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My story starts in a small town from the northern region of the warm vibrant and culturally diverse #India.
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Born as 3rd daughter in a culture where birth of a daughter is resented by many, my parents had to deal with 'eerie' solutions from society to get rid of the "burden" that I was about to become. But, my visionary parent-warriors had their armours on! 😇
#genderbias #VoicesIWS
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🙏🇮🇳Beauty Of Proud Spiritual India🪔
🙏Must Visit, Bhuleshwar is a Temple of Bagawan Shiva, situated around 45 kilometres from Pune &10 km from Pune Solapur highway from Yawat #Maharashtra India
The temple is situated on a hill and was built in the 8th century
There are classical carvings on the walls. It has been declared as a protected monument.

The temple is also known for the folk-tale about it, when a bowl of sweet (pedhas) is offered to the Shiva Ling, one or more of the sweets disappear
Actor-travel writer Milind Gunaji writes about his experience with this in his book Mystical,Magical #Maharashtra.
Temple also has an idol of Ganesha in female attire
It is popular as Ganeshwari or Lambodari orGaneshyani
This temple is said to be built in 12th
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I Dance forms of India A Thread I

The Classical dance evolved from the ancient temples of Tanjavoor across centuries a rich & Vibrant temple tradition that is continuously renewed!
@LostTemple7 @Lost_History1
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Bharatanatyam derivation from the four most important aspects of dance.
In Sanskrit Bha from Bhava meaning emotion, Ra from Raaga meaning melody, Ta from Taala meaning rhythm and Natyam meaning dance that encompasses music, rhythm and expressional dance or Abhinaya!!
The oldest Indian classical dance form (2nd century)evolved as a spiritual expression of devotion, nurtured in the famous temples of Orissa at Puri, Konark and Bhubaneswar.
One of the most characteristic features of Odissi dance is the Tribhangi.
#IncredibleIndia Image
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Roman chronicler Claudius Aelianus (mid-second century AD) wrote A Collection of Miscellaneous History; (translated by McCrindle) wherein he says the following regarding Ox races in India 👇 @dhingramahima9 @AartiAuthor @VaruKrutika @icedtea28 @harshasherni @apparrnnaa :-
“Oxen races: C. xxiv. The Indians make much ado also about the oxen that run fast; and both the king himself and many of the greatest nobles take contending views of their swiftness, and make bets in gold and silver, and think it no disgrace to stake their money on these animals.
They yoke them in chariots, and incur hazard on the chance of victory. The horses that are yoked to the car run in the middle with an ox on each side, and one of these wheels sharp round the turning-post and must run thirty stadia...
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Glories of Beluru and Halebeedu Temples..Incredible Karnataka!! 🙏

Hoysala Dynasty has built more than 90 Temples in Karnataka wth their unique #architecture style of 'Vesara' classically seen on a ⭐ shaped platform with multiple sanctum sanctorums.

#Karnataka ಶಿಲ್ಪಕಲೆ 💛❤️ ImageImageImageImage
900 Yrs of history, Sri Chennakeshava Temple of
Beluru Halebeedu. #Karnataka 🙏
The art and cultures of the each structure, sculptures are all of hand sculpted texture and design that inspires today's traditional clothng!
ನಮ್ಮ ಹೆಮ್ಮೆಯ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಚರಿತ್ರೆ!
#incredible #ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ImageImageImageImage
Popular Hoysala Temples of #Karnataka ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಶಿಲ್ಪಕಲೆ ❤️
🔹The LakshmiNarasimha temple at Haran halli
🔹 Chennakesava temple at Somnathpur, Mysore
🔹The LakshmiNarasimha temple Hosahalaku
🔹Chennakesava temple at Aralaguppe
#architecture #IncredibleIndia #Temples ImageImageImageImage
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Hoysaleswara Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located in Halebidu, Hassan.

The construction of the temple began in the 12th century by the King of Hoysala. This temple was then looted in the 14th century and it fell into ruins after that.
There is a saying about this temple that alien machinery were used to build this temple as it is nearly impossible even today to carve and build most of the structures it contains. Have a look at video covering the same and do make plan to visit this heritage of India
Part 2

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Veerabhadra temple in Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh.

There are 70 pillars in front of the main temple. 69 touching the ground while one was balanced in hanging position.
Must be at least 1500 to 2000 kg pillar.

This engineering was 481 years ago!
If you love stone sculptures, #Lepakshi Veerabhadra mandir is a must visit place. 100s of exquisite Vijaya Nagara architecture murtis.

Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata... narrated everywhere.

Just two hours drive north of Bengaluru. From Krishna Deva Raya's brother's era.
There is a massive stone Sarpa protecting Shiva linga, behind the Veerabhadra temple in #Lepakshi.

One of the very few Vijayanagara era temples, that was unfinished. You can see from the backside.
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#देसी_मिठाई #desisweets

एक और.....न न न एक और।
अरे ये लड्डू है भाई लड्डू,जितना खाओ उतना कम।
लेकिन आज हम अपने देश में उन प्रकार के लड्डुओं की बात करेंगे जो सबसे अलग हैं रूप रंग और स्वाद में...


सबसे पहले "रामदाने के लड्डू" खाते हैं।

इसे राजगीरा, चौलाई याँ रामदाने का लड्डू भी कहा जाता है, भारत के लगभग हर प्रान्त में बड़े चाव से खाया जाता है।
इसे सबसे शुद्ध और सात्विक माना जाता है क्योंकि रामदाना सीधे पेड़ से मिलता है।
व्रत में सबसे बेस्ट आहार माना जाता है


"पिन्नी" 😋😋
पंजाबी पिन्नी का कोई सानी नहीं, इसे खाने वाले सहज ही इसके लिये पागल हो उठते हैं।
आटे, गोंद,ड्राई फ्रूट्स और देसी घी से बनी पिन्नी की खुशबू से आप इसके दीवाने हो उठेंगे।

इसके बारे में तो ये कहा जाता है कि इसे जिसने न खाया उसका जीवन बेकार है,खा भी लीजिये एक बार..
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I have no words for this masterpiece.
Granite and Basalt Stone carvings.
How did they made, why did they made.
Thank u my ancestors.

Ramappa Temple also known as the Ramalingeswara temple, Warangal,Telangana. It was built in 13th n 14th centuries.

More carvings..
More of them...
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Pancharama 1 - Somarama


Sri Someshwara Janardhana Swamy temple also known as Somarama is one of the Pancharamas.
Located at Gunupudi, at Bhimavaram, the present temple with Gopuram & Prakaram was built in 9th century by Eastern Chalukya Bhima.
The history of Pancharamas is thus.
Tarakasura was a powerful Asura who had the boon that he would die only at the hands of a child of Shiva. He had after penance to Shiva acquired an atmalingam which he wore & became invincible.
It is for Tarakasura samhaara that Karthikeya+
+ was born. Karthikeya as a child fought against Tarakasura and cut him up into pieces. But no matter how many times he did that, Tarakasura joined again & became alive. Lord Vishnu tells Karthikeya that this is happening bcs of the atmalingam that Tarakasura has. He tells +
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A Ranchi Girl #RichaBharti posted on FB. Anjuman Committee complained, @ranchipolice arrested her within 3 hrs & put her behind bars,so that 'hurt' feelngs of muslim-community is assuaged!

Congrats to @narendramodi @naqvimukhtar on #SabkaVishwas progress!…
#RichaBharti was given bail by Ranchi court but on condition that she DISTRIBUTE/GIFT 5 copies of #Quran to some organizations in Ranchi.

Clearly #SabkaVishwas program of @narendramodi @naqvimukhtar is taking its TOLL on Hindus and now these punishments😏…
Never understood why MUSLIMs have such FRAGILE feelings which gets HURT with even a small comment. I squarely BLAME ALLAH for giving them such weak heart/mind to its people!
They pee in our temples, vandalize them .. Hindus remain quiet, never hurt much😎
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This thread will list down the 75 reasons why everyone should vote for @narendramodi and @BJP4India

Thanks to @muglikar_ and @IndiaPeCharcha for coming up with these brilliant 1 minute videos.

My effort here is to list all the 75 reasons in a single thread
#Reason1 - @BJP4India MPs work for you.

👉 #Attendance #DiscussBills
👉#PassLaw #75ReasonsToVoteForModi #PhirEkBaarModiSarkaar

#1MinuteTalk by @muglikar_ and @IndiaPeCharcha -

#Reason2 - Electricity for All

👉 100% Rural Electrification #DeendayalGramJyotiYojana
👉 Electrification of 100% households #Saubhagya

@PiyushGoyal @grameenvidyut

#75ReasonsToVoteForModi #PhirEkBaarModiSarkaar

#1MinuteTalk @muglikar_
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This post set us thinking.
#kumbh2019 #प्रयागकुंभ #Prayagraj is much more than these.
Made famous as 'siberian birds' - these are actually named Palla's Gull. They are NOT from Siberia @PrayagrajKumbh @uptourismgov @incredibleindia.
Now we are starting a new series - #kumbhbirds
This is one of the rarest birds of North India and it is a very splendid sight to see. This is found only near river banks.
Spotted at #Kumbh2019 #KumbhMela2019 #kumbhbirds
@ornithology @upecotourism @BirdWatchingMag @BirdWatchDaily @uptourismgov @PrayagrajKumbh @incredibleindia
Found mainly in the jungles some of these are often found near cities and often unnoticed by people. They are also called 'seven sisters' as they are often found in groups of seven.
#kumbh2019 #kumbhbirds
@shantanug @UPGovt @kumbhMelaPolUP @upecotourism
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प्रणाम - रघु राम की नगरी अयोध्या से।

#travel #Ayodhya
Journey of #Ayodhya begins with Litti Chokha at Guptaar Ghat #travel #vegetarian #incredibleindia
Sri Ram Paduka at Guptargarhi or Chakrahari Tirth at #Ayodhya #travel #indology
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While riding early morning from Narsipatnam to Lambasingi I stopped at a village for breakfast. There was a table set out outside a hut along the village road and an old man was making tea. I asked for a cup of tea and something to eat.
The old man pointed to the tea and then said something in his local language that I didn't understand. I made the sign for food and he turned to his wife who was standing close by. She pointed me to a bench outside their hut, asked me to sit down and went inside the hut.
After a few moments she emerged with a place of idlis and chutney which I enjoyed along with the tea.

After I was done I asked the old man how much I owed him and he replied with "5 rupees".
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Jantar Mantar is an observatory built in 1724, by a Hindu king Sawai Jai Singh II at India's capital city New Delhi. Now obsolete, the observatory lies in the center of a pleasant park surrounded by high-rises. #IncredibleIndia #Photography #Thread
The brick & plaster astronomical instruments in Jantar Mantar, New Delhi India. #travel #IncredibleIndia
Sunrise at Jantar Mantar. #newdelhi #IncredibleIndia
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The #CholaEmpire at its greatest extent, during the reign of Rajendra Chola I in 1030 CE.
The #CholaDynasty was one of the longest-ruling dynasties in the history of southern India.
300s BCE–1279 CE.…
During the period 1010–1200, the #CholaEmpire stretched from the Andaman/Sri Lanka/Maldives to territories of Malaysia,Thailand & Indonesia
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