to believe that you truly have the best interest of our children and the community in mind, but you are factually acting outside of your delegated authority...
by practicing medicine, imposing unlawful medical interventions, and by simulating legal process.
That being said, our forefathers put together one of the most powerful and amazing documents in our history. The #constitution, which was drafted to protect individual rights!
They did this in an effort to make sure we didn’t end up under #tyranny again, and yet, here we are with individuals and Agencies operating outside of both their delegated authority and outside of the law. I’d bet my LIFE (emphasis added), if any one of them were alive today...
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True, but there is a fine line between friendly advice and #Information #Warfare. My friends advise me privately and politely, not criticise me on social media, or give me advice on TV interviews! Those who did the latter are no longer my friends 🤡.
#PIP says: “We 😍🥰😘🐕🐩🦮”
3/pip #PIP: “The concept of “Friendship” in IR has been the bane of Indian foreign policy; Indians get emotionally committed to it, while great powers use it as an instrument of moral/intellectual coercion!” Asymmetric tests of “logical consistency” are another tool of coercion
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The CDC has reversed itself and now recommends early treatment for Covid. The DHS memo of Feb. 7th seems to suggest those who argued for the value of early treatment before CDC’s acknowledgment—though factually correct—have spread “malinformation”, a kind of terrorism.
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WTF!!! This is either just a scare tactic or they really plan on doing this 😠

Ordered to use brute force to disrupt & disperse! Physically assault & cause bodily harm to innocent people exercising their Constitutional Rights!
This is a war game...

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Members of the #EuropeanParliament are protesting against the dictatorship of the #EuropeanUnion regarding the #greenpass !

“We have requested full access to the contracts signed between the companies developing the vaccines and the European Union,” said Terheș.
“After much insistence, the MPs got the contract.” Terheș then takes the contract that he received in his mailbox and shows it to the press, while he directly asks whether they think this is okay. We only see pages that have been made illegible. (blacked out)
“We are going to a state where as a citizen you cannot move freely, travel, go to shops and schools or go to work without being vaccinated, with a product of which this is the contract?”
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It is very important in this period of humanity to take a serious look at what is happening in the world friends.

Watch this video first in its entirety & reflect upon current situations critically.

#Menticide is here & with it, a new attempt to establish a "#TechnoTotalitarian" rule over the lives of American citizens.

The final variant of #Coronavirus could very well be the manifestation of a #NewWorldOrder under #totalitarian rule.
That may sound absurd, but what is very concerning is that many talking heads in the media & even public figures are now making very carefully worded emotional appeals to logic to further induce a totalitarian #masspsychosis.
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BRAND accounts were a mistake

A mis-STEAK-umm Image
"Tsunami warning lifted for parts of southern Alaska after major earthquake off the peninsula"…
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1/x You have a right to protect yourself. You do not have a right to take away someone else's rights and freedoms to do so. Your rights end where mine begin and vice versa. This principle is the basis of ALL liberal democracies.
2/x 🇨🇦's Charter does NOT allow govt to suspend Charter rights and freedoms without FIRST passing the Oakes Test in a court of law in which ALL evidence is weighed. This was NEVER done. These public health measure are unlawful.

Ignoring legal principles does not make it right.
3/x Reasonable measures to protect health do not include:
- eliminating public debate
- media acting as a propaganda arm for govt
- suspending court access via evasion tactics
- limiting right to protest
- ignoring informed consent
- coersion
These are symptoms of tyranny.
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In the #USA and much of the so-called #1stWorld, we are in Act 4 of a 5 act Shakespeare epic we might call “Pandemia 2020.”...
In the #UK, they seem mired in Act 3, and in #Russia, #Brasil, #Peru, and parts of #Africa it is Act 2! In #india it seems they are against a wall at the height of the Act 1!...
Why is this so?
To determine this, we must begin in December 2019.

On 26 Dec 2021 the govt in #Taipei, #Taiwan warned every other govt on Earth that their intelligence had determined there was a vrus spreading in #Wuhan, #PRC & that they were banning all travel from #China...
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#Technocracy is #Fascism, #Communism, or something parallel. Coronavirus pandemic accelerated long-held plans of #WEF #Davos to establish #Globalist #Elite so-called #Leftist NWO. #Global policymakers advocating the “Great Reset” advocate #EcoDystopia…
The coming #technocracy is Marxism: involves close cooperation between heads of #digital #industry & #govts. Programs such as minimum income & healthcare for all? NWO governance 'strict societal control with the promise of comprehensive social justice
NWO of #digital tyranny comes with a intrusive #SocialCredit system. The People’s Republic of China is the pioneer of this method of #Surveillance & #Control of #Individuals, #Corporations, & #SocioPolitical entities
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With the staged "Pictures of Bergamo" the mass media started their #PandemicShow last year.

The "Pictures of Den Haag" are not staged, they show the real madness our society has been driven into by mass media and their political actors.


No words needed.
Peaceful lady pushed by special police forces and hard hit by police car. See next clip with other perspective.
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#Australia, #Victoria police brutality
Since the socalled "terrorists" took down #WTC, police all over the world are "fighting terrorists" meaning you and I. But remember it's no #fascist #conspiracy 😂
(Note: featuring serg. Scott Gray as Main Bully)

Aussie Cop Challenges Police Repression
"Kevin Dawson: “If there is truly no #conspiracy here, why aren’t we having the conversation?"

#Covid19 #Australia #NSW (New South Wales)…
#Victoria #Police Unlawfully detained in front of Parliament
If you told the police, worldwide, that they would detain people for a flulike virus in a years time they would have smiled and said "we are too busy for nonsens"🙃
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It’s time that American patriots again expunge Communists in our midsts. Go find and hunt down any commies you can, and de-person them. Find them in your schools, your workplace, your government, your local news, your banks, your streets, your neighborhoods…

Hunt. Them. Down. Image
What the f*ck has happened to America?

Well, creeping Communism happened… Most of their mid-20th century manifesto for “fundamentally transforming” the United States has come to pass in the 21st century:…

#tyranny #CommunismKills #USA Image
Pro-America patriots are fighting to keep our Republic.

The subversive Leftists are striving to “fundamentally transform” America—they are for the abandonment of individualism, and for putting the State above all; government central in your life… Democrats are vile Communists. Image
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Australia is being DELIBERATELY Decimated
by both Foreign & Domestic Entities
for the Benefit of the Few
at the Cost to the many
where YOUR Future is Determined
by someone else
b/c THEY say so

Here is the PROOF -;
The Global Positioning is expanding

#QUESTION = Do You realize what is REALLY Going on
Do you believe the Narrative that is couched in
"Feel Good" terms of Inclusion & Diversity ??

#QUESTION = Can You "SEE" the Direction
that is being Imposed ??

Natural Progression by Society is one thing
When that Direction is FORCED Upon You without any Public Discourse

#QUESTION = Do You think that is NOT Happening ??

Think Again -;
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Remember all those Patriots and gun fanatics back in 2016 talking about how they'd be the first ones to stand up against tyranny and defend their fellow Americans from government overreach and oppression?

Well here they are celebrating unidentified mercenaries in Portland abducting & beating unarmed civilians.

They don't have any more information than we do regarding who these unmarked armed forces actually are... so they just make things up in order to make it righteous.

Well over 1k comments. The vast majority of which pledging to defend a tyrannical government...from you.

Conservative hypocrisy is as dangerous as it is limitless.

Fascism has arrived in America & your armed-to-the-teeth neighbors are the ones holding the door.

END/ #Tyranny
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The #coronavirus #Plandemic, wasnt the only event planned yrs in advance. #Trump ‘s pres was planned yrs in advance! He even told us so! He said, “This is a rigged system folks!”

But we thought he was just calling out the fake MSM’s bias toward HRC. It is, IN FACT, RIGGED!
In 1995/96, Steve Jackson Games created new cards for their Illuminati: New World Order (INWO) game. 2 of those cards were: Charismatic Leader, & Enough is Enough. Dates of the copyrights are in the links/screenshots. Game is out of print; cards/games can be found on eBay/Amazon.
The two cards, created in 1994, & 1995–21, & 22 years before Trump was elected—distinctly depict President Donald Trump.……
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Story of a important man in history who got pretty much sadly forgoten😔. As one of the biggedt resistance of Hitler. So I write this also in his memorial


So I resarched a bit about

Carl Albert Fritz Michael Gerlich
Carl Albert Fritz Michael Gerlich. Born February 15, 1883 in Szczecin in a Calvinist family with four brothers; Died July 1, 1934 in the #Dachau #concentrationcamp. He studied mathematics and physics in 1902. History and anthropology in 1903.
In 1907 he received his doctorate in philosophy (Dr.Phil). In addition to his work as a historian in the Bavarian State Archives Service, he published numerous articles on anti-socialist and ethnic-#German-conservative topics in the southern German monthly magazines.
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My 140 favorite quotes from The Ethics of Money Production (2008), by Jörg Guido Hülsmann
1. #Money is omnipresent in modern life, yet the production of money does not seem to warrant any moral assessment”. J.G.Hülsmann
2. “To be sure, central bank representatives are lecturing the public on the importance of business #ethics; but their concerns do not seem to apply to themselves”. J.G.Hülsmann
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Federal law makes the act of providing a #falsestatement to the government a #crime.

You know what this looks like:

FBI Agent [to a person of interest, after appropriate warnings]:

"Were you at First Central Bank between 10 and 11 am on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2016?"

Person of Interest: "Not at all! I was in South Carolina, boarding the Big M Riverboat, for a day of gambling with friends."
FBI Agent: "Let me show you a video taken inside the bank on the date and time in question." [shows video clearly depicting the person of interest in the bank, video date, and time stamp confirms date and time].
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Breaking: Earlier as it is standard protocol that foreign visit by leaders is often followed by meeting Nigerians in diaspora, but HE Atiku was confronted by a different kind, eliciting the last groan of a dying dictator. We export hooliganism now. #DemarketingNigeria #Tyranny
However much protests are important in a democracy, the irony here is that these Buharists support a man who does not allow protests in his country and turns the guns of security operatives on unarmed protesters. Let’s thank the organizers of this charade...they failed.
Prof Isa Odidi successfully hosted HE @Atiku Town hall meeting with US based-Nigerians (diaspora) at the Trump International Hotel Washington DC on 18th January 2019 before leaving hours ago for Nigeria.
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It is interesting that another ambiguity has been launched suggesting that politicians who own properties worth N50M & above (opposition technically) are summarily corrupt & must be restricted from traveling abroad while they await the seizure of their property! #Tyranny 🤔
An undisclosed list of some high profile people (politicians) in society have been drafted for victimization. According to Barrister @AbdulMahmud01 “The constitution safeguards the right to go abroad against executive interference which is not supported by law;
law here means enacted law or state law...thus no person can be deprived of his right to go abroad unless there's a law made by the State prescribing the procedure for so depriving him and the deprivation is effected strictly in accordance with such procedure...
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All 4 (now present) in Trump Presidency:

1. Open hostility to verifiable reality and #FreePress
(Use of words “Hoax” or “Fake.”

2. Shamanistic incarnation- phrases used such as “lock her up” “build that wall.” And now....”Angry mob.” “Mob Rule.” Dazed by chants
3. Magical thinking (Mexico pays for wall/Drain the swamp. Facts are not necessary-just need a chant.)

4. Misplaced faith: (like Trump is “strong” and “protective” or the only one who can deliver positive economy.) @TimothyDSnyder
“Fake news” is used by an authoritarian who is trying to govern from place of uncertainty.
Lügenjournalisten = “lying journalist”
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THREAD: Do you feel it? Something shifting? Accelerating? This week I keep hearing @TimothyDSnyder in my head. #Tyranny is on the move.
1. This week, the FCC voted to end #NetNeutrality despite its popularity. This give away to ISP's is more concerning than the normal kleptocratic giveaways of this regime because it directly affects media and public discourse.
2. Of course, we all knew it was coming. I didn't even wait for the news yesterday because I knew. I knew from Pai's appointment and the sham call for comments that they hid & then hijacked. I knew when they dumped the news the wed. before thanksgiving. Yesterday was confirmation
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