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आज विजयदशमी अर्थात दशहरे के पावन अवसर पर आप सभी को हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।

भगवान श्रीराम का आशीर्वाद आप सभी पर बना रहे।

वाल्मीकि रामायण की कुछ रोचक जानकारी साझा करने का इससे अच्छा अवसर क्या हो सकता है 🙏

#श्रीराम #जय_माता_दी #जय_माँ_अम्बे
#रामायण #रावण #Thread
चूंकि आज सारी जानकारी मिथ्या निवारण के लिए है,जो वामपंथी अल्पज्ञानी तथा बॉलीवुड के अल्पज्ञानी,मूर्ख एवं पाखंड़ियों द्वारा फैलाया जा रहा है,मैं प्रयत्न करूँगा की सारे तथ्य उसी पर केंद्रित रहें।

जय श्री राम बोलकर आरंभ करता हूँ।
श्री राम, रघुवंशी-इक्ष्वाकु-सूर्यवंशी वंश से थे जिनके पिता दशरथ एवं माता कौशल्या थीं।

वेदों के अनुसार राम शब्द का अर्थ होता है प्यारा, आकर्षक, रमणीय और मनभावन, तथा बौद्ध ग्रंथों के अनुसार (पाली में) अर्थ होता है मन को प्रसन्न करने वाले एवं हर्षित करने वाले।

भगवान विष्णु 🚩
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🕉 #JaiMataDi #Thread
Navratri: 9 nights of worshipping the Goddess 🙏
Navratri celebrates the Supreme Goddess in her Myriad Cosmic manifestations of Shakti: Ma Durga (protection), Ma Lakshmi (abundance), Ma Saraswati (knowledge) & Mahakali (transformation) 🚩1/5 @LostTemple7
🕉 On the first 3 days, Ma Durga is worshipped for dispelling negativity and misfortune.
On the next 3 days, Ma Lakshmi Devi is revered as the beautiful goddess of wealth & prosperity for both spiritual & worldly endeavours 🚩2/5
🕉 During the last 3 days, Saraswati Devi is worshipped for bestowing deep learning & profound wisdom. Ma Kali is invoked for the highest transcendence. We also worship the 9 forms of Ma Durga through the Navratri, one for each day🚩3/5
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🕉1/n -7th Century Chalukya Era Shri Ambabai Mahalaxmi Temple,Kolhapur,Maharashtra - a Shakti Peetha on PanchGanga River banks. Mounted on Stone platform, Murthi of Crowned Goddess is made of gemstone & weighs 40 kgs & is 3Ft in height. Shri Yantra is carved on the Temple wall 🚩
🕉 2/n- Acc to Karavira Mahatmya,Lord Vishnu resides here in form of Devi Mahalaxmi. Demon Kolhasura, was destroyed by Goddess Mahalakshmi here at Karavira which is the temple today. Central Shrine is of Devi Mahalakshmi & two on either side are of Mahakali & Mahasaraswathi 🚩
🕉3/n-The Temple GarbaGriha is designed such that once a year, the Sun’s setting rays fall on the face of Goddess Mahalakshmi for a period of 3 days in March & Sept. Above Goddess Mahalaxmi’s sanctum is a shrine Of Lord Mahadev🚩@chitranayal09 @yashshiningstar
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Hinduism expansion in Asia, from its heartland in Indian Subcontinent, to the rest of Asia, started circa 1st century
Greater India was the historical extent of the culture of Hinduism & Buddhism beyond the Indian subcontinent.
Ruins of Ayutthaya Temple in Wat Cha Wattanaram, Ayutthaya Historical Park, Thailand which was named after Ayodhya.
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