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Breaking my PhD write up-imposed Twitter hiatus to comment briefly on #COVIDー19 in #Myanmar. This will be very elliptical, leaving out numerous considerations for the sake of a short(er) thread.
If you follow Myanmar, you'll have seen lots of stories about Buddhist meditation centres being used for quarantine. This might suggest that religious social work actors and networks (parahita) are responding as thoroughly as they have to other man made and natural disasters.
However, outside urban centres, this has not really been the case. For instance, one Ma Ba Tha affiliated women in Kayin, with whom I've consulted since 2017, remarked that the age of Buddhist monks and their communal living makes them vulnerable to the virus.
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Today I have brought a thread On The several dwipa(continents) mentioned in our ancient historical texts(#Mahabharat,#Ramayana purana etc ).The Puranic period was divided into Seven dwipas(continents).
They are described below👇
1. Jambu Dwipa: (almost present day Asia).. ..(1)
.. The name Jambu Dwipa has been derived from the Jambu (#Indian Blackberry) tree. Acc. to some of the ancient Indian scholars,it embraces the whole of the Northern Hemisphere,lying to the north of Salt Sea .Jambu Dwipa is surrounded by the Salt
Ocean ... (2)
.. & lies in the heart of the concentric sequence of the dwipas.This dwipa is further divided into sub-regions called varsas (Realms/zone)-the dwelling seats of rishis (observers). iLavrila (Pamir region) is the central varsa (realm) & the Meru (Pamir),...(3)
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The #IMF says the "Great Lockdown" recession will likely be the worst since the Great Depression. Global economy projected to shrink by 3% in 2020. By contrast, in January, the IMF had forecast a global GDP expansion of 3.3% for this year. Details in chart below. Table: @IMFNews
IMF: Partial global rebound to 5.8% in 2021 “assumes the #pandemic fades in the 2nd half of 2020, & that policy actions taken by countries are effective in preventing widespread firm bankruptcies, extended job losses, & system-wide financial strains.” #WEO
How does your country fare in the latest #IMF projections for 2020 & 2021?… @IMFNews #economies #GDP #finance
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I spent some time last week reading through the #Myanmar Govt's #COVIDー19 Contingency Plan. I read it as a governance guy (I don't know anything about health), I read the English translation doc & I read it as a white guy who lives in Yangon (but is temporarily in Australia)
Here are some things that I learnt about the Govt's formal structures and preparedness plans. Obviously, what I didn’t learn was how this is ACTUALLY going to play out - which will likely be very different to how it is outlined in this very well considered plan.
but before we get started, a little context is always good… thank you @thantmyintu
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Thread: The 21st century in retrospect #COVID19
We must learn great lessons from this helpless situation that the world finds itself in. We were cruising on a ship that allowed oppression&punishment for those that spoke against oppression. A ship that criminalized those that stood against the legalization of homosexuality...
A ship that allowed the oppression of the weak ones. A ship that has sailed away from the #Palestinians, a ship whose captain denied the #Myanmar its peace of mind. A ship that accommodated "wokeness* where people blatantly oppose Divine guidance. A ship celebrated by the devil
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Great event and panel put together by @livemint @UtpalBhaskar converging diverse views from financing, #fossilfuel generation, #energytransition #technology and business operations in the #electricity value-chain! 1/n
As Power Minsiter @RajKSinghIndia rightly said, problems of capacity and #energyaccess has been solved, and the next problem to be solved is reducing #India's #carbonfootprint - #electrification of #mobility and #cooking is one pathway.
Increasing domestic and international demand for #electricity will lead to more #RenewableEnergy capacity installation; new connections and usage will ⬆️domestic demand, integration & #export (neighbors inc #Myanmar #SriLanka) will ⬆️cross-border demand, which India can supply.
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In the UN Inner City Press is banned from by pro-China UNSG @AntonioGuterres for 608 days now, these are those let in to put Qs to China's PR Zhang Jun. Will they ask about #Xinjiang & Uighurs? #HongKong? CEFC China Energy's bribes that Guterres covers up? thread
@antonioguterres @FUNCA_info @MatthewLeeICP @UyghurProject @tingdc @DanGarrett97 @LeniDiamond @AdamShawNY @kristina_wong @SaraCarterDC @allimadi So far China's Ambassador Zhang Jun has only spoken about "terrorism" in Africa. Music to the ears of dictators like Paul Biya, who justify their killing of civilians by calling all opponents terrorists. And @AntonioGuterres and Francois Lonceny Fall go along
@antonioguterres @FUNCA_info @MatthewLeeICP @UyghurProject @tingdc @DanGarrett97 @LeniDiamond @AdamShawNY @kristina_wong @SaraCarterDC @allimadi Look who's mindless promoting this China presidency of the UN Security Council? It's the UN Correspondents Association, which has long given a veto-wielding seat on its board to state media Xinhua, blocking any raising of @AntonioGuterres ban on Taiwan journos
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The @IAF_MCC Indian Air Force #C17 #Globemaster prepares to take off from #Wuhan on its way to #NewDelhi after delivering more than 15 tons of relief assistance. @DrSJaishankar @MEAIndia
76 Indian nationals are returning home on this flight, which also has on board 23 nationals from Bangladesh, 6 from China, 2 each from Myanmar and Maldives and one each from South Africa, USA and Madagascar. Wish them all a safe journey and good health. @DrSJaishankar @MEAIndia
Would like to thank @MFA_China and the provincial authorities in #Hubei Province for their assistance and facilitation of this operation. @DrSJaishankar @MEAIndia
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This is the UN briefing Inner City Press is banned from by corrupt UNSG @AntonioGuterres for the 590th day; this @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric has been asked 10 question incl on #Cameroon #Myanmar #HongKong China #coronavirus #Samoa UN rapes Denmark - thread
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Banned Inner City Press asked, given that 8,000 people have fled from #Cameroon into #Nigeria in the past two weeks because of an upsurge in violence and some arrived with gunshot wounds - what is the UN doing? Why didn't SG Guterres even mention this at the AU?
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Banned Inner City Press asked, February 13-2: On #Myanmar, what is the SG doing to get the Internet turned back on, as he didn't in Cameroon?…
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This morning, @Facebook announced that it removed assets for “coordinated inauthentic behavior” from Russia, Iran, & Myanmar.

We saw some new things & re-confirmed a bunch of things about efforts from Russia & Iran.

But the assets removed deriving from Myanmar were wild.

On the Russia efforts, the biggest takeaways included that info operations are not exclusive to one platform, efforts are getting more sophisticated, and harder for #OSINT to attribute.

Good report from @Graphika_NYC.
Great thread on the latest takedown of Russian influence operations from @DFRLab non-resident senior fellow and @Graphika_NYC investigations director @benimmo. #disinformation

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1/ In het @NOS Journaal wordt voortdurend uitgebreid stil gestaan bij geweld en discriminatie tegen moslimminderheden in niet-islamitische landen. Er is daarentegen nauwelijks aandacht voor geweld en discriminatie tegen christelijke minderheden in moslimlanden. Een draadje...
@NOS 2/ Talloze keren hebben we in het @NOS journaal items voorbij zien komen over zielige onderdrukte #Rohingya-moslims in #Myanmar, over zielige onderdrukte #Oeigoerse moslims in #China of over zielige onderdrukte moslims in het noorden van #India.
@NOS 3/ In al die gevallen ging er een hele historie van moslimextremisme en -terrorisme vooraf aan de harde aanpak van moslims door de niet-islamitische regeringen in betreffende landen. Maar dat aspect krijgt geen aandacht.

Over de terreur door de #Rohingya:
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OK. Here we go. #ICJ Provisional Measures Order #TheGambia v #Myanmar #Rohingya #Genocideconvention Judge Sebutinde - not on the bench.
- Background of application - omitting procedural history etc.
Reference to #Rohingya group that self-identifies as Rohingya; prima facie jurisdiction need not be definitive as to merits of the case - art 36(1) ICJ Statute & Art 9 Genocide Convention - this needs to be satisfied first
Parties to GC - no reservation to art 9 by Myanmar but to art 6 & 8; no reservations of Gambia; “dispute” exists where hold “clearly opposite views” re performance/non-performance of obligations;one party maintains dispute, other denies it. Therefore compromissory clause comes in
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The #ICJ will announce its ruling on #Gambia’s request for provisional measures against #Myanmar on Thursday, in the case alleging #genocide against the #Rohingya. A few thoughts about what to look out for in the Court's ruling in this thread. 1/12
The threshold question is whether #Gambia established all of the required elements to allow the #ICJ to grant provisional measures (prima facie jurisdiction, plausibility of claims, link between PMs requested and the rights at issue, urgency, and risk of irreparable harm)? 2/12
#Myanmar has tried to muddy the waters on jurisdiction and admissibility, but it is hard to imagine the Court not finding that it has prima facie jurisdiction here. Myanmar will have a second chance to make jurisdiction and admissibility arguments at the case's next phase. 3/12
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1: Some people think these agreements for the #China-#Myanmar Economic Corridor & the deep seaport mean a #Chinese naval base it's coming.

I say NO WAY, the Myanmar people & its military are fiercely opposed to Chinese influence or CN military use there.
2: Myanmar needs economic investments from China due to its isolation from the western world due to the Rohingya conflict, but the Myanmar military (the real power there) is extremely nationalistic & opposed to Chinese designs; they know CN arms the rebel groups.
3: The military had actually opened up in the past & ended the military dictatorship because of increasing Chinese influence. Now they had to step back a bit because of the western induced isolation, but that's all. Other than China, only Japan, India & Thailand invest there,
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Umm. Facebook seems to be translating “Xi Jinping” written in Burmese as “Mr Shithole”.

This is a post on Aung San Suu Kyi’s official page, recounting her meeting with him yesterday... h/t @felizysolo

”kingdom of Mr Shithole”
It is still the same, almost 24 hours later:…
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Day 3 - last day of #ICJ provisional measures hearings, #TheGambia v #Myanmar #GenocideConvention #Rohingya. First up, #TheGambia Reichler: Myanmar not denied UN #FFM conclusion of “inference of genocidal intent” or the 7 indicators; 2019 report para 224 - extreme brutality;
Quoted ASSK admission of #IHL violations; ignoring of #sexual violence; #hate narratives - commander in chief Min Aung Hlaing #Facebook page quoted; discriminatory policies including #citizenship law & NVC process; govt tolerance of hate; failure to investigate prosecute
This last one was the only point disputed by Myanmar - “what state is she talking about?” - military justice system must investigate & prosecute - difficulties admitted by ASSK; how can the #Tatmadaw hold itself accountable when top 6 commanders recommend for prosecution?
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Day 2 #Gambia v #Myanmar #ICJ begins, w/#ASSK up first. She declares #genocide is a crime, applied by #ICTR to #Rwanda but not to #Kosovo or #Croatia by #ICTY or #ICJ, because of a lack of dolus specialis.
Gambia has put fwd 'Incomplete & misleading factual picture'. Situation in #Rahkine is 'complex & not easy to fathom'. (same rhetoric as we have heard for years)
Complexities go back for yrs. Claims conflict btwn Arakan Army w/5000 fighters & the #Myanmar Army, w/Arakan Army seeking independence. The conflict has led to displacement & security measures such as curfew & checkpoints, applied to all regardless of background.
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Ok folks - Day 2 of the #ICJ #Gambia v #Myanmar provisional measures hearings going to start - important as no submissions yet by Myanmar so, first formal indication of their legal strategy. [I’ll be away on an interview for a bit so hoping we have other “live tweeters”?? :)]
Agent of Myanmar: #ASSK takes the floor as minister for foreign affairs (is this the first time an agent doesn’t have a legal background); #genocide convention “wholeheartedly” signed by Myanmar; not applied to Kosovo or exodus of Serb population from Croatia. No Specific intent
Incorrect factual situation presented to court; though suffering of innocent people. #Rakhine state background - internal armed conflict; Arakan army seeks independence; displacement & conflict, affecting civilians
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Here we go. Commencement of provisional measures hearings at the #ICJ: first up, the appointment of the two #judges #adhoc - biographies of Navanethem Pillay & Claus Kress - chosen by #TheGambia & #Myanmar respectively. Art. 31, ICJ #Statute.
Priority of request of indication of provisional measures prioritized over all other cases, balanced with opportunity for parties to be represented. 3 hours per party Tuesday & Wednesday, after which reply on Thursday for each. ICJ Procedure.
No entering into merits of case, stick to requirements for provisional measures.
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A #thread on my recent social media in Myanmar report with @SydneyUni_Media for @SaveUKNews:
Anthropologists get really excited when someone asks us to design research, so when Save the Children #Myanmar contacted me about this project I was thrilled. There are a lot of truisms about internet use in Myanmar that haven’t really been tested empirically.
For instance, the idea that ‘Facebook is the internet’ is so prevalent its hardly ever questioned. We wanted to design a piece of research that would actually enable us to look into people’s digital worlds, to see how they constructed and maintained them.
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Thread: A strategic #Indian partner in the Bay of Bengal: #Myanmar! - Bilateral Naval Exercise ‘IMNEX 2019’ between India and Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal in India are already underway since the end of last week
India has transferred a number of Shyena torpedoes to the Myanmar Navy, highlighting growing defence and strategic ties between the two countries. In recent years India has also supplied 3 DRDO sonars & radar systems for the Myanmar Navy Kyansitthar-class frigates
It has also supplied night vision devices, Bailey bridges, 80 mm rocket launchers, jeeps, assault rifles, and communications kit to the Myanmar Army. India aims to counter China’s growing political, financial, military, and strategic influence over Myanmar.
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We cannot call it #India-#Bangladesh prime ministerial meeting in true sense of the term, since #SheikhHasina came to the WEF meeting. The bilateral visit is scheduled later. However despite its limited scope I find the meeting very encouraging and beneficial for either side. 1/n
Key takeaways from #Modi-#SheikhHasina
Meeting 1) The LPG deal is consequent to #India's decision to invest in LPG terminal in #Chittagong. With time we wil see rise in supplies and #Bangladesh-#NorthEast LPG pipeline. 2/n
LPG deal is a mirror of #India-Bangladesh #diesel pipeline with the exception that in the case of #LPG, #Bangladesh is also getting #FDI. This is early stages of creation of a regional oil & gas grid, which may be expanded to #CLMV #Asean in the days to come. #Modi- #Hasina
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1/4 The @UN Fact-Finding Mission on #Myanmar just published its latest report: not only does it make a finding of State responsibility for #Genocide, it also adresses the responsibility of other States in the prevention of such a crime. #Rohingya
2/4 "The Mission concludes on reasonable grounds that the evidence supports an inference of genocidal intent and, on that basis, that the State of Myanmar breached its obligation not to commit genocide under the Genocide Convention under the rules of State responsibility."
3/4 Moreover, the report confirms that "the Rohingya people remain at serious risk of genocide under the terms of the Genocide Convention." Such a "serious risk" triggers the obligation to prevent #Genocide that rests on ALL States parties to the Convention (ICJ, Bosnia-Serbia).
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“On the one occasion that she felt threatened, after he paid her an angry visit armed with his black rifle, she called the sheriff’s office, but they could not find the location....”

Some of his neighbors also believe his attack was racially motivated…
“Ator, known to his closest neighbors as “El Loco” -- the crazy one -- kept to himself.

The nickname was partly a joke, and partly an expression of community unease.”
“He scared me when he came over with that rifle, and all the children were around,” she said. She said she and her husband have six children.


“The owner told me, that when he first moved in, he had a wife and kids,” she said.
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