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🧵#Thailand's foreign minister has invited his fellow #ASEAN counterparts to an "informal" dialogue to discuss ways to help resolve #Myanmar #coup crisis, into its 3rd year. Invite also extended to Myanmar #military… #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #เมียนมา #พม่า
I understand that a few @ASEAN foreign ministers from nations like #Malaysia #Singapore & current @asean_ri chair #Indonesia will not participate in the talks mooted by #Thailand to take place in #Bangkok June 18-19. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
In the #Thai invite letter to @ASEAN foreign ministers, which I've also seen, @MFAThai minister Don says the "meeting is intended to be an informal dialogue that could be part of the initial steps of the #Myanmar peace process" #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
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Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat said his party will pursue ASEAN's 5-point consensus and ensure that it achieves its goal of ending the violence in #Myanmar.

Vid via @pipob69 from CH3

#Thailand #ก้าวไกล #พิธา #เลือกตั้ง66
Pita said that without Thailand's presence, the 5-point consensus is not going to be achieved.

He emphasized that Thailand needs to take the lead in establishing a humanitarian corridor between the two countries, citing a legal basis for doing so.
Pita suggested that Thailand could initiate the humanitarian efforts by leveraging the US's Burma Act.

This would ensure that there is an appropriate level of pressure and incentive for the people of Myanmar to resolve their own conflict, he said.
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1/6 Incredible timing. #Adani sells Yangon port just hours after being exposed for continuing their business partnership with the #Myanmar military & seeking new coal business deals with them. Amazing achievement by @JusticeMyanmar & others. But serious questions must be asked.🧵 Image
2/6 How did #Adani suddenly find a buyer for its Yangon port just hours after the release of highly damaging leaked documents, when they’ve spent the last 2 years dragging their feet and privately cosying up to sanctioned military generals? #Myanmar…
3/6 #Adani have sold their #Myanmar port to a mysterious company named Solar Energy Ltd for $30M. Who is this company and where are they based? Who is the ultimate beneficial owner of Solar Energy Ltd? What, if any, human rights due diligence has Adani conducted on this company?
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6. The laws in Hindu dominated valley are different as Meitei Hindus are not classed under ST. So on their lands anyone can come and settle and particularly the hill Christians can come and settle there any time. This has resulted in a very unbalanced situation harming Hindus.
7. The valley, which is predominantly Meitei Hindu is not protected from the they are reserved for Christianity, and the valley which is Hindu is termed as non-ST or General Hindus as it is Vaishnava Hindu community and thus is out of the land protection law.
8. The demographic situation of Manipur is very volatile with Hindus losing every decade. Currently while 49% are Hindu and Sanmahi (tribal pagan religion friendly with Hindu dharma), 51% are Christian and Muslim (42% Christian and the rest Muslim).
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Huge breaking story on @abcnews from @jrojourno. #Adani sought new coal business ventures with sanctioned #Myanmar military entities on the very same day that it was telling the world it was exiting the country. Key points below🧵…
"leaked documents obtained by a Myanmar human rights group & shared with ABC Investigations reveal #Adani, on the same day it flagged its exit from the port, lodged an "expression of interest" to export coal from #Myanmar... that would help fund the brutal regime.
"In a letter to a US-sanctioned junta minister, an #Adani exec said the group was also negotiating a related electricity supply deal with the regime." Image
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BREAKING: Leaked documents expose #Adani continuing its business partnership and even seeking new coal business deals with the murderous Myanmar military, which is ramping up its campaign of terror against the people of #Myanmar. #StopAdani… Image
#Adani sought new coal business deals with the #Myanmar military at the same time it was telling the world it was exiting the country. Adani's investors could be funding war crimes and genocide. @JusticeMyanmar @theACIJ are calling for investors & ratings agencies to #StopAdani "But leaked documents ...
The #Myanmar military recently bombed a large gathering of innocent civilians, killing at least 165 people, including many children. #Adani is enabling these atrocities by doing business with the Myanmar military. Adani’s investors are complicit & must divest immediately. In a letter to a US-sanctio...
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In five years, #JoeBiden will likely get the #NobelPeacePrize. But not because he did anything proactively for peace.

It is because a #Multipolar World will be more peaceful than a unipolar one, and Biden has done more than anyone else (albeit unwittingly) to further that. (1/n)
The US-led #sanctions against #Russia in response to the #UkraineRussiaWar have forced countries around the world to abandon the US dollar as a medium of trade. This is forcing the rest of the world (non-West) together. Banning Russia from #swift was most important in this. (2/n)
#India and #China desperately need oil. Because of sanctions, Russia is providing oil at cheap rates to both. Russia has now become India's largest source of oil, displacing Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Chinese imports of Russian oil have also zoomed upwards. (3/n)
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Do not read if you don't have a strong heart.

Hindu women were taken hostage for marriage, fed meat against their belief, burned 9 Hindu villages.

This is for people asking for permanent settlement for Rohingya Muslims in India. Image
Kha Maung Seik massacre, August 2017.

The Hindus are a minority group in Maungdaw District, comprising only 1% of the population with around 5,000 people. Image
On 25 August, several Muslim from the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army in black masks attacked the Hindu villages in Kha Maung Seik. They objected to the official identity cards provided by the Myanmar authorities to the Hindus.
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In today's #dailysoup, let's go to #Myanmar as I'll discuss about the military base at the Coco Islands, which is being built by the Chinese-influenced Burmese military junta.

More info in this 🧵.

1/16 Image
The Coco Islands are a group of islands located at the Bay of Bengal, sandwiched between the Andaman Islands and Myanmar.

This group of islands comprise of two major islands, Great Coco and Little Coco, as well as a couple of small islands.

2/16 Image
Moreover, the Coco Islands are located near the strategic Strait of Malacca, which is extremely essential as a strait connecting the Pacific and the Indian Oceans, and as an East-West nexus.

3/16 Image
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Today, #India's Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) released its Annual Report of 2022.

What does it say about #Myanmar? Any change in tone and content from last year's report?

A thread 🧵 (1/n) Image
Introductory section:

2022 report projects the usual Indian diplomatic, "neutral" narrative on post-coup #Myanmar – except the following sentence that appeared in the 2021 report:

"Restoration of democracy in Myanmar remains a priority."

L: 2022 report; R: 2021 report (2/n) ImageImage
Later, however, in the "India's Neighbours" section, it notes how #India has, among other things, called for "#Myanmar's return to democracy at the earliest." (3/n) Image
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🧵"China wants peace" is too simplistic a narrative.

Weeks before the #China-brokered deal b/w #Iran & #SaudiArabia was announced, Beijing sent its top envoy, Deng Xijun, to northern #Myanmar to meet top ethnic rebel groups & convince them to sign ceasefire deals with the junta.
And last week, Xijun travelled to Nay Pyi Taw to meet the coup leader, Min Aung Hlaing. Beijing wants to tell the US (which has sanctioned "non-lethal" aid to the democratic resistance) that it has more access in Burmese power corridors.…
For Xi's China, "peace" in #Myanmar only means ceasefire between a rogue junta & powerful ethnic rebel groups that have sway over the Myanmar-China border regions. Beijing wants them to stop fighting so that it can resume work on its own projects.
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🚨 IMPORTANT: The #Manipur gov has withdrawn its Suspension of Operations (SoO) agreement with the Kuki National Army (KNA) & Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA) following violent clashes between some Kuki groups & police over encroachment of tribal land. (1/8)…
Protests have taken place in mostly Kangpokpi district, but also in Churachandpur & Tengnoupal districts. Demonstrators allege that the #BirenSingh gov has been taking over tribal land in the name of expanding reserve forests & wildlife sanctuaries. (2/8)…
#Manipur CM, Biren Singh, told @NELiveTV's Wasbir Hussain that protests are happening in only 2 districts inhabited by "Chin-Kuki brothers". He said "illegal immigrants from #Myanmar" are creating chaos cuz they want to expand poppy cultivation. (3/8)
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Yesterday, #India's Development of North Eastern Region (DONER) minister virtually met the #Myanmar junta's Minister of Border Affairs.

Here's the Indian press release on the meeting. Few salient points... 🧵(1/n)… Image
- New Delhi continues to wager on the junta to keep its Northeastern borders secure & stable;

- India wants to resume its development projects, including the Border Area Development Projects (BADP), in #Myanmar at the earliest. Most of these are funded by grants; (2/n)
Emphasis on "early restoration of peace & security" as opposed to "democracy" (as was the case before). In fact, New Delhi has quietly dropped all references to "restoration of democracy" in its statements on post-coup #Myanmar since last year. (3/n)
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"The sham electoral exercise being prepared by the military junta is only suited to bringing about a new wave of heightened bloodshed and violence. This exercise is simply without a basis" — EU Parliament Vice-President @HeidiHautala's address to #Myanmar MPs in the @CrphMyanmar
@HeidiHautala @CrphMyanmar @EP_DEG @NUGMyanmar "For two years, the world has witnessed an unprecedented coming together of each and every part of the Myanmar people. Never before has there been such a large, unified front to fight the terrorist activities of the military" — @HeidiHautala addressing 5th session of @CrphMyanmar
@HeidiHautala @CrphMyanmar @EP_DEG @NUGMyanmar VP @heidihautala calls on parliaments across the globe to support @crphmyanmar, and adds: "A new, democratic, federal Myanmar can only be built on a solid foundation of inclusiveness, upholding human rights, and conscious efforts at building/solidifying mutual trust in society"
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🧵 Quick glance at the #India sections of this detailed & timely report by @SpecialCouncil on the global supply network of the #Myanmar junta's defence production industry. (1/n)

Full report: Image
The @SpecialCouncil found that the #Myanmar junta was relying on defence production supplies from #India (among other countries) because of deteriorating quality of Chinese products. This new dynamic creates a major incentive for the supply side. (2/n)
#India-domiciled companies are supplying two types of defence production materials to the #Myanmar military:

1) Spare parts & components for weapons/platforms (fuses, optical accessories, detonators, etc.)
2) Raw materials (iron, copper, high-grade steel, etc.). (3/n)
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🧵#Israel/#Myanmar: In wie weit ist der israelische #Spyware Hersteller #Cognyte an der Ermordung von der #Rohingya-Bevölkerung in Myanmar verwickelt? Klage am obersten Gericht gegen #Cognyte und ungenannte Beamte des Verteidigungs- und Außenministeriums eingereicht. 1/x Israel/Myanmar: In wie weit ist der israelische #Spyware Her
2/x Fest steht, dass das Unternehmen eine Ausschreibung zum Verkauf von #Spyware an #Myanmar vor dem #Putsch gewann.
3/x #Israel|s #Cognyte Software Ltd hat einen Monat vor dem Militärputsch im Februar 2021 eine Ausschreibung zum Verkauf von Abhör-Spyware an ein unterstütztes Telekommunikationsunternehmen des Staates #Myanmar gewonnen, wie aus geprüften Dokumenten von @Reuters hervorgeht.
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#Myanmar sentences 8 journalists to years in prison, releases 6 others…
In December, #Myanmar courts sentenced at least eight independent journalists to prison terms ranging from three to 10 years.…
#Myanmar: On January 4, junta authorities released at least six jailed journalists as part of a wider amnesty of over 7,000 prisoners to mark the nation’s Independence Day.…
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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! Yesterday, #Russian President Vladimir #Putin was informed about the first deliveries of military uniforms ordered in #Myanmar and #Vietnam. They are intended for those called up for the second wave of mobilization.
The President is going to launch the second wave in the second half of January. In total, winter and summer military uniforms for 600,000 people have been ordered in the countries of Southeast Asia. The deadline for completing the order is limited to March 15, 2023.
Also, the military ordered uniforms for about 300,000 more people in #Iran. Why "about"? Those who have already received military uniforms from Iran know that about a third of the total is rejects.
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Journalist imprisonments reach a record high, according to CPJ’s 2022 prison census.

Worst jailers:

#Iran 62 journalists imprisoned
#China 43
#Myanmar 42
#Turkey 40
#Belarus 26
#Egypt 21
#Vietnam 21
#Russia 19
#Eritrea 16
#Saudi Arabia 11…
CPJ’s 2022 prison census has found 363 journalists deprived of their freedom as of December 1, 2022—the highest number CPJ has recorded in the 30-year history of the census, overtaking last year’s record by 20% & marking another grim milestone in a deteriorating media landscape.
In a year marked by conflict and repression, authoritarian leaders doubled down on their criminalization of independent reporting, deploying increasing cruelty to stifle dissenting voices and undermine #pressfreedom

Read more:…
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"Between January and end of September 2022, Ukraine received five times more media coverage than the combined coverage of the ten worst conflict affected countries to be a child in 2021." - Save The Children
Gotta love corporate media... silence while children are dying. SHAME!
This is just sad & enraging. Mainstream media complicity & capitulation. #media #Afghanistan #BurkinaFaso #CentralAfricanRepublic #Congo #Mali #Myanmar #Nigeria #Somalia #Syria #Yemen Image
Will be making video to go over this and so much more later this week at
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Compilation of world leaders congratulating @anwaribrahim on his appointment as 🇲🇾 Malaysia's 10th Prime Minister. #pm10malaysia #AnwarIbrahim

This is a 🧵

*This thread excludes wishes from foreign missions, embassies, and world bodies.
The first to congratulate, President of the Republic of #Indonesia @jokowi 🇮🇩

President Jokowi called @anwaribrahim via phone and later tweeted his congratulation wishes.

President @RTErdogan of #Turkiye 🇹🇷 called moments before @anwaribrahim starts his press conference. Anwar Ibrahim puts the call on speaker in front of the press.

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This plate contains some hot 🌶green chillies called "kochchi" in 🇱🇰 #SriLanka.
A Sri Lankam student of year 5 (around 10 y/o) gave these chillies to the canteen staff of the school asking if she can get some food in return. 1/
🌶Imagine how many children of 🇱🇰 #SriLanka are malnourished now? 🌶Imagine how desperate this child was for some food?
🌶Imagine how many children skip school because of hunger?
Dear 🇱🇰#SriLanka,
Do you still support these politicians who stole from you and are stealing? 2/
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This day 3 years ago I gave a talk on the global decay and renewal of #democracy @VicParliament. Wow, it feels like a decade has happened since then, and we see major positive and negative trends:

An impressionistic (non-comprehensive) thread 🧵
In 2019 the dominant narrative was of alarming regression in democratic commitments, with a growing crop of neo-authoritarians, incl #Trump #Orban #Kascynski #Erdogan #Bolsonaro #Modi, and seeming ascendance of #Putin #Xi, spurring explosion of research…
Obviously one of the biggest things to happen since 2019 is #COVID19
- The research tells us that functioning democracies showed resilience, while those already in trouble, and 'hybrid' systems and 'harder' authoritarian states, were hit hardest
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What does a brutal regime do when, try as they might, their own security forces just can’t do all the torture and killing on their own?

Well, in #Myanmar, the junta outsources some of it to others...
🧵 Image
Since the military coup on February 1, 2021, Myanmar’s junta has brutally suppressed opposition.

Police and military have killed at least 2,300 people, and arbitrarily detained more than 15,700, using torture on many in detention.
It all amounts to crimes against humanity.…
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